United Clay Becker Tri

United North Central 75 United Clay Becker 3
106 Olson, Levi (UNC) over Johnson, Kody (UNC) Decision 9-4
113 Anderson, Rhett (UNC) over Forfeit (UNC)
120 Koll, Conrad (UNC) over Lessard, Braeden (UNC) Fall 2:48
126 Hendrickson, Zach (UNC) over Ohm-Mehrer, Jared (UNC) Fall 1:58
132 Johnson, Fordyce (UNC) over Forfeit (UNC)
138 Olson, Wyatt (UNC) over Mikkelsen, Jackson (UNC) Fall 1:59
145 Tellers, Hank (UNC) over Forfeit (UNC)
152 Davidson, Zach (UNC) over Forfeit (UNC) Forfeit
160 Francis, Ryan (UNC) over Isola, Toby (UNC) Decision
170 Roiko, Eli (UNC) over Hines, Grady (UNC) Fall 1:38
182 Hasbargen, Cooper (UNC) over Forfeit (UNC)
195 Hendrickson, Shawn (UNC) over Forfeit (UNC)
220 Peterson, Ryan (UNC) over Forfeit (UNC)
285 Peterson, Marcus (UNC) over Forfeit (UNC)

United North Central 45 Detroit Lakes 22
106 Olson, Levi (UNC) over Baker, Talan (DL) Decision 6-2
113 Anderson, Rhett (UNC) over Zima, Donavon (DL) Fall 1:37
120 Koll, Conrad (UNC) over Linn, Jeremy (DL) Fall 0:27
126 Hendrickson, Zach (UNC) over Vargas, Izaiah (DL) Fall 3:06
132 Johnson, Fordyce (UNC) over Lacrosse, Leroy (DL) Fall 3:16
138 Olson, Wyatt (UNC) over Bouchie, Brock (DL) Fall 0:58
145 Ullyott, Tyson (DL) over Tellers, Hank (UNC) Decision 5-1
152 Okeson, Cade (DL) over Davidson, Zach (UNC) Maj Dec 14-3
160 Swiers, Brock (DL) over Livingston, Riley (UNC) Decision 5-2
170 Roiko, Eli (UNC) over Ortloff, Colby (DL) Fall 4:57
182 Jackson, Cade (DL) over Forfeit, (UNC)
195 Carlson, Zach (DL) over Hasbargen, Cooper (UNC) Decision 14-12
220 Hendrickson, Shawn (UNC) over Simpson, Tynan (DL) Fall 2:40
285 Moen, Jefferey (DL) over Peterson, Marcus (UNC) Decision 7-2 (OT)

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