Cannon Falls Quad

Northfield 40 Waseca 36
106: Caley Graber (NORT) over (WASE) (For.)
113: Caden Staab (NORT) over Elijah Biehn (WASE) (Fall 2:00)
120: Zane Engels (NORT) over Peyton Sommers (WASE) (Fall 2:33)
126: Keith Harner (NORT) over Jacob Knutson (WASE) (Fall 2:40)
132: Kellen Klinger (WASE) over (NORT) (For.)
138: Slade Barnett (WASE) over Andrew Williams (NORT) (Fall 3:59)
145: Jacob Root (WASE) over Iah Schweich (NORT) (Dec 8-3)
152: Julian Vasquez (NORT) over (WASE) (For.)
160: Jackson Barron (NORT) over (WASE) (For.)
170: Christian Rodriguez (WASE) over Jack Pribyl (NORT) (Fall 4:54)
182: Colin Staab (NORT) over Carter Ellis (WASE) (MD 14-0)
195: Payton Garza (WASE) over Ryan Kuyper (NORT) (Dec 4-1)
220: Matthew Veroeven (WASE) over (NORT) (For.)
285: Jenaro Delgado (WASE) over Noah Ackerman (NORT) (Fall 2:26)

Cannon Falls 42 Waseca 24
106: Double Forfeit
113: Adam Parish (CAFA) over Elijah Biehn (WASE) (Fall 0:39)
120: Caiden Walrod (CAFA) over Jacob Knutson (WASE) (Fall 1:24)
126: Calvin Singewald (CAFA) over Peyton Sommers (WASE) (Fall 2:28)
132: Griffin Peterson (CAFA) over Kellen Klinger (WASE) (Fall 1:24)
138: Jonathon Opelt (CAFA) over Slade Barnett (WASE) (Dec 9-3)
145: Lucas Freeberg (CAFA) over Jacob Root (WASE) (Dec 5-2)
152: Jaeden Baird (CAFA) over (WASE) (For.)
160: Colten Black (CAFA) over Oliver O’Brien (WASE) (Dec 6-3)
170: Christian Rodriguez (WASE) over (CAFA) (For.)
182: Tristan Zingler (CAFA) over Carter Ellis (WASE) (Dec 7-5)
195: Payton Garza (WASE) over Teigan Baird (CAFA) (Fall 1:08)
220: Matthew Veroeven (WASE) over Nick Barrett (CAFA) (Fall 1:08)
285: Jenaro Delgado (WASE) over (CAFA) (For.)

Kenyon-Wanamingo 55 Waseca 12
106: Bryan Jacobson (KEWA) over (WASE) (For.)
113: Ryan LaCanne (KEWA) over Elijah Biehn (WASE) (Fall 0:28)
120: Masyn Hanson (KEWA) over Jacob Knutson (WASE) (MD 9-0)
126: Reed Sommer (KEWA) over Peyton Sommers (WASE) (Fall 0:59)
132: Tate Miller (KEWA) over Kellen Klinger (WASE) (Fall 0:52)
138: Gavin Johnson (KEWA) over Slade Barnett (WASE) (Fall 1:34)
145: Trent Foss (KEWA) over Jacob Root (WASE) (Fall 5:56)
152: Kiefer Olson (KEWA) over (WASE) (For.)
160: Dillon Bartel (KEWA) over Oliver O’Brien (WASE) (Dec 7-2)
170: Christian Rodriguez (WASE) over Jaedin Johnson (KEWA) (Dec 8-7)
182: Owen Craig (KEWA) over Carter Ellis (WASE) (Dec 9-4)
195: Payton Garza (WASE) over Aidan Lindell (KEWA) (Fall 2:52)
220: Will Van Epps (KEWA) over Matthew Veroeven (WASE) (Dec 3-2)
285: Jenaro Delgado (WASE) over Charles Koncur (KEWA) (Dec 3-2)

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