Pine City/Hinkley-Finlayson Quad

Little Falls 48 Rush City-Braham 21
106: Double Forfeit
113: Emerson Umbreit (RCB) over Leighton Odegard (LIFA) (Dec 12-6)
120: Cassidy Okerman (LIFA) over Landon Luckoff (RCB) (Dec 2-0)
126: Mason Rausch (LIFA) over Anthony Graves (RCB) (Fall 1:13)
132: Joey Wilczek (LIFA) over Eli Umbreit (RCB) (Fall 1:41)
138: Landon Umbreit (RCB) over Abe Anez (LIFA) (Fall 3:11)
145: Wyatt Baum (LIFA) over Isaak Coolidge (RCB) (Dec 5-0)
152: Beau Robinson (LIFA) over Kellen Gorman (RCB) (Fall 0:30)
160: Kaden Gorman (RCB) over Hunter Ramsdell (LIFA) (Fall 4:39)
170: Jesse Eklund (RCB) over Jonah Olson (LIFA) (Fall 3:04)
182: Ivan Petrich (LIFA) over John Cacioppo (RCB) (Fall 1:40)
195: Hank LeClair (LIFA) over (RCB) (For.)
220: Alexander Schmitz (LIFA) over Jace Allerton (RCB) (Fall 2:55)
285: Aiden Nordley (LIFA) over (RCB) (For.)

Little Falls 60 Pine City-Hinckley-Finlayson 12
106: Double Forfeit
113: Leighton Odegard (LIFA) over James Noreen (PCHF) (Dec 11-6)
120: Braxton Peetz (PCHF) over Cassidy Okerman (LIFA) (Fall 3:39)
126: Mason Rausch (LIFA) over (PCHF) (For.)
132: Joey Wilczek (LIFA) over Frank Betters (PCHF) (Fall 4:22)
138: Abe Anez (LIFA) over (PCHF) (For.)
145: Wyatt Baum (LIFA) over Nicholas Blaiser (PCHF) (Fall 3:26)
152: Beau Robinson (LIFA) over John Mead (PCHF) (Dec 6-2)
160: Damien Torgerson (PCHF) over Hunter Ramsdell (LIFA) (Fall 3:04)
170: Ryan Kloeckl (LIFA) over Jace Preston (PCHF) (Fall 3:07)
182: Chaston Gwost (LIFA) over Ethan Perrotti (PCHF) (Fall 0:32)
195: Hank LeClair (LIFA) over Jaxon Karas (PCHF) (Fall 0:43)
220: Alexander Schmitz (LIFA) over (PCHF) (For.)
285: Sam Primus (LIFA) over Leanardo LeTourneau (PCHF) (Fall 0:56)

Little Falls 77 Proctor-Hermantown 6
106: Ethan Zellers (LIFA) over Jack London (PRHE) (Fall 0:31)
113: Ryan Vogt (LIFA) over (PRHE) (For.)
120: Cooper Lucarelli (PRHE) over Cassidy Okerman (LIFA) (Fall 4:29)
126: Mason Rausch (LIFA) over Landin Laakso (PRHE) (TF 16 5:32)
132: Joey Wilczek (LIFA) over Thomas Barnstorf (PRHE) (Fall 1:26)
138: Noah Cameron (LIFA) over Noah DeLuca (PRHE) (Fall 3:28)
145: Wyatt Baum (LIFA) over (PRHE) (For.)
152: Beau Robinson (LIFA) over Dan Harnell (PRHE) (Fall 0:41)
160: Hunter Ramsdell (LIFA) over (PRHE) (For.)
170: Ryan Kloeckl (LIFA) over Quinn Schnabel (PRHE) (Fall 1:45)
182: Ivan Petrich (LIFA) over Zak McPhee (PRHE) (Fall 1:24)
195: Hank LeClair (LIFA) over Brett Pampuch (PRHE) (Fall 0:37)
220: Alexander Schmitz (LIFA) over (PRHE) (For.)
285: Aiden Nordley (LIFA) over John Becker (PRHE) (Fall 0:13)

Rush City-Braham 46 Pine City-Hinckley-Finlayson 31
106: Tucker Gould (RCB) over (PCHF) (For.)
113: Christian Kellum (RCB) over James Noreen (PCHF) (Fall 1:40)
120: Emerson Umbreit (RCB) over Anthony Thomas (PCHF) (MD 19-8)
126: Braxton Peetz (PCHF) over Landon Luckoff (RCB) (Fall 1:48)
132: Frank Betters (PCHF) over Anthony Graves (RCB) (MD 11-2)
138: Landon Umbreit (RCB) over (PCHF) (For.)
145: Isaak Coolidge (RCB) over Nicholas Blaiser (PCHF) (Fall 0:29)
152: John Mead (PCHF) over Carson Carlbom (RCB) (Fall 0:43)
160: Damien Torgerson (PCHF) over Kellen Gorman (RCB) (Fall 3:08)
170: Jace Preston (PCHF) over Kaden Gorman (RCB) (Dec 8-7)
182: Jesse Eklund (RCB) over Ethan Perrotti (PCHF) (Fall 1:04)
195: John Cacioppo (RCB) over Jaxon Karas (PCHF) (Fall 2:33)
220: Morgan Bodell (RCB) over (PCHF) (For.)
285: Leanardo LeTourneau (PCHF) over Jace Allerton (RCB) (Fall 1:11)

Pine City-Hinckley-Finlayson 51 Proctor-Hermantown 30
106: Roman Mckinney (PCHF) over (PRHE) (For.)
113: James Noreen (PCHF) over Jack London (PRHE) (Fall 1:32)
120: Cooper Lucarelli (PRHE) over Anthony Thomas (PCHF) (Fall 3:32)
126: Braxton Peetz (PCHF) over (PRHE) (For.)
132: Frank Betters (PCHF) over Landin Laakso (PRHE) (Dec 13-10)
138: Thomas Barnstorf (PRHE) over Ryan Goulet (PCHF) (Fall 0:27)
145: Nicholas Blaiser (PCHF) over Noah DeLuca (PRHE) (Fall 4:49)
152: John Mead (PCHF) over Dan Harnell (PRHE) (Fall 0:48)
160: Damien Torgerson (PCHF) over (PRHE) (For.)
170: Jace Preston (PCHF) over Quinn Schnabel (PRHE) (Fall 4:24)
182: Zak McPhee (PRHE) over Ethan Perrotti (PCHF) (Fall 1:42)
195: Jaxon Karas (PCHF) over Brett Pampuch (PRHE) (Fall 1:12)
220: Royce Lee (PRHE) over (PCHF) (For.)
285: John Becker (PRHE) over Leanardo LeTourneau (PCHF) (Fall 0:38)

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