South Saint Paul Tri

Apple Valley 36 South Saint Paul 30
100: Vivian Diaz (SSP) over (APVA) (For.)
107: Double Forfeit
114: Hanah Schuster (APVA) over Leila Reid (SSP) (Fall 4:39)
120: Audrey Gerten (SSP) over Katherine Escalante (APVA) (Fall 2:40)
126: Gisele Gallegos (SSP) over Fabiola Guerra-Guardado (APVA) (Fall 3:41)
132: Lauren Einberger (SSP) over Lelia Klym (APVA) (Fall 2:38)
138: Andrea Quinones (APVA) over Hailey Jackson (SSP) (Fall 3:56)
145: Bryanna Davey (SSP) over (APVA) (For.)
152: Grace Alagbo (APVA) over (SSP) (For.)
165: Esperanza Calvillo (APVA) over (SSP) (For.)
185: Jemima Faith Mukete (APVA) over (SSP) (For.)
235: Gloriann Vigniavo (APVA) over Ella George (SSP) (Fall 1:55)

South Saint Paul 12 St. Charles 6
100: Vivian Diaz (SSP) over LiAnn Burlingame (STCH) (Fall 2:14)
120: Ellie Boynton (STCH) over Audrey Gerten (SSP) (Fall 1:32)
120: Gisele Gallegos (SSP) over Ellie Boynton (STCH) (Fall 1:33)

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