Pierz Tri

Pierz 18 Mora 15
100: Isabelle Smith (PIER) over Elizabeth Ollestad (MORA) (Fall 0:59)
100: Natalie Olson (MORA) over Isabelle Smith (PIER) (Fall 4:00)
114: anja bakke (MORA) over Adyson Winscher (PIER) (Dec 7-5)
114: bridget bankers (MORA) over Adyson Winscher (PIER) (Fall 1:59)
132: Ava Phillips (PIER) over Ava Showers (MORA) (Fall 1:02)
132: Ava Phillips (PIER) over (MORA) (Fall 0:26)

Pierz 6 Princeton 0
100: Isabelle Smith (PIER) over Kathryn Marstein (PRIN) (Fall 0:55)

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