Ogilvie Quad

Ogilvie 67 Cloquet-Esko-Carlton 12
106: Beau Hudoba (OGIL) over Caven Fjeld (CECL) (Dec 6-2)
113: Aiden Thiesen (CECL) over Lucas Fradette (OGIL) (Fall 1:34)
120: Brody Magaard (OGIL) over Logan Waldo (CECL) (Fall 4:16)
126: Deegan Birkaker (OGIL) over (CECL) (For.)
132: Brody Smith (OGIL) over Brendan Malloy (CECL) (Fall 2:28)
138: Kaden Felde (OGIL) over Jordan Boonpa (CECL) (Fall 3:43)
145: Hayden Bolling (OGIL) over Bohdon Fjeld (CECL) (Fall 6:17)
152: Warren Hietala (CECL) over Ryan Sholtz (OGIL) (Fall 0:38)
160: Devin Hufstedler (OGIL) over Aiden Reuvers (CECL) (MD 15-1)
170: Carter Magaard (OGIL) over Kaiden High (CECL) (Fall 3:33)
182: Colby Milbradt (OGIL) over Damion Newcomb (CECL) (Fall 1:41)
195: Ian Hansmeier (OGIL) over (CECL) (For.)
220: Landen Halvorson (OGIL) over (CECL) (For.)
285: Thomas Molin (OGIL) over Patrick Lussier (CECL) (Fall 5:55)

Pine City/Hinckley-Finlayson 29 St. Agnes 51
106: Roman Mckinney (PCHF) over (STAG) (For.)
113: Phillip Graner (STAG) over Anthony Thomas (PCHF) (Dec 12-5)
120: Henry Misenor (STAG) over James Noreen (PCHF) (Fall 5:43)
126: Braxton Peetz (PCHF) over Joseph Pepin (STAG) (Fall 1:21)
132: Sean Brennan (STAG) over Frank Betters (PCHF) (Fall 4:52)
138: Johnny Cummings (STAG) over (PCHF) (For.)
145: Joseph Cummings (STAG) over Nicholas Blaiser (PCHF) (Fall 2:56)
152: John Mead (PCHF) over Ryan McLaughlin (STAG) (TF 15-0 3:12)
160: Jacob McLaughlin (STAG) over Damien Torgerson (PCHF) (Fall 2:49)
170: Jace Preston (PCHF) over Nick Jurek (STAG) (Fall 3:29)
182: Charlie Witzel (STAG) over Ethan Perrotti (PCHF) (Fall 1:11)
195: Sam Clyde (STAG) over (PCHF) (For.)
220: Daniel Romero (STAG) over (PCHF) (For.)
285: Leanardo LeTourneau (PCHF) over (STAG) (For.)

Ogilvie 54 St. Agnes 24
106: Matthew Fradette (OGIL) over (STAG) (For.)
113: Beau Hudoba (OGIL) over Phillip Graner (STAG) (Fall 1:48)
120: Henry Misenor (STAG) over Lucas Fradette (OGIL) (Fall 5:30)
126: Brody Smith (OGIL) over Joseph Pepin (STAG) (Fall 4:27)
132: Deegan Birkaker (OGIL) over Sean Brennan (STAG) (Fall 1:24)
138: Kaden Felde (OGIL) over Johnny Cummings (STAG) (Fall 1:49)
145: Hayden Bolling (OGIL) over Joseph Cummings (STAG) (Dec 3-1)
152: Ryan McLaughlin (STAG) over Ryan Sholtz (OGIL) (Fall 1:14)
160: Jacob McLaughlin (STAG) over Devin Hufstedler (OGIL) (Fall 1:57)
170: Carter Magaard (OGIL) over Nick Jurek (STAG) (Fall 7:09)
182: Charlie Witzel (STAG) over Ian Hansmeier (OGIL) (Fall 1:18)
195: Colby Milbradt (OGIL) over Sam Clyde (STAG) (Dec 4-0)
220: Landen Halvorson (OGIL) over Daniel Romero (STAG) (Fall 4:04)
285: Brayden Mokin (OGIL) over (STAG) (For.)

Pine City/Hinckley-Finlayson 48 Cloquet-Esko-Carlton 27
106: Caven Fjeld (CECL) over Xavier Skiff (PCHF) (Fall 0:38)
113: Anthony Thomas (PCHF) over Logan Waldo (CECL) (Fall 1:22)
120: Aiden Thiesen (CECL) over James Noreen (PCHF) (Fall 1:47)
126: Braxton Peetz (PCHF) over (CECL) (For.)
132: Frank Betters (PCHF) over Brendan Malloy (CECL) (Fall 1:28)
138: Jordan Boonpa (CECL) over (PCHF) (For.)
145: Bohdon Fjeld (CECL) over Nicholas Blaiser (PCHF) (Dec 12-9)
152: John Mead (PCHF) over Warren Hietala (CECL) (Fall 5:09)
160: Damien Torgerson (PCHF) over Aiden Reuvers (CECL) (Fall 2:43)
170: Jace Preston (PCHF) over Kaiden High (CECL) (Fall 0:38)
182: Ethan Perrotti (PCHF) over Damion Newcomb (CECL) (Fall 1:22)
195: Double Forfeit
220: Patrick Lussier (CECL) over (PCHF) (For.)
285: Leanardo LeTourneau (PCHF) over (CECL) (For.)

Ogilvie 60 Pine City/Hinckley-Finlayson 18
106: Beau Hudoba (OGIL) over (PCHF) (For.)
113: Lucas Fradette (OGIL) over Anthony Thomas (PCHF) (Dec 8-5)
120: Brody Magaard (OGIL) over James Noreen (PCHF) (Fall 1:41)
126: Deegan Birkaker (OGIL) over Braxton Peetz (PCHF) (MD 10-0)
132: Kaden Felde (OGIL) over Frank Betters (PCHF) (Fall 3:25)
138: Talon Baker (OGIL) over (PCHF) (For.)
145: Hayden Bolling (OGIL) over Nicholas Blaiser (PCHF) (TF 16-0 0:00)
152: John Mead (PCHF) over (OGIL) (For.)
160: Damien Torgerson (PCHF) over Devin Hufstedler (OGIL) (Fall 1:07)
170: Jace Preston (PCHF) over Carter Magaard (OGIL) (Fall 1:02)
182: Colby Milbradt (OGIL) over Ethan Perrotti (PCHF) (Fall 5:24)
195: Ian Hansmeier (OGIL) over (PCHF) (For.)
220: Thomas Molin (OGIL) over (PCHF) (For.)
285: Landen Halvorson (OGIL) over Leanardo LeTourneau (PCHF) (Fall 1:34)

St. Agnes 65 Cloquet-Esko-Carlton 18

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