Caledonia Tri

Caledonia-Houston 68 Fillmore C-Lanesboro-M-C Wolves 6
106: Aiden Burns (CAHO) over (FCLM) (For.)
113: Hunter Frank (CAHO) over Clayton Knutson (FCLM) (TF 18-3 4:00)
120: Braxton Lange (CAHO) over (FCLM) (For.)
126: Tanner Ginther (CAHO) over (FCLM) (For.)
132: Owen Denstad (CAHO) over Kane Larson (FCLM) (Dec 11-4)
138: Cory Scanlan (CAHO) over Connor Wingert (FCLM) (TF 15 5:49)
145: Tucker Ginther (CAHO) over Boston Wright (FCLM) (Fall 1:07)
152: Isaac Blocker (CAHO) over Carter Hovland (FCLM) (Fall 3:22)
160: Simon Seymour (CAHO) over Orion Sass (FCLM) (MD 11-2)
170: Oliver Hoeltzle (FCLM) over Aden Kulas (CAHO) (Dec 5-4)
182: Eric Mauss (CAHO) over Cole Sass (FCLM) (Dec 7-1)
195: Ayden Goetzinger (CAHO) over (FCLM) (For.)
220: Aaron Hutton (FCLM) over Tyler Jennings (CAHO) (Dec 6-2)
285: Grant Ness (CAHO) over (FCLM) (For.)

Caledonia-Houston 34 Dover-Eyota 28
106: Bronson Shea (DE) over Aiden Burns (CAHO) (Dec 6-2)
113: Hunter Frank (CAHO) over Devon Bye (DE) (Dec 12-7)
120: Braxton Lange (CAHO) over Caden Haag (DE) (Dec 12-7)
126: Tanner Ginther (CAHO) over Cooper Hanson (DE) (Fall 3:57)
132: Owen Denstad (CAHO) over Bolton Thesing (DE) (Dec 9-3)
138: Cory Scanlan (CAHO) over Damon Bye (DE) (MD 13-1)
145: Tucker Ginther (CAHO) over Talen Rabe (DE) (Fall 1:26)
152: Brodie Kellen (DE) over Isaac Blocker (CAHO) (Dec 9-3)
160: Gavin Gust (DE) over Bronson Knutson (CAHO) (Fall 0:51)
170: Landon Lehnertz (DE) over Simon Seymour (CAHO) (MD 10-1)
182: Eric Mauss (CAHO) over William Halbakken (DE) (Fall 4:44)
195: Ayden Goetzinger (CAHO) over Aidan Gasper (DE) (Dec 10-3)
220: Tyler Mix (DE) over Tyler Jennings (CAHO) (Fall 1:53)
285: Jackson Duellman (DE) over (CAHO) (For.)

Dover-Eyota 74 Fillmore C-Lanesboro-M-C Wolves 3
106: Bronson Shea (DE) over (FCLM) (For.)
113: Devon Bye (DE) over Clayton Knutson (FCLM) (Fall 3:51)
120: Caden Haag (DE) over (FCLM) (For.)
126: Cooper Hanson (DE) over (FCLM) (For.)
132: Bolton Thesing (DE) over Kane Larson (FCLM) (Dec 7-1)
138: Damon Bye (DE) over Connor Wingert (FCLM) (Fall 0:58)
145: Talen Rabe (DE) over Boston Wright (FCLM) (Fall 3:19)
152: Brodie Kellen (DE) over Carter Hovland (FCLM) (Fall 0:48)
160: Gavin Gust (DE) over Orion Sass (FCLM) (Fall 1:42)
170: Landon Lehnertz (DE) over Oliver Hoeltzle (FCLM) (TF 15 5:41)
182: Cole Sass (FCLM) over William Halbakken (DE) (Dec 8-5)
195: Aidan Gasper (DE) over (FCLM) (For.)
220: Tyler Mix (DE) over Aaron Hutton (FCLM) (Fall 0:26)
285: Jackson Duellman (DE) over (FCLM) (For.)

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