Following In The Footsteps – Koy Buesgens

By Brian Jerzak

New Prague senior Koy Buesgens has a chance to enter some rare air when it comes to high school wrestling in Minnesota. He has an opportunity to become a three-time state champion. Like most successful wrestlers, Buesgens’ parents have played a huge role in his success. For Koy – his dad – unintentionally gave his son even more motivation to become one of Minnesota’s best.

“Winning a state championship was always one of my goals,” Buesgens said. “One, because winning a state championship is awesome, but two, my dad took second at State, and I always have wanted to one-up him.”

The former state finalist introduced his son to the sport early.

“I was born in Tennessee, and when I was four years old, my dad introduced me to wrestling,” Buesgens said. “He was a wrestler at Belle Plaine high school. So, I just wrestled in the little community program. Then we moved to Minnesota, and it continued from there.”

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