NWCA Final Regular Season NCAA Women’s Coaches Poll

MANHEIM, PA – In the final set of National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) NCAA Women’s Wrestling rankings, there was a change atop the rankings as King University jumped North Central College to reclaim the top spot. The remainder of the top five stayed the same, with McKendree University, Colorado Mesa University, and Augsburg University.

King regains the top spot with 116 points, while North Central has 109 in second. King and North Central are the only teams with at least ten individuals ranked as the Tornado lead the way with 15, and North Central has 14. McKendree University stayed at third with 74 points, while Colorado Mesa is fourth, and Augsburg is tied for fifth with 56 and 45 points, respectively. McKendree has seven individuals ranked, while Colorado Mesa has six and Augsburg has four, respectively.

Simon Fraser University has six ranked individuals and stayed sixth with 42 points, while Lock Haven University is ranked seventh with 25 points and three individuals ranked. Gannon University has five individuals ranked and is ranked eighth with 23 points. Sacred Heart University and Aurora University round out the top 10 with 21 and 16 points, respectively. Sacred Heart has six individuals ranked, while Aurora has one.

There are four new No. 1-ranked wrestlers this week as Emily Shilson of McKendree takes over the top spot at 109 pounds. Simon Fraser’s Victoria Seal also takes over the top spot at 116 pounds, while Aurora’s Alexis Janiak regained the top spot at 130 pounds. At 136 pounds, Ana Luciano of King moved up one spot to take the No. 1 ranking.

King and McKendree are the only two schools with multiple individuals ranked No. 1, as the Tornado has three at the top spot and McKendree has two.

The rankings will also be the top eight seeds at the upcoming National Collegiate Women’s Wrestling Coalition (NCWWC) National Championships. The NCWWC National Championships will take place at the Alliant Energy PowerHouse in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Friday and Saturday.


  1. Jessica Corredor King
  2. Lizzette Rodriguez Mckendree
  3. Jennesis Martinez Colorado Mesa
  4. Maddie Avila North Central
  5. Samantha Miller Presbyterian
  6. Jenavi Alejandro Tiffin
  7. Avery Kibelbek King
  8. Aaliyah Payne-Parris Sacred Heart


  1. Emily Shilson Mckendree
  2. Sage Mortimer King
  3. Sydney Petzinger North Central
  4. Dianna Holmes King
  5. Kaelani Shufeldt Lock Haven
  6. Julianne Moccia Gannon
  7. Kendra Ryan North Central
  8. Maddie Mackenzie Simon Fraser


  1. Victoria Seal Simon Fraser
  2. Payton Stroud Mckendree
  3. Jaslyn Gallegos North Central
  4. Samara Chavez King
  5. Danielle Garcia King
  6. Emily Klein East Stroudsburg
  7. Ivy Threatful Simon Fraser
  8. Nohea Moniz Sacred Heart


  1. Marissa Gallegos Colorado Mesa
  2. Amani Jones North Central
  3. Vayle-Rae Baker King
  4. Sofia Macaluso East Stroudsburg
  5. Naomi Henry New Jersey City
  6. Mia Macaluso East Stroudsburg
  7. Melanie Mendoza King
  8. Jennifer Soto Mckendree


  1. Alexis Janiak Aurora
  2. Cameron Guerin Mckendree
  3. Montana Delawder King
  4. Sara Sterner North Central
  5. Hailey Chapman Colorado Mesa
  6. Lily Sherer Lock Haven
  7. Marquesis Haintz Simon Fraser
  8. Alexandra Fitzgerald Sacred Heart


  1. Ana Luciano King
  2. Nina Makem Augsburg
  3. Yele Aycock North Central
  4. Viktorya Torres King
  5. Paige Wehrmeister Presbyterian
  6. Holly Beaudoin Colorado Mesa
  7. Lana Perez Gannon
  8. Diana Dzasezeva Northern Michigan


  1. Ashlynn Ortega King
  2. Grace Stem Lock Haven
  3. Katie Lange Augsburg
  4. London Houston North Central
  5. Kendall Bostelman North Central
  6. Clarissa Agostini Adrian
  7. Lily Ujfalvi Gannon
  8. Kayley Garcia Chadron State


  1. Marlynne Deede Augsburg
  2. Tiera Jimerson North Central
  3. Dalia Garibay Colorado Mesa
  4. Tiffany Baublitz King
  5. Malea Palahniuk North Central
  6. Lydia Krauss Northern Michigan
  7. Nyla Burgess Adrian
  8. Madison Sandquist Sacred Heart


  1. Yelena Makoyed North Central
  2. Chey Bowman King
  3. Emily Cue Simon Fraser
  4. Annabelle Helm Gannon
  5. Brooklyn Hays Augsburg
  6. Cara Broadus Sacred Heart
  7. Jewel Gonzalez Gannon
  8. Alexandra Castillo Mckendree


  1. Sydnee Kimber Mckendree
  2. Traeh Haynes North Central
  3. Brittyn Corbishley North Central
  4. Katja Osteen Simon Fraser
  5. Jayleen Sekona Colorado Mesa
  6. Nia Crosdael King
  7. Rewa Chababo Ozarks
  8. Jacklyn Smith Sacred Heart

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