Willmar 57 Saint Cloud Tech 15

Willmar 57 Saint Cloud Tech 15
106: Kendall Booker (SCT) over Wyatt Cruze (WILL) (Dec 6-1)
113: Lawson Anez (WILL) over (SCT) (For.)
120: Cavin Carlson (WILL) over (SCT) (For.)
126: Ivan Mares (WILL) over Ethan Lunning (SCT) (Fall 2:31)
132: Sulley Anez (WILL) over (SCT) (For.)
138: Conlan Carlson (WILL) over (SCT) (For.)
145: Eli Heinen (WILL) over Jaden Dombrovski (SCT) (Dec 8-3)
152: Tanner Hugg (SCT) over Isaac Zelaya-Velasquez (WILL) (Dec 9-2)
160: Sam Long (SCT) over Mattix Swanson (WILL) (SV-1 8-6)
170: Edgar Cordova-Lopez (WILL) over (SCT) (For.)
182: Braeden Erickson (WILL) over Batuo Teboh (SCT) (Fall 0:24)
195: Ramero Trevino (WILL) over Timmy Lawal (SCT) (Fall 3:39)
220: Zander Miska (WILL) over Derrick Cox-Payton (SCT) (Fall 1:41)
285: Tucker Hugg (SCT) over Daunte Castellano (WILL) (Fall 2:46)

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