Pete Willson Wheaton Invite

2023 Pete Willson Wheaton Invite results. January 27-28 at Wheaton, IL.

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1 North Central (IL) 136.0
2 Wisconsin-Eau Claire 125.0
3 Concordia College (Moorhead) 117.0
4 John Carroll University 85.0
5 Ozarks 78.5
6 University of Chicago 77.0
7 Ohio Northern 74.0
7 Wisconsin-Whitewater 74.0
9 Cortland State 72.0
10 Cornell College 68.5
11 Wheaton 67.0
12 Roanoke 64.5
13 University of Mount Union 53.5
14 Millikin University 51.5
15 Augustana College 49.5
16 Messiah College 47.5
17 Ferrum College 43.5
18 Olivet College 41.5
19 Wisconsin-Stevens Point 37.0
20 Otterbein University 32.0
21 Adrian College 29.5
22 Nebraska Wesleyan University 26.5
23 Milwaukee School of Engineering 19.0
24 Concordia University (WI) 18.5
25 Defiance College 18.0
26 Case Western Reserve 17.0
27 Heidelberg University 11.0
28 Alma College 8.5
29 Muskingum University 8.0
30 Buena Vista University 4.5
31 Elmhurst University 3.5
31 Mount St. Joseph University 3.5

1st Place – Zac Blasioli of Millikin University
2nd Place – Christian Guzman of North Central (IL)
3rd Place – Mac Cafurello of Roanoke
4th Place – Jack Stanley of University of Mount Union
5th Place – Kie Anderson of Concordia College (Moorhead)
6th Place – Anthony Zamora of Wheaton
7th Place – Cody Merwin of Cortland State
8th Place – Shelton Chastain of Ozarks
1st Zac Blasioli (Millikin University) 5-0, Jr. over Christian Guzman (North Central (IL)) 24-4, Fr. (Dec 7-2)
3rd Mac Cafurello (Roanoke) 22-5, So. over Jack Stanley (University of Mount Union) 4-2, Jr. (Dec 3-1)
5th Kie Anderson (Concordia College (Moorhead)) 9-6, Fr. over Anthony Zamora (Wheaton) 3-3, RS Sr. (M. For.)
7th Cody Merwin (Cortland State) 4-2, So. over Shelton Chastain (Ozarks) 22-14, Fr. (SV-1 3-1)

1st Place – Ty Bisek of Concordia College (Moorhead)
2nd Place – Andrew Perelka of John Carroll University
3rd Place – Trevor Boryla of Augustana College
4th Place – Joshua Robison of North Central (IL)
5th Place – Dylan Le of Ohio Northern
6th Place – Seth Majewski of Defiance College
7th Place – Sean Conway of University of Chicago
8th Place – Drew Magness of University of Mount Union
1st Ty Bisek (Concordia College (Moorhead)) 18-1, So. over Andrew Perelka (John Carroll University) 31-4, Sr. (Dec 7-2)
3rd Trevor Boryla (Augustana College) 29-7, Sr. over Joshua Robison (North Central (IL)) 21-9, Fr. (MD 12-4)
5th Dylan Le (Ohio Northern) 28-12, So. over Seth Majewski (Defiance College) 17-7, Sr. (Inj. 6:33)
7th Sean Conway (University of Chicago) 5-2, Fr. over Drew Magness (University of Mount Union) 3-3, Fr. (Dec 3-2)

1st Place – Ethan Harsted of Wheaton
2nd Place – Jake Dado of Ozarks
3rd Place – Bradley Rosen of North Central (IL)
4th Place – Cade Lundeen of Concordia College (Moorhead)
5th Place – Dakarai Clay of Wisconsin-Whitewater
6th Place – Jordan Carson of Millikin University
7th Place – Robert Davids of Olivet College
8th Place – Jake Matthews of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
1st Ethan Harsted (Wheaton) 5-0, RS Fr. over Jake Dado (Ozarks) 20-6, Jr. (Dec 2-1)
3rd Bradley Rosen (North Central (IL)) 24-9, Jr. over Cade Lundeen (Concordia College (Moorhead)) 20-4, Sr. (MD 9-0)
5th Dakarai Clay (Wisconsin-Whitewater) 27-9, Sr. over Jordan Carson (Millikin University) 4-3, . (Dec 7-2)
7th Robert Davids (Olivet College) 14-9, So. over Jake Matthews (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) 11-9, So. (Fall 2:46)

1st Place – Jake Burford of Wisconsin-Whitewater
2nd Place – Zach Sato of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
3rd Place – Charlie Dojan of North Central (IL)
4th Place – Ryan Fleck of University of Chicago
5th Place – Angelo Centrone of Cortland State
6th Place – Jacob Prunty of Concordia College (Moorhead)
7th Place – Cael Vanderhorst of Ohio Northern
8th Place – Darese Sparkman of University of Mount Union
1st Jake Burford (Wisconsin-Whitewater) 23-6, Sr. over Zach Sato (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) 29-6, So. (Dec 3-2)
3rd Charlie Dojan (North Central (IL)) 14-2, So. over Ryan Fleck (University of Chicago) 4-2, Sr. (Fall 1:41)
5th Angelo Centrone (Cortland State) 23-5, Fr. over Jacob Prunty (Concordia College (Moorhead)) 16-8, RS Fr. (Dec 9-5)
7th Cael Vanderhorst (Ohio Northern) 14-5, So. over Darese Sparkman (University of Mount Union) 4-3, So. (M. For.)

1st Place – Patrick McGraw of John Carroll University
2nd Place – Gabriel Smith of Cornell College
3rd Place – Garret Cornell of Messiah College
4th Place – Jaylen York of Ozarks
5th Place – Nick Nettleton of University of Mount Union
6th Place – Cade Zeamer of Wheaton
7th Place – Drew Vlasnik of University of Chicago
8th Place – Ramiro Guerrero of Olivet College
1st Patrick McGraw (John Carroll University) 30-6, Jr. over Gabriel Smith (Cornell College) 27-10, Fr. (Dec 7-4)
3rd Garret Cornell (Messiah College) 26-11, Sr. over Jaylen York (Ozarks) 20-9, Sr. (Fall 3:56)
5th Nick Nettleton (University of Mount Union) 4-2, Fr. over Cade Zeamer (Wheaton) 3-3, Jr. (Dec 2-1)
7th Drew Vlasnik (University of Chicago) 4-2, So. over Ramiro Guerrero (Olivet College) 16-15, So. (M. For.)

1st Place – Tristan Massie of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
2nd Place – Jordan Hardrick of Ohio Northern
3rd Place – Brandon Peckham of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
4th Place – Casey Allen of Cornell College
5th Place – Ryan Vedner of Wisconsin-Whitewater
6th Place – Darian Estevez of University of Chicago
7th Place – Ryan Whitten of Otterbein University
8th Place – Kameron Bush of Olivet College
1st Tristan Massie (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) 26-3, Sr. over Jordan Hardrick (Ohio Northern) 36-5, RS Sr. (Dec 5-2)
3rd Brandon Peckham (Wisconsin-Stevens Point) 25-7, RS Fr. over Casey Allen (Cornell College) 11-2, Sr. (M. For.)
5th Ryan Vedner (Wisconsin-Whitewater) 19-9, RS Fr. over Darian Estevez (University of Chicago) 3-3, So. (M. For.)
7th Ryan Whitten (Otterbein University) 22-5, Sr. over Kameron Bush (Olivet College) 14-8, So. (Dec 4-0)

1st Place – Jared Stricker of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
2nd Place – Alexander Rapelje of Concordia College (Moorhead)
3rd Place – Zeth Gerkensmeyer of Nebraska Wesleyan University
4th Place – Casey Aikman of North Central (IL)
5th Place – John Sumner of Messiah College
6th Place – Derick Duvall of Adrian College
7th Place – John Ward of Ozarks
8th Place – Vinny Querciagrossa of Augustana College
1st Jared Stricker (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) 31-2, So. over Alexander Rapelje (Concordia College (Moorhead)) 8-3, Fr. (Fall 0:26)
3rd Zeth Gerkensmeyer (Nebraska Wesleyan University) 19-6, Sr. over Casey Aikman (North Central (IL)) 15-13, Fr. (MD 18-8)
5th John Sumner (Messiah College) 18-13, Jr. over Derick Duvall (Adrian College) 2-3, RS Fr. (M. For.)
7th John Ward (Ozarks) 22-11, So. over Vinny Querciagrossa (Augustana College) 16-15, Jr. (MD 16-3)

1st Place – Mahlic Sallah of Roanoke
2nd Place – NIall Schoenfelder of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
3rd Place – Gavin Layman of Ohio Northern
4th Place – Brian Torres of Cortland State
5th Place – Trystan Altensey of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
6th Place – Payton Geigner of North Central (IL)
7th Place – Ryder Slayton of Messiah College
8th Place – Stefan Farian of John Carroll University
1st Mahlic Sallah (Roanoke) 18-1, Sr. over NIall Schoenfelder (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) 29-5, Jr. (Dec 5-2)
3rd Gavin Layman (Ohio Northern) 31-4, So. over Brian Torres (Cortland State) 5-2, RS Fr. (Dec 3-2)
5th Trystan Altensey (Wisconsin-Stevens Point) 21-11, Jr. over Payton Geigner (North Central (IL)) 19-11, So. (Dec 5-2)
7th Ryder Slayton (Messiah College) 35-14, So. over Stefan Farian (John Carroll University) 19-8, Sr. (Dec 5-1)

1st Place – Demitreus Henry of Cortland State
2nd Place – Jarrod Setliff of Otterbein University
3rd Place – Gabriel Zierden of Concordia College (Moorhead)
4th Place – Braden Homsey of Ferrum College
5th Place – Jackson Punzel of Wheaton
6th Place – Jesse Kanatzar of John Carroll University
7th Place – Brock Montford of North Central (IL)
8th Place – Daniel Benoit of Ozarks
1st Demitreus Henry (Cortland State) 15-2, RS Sr. over Jarrod Setliff (Otterbein University) 19-6, Sr. (SV-1 4-2)
3rd Gabriel Zierden (Concordia College (Moorhead)) 20-4, Sr. over Braden Homsey (Ferrum College) 17-7, RS Fr. (Dec 3-2)
5th Jackson Punzel (Wheaton) 4-2, Sr. over Jesse Kanatzar (John Carroll University) 26-10, So. (M. For.)
7th Brock Montford (North Central (IL)) 5-2, Jr. over Daniel Benoit (Ozarks) 5-8, Jr. (M. For.)

1st Place – Rayshawn Dixon of Ferrum College
2nd Place – Cole Fibranz of University of Chicago
3rd Place – Robby Bates of North Central (IL)
4th Place – Ka’Ron Lewis of Ozarks
5th Place – Shelby Jones of Wisconsin-Whitewater
6th Place – Daniel Skold of Augustana College
7th Place – Sam Melton of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
8th Place – Thomas Blackwell of John Carroll University
1st Rayshawn Dixon (Ferrum College) 24-1, Jr. over Cole Fibranz (University of Chicago) 4-1, Sr. (SV-1 8-6)
3rd Robby Bates (North Central (IL)) 26-7, Jr. over Ka’Ron Lewis (Ozarks) 21-8, So. (Dec 1-0)
5th Shelby Jones (Wisconsin-Whitewater) 21-14, RS Fr. over Daniel Skold (Augustana College) 11-6, Sr. (Dec 3-1)
7th Sam Melton (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) 20-15, . over Thomas Blackwell (John Carroll University) 16-17, Jr. (Fall 4:27)

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