Stewartville Tri

Fillmore C-Lanesboro-M-C Wolves 51 Triton 22
106: Jaxon Jensen (TRIT) over August Pfeffer (FCLM) (Dec 5-2)
113: Theo Kispert (TRIT) over Lane Sass (FCLM) (Fall 2:42)
120: Alex Ortiz (TRIT) over Clayton Knutson (FCLM) (MD 10-2)
126: Ashton Newman (FCLM) over (TRIT) (For.)
132: Kane Larson (FCLM) over Hunter Garness (TRIT) (Fall 3:21)
138: Connor Wingert (FCLM) over Guadalupe Martinez (TRIT) (Fall 1:52)
145: Boston Wright (FCLM) over Cole Kodada (TRIT) (Fall 8:02)
152: Carter Hovland (FCLM) over (TRIT) (For.)
160: Owen Garness (TRIT) over Orion Sass (FCLM) (Dec 4-3)
170: Oliver Hoeltzle (FCLM) over Liam Schlichting (TRIT) (Dec 5-1)
182: Cole Sass (FCLM) over (TRIT) (For.)
195: Christian Schrom (TRIT) over (FCLM) (For.)
220: Aaron Hutton (FCLM) over Henry McMartin (TRIT) (Fall 3:06)
285: Cooper Ferrie (FCLM) over John Moening (TRIT) (Fall 1:18)

Stewartville 50 Triton 24
106: Brolin Stier (STEW) over Theo Kispert (TRIT) (MD 12-0)
113: Alex Ortiz (TRIT) over Dane Cole (STEW) (Fall 3:20)
120: Hunter Karnitz (STEW) over (TRIT) (For.)
126: Reid Rinn (STEW) over (TRIT) (For.)
132: Hunter Garness (TRIT) over Caden Hyke (STEW) (Dec 12-6)
138: Jace Deyoung (STEW) over Guadalupe Martinez (TRIT) (Fall 2:15)
145: Lucas Larson (STEW) over Cole Kodada (TRIT) (MD 9-1)
152: Issac Prokasky (STEW) over (TRIT) (For.)
160: Owen Garness (TRIT) over Tanner Elzen (STEW) (Dec 8-5)
170: Liam Schlichting (TRIT) over Lincoln Dube (STEW) (Fall 3:08)
182: Brayden Stier (STEW) over (TRIT) (For.)
195: Anthony Nelson (STEW) over Christian Schrom (TRIT) (Fall 4:13)
220: Henry McMartin (TRIT) over (STEW) (For.)
285: Isaac Kuisle (STEW) over John Moening (TRIT) (Fall 1:48)

Stewartville 37 Fillmore C-Lanesboro-M-C Wolves 33
106: Brolin Stier (STEW) over (FCLM) (For.)
113: Quade Mullenbach (STEW) over Clayton Knutson (FCLM) (MD 13-5)
120: Hunter Karnitz (STEW) over (FCLM) (Fall 0:01)
126: Elijah Schei (STEW) over Ashton Newman (FCLM) (Fall 1:24)
132: Kane Larson (FCLM) over Reid Rinn (STEW) (Dec 8-4)
138: Jace Deyoung (STEW) over Connor Wingert (FCLM) (Dec 2-0)
145: Lucas Larson (STEW) over Boston Wright (FCLM) (Dec 6-4)
152: Tanner Elzen (STEW) over Carter Hovland (FCLM) (Dec 9-2)
160: Orion Sass (FCLM) over Issac Prokasky (STEW) (Fall 0:36)
170: Oliver Hoeltzle (FCLM) over Brayden Stier (STEW) (Fall 0:33)
182: Cole Sass (FCLM) over Lincoln Dube (STEW) (Fall 1:24)
195: Anthony Nelson (STEW) over Katie Whealan (FCLM) (Fall 0:40)
220: Aaron Hutton (FCLM) over (STEW) (For.)
285: Cooper Ferrie (FCLM) over (STEW) (For.)

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