South Saint Paul Tri

Apple Valley 43 South Saint Paul 28
106: Louis Prouty (APVA) over Ty Berchtold (SSP) (Fall 1:09)
113: Austin Laudenbach (APVA) over Ivan Delgado (SSP) (Fall 1:01)
120: Keiichi Kong (APVA) over Shane Schwab (SSP) (MD 14-4)
126: Tyler Reed (APVA) over Tomas Ochocki (SSP) (Dec 4-0)
132: Andrew Schwab (SSP) over Sebastian Castin (APVA) (Fall 2:23)
138: Sinko Vukas (SSP) over Wyatt Velasco (APVA) (MD 12-0)
145: Jayden Haueter (APVA) over Johnny Mendez (SSP) (Fall 1:14)
152: Nate Berchtold (SSP) over Christian Jensen (APVA) (Fall 4:59)
160: Ian Haueter (APVA) over (SSP) (For.)
170: Marcell Booth (APVA) over Amari Wallow (SSP) (Fall 1:06)
182: AJ Garcia (APVA) over Sam Bremner (SSP) (Fall 1:29)
195: Andrew Bonk (SSP) over Dayveon Hill (APVA) (Dec 4-3)
220: King-General Thompson (SSP) over Alex Mock (APVA) (Dec 4-0)
285: Charlie Reyes (SSP) over Kevin Moratoya (APVA) (Fall 6:38)

South Saint Paul 63 St. Charles 16
106: Ben Curtis (SSP) over (STCH) (For.)
113: Braxton Wohlferd (STCH) over Ty Berchtold (SSP) (Fall 5:26)
120: Ivan Delgado (SSP) over (STCH) (For.)
126: Shane Schwab (SSP) over Colton Mathison (STCH) (Fall 5:31)
132: Andrew Schwab (SSP) over Bryndon Koeppel (STCH) (Fall 2:36)
138: Sinko Vukas (SSP) over Jonas Barclay (STCH) (Fall 1:54)
145: Aidan Olson (STCH) over Matthew Jackson (SSP) (Fall 1:48)
152: Johnny Mendez (SSP) over (STCH) (For.)
160: Nate Berchtold (SSP) over Chace Kobs (STCH) (Dec 9-4)
170: Amari Wallow (SSP) over Lux Teed (STCH) (Fall 2:43)
182: Sam Bremner (SSP) over Alex Burlingame (STCH) (Fall 4:34)
195: Tytan Small (STCH) over Andrew Bonk (SSP) (MD 14-2)
220: Alexander Foncham (SSP) over (STCH) (For.)
285: Charlie Reyes (SSP) over (STCH) (For.)

Apple Valley 63 St. Charles 13
106: Louis Prouty (APVA) over (STCH) (For.)
113: Austin Laudenbach (APVA) over Braxton Wohlferd (STCH) (TF 16 0:00)
120: Keiichi Kong (APVA) over (STCH) (For.)
126: Tyler Reed (APVA) over Colton Mathison (STCH) (MD 12-2)
132: Sebastian Castin (APVA) over Bryndon Koeppel (STCH) (Fall 5:47)
138: Jonas Barclay (STCH) over Wyatt Velasco (APVA) (MD 13-2)
145: Jayden Haueter (APVA) over Aidan Olson (STCH) (Fall 1:00)
152: Ian Haueter (APVA) over (STCH) (For.)
160: Chace Kobs (STCH) over Max Elliott (APVA) (Dec 7-2)
170: Marcell Booth (APVA) over Lux Teed (STCH) (Fall 1:42)
182: AJ Garcia (APVA) over Alex Burlingame (STCH) (Fall 1:23)
195: Tytan Small (STCH) over Malik Quadri (APVA) (Fall 0:41)
220: Dayveon Hill (APVA) over (STCH) (For.)
285: Alex Mock (APVA) over (STCH) (For.)

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