Rochester Century Quad

GMLOS 64 Rochester Century 15
106: Parker Armagost (GMLO) over Mason Teal (RC) (Fall 0:23)
113: Cael Smith (GMLO) over Keegan Thoma (RC) (MD 16-7)
120: Aiden Quintana (GMLO) over Gabrien Callies (RC) (Fall 1:04)
126: Logan Douangdy (RC) over Jaylen Renfro (GMLO) (Fall 3:24)
132: Teague Alden (GMLO) over Isaak Douangdy (RC) (Fall 5:07)
138: Cohen Wiste (GMLO) over Cooper Sheeran (RC) (Fall 0:55)
145: Braxten Wiste (GMLO) over William Dauner Olson (RC) (Fall 1:05)
152: Dalton Pischke (GMLO) over Ezra Berkland (RC) (Fall 1:02)
160: Drake Payne (GMLO) over (RC) (For.)
170: Samuel Jack (RC) over Zac Gehling (GMLO) (Fall 0:35)
182: Layne Meyer (RC) over Wyatt Krull (GMLO) (Dec 5-3)
195: Cody Sayles (GMLO) over (RC) (For.)
220: John Swanek (GMLO) over Byron Callies (RC) (Fall 3:02)
285: Colten Gardner (GMLO) over (RC) (For.)

Eden Prairie 57 Rochester Century 18
106: Anthony Heim (EDPR) over Mason Teal (RC) (TF 19-4 2:00)
113: Charles Vanier (EDPR) over Keegan Thoma (RC) (TF 17-2 2:00)
120: Gabrien Callies (RC) over Joseph Gruenstein (EDPR) (Fall 3:50)
126: Zytavius Williams (EDPR) over Logan Douangdy (RC) (Fall 5:42)
132: Zachary Weisman (EDPR) over Isaak Douangdy (RC) (Fall 0:33)
138: Jafari Vanier (EDPR) over Cooper Sheeran (RC) (TF 18-2 2:00)
145: William Dauner Olson (RC) over Aden Akale (EDPR) (Fall 4:00)
152: Terae Dunn (EDPR) over Ezra Berkland (RC) (Fall 1:42)
160: Maximus Benson (EDPR) over (RC) (For.)
170: John Sheedy (EDPR) over (RC) (For.)
182: Lucas Costal (EDPR) over Samuel Jack (RC) (Fall 2:25)
195: Julian Berg (EDPR) over Layne Meyer (RC) (Fall 0:32)
220: Byron Callies (RC) over (EDPR) (For.)
285: Double Forfeit

Rochester Century 57 Winona-Winona Cotter 18
106: Mason Teal (RC) over Rawson Sullivan (WWC) (Fall 3:01)
113: Keegan Thoma (RC) over (WWC) (For.)
120: Gabrien Callies (RC) over Joshua Miller (WWC) (Fall 1:02)
126: Logan Douangdy (RC) over Maximus May (WWC) (Fall 0:39)
132: Isaak Douangdy (RC) over (WWC) (For.)
138: Logan Henningson (WWC) over (RC) (For.)
145: Cooper Sheeran (RC) over Caleb Reed (WWC) (Fall 3:44)
152: Ezra Berkland (RC) over Michael Smith (WWC) (Dec 8-4)
160: Julien Vinson-Audetat (WWC) over (RC) (For.)
170: Peyton Hoff (WWC) over (RC) (For.)
182: Samuel Jack (RC) over (WWC) (For.)
195: Layne Meyer (RC) over Phillip Kong (WWC) (Fall 0:36)
220: Double Forfeit
285: Byron Callies (RC) over Andre Johnson (WWC) (Fall 1:20)

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