USA Wrestling Folkstyle Nationals

2023 USA Wrestling Folkstyle Nationals results. March 31 – April 2 at Cedar Falls, Iowa.

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Junior Boys – 100
1st Place – Saxton Scott of ID
2nd Place – William Jakeway of SC
3rd Place – Taye Jordan of IA
4th Place – Jackson Esser of WI
5th Place – Wyatt Chavez of AL
6th Place – Wyatt Eddy of AZ
7th Place – Hunter Anderson of ID
8th Place – Brooks Morton of AL
1st Saxton Scott (ID) major decision over William Jakeway (SC) (Maj 9-1)
3rd Taye Jordan (IA) fall over Jackson Esser (WI) (Fall 0:17)
5th Wyatt Chavez (AL) tech fall over Wyatt Eddy (AZ) (TF 16-0)
7th Hunter Anderson (ID) decision over Brooks Morton (AL) (Dec 7-2)

Junior Boys – 106
1st Place – Ezekiel Witt of KS
2nd Place – Brayden Teunissen of IL
3rd Place – Kiyan Simon of AL
4th Place – Daniel Guerrero of AZ
5th Place – Gavin Rockey of IL
6th Place – Tommy Booth of IA
7th Place – Elijah Cherry of OK
8th Place – Cole Dyer of TN
1st Ezekiel Witt (KS) decision over Brayden Teunissen (IL) (Dec 6-5)
3rd Kiyan Simon (AL) decision over Daniel Guerrero (AZ) (Dec 2-1)
5th Gavin Rockey (IL) decision over Tommy Booth (IA) (Dec 7-0)
7th Elijah Cherry (OK) decision over Cole Dyer (TN) (Dec 9-4)

Junior Boys – 113
1st Place – Mack Mauger of ID
2nd Place – Dru Ayala of IA
3rd Place – Tyson Roach of LA
4th Place – Brodie Christmas of AL
5th Place – Jacob Fitzpatrick of MN
6th Place – Caleb Wright of AL
7th Place – Everest Sutton of OR
8th Place – Nolan Brown of MT
1st Mack Mauger (ID) decision over Dru Ayala (IA) (Dec 3-1)
3rd Tyson Roach (LA) decision over Brodie Christmas (AL) (Dec 8-5)
5th Jacob Fitzpatrick (MN) major decision over Caleb Wright (AL) (Maj 18-5)
7th Everest Sutton (OR) decision over Nolan Brown (MT) (Dec 4-2)

Junior Boys – 120
1st Place – Benjamin DeForest of ND
2nd Place – Talen Eck of ID
3rd Place – Reid Spurley of WI
4th Place – Drew Davis of IL
5th Place – Jaxton Packer of ID
6th Place – Anthony Lopez of NM
7th Place – Carson Doolittle of IA
8th Place – Easton Cooper of WI
1st Benjamin DeForest (ND) fall over Talen Eck (ID) (Fall 2:55)
3rd Reid Spurley (WI) fall over Drew Davis (IL) (Fall 1:37)
5th Jaxton Packer (ID) forfeit over Anthony Lopez (NM) (FF)
7th Carson Doolittle (IA) decision over Easton Cooper (WI) (Dec 9-2)

Junior Boys – 126
1st Place – Cael Nasdeo of PA
2nd Place – Jake Castagneto of ID
3rd Place – Bowen Brunson of ID
4th Place – Tanner Tishner of IN
5th Place – Irie Jackson of WI
6th Place – Dillon White of IL
7th Place – Devin Grossman of MT
8th Place – Jaxson Humphries of OK
1st Cael Nasdeo (PA) fall over Jake Castagneto (ID) (Fall 0:57)
3rd Bowen Brunson (ID) fall over Tanner Tishner (IN) (Fall 1:48)
5th Irie Jackson (WI) decision over Dillon White (IL) (Dec 3-1)
7th Devin Grossman (MT) fall over Jaxson Humphries (OK) (Fall 4:39)

Junior Boys – 132
1st Place – Teegan Vasquez of MT
2nd Place – Kale Petersen of IA
3rd Place – Carter Schmidt of MT
4th Place – Eddie Bowman of CO
5th Place – Russell Evans of UT
6th Place – Jackzen Rairdon of CO
7th Place – Nate Bierma of IA
8th Place – Jack McDonald of TX
1st Teegan Vasquez (MT) decision over Kale Petersen (IA) (Dec 8-7)
3rd Carter Schmidt (MT) major decision over Eddie Bowman (CO) (Maj 19-5)
5th Russell Evans (UT) medical forfeit over Jackzen Rairdon (CO) (MFF)
7th Nate Bierma (IA) fall over Jack McDonald (TX) (Fall 2:06)

Junior Boys – 138
1st Place – Dorian Olivarez of TX
2nd Place – Chase Van Hoven of VA
3rd Place – Dresden Grimm of IL
4th Place – Evan Gosz of IL
5th Place – James Wright of IL
6th Place – Kaiden Schrandt of MN
7th Place – Brady Collins of CO
8th Place – Grayson Williams of ID
1st Dorian Olivarez (TX) decision over Chase Van Hoven (VA) (Dec 4-0)
3rd Dresden Grimm (IL) won in sudden victory – 1 over Evan Gosz (IL) (SV-1 6-4)
5th James Wright (IL) decision over Kaiden Schrandt (MN) (Dec 5-3)
7th Brady Collins (CO) fall over Grayson Williams (ID) (Fall 0:47)

Junior Boys – 145
1st Place – Jason Mara of ID
2nd Place – Alex Braun of MN
3rd Place – McKinley Robbins of IA
4th Place – Trey Dillow of KS
5th Place – Kilian Schultz of CO
6th Place – Alexander Smith of IN
7th Place – Jackson Jaspers of IA
8th Place – Elijah Larsen of AK
1st Jason Mara (ID) decision over Alex Braun (MN) (Dec 5-0)
3rd McKinley Robbins (IA) decision over Trey Dillow (KS) (Dec 6-3)
5th Kilian Schultz (CO) fall over Alexander Smith (IN) (Fall 0:42)
7th Jackson Jaspers (IA) decision over Elijah Larsen (AK) (Dec 7-1)

Junior Boys – 152
1st Place – Leandro (lj) Araujo of ND
2nd Place – Jaydon Robinson of IL
3rd Place – Vincent Robinson of IL
4th Place – Ty Koedam of IA
5th Place – Xerarch Tungjaroenkul of KS
6th Place – Grant Kress of IA
7th Place – Waylon Cressell of ND
8th Place – Noah Elliott of CA
1st Leandro (lj) Araujo (ND) won in sudden victory – 1 over Jaydon Robinson (IL) (SV-1 4-2)
3rd Vincent Robinson (IL) decision over Ty Koedam (IA) (Dec 8-4)
5th Xerarch Tungjaroenkul (KS) decision over Grant Kress (IA) (Dec 3-1)
7th Waylon Cressell (ND) decision over Noah Elliott (CA) (Dec 13-7)

Junior Boys – 160
1st Place – Thor Michaelson of WA
2nd Place – Damarion Ross of IA
3rd Place – Paolo Salminen of MT
4th Place – Samuel Richardson of MO
5th Place – Ryker Fullmer of ID
6th Place – Jermaine Butler Jr. of IL
7th Place – Ryker Gibson of ID
8th Place – Thomas Stuhlman of MO
1st Thor Michaelson (WA) major decision over Damarion Ross (IA) (Maj 12-2)
3rd Paolo Salminen (MT) decision over Samuel Richardson (MO) (Dec 15-8)
5th Ryker Fullmer (ID) decision over Jermaine Butler Jr. (IL) (Dec 4-0)
7th Ryker Gibson (ID) medical forfeit over Thomas Stuhlman (MO) (MFF)

Junior Boys – 170
1st Place – Hudson Rogers of ID
2nd Place – Jacob Fistler of IA
3rd Place – Lars Michaelson of WA
4th Place – Jayden Ford of KS
5th Place – Owen Wasley of WI
6th Place – Caden Young of WI
7th Place – Jack Gillis of WI
8th Place – Dalton Loyden of AZ
1st Hudson Rogers (ID) decision over Jacob Fistler (IA) (Dec 2-0)
3rd Lars Michaelson (WA) decision over Jayden Ford (KS) (Dec 11-5)
5th Owen Wasley (WI) medical forfeit over Caden Young (WI) (MFF)
7th Jack Gillis (WI) forfeit over Dalton Loyden (AZ) (FF)

Junior Boys – 182
1st Place – Wyatt Ingham of WI
2nd Place – Orlando Cruz of IN
3rd Place – Anders Thompson of MT
4th Place – Shamon Handegan of IL
5th Place – Brian Petry of NE
6th Place – Braden Brown of OK
7th Place – Ronan Wunsch of KS
8th Place – Matthew Kubas of IL
1st Wyatt Ingham (WI) won in sudden victory – 1 over Orlando Cruz (IN) (SV-1 9-4)
3rd Anders Thompson (MT) decision over Shamon Handegan (IL) (Dec 7-1)
5th Brian Petry (NE) decision over Braden Brown (OK) (Dec 1-0)
7th Ronan Wunsch (KS) decision over Matthew Kubas (IL) (Dec 4-3)

Junior Boys – 195
1st Place – Karson Tompkins of TX
2nd Place – Chase Matthias of WI
3rd Place – Brendan Lockart of MT
4th Place – Ian Smith of WI
5th Place – Nathan Fury of KS
6th Place – Carson Gooley of ID
7th Place – Quinlan Morgan of MN
8th Place – Grant Cook of WI
1st Karson Tompkins (TX) tech fall over Chase Matthias (WI) (TF 15-0)
3rd Brendan Lockart (MT) medical forfeit over Ian Smith (WI) (MFF)
5th Nathan Fury (KS) fall over Carson Gooley (ID) (Fall 4:47)
7th Quinlan Morgan (MN) decision over Grant Cook (WI) (Dec 7-2)

Junior Boys – 220
1st Place – Cy Kruse of MN
2nd Place – Mason Christian of MT
3rd Place – Joseph Lewis of IA
4th Place – Leonardo Tovar of IL
5th Place – Alex Hamrick of IL
6th Place – Pierce Cunningham of KS
7th Place – Jesus Gonzalez of WI
8th Place – Elijah Mathis of KS
1st Cy Kruse (MN) decision over Mason Christian (MT) (Dec 9-2)
3rd Joseph Lewis (IA) decision over Leonardo Tovar (IL) (Dec 6-1)
5th Alex Hamrick (IL) won in tie breaker – 1 over Pierce Cunningham (KS) (TB-1 5-4)
7th Jesus Gonzalez (WI) decision over Elijah Mathis (KS) (Dec 4-2)

Junior Boys – 285
1st Place – Koy Hopke of WI
2nd Place – Navarro Schunke of SD
3rd Place – Brett Carroll of KS
4th Place – Wyatt Smith of IA
5th Place – Michael Haas of IL
6th Place – Shilo Jones of ID
7th Place – Dallyn Grimes of ID
8th Place – Miguel Perez of ID
1st Koy Hopke (WI) fall over Navarro Schunke (SD) (Fall 4:18)
3rd Brett Carroll (KS) fall over Wyatt Smith (IA) (Fall 5:00)
5th Michael Haas (IL) medical forfeit over Shilo Jones (ID) (MFF)
7th Dallyn Grimes (ID) medical forfeit over Miguel Perez (ID) (MFF)

16U – 88
1st Place – Kellen Downing of MT
2nd Place – Landon Thoennes of MN
3rd Place – Onofre Gonzales of CO
4th Place – Kaiden Belinsky of IA
5th Place – Zander Manz of IA
6th Place – Trexden Olsen of UT
7th Place – Sonny Hicks of OK
8th Place – Gage Loftin of ID
1st Kellen Downing (MT) fall over Landon Thoennes (MN) (Fall 1:01)
3rd Onofre Gonzales (CO) decision over Kaiden Belinsky (IA) (Dec 4-1)
5th Zander Manz (IA) decision over Trexden Olsen (UT) (Dec 3-1)
7th Sonny Hicks (OK) received a bye () (Bye)

16U – 94
1st Place – Kaison Schreier of MO
2nd Place – Cason Craft of OK
3rd Place – Layne Martin of MI
4th Place – William Du Chemin of WI
5th Place – Peyton Van Hoven of VA
6th Place – Oscar Gauna of KS
7th Place – Trace Rial of IA
8th Place – Micah Woods of NV
1st Kaison Schreier (MO) major decision over Cason Craft (OK) (Maj 12-2)
3rd Layne Martin (MI) fall over William Du Chemin (WI) (Fall 1:23)
5th Peyton Van Hoven (VA) fall over Oscar Gauna (KS) (Fall 3:21)
7th Trace Rial (IA) major decision over Micah Woods (NV) (Maj 9-0)

16U – 100
1st Place – Caleb Noble of IL
2nd Place – Saxton Scott of ID
3rd Place – Camden Rugg of WI
4th Place – Aiden Hahn of MO
5th Place – Steven Vaughn of MI
6th Place – Ethan Sharp of UT
7th Place – Jackson Soney of IL
8th Place – Westin Ingham of WI
1st Caleb Noble (IL) major decision over Saxton Scott (ID) (Maj 14-5)
3rd Camden Rugg (WI) decision over Aiden Hahn (MO) (Dec 5-0)
5th Steven Vaughn (MI) major decision over Ethan Sharp (UT) (Maj 11-1)
7th Jackson Soney (IL) decision over Westin Ingham (WI) (Dec 3-0)

16U – 106
1st Place – Alex Rozas of LA
2nd Place – Henry Aslikyan of CA
3rd Place – Zaiyahn Ornelas of NE
4th Place – Brett Swenson of MN
5th Place – Benjamin Walsh of IA
6th Place – Jonathan Marquez of IL
7th Place – Jackson Olson of IL
8th Place – Patrick Provost of MO
1st Alex Rozas (LA) decision over Henry Aslikyan (CA) (Dec 3-0)
3rd Zaiyahn Ornelas (NE) fall over Brett Swenson (MN) (Fall 3:23)
5th Benjamin Walsh (IA) forfeit over Jonathan Marquez (IL) (FF)
7th Jackson Olson (IL) fall over Patrick Provost (MO) (Fall 1:46)

16U – 113
1st Place – Linden Phetxoumphone of IA
2nd Place – Tyler Turzinski of MN
3rd Place – Boden Banta of ID
4th Place – Carter Wallis of MO
5th Place – Demetrios Carrera of IL
6th Place – Jeremiah Gonzalez of ID
7th Place – Tohmi Carney of OK
8th Place – Christopher Grossman of MT
1st Linden Phetxoumphone (IA) won in sudden victory – 1 over Tyler Turzinski (MN) (SV-1 4-2)
3rd Boden Banta (ID) decision over Carter Wallis (MO) (Dec 2-1)
5th Demetrios Carrera (IL) won in tie breaker – 1 over Jeremiah Gonzalez (ID) (TB-1 3-2)
7th Tohmi Carney (OK) decision over Christopher Grossman (MT) (Dec 8-4)

16U – 120
1st Place – Isaiah Jones of OK
2nd Place – Austin Collins of CO
3rd Place – Braylon Reynolds of IN
4th Place – Legend Ellis of OK
5th Place – Jake Kos of MN
6th Place – Nathan Gugelman Ii of ID
7th Place – Toby Shipman of OK
8th Place – Joey Enzminger of ND
1st Isaiah Jones (OK) decision over Austin Collins (CO) (Dec 10-4)
3rd Braylon Reynolds (IN) decision over Legend Ellis (OK) (Dec 2-0)
5th Jake Kos (MN) decision over Nathan Gugelman Ii (ID) (Dec 2-0)
7th Toby Shipman (OK) major decision over Joey Enzminger (ND) (Maj 11-0)

16U – 126
1st Place – Christian Jelle of MN
2nd Place – Kameron Luif of IL
3rd Place – Presley Johnson of MO
4th Place – Julio Aguirre of KS
5th Place – Logan Shaver of ID
6th Place – Carter Siebel of IA
7th Place – Dylan Colleran of IA
8th Place – Caiden Selof of IL
1st Christian Jelle (MN) major decision over Kameron Luif (IL) (Maj 11-3)
3rd Presley Johnson (MO) decision over Julio Aguirre (KS) (Dec 4-3)
5th Logan Shaver (ID) fall over Carter Siebel (IA) (Fall 2:33)
7th Dylan Colleran (IA) fall over Caiden Selof (IL) (Fall 1:38)

16U – 132
1st Place – Dean Anderson of AZ
2nd Place – Drake Morrison of ID
3rd Place – Davis Parrow of MN
4th Place – Jase Jaspers of IA
5th Place – Hunter Stevens of WI
6th Place – Maximus Dhabolt of IA
7th Place – Noah Johnson of MO
8th Place – Deegan Birkaker of MN
1st Dean Anderson (AZ) decision over Drake Morrison (ID) (Dec 4-3)
3rd Davis Parrow (MN) decision over Jase Jaspers (IA) (Dec 8-2)
5th Hunter Stevens (WI) decision over Maximus Dhabolt (IA) (Dec 9-6)
7th Noah Johnson (MO) fall over Deegan Birkaker (MN) (Fall 4:27)

16U – 138
1st Place – Tyler Traves of VA
2nd Place – Donavon Allen of IL
3rd Place – Sullivan Ramos of WI
4th Place – Lorenzo Gallegos of NM
5th Place – Connor Peterson of MN
6th Place – Jacob Bell of CA
7th Place – Julius Pacheco of MI
8th Place – Joaquin Moralez of AR
1st Tyler Traves (VA) won in the ultimate tie breaker over Donavon Allen (IL) (UTB 5-4)
3rd Sullivan Ramos (WI) decision over Lorenzo Gallegos (NM) (Dec 5-2)
5th Connor Peterson (MN) fall over Jacob Bell (CA) (Fall 0:23)
7th Julius Pacheco (MI) decision over Joaquin Moralez (AR) (Dec 3-0)

16U – 145
1st Place – Brody Sendele of IL
2nd Place – Tyler Harrill of NE
3rd Place – Nolan Fellers of IA
4th Place – Auston Eudaly of CO
5th Place – Colby Gray of MO
6th Place – Carlos Valdez of ID
7th Place – Jacob Baughcum of GA
8th Place – Boden White of IA
1st Brody Sendele (IL) major decision over Tyler Harrill (NE) (Maj 8-0)
3rd Nolan Fellers (IA) decision over Auston Eudaly (CO) (Dec 7-2)
5th Colby Gray (MO) decision over Carlos Valdez (ID) (Dec 7-1)
7th Jacob Baughcum (GA) won in sudden victory – 1 over Boden White (IA) (SV-1 6-4)

16U – 152
1st Place – Bradley Rodriguez-Little of MN
2nd Place – Royce Lopez of IL
3rd Place – Kale Baumann of MT
4th Place – Brandon Dean of NJ
5th Place – Rocker Aguilar of ND
6th Place – Damion Hamilton of ID
7th Place – Findley Smout of TN
8th Place – Jacob Hiland of IA
1st Bradley Rodriguez-Little (MN) fall over Royce Lopez (IL) (Fall 4:43)
3rd Kale Baumann (MT) decision over Brandon Dean (NJ) (Dec 6-0)
5th Rocker Aguilar (ND) decision over Damion Hamilton (ID) (Dec 3-2)
7th Findley Smout (TN) decision over Jacob Hiland (IA) (Dec 4-3)

16U – 160
1st Place – Kyler Knaack of IA
2nd Place – Aaron Stewart of IL
3rd Place – Eli Leonard of WI
4th Place – Jackson Barron of MN
5th Place – Luke Hayden of MO
6th Place – Elijah Schunke of SD
7th Place – Ritchie Bruno of CO
8th Place – Alexander Wahl of MT
1st Kyler Knaack (IA) decision over Aaron Stewart (IL) (Dec 2-1)
3rd Eli Leonard (WI) fall over Jackson Barron (MN) (Fall 6:00)
5th Luke Hayden (MO) fall over Elijah Schunke (SD) (Fall 0:35)
7th Ritchie Bruno (CO) decision over Alexander Wahl (MT) (Dec 8-5)

16U – 170
1st Place – Broedy Collins Hendricks of IA
2nd Place – Eli Larson of IL
3rd Place – Luke Hoag of MN
4th Place – Braeden Simoneaux of LA
5th Place – Quinten Attebury of MO
6th Place – Jacob Henderson of MN
7th Place – Niko DeZiel of WI
8th Place – Oliver McPeek of IL
1st Broedy Collins Hendricks (IA) fall over Eli Larson (IL) (Fall 3:57)
3rd Luke Hoag (MN) major decision over Braeden Simoneaux (LA) (Maj 10-2)
5th Quinten Attebury (MO) major decision over Jacob Henderson (MN) (Maj 8-0)
7th Niko DeZiel (WI) decision over Oliver McPeek (IL) (Dec 8-3)

16U – 182
1st Place – Max Matthias of WI
2nd Place – Brice Henry of MO
3rd Place – Joseph Muhlstein of MN
4th Place – William Ward of ND
5th Place – Evan McGuire of MN
6th Place – Noah Mathis of KS
7th Place – Owen Burling of WI
8th Place – Isaac Ward of MO
1st Max Matthias (WI) won in sudden victory – 1 over Brice Henry (MO) (SV-1 9-5)
3rd Joseph Muhlstein (MN) decision over William Ward (ND) (Dec 8-5)
5th Evan McGuire (MN) major decision over Noah Mathis (KS) (Maj 13-5)
7th Owen Burling (WI) decision over Isaac Ward (MO) (Dec 4-3)

16U – 195
1st Place – Dreshaun Ross of IA
2nd Place – Deangelo Sardina of WI
3rd Place – Deacon Moran of MO
4th Place – Jesse Schneck of SD
5th Place – Theodore Pax Jr. of MN
6th Place – Brody Sardina of WI
7th Place – Layne O’Neil of MI
8th Place – Cristian Velasquez of TN
1st Dreshaun Ross (IA) fall over Deangelo Sardina (WI) (Fall 1:25)
3rd Deacon Moran (MO) major decision over Jesse Schneck (SD) (Maj 13-4)
5th Theodore Pax Jr. (MN) medical forfeit over Brody Sardina (WI) (MFF)
7th Layne O’Neil (MI) fall over Cristian Velasquez (TN) (Fall 2:39)

16U – 220
1st Place – Garett Kawczynski of WI
2nd Place – Hayden Smith of IN
3rd Place – Zander Glazebrook of IA
4th Place – Nehemiah Lendobeja of WI
5th Place – Hyrum Heindel of ID
6th Place – Solly Jonas of ND
7th Place – Jay Krueger of WI
8th Place – Cesar Palacios of ID
1st Garett Kawczynski (WI) fall over Hayden Smith (IN) (Fall 1:12)
3rd Zander Glazebrook (IA) decision over Nehemiah Lendobeja (WI) (Dec 3-1)
5th Hyrum Heindel (ID) fall over Solly Jonas (ND) (Fall 0:27)
7th Jay Krueger (WI) fall over Cesar Palacios (ID) (Fall 1:37)

16U – 285
1st Place – Milan Colvin of KS
2nd Place – Luke Fierke of IA
3rd Place – Jonathan Davis of TN
4th Place – Griffin Morris of MO
5th Place – Dominic Infelise of IL
6th Place – Rony Enamorado of TN
7th Place – Preston DeClark of MI
8th Place – Colton Johnson of MN
1st Milan Colvin (KS) decision over Luke Fierke (IA) (Dec 8-4)
3rd Jonathan Davis (TN) decision over Griffin Morris (MO) (Dec 3-1)
5th Dominic Infelise (IL) fall over Rony Enamorado (TN) (Fall 3:56)
7th Preston DeClark (MI) fall over Colton Johnson (MN) (Fall 0:16)

14U – 71
1st Place – Johnathan Thompson of IA
2nd Place – Max Lindquist of MO
3rd Place – Cody Bakhsh of DE
4th Place – Julian Medina of IL
5th Place – Brody Compau of MI
6th Place – Peter Alexander Schutz of MN
7th Place – Braxton Plunk of OK
8th Place – Simon Trapp of ND
1st Johnathan Thompson (IA) decision over Max Lindquist (MO) (Dec 3-0)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Max Lindquist (MO) decision over Cody Bakhsh (DE) (Dec 3-0)
3rd Cody Bakhsh (DE) won in the ultimate tie breaker over Julian Medina (IL) (UTB 4-2)
5th Brody Compau (MI) decision over Peter Alexander Schutz (MN) (Dec 3-0)
7th Braxton Plunk (OK) major decision over Simon Trapp (ND) (Maj 10-1)

14U – 77
1st Place – Owen Parish of MN
2nd Place – Ty Martin of IA
3rd Place – Karson Kahalekomo of IN
4th Place – Damien Yeoman of IA
5th Place – Shay Lundvall of IA
6th Place – Malik Hoskins of AZ
7th Place – John Cox of MO
8th Place – Michael McNamara of IL
1st Owen Parish (MN) decision over Ty Martin (IA) (Dec 5-2)
2nd Ty Martin (IA) no contest over Karson Kahalekomo (IN) (NC)
3rd Karson Kahalekomo (IN) decision over Damien Yeoman (IA) (Dec 8-4)
5th Shay Lundvall (IA) decision over Malik Hoskins (AZ) (Dec 5-2)
7th John Cox (MO) won in sudden victory – 1 over Michael McNamara (IL) (SV-1 1-0)

14U – 83
1st Place – Jeremy Carver of IN
2nd Place – Jesse Grossman of MT
3rd Place – Zachary Donalson of AR
4th Place – Kyle Menuez of CO
5th Place – Cruz Gannon of IA
6th Place – Carter Booze of NE
7th Place – Owen Dorshorst of WI
8th Place – Isaiah Neitzel of WI
1st Jeremy Carver (IN) decision over Jesse Grossman (MT) (Dec 5-0)
2nd Jesse Grossman (MT) no contest over Zachary Donalson (AR) (NC)
3rd Zachary Donalson (AR) decision over Kyle Menuez (CO) (Dec 2-0)
5th Cruz Gannon (IA) decision over Carter Booze (NE) (Dec 4-0)
7th Owen Dorshorst (WI) fall over Isaiah Neitzel (WI) (Fall 1:59)

14U – 87
1st Place – Aj Woerpel of WI
2nd Place – Ernesto Perez of AZ
3rd Place – Braxton Smith of CO
4th Place – Rex Lancaster of WI
5th Place – Zane Messiter of VA
6th Place – Cooper Smith of KS
7th Place – Traevon Ducking of IN
8th Place – Nathanial Sanders of IN
1st Aj Woerpel (WI) won in sudden victory – 1 over Braxton Smith (CO) (SV-1 5-3)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Ernesto Perez (AZ) decision over Braxton Smith (CO) (Dec 7-0)
3rd Ernesto Perez (AZ) major decision over Rex Lancaster (WI) (Maj 9-0)
5th Zane Messiter (VA) decision over Cooper Smith (KS) (Dec 2-0)
7th Traevon Ducking (IN) fall over Nathanial Sanders (IN) (Fall 0:46)

14U – 92
1st Place – Trevor Christenson of KS
2nd Place – Kolten Bollig of WI
3rd Place – Mason Soney of IL
4th Place – Jacob Smith of IL
5th Place – Calan Manley of MO
6th Place – Avery Van Zelderen of IA
7th Place – Braeden Hamill of WI
8th Place – Karson Wuebker of IA
1st Trevor Christenson (KS) decision over Mason Soney (IL) (Dec 8-1)
2nd Kolten Bollig (WI) decision over Mason Soney (IL) (Dec 7-5)
3rd Kolten Bollig (WI) decision over Jacob Smith (IL) (Dec 3-2)
5th Calan Manley (MO) injury default over Avery Van Zelderen (IA) (Inj. 0:00)
7th Braeden Hamill (WI) major decision over Karson Wuebker (IA) (Maj 11-2)

14U – 97
1st Place – Michael Daleiden of WI
2nd Place – Jaimon Mogard of IA
3rd Place – Kayden Egeberg of ND
4th Place – Cooper Mathews of CO
5th Place – Keagan Berg of WI
6th Place – Oliver Lange of IA
7th Place – Jack Simpson of CO
8th Place – Lincoln Mack of IL
1st Michael Daleiden (WI) fall over Kayden Egeberg (ND) (Fall 3:55)
2nd Jaimon Mogard (IA) decision over Kayden Egeberg (ND) (Dec 5-2)
3rd Jaimon Mogard (IA) decision over Cooper Mathews (CO) (Dec 1-0)
5th Keagan Berg (WI) decision over Oliver Lange (IA) (Dec 7-4)
7th Jack Simpson (CO) decision over Lincoln Mack (IL) (Dec 2-0)

14U – 102
1st Place – Martez Sheard of WI
2nd Place – Daniel Green of MT
3rd Place – Hendrix Schwab of IA
4th Place – Calvin Rathjen of IA
5th Place – Audon Clark of WA
6th Place – Logan Refsnider of MN
7th Place – Slater Thomas of IA
8th Place – Isaac Foster of WI
1st Martez Sheard (WI) decision over Daniel Green (MT) (Dec 8-3)
2nd Daniel Green (MT) fall over Hendrix Schwab (IA) (Fall 0:25)
3rd Hendrix Schwab (IA) won in sudden victory – 1 over Calvin Rathjen (IA) (SV-1 4-2)
5th Audon Clark (WA) won in sudden victory – 1 over Logan Refsnider (MN) (SV-1 3-1)
7th Slater Thomas (IA) won in sudden victory – 1 over Isaac Foster (WI) (SV-1 5-3)

14U – 106
1st Place – Riker Ohearon of UT
2nd Place – Jon Gonzalez of IA
3rd Place – Thiago Guardiola of WI
4th Place – Adante Washington of IL
5th Place – Chase Boozer of UT
6th Place – Parker Neu of WI
7th Place – Colton Shaffer of IA
8th Place – Noah Brown of MO
1st Riker Ohearon (UT) fall over Jon Gonzalez (IA) (Fall 1:57)
2nd Jon Gonzalez (IA) no contest over Thiago Guardiola (WI) (NC)
3rd Thiago Guardiola (WI) decision over Adante Washington (IL) (Dec 1-0)
5th Chase Boozer (UT) decision over Parker Neu (WI) (Dec 6-0)
7th Colton Shaffer (IA) won in the ultimate tie breaker over Noah Brown (MO) (UTB 9-8)

14U – 110
1st Place – Luke Cline of MO
2nd Place – Alexander Penzkover of WI
3rd Place – Jamison Gregory of MI
4th Place – Tyler Paulson of WI
5th Place – Adam Carey of IA
6th Place – Ayden Jenkins of TN
7th Place – Preston Harms of MN
8th Place – Wyatt Mikkelsen of IL
1st Luke Cline (MO) won in tie breaker – 1 over Alexander Penzkover (WI) (TB-1 8-3)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Alexander Penzkover (WI) no contest over Jamison Gregory (MI) (NC)
3rd Jamison Gregory (MI) decision over Tyler Paulson (WI) (Dec 4-0)
5th Adam Carey (IA) decision over Ayden Jenkins (TN) (Dec 8-1)
7th Preston Harms (MN) medical forfeit over Wyatt Mikkelsen (IL) (MFF)

14U – 114
1st Place – Carson Neubert of WI
2nd Place – Aiden Arnett of IL
3rd Place – Daniel Dennis of PA
4th Place – Malakii Martin of CO
5th Place – Konnor Fordyce of ID
6th Place – Brett Johnson of IA
7th Place – Korbyn Barent of MT
8th Place – Nolan Schepers of MO
1st Carson Neubert (WI) decision over Aiden Arnett (IL) (Dec 10-3)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Aiden Arnett (IL) decision over Daniel Dennis (PA) (Dec 4-3)
3rd Daniel Dennis (PA) decision over Malakii Martin (CO) (Dec 6-1)
5th Konnor Fordyce (ID) decision over Brett Johnson (IA) (Dec 4-3)
7th Korbyn Barent (MT) forfeit over Nolan Schepers (MO) (FF)

14U – 119
1st Place – Marcus Killgore of AZ
2nd Place – Adrian Phetxoumphone of IA
3rd Place – Bo Jackson of IN
4th Place – Samuel Gehring of WI
5th Place – Colin Rutlin of MO
6th Place – Kylan Ooton of OK
7th Place – Dawson Mack of IL
8th Place – Karrsen Bussan of WI
1st Marcus Killgore (AZ) fall over Bo Jackson (IN) (Fall 1:59)
2nd Adrian Phetxoumphone (IA) decision over Bo Jackson (IN) (Dec 7-0)
3rd Adrian Phetxoumphone (IA) decision over Samuel Gehring (WI) (Dec 4-2)
5th Colin Rutlin (MO) major decision over Kylan Ooton (OK) (Maj 11-2)
7th Dawson Mack (IL) decision over Karrsen Bussan (WI) (Dec 3-0)

14U – 125
1st Place – Carmine Cruz of AZ
2nd Place – Thomas Banas of IL
3rd Place – Easton Kammerud of WI
4th Place – Magnus Michaelson of WA
5th Place – Collin Hamm of WI
6th Place – Anthony Lopshire of IN
7th Place – Dakoda Willoughby of IN
8th Place – Jack Ireland of WI
1st Carmine Cruz (AZ) fall over Easton Kammerud (WI) (Fall 3:21)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Thomas Banas (IL) decision over Easton Kammerud (WI) (Dec 5-1)
3rd Thomas Banas (IL) major decision over Magnus Michaelson (WA) (Maj 8-0)
5th Collin Hamm (WI) decision over Anthony Lopshire (IN) (Dec 6-0)
7th Dakoda Willoughby (IN) major decision over Jack Ireland (WI) (Maj 10-0)

14U – 130
1st Place – Joaquin Chacon of AZ
2nd Place – Andrew Moro of OH
3rd Place – Kenneth Ferrario of MN
4th Place – Sergio Macias of AZ
5th Place – Carter Barrio of TX
6th Place – Luke Banas of IL
7th Place – Luke Conroy of ND
8th Place – Dylan Brown of AL
1st Joaquin Chacon (AZ) fall over Andrew Moro (OH) (Fall 4:22)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Andrew Moro (OH) no contest over Kenneth Ferrario (MN) (NC)
3rd Kenneth Ferrario (MN) decision over Sergio Macias (AZ) (Dec 4-2)
5th Carter Barrio (TX) decision over Luke Banas (IL) (Dec 11-4)
7th Luke Conroy (ND) fall over Dylan Brown (AL) (Fall 2:00)

14U – 136
1st Place – Owen Schacht of WI
2nd Place – Liam Richards of WI
3rd Place – Carter Birdyshaw of WI
4th Place – Tobias Pacheco of MI
5th Place – Soren Nico of WI
6th Place – Jackson Smith of IN
7th Place – Remington Anhorn of ND
8th Place – Maximo Xolo of WI
1st Owen Schacht (WI) decision over Carter Birdyshaw (WI) (Dec 5-3)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Liam Richards (WI) decision over Carter Birdyshaw (WI) (Dec 7-0)
3rd Liam Richards (WI) decision over Tobias Pacheco (MI) (Dec 2-1)
5th Soren Nico (WI) injury default over Jackson Smith (IN) (Inj. 1:00)
7th Remington Anhorn (ND) decision over Maximo Xolo (WI) (Dec 5-0)

14U – 149
1st Place – Peyton Hornsby of IN
2nd Place – Duane Leslie of ID
3rd Place – Jacob Hodge of MI
4th Place – Elias Reed of WI
5th Place – Maximus Purdy of IL
6th Place – Kace Fullmer of ID
7th Place – Radic Dvorak of IL
8th Place – Ashtyn Kreuser of WI
1st Peyton Hornsby (IN) decision over Duane Leslie (ID) (Dec 7-5)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Duane Leslie (ID) no contest over Jacob Hodge (MI) (NC)
3rd Jacob Hodge (MI) decision over Elias Reed (WI) (Dec 2-0)
5th Maximus Purdy (IL) decision over Kace Fullmer (ID) (Dec 5-2)
7th Radic Dvorak (IL) medical forfeit over Ashtyn Kreuser (WI) (MFF)

14U – 165
1st Place – Isaac Barrientos of IL
2nd Place – Kannon Freschette of WA
3rd Place – Braylen Bieber of IA
4th Place – Tyrus Alley of MO
5th Place – Macklin Penner of IA
6th Place – Brandon Bethea of AL
7th Place – Raidyn Tidwell of AL
8th Place – Ibrahim Zaky of VA
1st Isaac Barrientos (IL) decision over Kannon Freschette (WA) (Dec 5-1)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Kannon Freschette (WA) won in sudden victory – 1 over Braylen Bieber (IA) (SV-1 1-0)
3rd Braylen Bieber (IA) decision over Tyrus Alley (MO) (Dec 7-2)
5th Macklin Penner (IA) won in sudden victory – 1 over Brandon Bethea (AL) (SV-1 10-8)
7th Raidyn Tidwell (AL) forfeit over Ibrahim Zaky (VA) (FF)

14U – 187
1st Place – Ceasar Salas of IN
2nd Place – Joe Constable of IA
3rd Place – Elliot Havlish of WI
4th Place – Sergio Baity of IL
5th Place – Jack Praska of ND
6th Place – Aiden Stiven of ND
1st Ceasar Salas (IN) decision over Joe Constable (IA) (Dec 7-1)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Joe Constable (IA) decision over Elliot Havlish (WI) (Dec 8-2)
3rd Elliot Havlish (WI) fall over Sergio Baity (IL) (Fall 0:26)
5th Jack Praska (ND) fall over Aiden Stiven (ND) (Fall 0:51)
7th () received a bye () (Bye)

14U – 250
1st Place – William Bishop of KS
2nd Place – Matthew Kelley of MO
3rd Place – Garrett Dagestad of WI
4th Place – Sawyer Schendel of MN
5th Place – Nolan Lopez of IL
6th Place – Tucker Miller of MO
1st William Bishop (KS) fall over Matthew Kelley (MO) (Fall 1:56)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Matthew Kelley (MO) no contest over Garrett Dagestad (WI) (NC)
3rd Garrett Dagestad (WI) fall over Sawyer Schendel (MN) (Fall 2:40)
5th Nolan Lopez (IL) fall over Tucker Miller (MO) (Fall 0:31)
7th () received a bye () (Bye)

12U – 58
1st Place – Jacob Graber of MN
2nd Place – Kameron Cushman of IA
3rd Place – Brooks Horwath of MI
4th Place – Joe Kappes of ND
5th Place – Cole Train Vanderwerff of WI
6th Place – Maxwell St.John of KS
1st Jacob Graber (MN) major decision over Kameron Cushman (IA) (Maj 8-0)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Kameron Cushman (IA) no contest over Brooks Horwath (MI) (NC)
3rd Brooks Horwath (MI) decision over Joe Kappes (ND) (Dec 4-2)
5th Cole Train Vanderwerff (WI) major decision over Maxwell St.John (KS) (Maj 13-2)
7th () received a bye () (Bye)

12U – 63
1st Place – Beckett Moyer of IA
2nd Place – Brennan Hart of MI
3rd Place – Avery Anderson of CO
4th Place – Cannon Ziller of IL
5th Place – Blayden Thompson of NC
6th Place – Ryder Uhlenhake of IA
7th Place – Estevan Maximo Jr. of AZ
8th Place – Colton Steingraber of WI
1st Beckett Moyer (IA) decision over Avery Anderson (CO) (Dec 4-1)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Brennan Hart (MI) decision over Avery Anderson (CO) (Dec 4-2)
3rd Brennan Hart (MI) decision over Cannon Ziller (IL) (Dec 4-3)
5th Blayden Thompson (NC) decision over Ryder Uhlenhake (IA) (Dec 2-0)
7th Estevan Maximo Jr. (AZ) fall over Colton Steingraber (WI) (Fall 1:48)

12U – 67
1st Place – Lincoln Schulz of MN
2nd Place – Cole Martin of MO
3rd Place – Gabriel Jaxon Medrano of TX
4th Place – Hayes Daniel of AR
5th Place – Garrett Williams of MN
6th Place – Jeremiah Maldonado of IN
7th Place – Jon Luke Austin of IN
8th Place – Kamren Schuebel of WI
1st Lincoln Schulz (MN) decision over Cole Martin (MO) (Dec 5-0)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Cole Martin (MO) no contest over Gabriel Jaxon Medrano (TX) (NC)
3rd Gabriel Jaxon Medrano (TX) decision over Hayes Daniel (AR) (Dec 2-0)
5th Garrett Williams (MN) decision over Jeremiah Maldonado (IN) (Dec 4-3)
7th Jon Luke Austin (IN) decision over Kamren Schuebel (WI) (Dec 7-0)

12U – 70
1st Place – Noah Thomas of IL
2nd Place – Colton Hamill of WI
3rd Place – Haedyn Cochran of IN
4th Place – Dalton Perkins of OK
5th Place – Austin Armstrong of ID
6th Place – Kanoa Saferite of VA
7th Place – Brody Camp of MI
8th Place – Gunner Killingsworth of OK
1st Noah Thomas (IL) decision over Colton Hamill (WI) (Dec 2-0)
2nd Colton Hamill (WI) decision over Haedyn Cochran (IN) (Dec 1-0)
3rd Haedyn Cochran (IN) decision over Dalton Perkins (OK) (Dec 2-1)
5th Austin Armstrong (ID) decision over Kanoa Saferite (VA) (Dec 6-4)
7th Brody Camp (MI) decision over Gunner Killingsworth (OK) (Dec 5-2)

12U – 74
1st Place – Kai McDonald of IA
2nd Place – Arto Khachatryan of CA
3rd Place – Marcarlo Mannello of NY
4th Place – Preston Van Hoven of VA
5th Place – Nash Denison of OK
6th Place – Colin Weber of WI
7th Place – Landon Newbold of OH
8th Place – Kholden House of MO
1st Kai McDonald (IA) decision over Arto Khachatryan (CA) (Dec 5-1)
2nd Arto Khachatryan (CA) decision over Marcarlo Mannello (NY) (Dec 4-1)
3rd Marcarlo Mannello (NY) major decision over Preston Van Hoven (VA) (Maj 9-1)
5th Nash Denison (OK) decision over Colin Weber (WI) (Dec 4-3)
7th Landon Newbold (OH) decision over Kholden House (MO) (Dec 3-1)

12U – 78
1st Place – Jacob Saunders of MO
2nd Place – Case Freeman of IA
3rd Place – Titus Slaughter of AL
4th Place – Joshua Sanders of IN
5th Place – Carter Hill of MI
6th Place – Blaine Fletcher of WI
7th Place – Ryan Gartman of WI
8th Place – Sawyer Crook of WI
1st Jacob Saunders (MO) fall over Titus Slaughter (AL) (Fall 0:28)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Case Freeman (IA) decision over Titus Slaughter (AL) (Dec 3-0)
3rd Case Freeman (IA) major decision over Joshua Sanders (IN) (Maj 12-1)
5th Carter Hill (MI) major decision over Blaine Fletcher (WI) (Maj 12-0)
7th Ryan Gartman (WI) fall over Sawyer Crook (WI) (Fall 0:30)

12U – 82
1st Place – Vincenzo Mannello of NY
2nd Place – Keilan Yang of WI
3rd Place – Jaxson Boucher of MI
4th Place – Adonis Washington of IL
5th Place – Brogan Sendele of IL
6th Place – Hunter Erdmann of WI
7th Place – Yates White Buffalo Jr of ND
8th Place – Graham Lofton of MN
1st Vincenzo Mannello (NY) decision over Keilan Yang (WI) (Dec 4-0)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Keilan Yang (WI) no contest over Jaxson Boucher (MI) (NC)
3rd Jaxson Boucher (MI) decision over Adonis Washington (IL) (Dec 6-2)
5th Brogan Sendele (IL) medical forfeit over Hunter Erdmann (WI) (MFF)
7th Yates White Buffalo Jr (ND) decision over Graham Lofton (MN) (Dec 5-1)

12U – 86
1st Place – Jaden Washington of IL
2nd Place – Mitchell Chen of VA
3rd Place – Declan Dahl of MN
4th Place – Gunnar Wilson of OR
5th Place – Romen Cruz of AZ
6th Place – Corbyn Weiss of WI
7th Place – Wyatt Wolf of WI
8th Place – Mick Dobbs of AK
1st Jaden Washington (IL) fall over Mitchell Chen (VA) (Fall 3:57)
2nd Mitchell Chen (VA) no contest over Declan Dahl (MN) (NC)
3rd Declan Dahl (MN) decision over Gunnar Wilson (OR) (Dec 6-5)
5th Romen Cruz (AZ) won in sudden victory – 1 over Corbyn Weiss (WI) (SV-1 9-6)
7th Wyatt Wolf (WI) decision over Mick Dobbs (AK) (Dec 3-0)

12U – 92
1st Place – Nathan Fenner of PA
2nd Place – Waylon Fry of WI
3rd Place – Te’Jon Beals of IL
4th Place – Beau DeLong of WI
5th Place – Zakari Willems of IA
6th Place – Brooks Bath of WY
7th Place – Esteban Aranguiz Jr. of KS
8th Place – William Van Bruggen of IA
1st Nathan Fenner (PA) decision over Waylon Fry (WI) (Dec 6-2)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Waylon Fry (WI) decision over Te’Jon Beals (IL) (Dec 4-2)
3rd Te’Jon Beals (IL) decision over Beau DeLong (WI) (Dec 2-1)
5th Zakari Willems (IA) decision over Brooks Bath (WY) (Dec 4-0)
7th Esteban Aranguiz Jr. (KS) decision over William Van Bruggen (IA) (Dec 1-0)

12U – 98
1st Place – Jeremiah Hayes of IL
2nd Place – Jacob Penzkover of WI
3rd Place – Jaxon Petersen of NE
4th Place – Alexander Depratti of CT
5th Place – William Smith of IN
6th Place – Dylan Sardina of WI
7th Place – Beckett Svuba of IA
8th Place – Henry Scott McDoniel of AR
1st Jeremiah Hayes (IL) fall over Jaxon Petersen (NE) (Fall 1:53)
2nd Jacob Penzkover (WI) fall over Jaxon Petersen (NE) (Fall 3:40)
3rd Jacob Penzkover (WI) decision over Alexander Depratti (CT) (Dec 6-0)
5th William Smith (IN) fall over Dylan Sardina (WI) (Fall 2:47)
7th Beckett Svuba (IA) fall over Henry Scott McDoniel (AR) (Fall 2:24)

12U – 108
1st Place – Aiden Robideaux of OK
2nd Place – Stetson Gabel of CO
3rd Place – Dalton Jones of IN
4th Place – Landon Komperda of CO
5th Place – Blake Konichek of WI
6th Place – Drezden Short of MN
7th Place – Conner Schoneman of IA
8th Place – Kavan Beyer of IA
1st Aiden Robideaux (OK) decision over Stetson Gabel (CO) (Dec 6-5)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Stetson Gabel (CO) major decision over Dalton Jones (IN) (Maj 10-0)
3rd Dalton Jones (IN) decision over Landon Komperda (CO) (Dec 2-0)
5th Blake Konichek (WI) decision over Drezden Short (MN) (Dec 6-1)
7th Conner Schoneman (IA) fall over Kavan Beyer (IA) (Fall 1:28)

12U – 117
1st Place – Luke Lucero of TX
2nd Place – Rosco Lewis of OK
3rd Place – Luke Braddy of MN
4th Place – Michael Alexander of MN
5th Place – Whitley Wilscam of KS
6th Place – Brogan Bingham of ID
7th Place – Oliver Bongle of WI
8th Place – Hank Stortz of IA
1st Luke Lucero (TX) won in sudden victory – 1 over Rosco Lewis (OK) (SV-1 4-2)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Rosco Lewis (OK) fall over Luke Braddy (MN) (Fall 1:21)
3rd Luke Braddy (MN) medical forfeit over Michael Alexander (MN) (MFF)
5th Whitley Wilscam (KS) fall over Brogan Bingham (ID) (Fall 2:38)
7th Oliver Bongle (WI) medical forfeit over Hank Stortz (IA) (MFF)

12U – 135
1st Place – Naijier Morris of IL
2nd Place – Kody Doran of MO
3rd Place – Gavin Brown of IN
4th Place – Caleb Walshire of WI
5th Place – Brier McPeek of IL
6th Place – Asher Batteiger of ND
7th Place – Ian Leverance of WI
1st Naijier Morris (IL) major decision over Gavin Brown (IN) (Maj 12-4)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Kody Doran (MO) decision over Gavin Brown (IN) (Dec 10-7)
3rd Kody Doran (MO) won in sudden victory – 1 over Caleb Walshire (WI) (SV-1 5-3)
5th Brier McPeek (IL) fall over Asher Batteiger (ND) (Fall 2:43)
7th Ian Leverance (WI) received a bye () (Bye)

12U – 160
1st Place – Bobby McNutt of MN
2nd Place – Wes Wolke of MN
3rd Place – Logan Noto of WI
4th Place – Phoenix Alameda of WI
5th Place – Josiah Lodeserto of NC
6th Place – Coda Fladeland of ND
7th Place – Malachi Anderson of SD
8th Place – Owen Sauer of WI
1st Bobby McNutt (MN) decision over Wes Wolke (MN) (Dec 4-3)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Wes Wolke (MN) fall over Logan Noto (WI) (Fall 2:28)
3rd Logan Noto (WI) won in sudden victory – 1 over Phoenix Alameda (WI) (SV-1 4-2)
5th Josiah Lodeserto (NC) decision over Coda Fladeland (ND) (Dec 6-0)
7th Malachi Anderson (SD) decision over Owen Sauer (WI) (Dec 6-0)

10U – 49
1st Place – John Reimer of WI
2nd Place – Landen Morris of AL
3rd Place – Kain Mendez of IA
4th Place – Michael Harris of ND
Round 1
Landen Morris (AL) tech fall over Michael Harris (ND) (TF 21-6)
John Reimer (WI) fall over Kain Mendez (IA) (Fall 0:18)
Round 2
Landen Morris (AL) fall over Kain Mendez (IA) (Fall 1:48)
John Reimer (WI) fall over Michael Harris (ND) (Fall 0:26)
Round 3
John Reimer (WI) decision over Landen Morris (AL) (Dec 7-0)
Kain Mendez (IA) fall over Michael Harris (ND) (Fall 2:08)

10U – 53
1st Place – Liam King of MO
2nd Place – Kale McDermott of IA
3rd Place – Nickson Petri of WI
4th Place – Brady Jacobs of MI
5th Place – Louis Taylor of IA
6th Place – Darek Flores of IL
7th Place – Logan Clarendon of CO
8th Place – Mack Miller of SC
1st Liam King (MO) decision over Nickson Petri (WI) (Dec 4-0)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Kale McDermott (IA) fall over Nickson Petri (WI) (Fall 1:35)
3rd Kale McDermott (IA) decision over Brady Jacobs (MI) (Dec 4-2)
5th Louis Taylor (IA) decision over Darek Flores (IL) (Dec 6-0)
7th Logan Clarendon (CO) fall over Mack Miller (SC) (Fall 2:55)

10U – 56
1st Place – Adam Husk Jr. of WI
2nd Place – Cipriano Duran of CO
3rd Place – Cruz Urioste of MI
4th Place – Kitt Messiter of VA
5th Place – Dane Luif of IL
6th Place – Alessandro Calderon of SC
7th Place – Scott Kilmer of IL
8th Place – Joshua Gustafson of NM
1st Adam Husk Jr. (WI) decision over Cipriano Duran (CO) (Dec 5-0)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Cipriano Duran (CO) no contest over Cruz Urioste (MI) (NC)
3rd Cruz Urioste (MI) fall over Kitt Messiter (VA) (Fall 2:58)
5th Dane Luif (IL) decision over Alessandro Calderon (SC) (Dec 6-2)
7th Scott Kilmer (IL) decision over Joshua Gustafson (NM) (Dec 7-2)

10U – 59
1st Place – Ian Weber of WI
2nd Place – Tate Russell of TX
3rd Place – Gavin Arnold of DE
4th Place – Cecil Nelson of TX
5th Place – Bennett Dawson of OK
6th Place – Kyler Haslem of UT
7th Place – Joaquin Ascencio of MI
8th Place – Jack Lange of IA
1st Ian Weber (WI) decision over Tate Russell (TX) (Dec 4-0)
2nd Tate Russell (TX) no contest over Gavin Arnold (DE) (NC)
3rd Gavin Arnold (DE) decision over Cecil Nelson (TX) (Dec 6-0)
5th Bennett Dawson (OK) fall over Kyler Haslem (UT) (Fall 2:40)
7th Joaquin Ascencio (MI) major decision over Jack Lange (IA) (Maj 11-2)

10U – 63
1st Place – Jett Brenner of AZ
2nd Place – Eli Armstrong of ID
3rd Place – Tanner McCray-Bey of MD
4th Place – Jaxton Coyer of MI
5th Place – Nico Distasio of IL
6th Place – Collin Ysquierdo of WI
7th Place – Brady Stewart of WI
8th Place – Kaleb Wallisch of WI
1st Jett Brenner (AZ) decision over Tanner McCray-Bey (MD) (Dec 3-2)
2nd Eli Armstrong (ID) decision over Tanner McCray-Bey (MD) (Dec 7-3)
3rd Eli Armstrong (ID) decision over Jaxton Coyer (MI) (Dec 8-2)
5th Nico Distasio (IL) decision over Collin Ysquierdo (WI) (Dec 2-0)
7th Brady Stewart (WI) decision over Kaleb Wallisch (WI) (Dec 2-0)

10U – 67
1st Place – Kalix Kilpatrick of TN
2nd Place – Brooks Blevins of KS
3rd Place – Bransen Weber of WI
4th Place – Levi Pike of MI
5th Place – Preston Beckett of WA
6th Place – Charlie Novak of MN
7th Place – Lucas Parish of MN
8th Place – Romen Melstrand of WI
1st Kalix Kilpatrick (TN) won in sudden victory – 1 over Brooks Blevins (KS) (SV-1 9-4)
2nd Brooks Blevins (KS) fall over Bransen Weber (WI) (Fall 0:50)
3rd Bransen Weber (WI) won in sudden victory – 1 over Levi Pike (MI) (SV-1 4-2)
5th Preston Beckett (WA) decision over Charlie Novak (MN) (Dec 6-2)
7th Lucas Parish (MN) decision over Romen Melstrand (WI) (Dec 7-2)

10U – 71
1st Place – Paxton Beckett of WA
2nd Place – Liam Hinton of VA
3rd Place – Logan Oakes of IA
4th Place – Walter Caulum of WI
5th Place – Liam Freeman of MN
6th Place – Michael Dudak Iii of IN
7th Place – Bennett Ledbetter of IL
8th Place – Landon Piontek of WI
1st Paxton Beckett (WA) major decision over Liam Hinton (VA) (Maj 9-0)
2nd Liam Hinton (VA) decision over Logan Oakes (IA) (Dec 7-2)
3rd Logan Oakes (IA) decision over Walter Caulum (WI) (Dec 1-0)
5th Liam Freeman (MN) decision over Michael Dudak Iii (IN) (Dec 2-0)
7th Bennett Ledbetter (IL) decision over Landon Piontek (WI) (Dec 5-2)

10U – 77
1st Place – Jace Evers of MN
2nd Place – Jayce Leclaire of WI
3rd Place – Micah Stith of IN
4th Place – Cameron Hoezee of OR
5th Place – Roman Moore of IA
6th Place – Landin Clifton of ND
7th Place – Christian Solt of WI
8th Place – Josh Sunday of WI
1st Jace Evers (MN) fall over Micah Stith (IN) (Fall 0:29)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Jayce Leclaire (WI) fall over Micah Stith (IN) (Fall 2:16)
3rd Jayce Leclaire (WI) fall over Cameron Hoezee (OR) (Fall 1:30)
5th Roman Moore (IA) decision over Landin Clifton (ND) (Dec 6-2)
7th Christian Solt (WI) decision over Josh Sunday (WI) (Dec 5-0)

10U – 84
1st Place – Ben Howenstein of SD
2nd Place – Kiptyn Youngblut of IA
3rd Place – Stone Helmrichs of IA
4th Place – Coleman McNutt of MN
5th Place – Joseph Birkett of IA
6th Place – Kai Jimenez of WI
7th Place – Ethan Suberla of WI
8th Place – Blayne Mihalovich of IA
1st Ben Howenstein (SD) fall over Stone Helmrichs (IA) (Fall 0:46)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Kiptyn Youngblut (IA) major decision over Stone Helmrichs (IA) (Maj 14-0)
3rd Kiptyn Youngblut (IA) major decision over Coleman McNutt (MN) (Maj 9-0)
5th Joseph Birkett (IA) decision over Kai Jimenez (WI) (Dec 4-1)
7th Ethan Suberla (WI) fall over Blayne Mihalovich (IA) (Fall 2:26)

10U – 93
1st Place – Eli Anderson of SD
2nd Place – Jonathan Nordyke Jr. of IN
3rd Place – Camden Weaver of IA
4th Place – Bo Westall of MN
5th Place – Tate Lindner of WI
6th Place – Zion Mogard of IA
7th Place – Tyler Faymoville of WI
8th Place – Ryker Hackney of IA
1st Eli Anderson (SD) fall over Jonathan Nordyke Jr. (IN) (Fall 1:00)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Jonathan Nordyke Jr. (IN) no contest over Camden Weaver (IA) (NC)
3rd Camden Weaver (IA) decision over Bo Westall (MN) (Dec 4-0)
5th Tate Lindner (WI) decision over Zion Mogard (IA) (Dec 1-0)
7th Tyler Faymoville (WI) major decision over Ryker Hackney (IA) (Maj 10-2)

10U – 105
1st Place – Eyston Racine of ND
2nd Place – Carver Crippen of IA
3rd Place – Welles Projansky of IL
4th Place – Eli Shedek of IA
5th Place – Beau Weinkauf of WI
6th Place – Lincoln Haddix of IN
1st Eyston Racine (ND) major decision over Welles Projansky (IL) (Maj 12-2)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Carver Crippen (IA) decision over Welles Projansky (IL) (Dec 6-4)
3rd Carver Crippen (IA) decision over Eli Shedek (IA) (Dec 6-1)
5th Beau Weinkauf (WI) tech fall over Lincoln Haddix (IN) (TF 15-0)
7th () received a bye () (Bye)

10U – 120
1st Place – Ryden Schultz of WI
2nd Place – Jayce Larson of MN
Round 1
Ryden Schultz (WI) won in sudden victory – 1 over Jayce Larson (MN) (SV-1 4-2)
Round 2
Ryden Schultz (WI) decision over Jayce Larson (MN) (Dec 4-0)
Round 3

8U – 43
1st Place – Cole Urioste of MI
2nd Place – Jon Ryan Doolittle of AL
3rd Place – Josiah Salas of IN
4th Place – Bryce Neel of TX
Round 1
Jon Ryan Doolittle (AL) decision over Josiah Salas (IN) (Dec 7-6)
Cole Urioste (MI) fall over Bryce Neel (TX) (Fall 2:12)
Round 2
Cole Urioste (MI) fall over Josiah Salas (IN) (Fall 0:37)
Jon Ryan Doolittle (AL) fall over Bryce Neel (TX) (Fall 1:43)
Round 3
Josiah Salas (IN) decision over Bryce Neel (TX) (Dec 4-0)
Cole Urioste (MI) major decision over Jon Ryan Doolittle (AL) (Maj 10-1)

8U – 45
1st Place – Caden Senzig of WI
2nd Place – Coleman Nuss of IA
3rd Place – Clint Ritter of VA
4th Place – Aaron Warner of WI
5th Place – Gavin Ward of IA
Round 1
Clint Ritter (VA) fall over Aaron Warner (WI) (Fall 0:39)
Coleman Nuss (IA) fall over Gavin Ward (IA) (Fall 2:46)
Round 2
Caden Senzig (WI) fall over Gavin Ward (IA) (Fall 2:38)
Coleman Nuss (IA) decision over Clint Ritter (VA) (Dec 5-0)
Round 3
Caden Senzig (WI) decision over Coleman Nuss (IA) (Dec 5-3)
Aaron Warner (WI) decision over Gavin Ward (IA) (Dec 4-2)
Round 4
Caden Senzig (WI) fall over Aaron Warner (WI) (Fall 0:19)
Clint Ritter (VA) decision over Gavin Ward (IA) (Dec 3-2)
Round 5
Caden Senzig (WI) decision over Clint Ritter (VA) (Dec 6-2)
Coleman Nuss (IA) fall over Aaron Warner (WI) (Fall 1:55)

8U – 49
1st Place – Montagne Melstrand of WI
2nd Place – Owen Slinker of IA
3rd Place – Easton Werner of WI
4th Place – Easton Arthur of IN
5th Place – Alexander Bell of IA
Round 1
Montagne Melstrand (WI) decision over Owen Slinker (IA) (Dec 7-4)
Easton Werner (WI) fall over Alexander Bell (IA) (Fall 0:57)
Round 2
Easton Arthur (IN) fall over Alexander Bell (IA) (Fall 2:34)
Easton Werner (WI) decision over Montagne Melstrand (WI) (Dec 4-2)
Round 3
Easton Werner (WI) decision over Easton Arthur (IN) (Dec 9-4)
Owen Slinker (IA) fall over Alexander Bell (IA) (Fall 1:27)
Round 4
Owen Slinker (IA) major decision over Easton Arthur (IN) (Maj 10-2)
Montagne Melstrand (WI) fall over Alexander Bell (IA) (Fall 0:18)
Round 5
Montagne Melstrand (WI) fall over Easton Arthur (IN) (Fall 1:29)
Owen Slinker (IA) decision over Easton Werner (WI) (Dec 9-6)

8U – 53
1st Place – Cohen Utesch of IA
2nd Place – Bladen Bokinsky of IN
3rd Place – Tagg Hefner of IL
4th Place – Chance Ashford of AZ
5th Place – Wolfgang Zimmerer of CO
6th Place – Dake Zwanziger of IA
7th Place – Brody Owens of KS
8th Place – Lukas Benedict of IA
1st Cohen Utesch (IA) major decision over Tagg Hefner (IL) (Maj 14-1)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Bladen Bokinsky (IN) fall over Tagg Hefner (IL) (Fall 0:29)
3rd Bladen Bokinsky (IN) decision over Chance Ashford (AZ) (Dec 5-0)
5th Wolfgang Zimmerer (CO) major decision over Dake Zwanziger (IA) (Maj 14-0)
7th Brody Owens (KS) tech fall over Lukas Benedict (IA) (TF 18-3)

8U – 56
1st Place – Oliver Umlauf of SD
2nd Place – Eli Schmitz of WI
3rd Place – Lincoln Projansky of IL
4th Place – Owen Rodriguez of WI
5th Place – Alexander Cid of IL
6th Place – Holden Boeke of IA
7th Place – George Loeffelholz of IA
8th Place – Logan Fratzke of IA
1st Oliver Umlauf (SD) decision over Lincoln Projansky (IL) (Dec 6-3)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Eli Schmitz (WI) decision over Lincoln Projansky (IL) (Dec 1-0)
3rd Eli Schmitz (WI) fall over Owen Rodriguez (WI) (Fall 2:15)
5th Alexander Cid (IL) major decision over Holden Boeke (IA) (Maj 10-0)
7th George Loeffelholz (IA) fall over Logan Fratzke (IA) (Fall 1:31)

8U – 62
1st Place – Ashton Steiner of ND
2nd Place – Elias Inniss of WI
3rd Place – Vincent Zeiher of WI
4th Place – Calvin Greer Iii of IN
5th Place – Anthony Quiroz of IN
6th Place – Bane Harjo of IA
7th Place – Brecken Massman of IA
8th Place – Maddox Clayberg of IA
1st Ashton Steiner (ND) decision over Elias Inniss (WI) (Dec 4-3)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Elias Inniss (WI) no contest over Vincent Zeiher (WI) (NC)
3rd Vincent Zeiher (WI) decision over Calvin Greer Iii (IN) (Dec 12-6)
5th Anthony Quiroz (IN) decision over Bane Harjo (IA) (Dec 2-0)
7th Brecken Massman (IA) decision over Maddox Clayberg (IA) (Dec 9-2)

8U – 70
1st Place – Beau Blevins of KS
2nd Place – Theo Bales of IN
3rd Place – Tobias Solinger of IA
4th Place – Blake Briese of WI
5th Place – Liam Schwanz of ND
6th Place – Jace Matson of MN
7th Place – Conrad Barber of IL
8th Place – Kayden Sicka of IL
1st Beau Blevins (KS) fall over Theo Bales (IN) (Fall 1:31)
2nd Place Wrestleback
Theo Bales (IN) major decision over Tobias Solinger (IA) (Maj 10-2)
3rd Tobias Solinger (IA) decision over Blake Briese (WI) (Dec 6-0)
5th Liam Schwanz (ND) decision over Jace Matson (MN) (Dec 8-4)
7th Conrad Barber (IL) disqualification over Kayden Sicka (IL) (DQ)

8U – 85
1st Place – Steve Islas of AZ
2nd Place – Ladd Riopel of SD
Round 1
Steve Islas (AZ) major decision over Ladd Riopel (SD) (Maj 10-2)
Round 2
Ladd Riopel (SD) decision over Steve Islas (AZ) (Dec 4-2)
Round 3
Steve Islas (AZ) decision over Ladd Riopel (SD) (Dec 2-0)

Masters A – 62-70
1st Place – Nathan Ryan of Iowa
2nd Place – Brandon Gacad of No Nonsense Wrestling
3rd Place – Sawyer Sarbacker of WI
4th Place – Mitchell Cook of Natural Athlete Wrestling Club
5th Place – Louis Rojas of Natural Athlete Wrestling Club
7th Place – Hunter Dodds of Mossyrock
1st Nathan Ryan (Iowa) fall over Brandon Gacad (No Nonsense Wrestling) (Fall 2:01)
3rd Sawyer Sarbacker (WI) decision over Mitchell Cook (Natural Athlete Wrestling Club) (Dec 3-1)
5th Louis Rojas (Natural Athlete Wrestling Club) received a bye () (Bye)
7th Hunter Dodds (Mossyrock) received a bye () (Bye)

Masters A – 78
1st Place – Cedric Gibson of WI
2nd Place – Casper Petty of Fayetteville Youth Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Timothy Duffy of Natural Athlete Wrestling Club
4th Place – Cordell Hestness of Iowa
Round 1
Timothy Duffy (Natural Athlete Wrestling Club) major decision over Cordell Hestness (Iowa) (Maj 8-0)
Cedric Gibson (WI) major decision over Casper Petty (Fayetteville Youth Wrestling Club) (Maj 8-0)
Round 2
Casper Petty (Fayetteville Youth Wrestling Club) decision over Timothy Duffy (Natural Athlete Wrestling Club) (Dec 6-2)
Cedric Gibson (WI) fall over Cordell Hestness (Iowa) (Fall 1:23)
Round 3
Cedric Gibson (WI) medical forfeit over Timothy Duffy (Natural Athlete Wrestling Club) (MFF)
Casper Petty (Fayetteville Youth Wrestling Club) fall over Cordell Hestness (Iowa) (Fall 0:33)

Masters A – 88
1st Place – Jeffrey Isaac of MN
2nd Place – Wyatt Seep of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Uriahs Williams of Unattached
Round 1
Jeffrey Isaac (MN) received a bye () (Bye)
Wyatt Seep (Wisconsin) fall over Uriahs Williams (Unattached) (Fall 1:32)
Round 2
Jeffrey Isaac (MN) fall over Uriahs Williams (Unattached) (Fall 0:53)
Wyatt Seep (Wisconsin) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 3
Jeffrey Isaac (MN) decision over Wyatt Seep (Wisconsin) (Dec 3-1)
Uriahs Williams (Unattached) received a bye () (Bye)

Masters A – 100
1st Place – Kenneth Porter of Methods Wrestling
2nd Place – Anthony Degani of Onalaska
3rd Place – Silas Coleman of Wisconsin
Round 1
Silas Coleman (Wisconsin) received a bye () (Bye)
Kenneth Porter (Methods Wrestling) won in sudden victory – 1 over Anthony Degani (Onalaska) (SV-1 3-1)
Round 2
Kenneth Porter (Methods Wrestling) fall over Silas Coleman (Wisconsin) (Fall 3:35)
Anthony Degani (Onalaska) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 3
Anthony Degani (Onalaska) fall over Silas Coleman (Wisconsin) (Fall 1:59)
Kenneth Porter (Methods Wrestling) received a bye () (Bye)

Masters A – 130
1st Place – Devon Price of California
2nd Place – Nick Gibson of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Zach Marxen of Iowa
Round 1
Devon Price (California) fall over Zach Marxen (Iowa) (Fall 1:49)
Nick Gibson (Wisconsin) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 2
Nick Gibson (Wisconsin) fall over Zach Marxen (Iowa) (Fall 0:58)
Devon Price (California) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 3
Zach Marxen (Iowa) received a bye () (Bye)
Devon Price (California) decision over Nick Gibson (Wisconsin) (Dec 5-2)

Masters B – 62
1st Place – Nick Cleary of Pe Ell
2nd Place – Dustin Ayers of Nevada
3rd Place – Simeon Pak of Methods Wrestling
Round 1
Dustin Ayers (Nevada) fall over Simeon Pak (Methods Wrestling) (Fall 2:03)
Nick Cleary (Pe Ell) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 2
Simeon Pak (Methods Wrestling) received a bye () (Bye)
Nick Cleary (Pe Ell) decision over Dustin Ayers (Nevada) (Dec 6-1)
Round 3
Nick Cleary (Pe Ell) medical forfeit over Simeon Pak (Methods Wrestling) (MFF)
Dustin Ayers (Nevada) received a bye () (Bye)

Masters B – 70
1st Place – Jared O’Riley of Lenox Tiger Wrestling Club
2nd Place – Nathaniel Falconer of Texas
3rd Place – Erik Johnson of Yorktown Wrestling Club
4th Place – Caleb Ayers of Nebraska
Round 1
Nathaniel Falconer (Texas) won in sudden victory – 1 over Erik Johnson (Yorktown Wrestling Club) (SV-1 5-3)
Jared O’Riley (Lenox Tiger Wrestling Club) decision over Caleb Ayers (Nebraska) (Dec 7-0)
Round 2
Erik Johnson (Yorktown Wrestling Club) fall over Caleb Ayers (Nebraska) (Fall 2:14)
Jared O’Riley (Lenox Tiger Wrestling Club) decision over Nathaniel Falconer (Texas) (Dec 4-1)
Round 3
Jared O’Riley (Lenox Tiger Wrestling Club) decision over Erik Johnson (Yorktown Wrestling Club) (Dec 6-0)
Nathaniel Falconer (Texas) decision over Caleb Ayers (Nebraska) (Dec 3-0)

Masters B – 78-88
1st Place – Donaco Watts of South Dakota
2nd Place – Wade England of Iowa
3rd Place – Jerry Noto of Fond du Lac Wrestling Club
Round 1
Donaco Watts (South Dakota) received a bye () (Bye)
Wade England (Iowa) fall over Jerry Noto (Fond du Lac Wrestling Club) (Fall 1:59)
Round 2
Wade England (Iowa) received a bye () (Bye)
Donaco Watts (South Dakota) fall over Jerry Noto (Fond du Lac Wrestling Club) (Fall 0:57)
Round 3
Jerry Noto (Fond du Lac Wrestling Club) received a bye () (Bye)
Donaco Watts (South Dakota) fall over Wade England (Iowa) (Fall 2:06)

Masters B – 100
1st Place – Michael Burke of Yorktown Wrestling Club
2nd Place – DeAndre Nunn of Chicago Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Christopher Myers of Carroll Wrestling Club
Round 1
Christopher Myers (Carroll Wrestling Club) received a bye () (Bye)
Michael Burke (Yorktown Wrestling Club) decision over DeAndre Nunn (Chicago Wrestling Club) (Dec 5-4)
Round 2
Michael Burke (Yorktown Wrestling Club) received a bye () (Bye)
DeAndre Nunn (Chicago Wrestling Club) won in sudden victory – 1 over Christopher Myers (Carroll Wrestling Club) (SV-1 4-2)
Round 3
DeAndre Nunn (Chicago Wrestling Club) received a bye () (Bye)
Michael Burke (Yorktown Wrestling Club) decision over Christopher Myers (Carroll Wrestling Club) (Dec 5-0)

Masters B – 130
1st Place – James Medeiros of Birmingham Community Charter High School Wrestling
2nd Place – Garrett Gillas of OR
3rd Place – James Haddix of Indiana
4th Place – Hayden Boeke of Iowa
Round 1
James Haddix (Indiana) fall over Hayden Boeke (Iowa) (Fall 3:18)
James Medeiros (Birmingham Community Charter High School Wrestling) decision over Garrett Gillas (OR) (Dec 7-2)
Round 2
James Medeiros (Birmingham Community Charter High School Wrestling) fall over James Haddix (Indiana) (Fall 2:47)
Garrett Gillas (OR) fall over Hayden Boeke (Iowa) (Fall 2:30)
Round 3
Garrett Gillas (OR) decision over James Haddix (Indiana) (Dec 4-1)
James Medeiros (Birmingham Community Charter High School Wrestling) tech fall over Hayden Boeke (Iowa) (TF 22-5)

Masters C – 70-77
1st Place – Rudy James of Minnesota Storm
2nd Place – Marcus Collins of Oklahoma
Round 1
Rudy James (Minnesota Storm) forfeit over Marcus Collins (Oklahoma) (FF)
Round 2
Rudy James (Minnesota Storm) forfeit over Marcus Collins (Oklahoma) (FF)
Round 3
() received a bye () (Bye)

Masters C – 88
1st Place – Rudy James of Minnesota Storm
2nd Place – James Wolke of Minnesota
3rd Place – Sam Estrada of Texas
Round 1
Rudy James (Minnesota Storm) decision over Sam Estrada (Texas) (Dec 9-2)
James Wolke (Minnesota) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 2
James Wolke (Minnesota) fall over Sam Estrada (Texas) (Fall 1:32)
Rudy James (Minnesota Storm) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 3
Sam Estrada (Texas) received a bye () (Bye)
Rudy James (Minnesota Storm) major decision over James Wolke (Minnesota) (Maj 16-5)

Masters C – 100
1st Place – Andy Ward of Wrestling With Character
2nd Place – Brenden Troster of Tenino
Round 1
Andy Ward (Wrestling With Character) fall over Brenden Troster (Tenino) (Fall 1:20)
Round 2
Andy Ward (Wrestling With Character) fall over Brenden Troster (Tenino) (Fall 1:39)
Round 3

Masters C – 130
1st Place – Travis Wiuff of Minnesota
2nd Place – Clinton Knauer of Indiana
Round 1
Travis Wiuff (Minnesota) tech fall over Clinton Knauer (Indiana) (TF 21-5)
Round 2
Travis Wiuff (Minnesota) fall over Clinton Knauer (Indiana) (Fall 0:38)
Round 3

Masters D – 58-62
1st Place – Joe Raia of Chicago Wrestling Club
2nd Place – Greg McLaughlin of Avon Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Michael Cartossa of Willapa
4th Place – Mark Ellis of California
Round 1
Joe Raia (Chicago Wrestling Club) major decision over Michael Cartossa (Willapa) (Maj 9-0)
Greg McLaughlin (Avon Wrestling Club) fall over Mark Ellis (California) (Fall 1:47)
Round 2
Joe Raia (Chicago Wrestling Club) decision over Greg McLaughlin (Avon Wrestling Club) (Dec 4-2)
Michael Cartossa (Willapa) decision over Mark Ellis (California) (Dec 4-0)
Round 3
Joe Raia (Chicago Wrestling Club) fall over Mark Ellis (California) (Fall 3:18)
Greg McLaughlin (Avon Wrestling Club) fall over Michael Cartossa (Willapa) (Fall 0:55)

Masters D – 70
1st Place – Chad Otterness of Mat Rats Wrestling Club
2nd Place – Michael Gilbert of New York
3rd Place – Alexander Dilmaghani of Massachusetts
Round 1
Alexander Dilmaghani (Massachusetts) received a bye () (Bye)
Chad Otterness (Mat Rats Wrestling Club) decision over Michael Gilbert (New York) (Dec 6-1)
Round 2
Michael Gilbert (New York) received a bye () (Bye)
Chad Otterness (Mat Rats Wrestling Club) fall over Alexander Dilmaghani (Massachusetts) (Fall 0:49)
Round 3
Chad Otterness (Mat Rats Wrestling Club) received a bye () (Bye)
Michael Gilbert (New York) fall over Alexander Dilmaghani (Massachusetts) (Fall 2:19)

Masters D – 78-88
1st Place – Nicholas Bluel of Winlock
2nd Place – Eric Lopshire of Indiana
3rd Place – James Clemons of Chehalis
Round 1
Nicholas Bluel (Winlock) decision over James Clemons (Chehalis) (Dec 1-0)
Eric Lopshire (Indiana) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 2
Nicholas Bluel (Winlock) received a bye () (Bye)
Eric Lopshire (Indiana) major decision over James Clemons (Chehalis) (Maj 11-0)
Round 3
Nicholas Bluel (Winlock) decision over Eric Lopshire (Indiana) (Dec 5-3)
James Clemons (Chehalis) received a bye () (Bye)

Masters E – 78-88
1st Place – Dennis McInerney of Texas
2nd Place – Louis Orr of Victory School of Wrestling
3rd Place – James Miller of Iowa
Round 1
Louis Orr (Victory School of Wrestling) received a bye () (Bye)
Dennis McInerney (Texas) medical forfeit over James Miller (Iowa) (MFF)
Round 2
Louis Orr (Victory School of Wrestling) medical forfeit over James Miller (Iowa) (MFF)
Dennis McInerney (Texas) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 3
Dennis McInerney (Texas) fall over Louis Orr (Victory School of Wrestling) (Fall 1:40)
James Miller (Iowa) received a bye () (Bye)

Masters E – 130
1st Place – Mark Dollins of South Side Wrestling Club
Round 1
Mark Dollins (South Side Wrestling Club) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 2
Mark Dollins (South Side Wrestling Club) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 3
() received a bye () (Bye)

Masters F – 70-76
1st Place – James Miller of Iowa
2nd Place – Charles McCook of Lake City
Round 1
James Miller (Iowa) forfeit over Charles McCook (Lake City) (FF)
Round 2
James Miller (Iowa) forfeit over Charles McCook (Lake City) (FF)
Round 3
() received a bye () (Bye)

Junior HARD LUCK – 104-112
1st Place – Maximillian Connell of RI
2nd Place – Myles Beck of IA
3rd Place – Ignatius Smout of TN
4th Place – Owen Voegeli of WI
Round 1
Myles Beck (IA) major decision over Ignatius Smout (TN) (Maj 10-2)
Maximillian Connell (RI) major decision over Owen Voegeli (WI) (Maj 13-2)
Round 2
Maximillian Connell (RI) major decision over Ignatius Smout (TN) (Maj 10-1)
Myles Beck (IA) decision over Owen Voegeli (WI) (Dec 9-3)
Round 3
Ignatius Smout (TN) fall over Owen Voegeli (WI) (Fall 2:24)
Maximillian Connell (RI) decision over Myles Beck (IA) (Dec 7-2)

Junior HARD LUCK – 112-124
1st Place – Calvin Mendez of CO
2nd Place – Treynor Curtin of WI
3rd Place – Brody Kleitsch of IA
4th Place – Riley Hulwi of AL
Round 1
Calvin Mendez (CO) decision over Brody Kleitsch (IA) (Dec 9-3)
Treynor Curtin (WI) fall over Riley Hulwi (AL) (Fall 4:02)
Round 2
Brody Kleitsch (IA) fall over Riley Hulwi (AL) (Fall 4:25)
Calvin Mendez (CO) major decision over Treynor Curtin (WI) (Maj 10-0)
Round 3
Treynor Curtin (WI) decision over Brody Kleitsch (IA) (Dec 7-0)
Calvin Mendez (CO) fall over Riley Hulwi (AL) (Fall 2:47)

Junior HARD LUCK – 115-125
1st Place – Hayden Graham of AL
2nd Place – Bradyn Burns of IA
3rd Place – Riley Scherg of WI
4th Place – Laird Walker of AR
Round 1
Bradyn Burns (IA) fall over Riley Scherg (WI) (Fall 2:43)
Hayden Graham (AL) fall over Laird Walker (AR) (Fall 1:24)
Round 2
Hayden Graham (AL) fall over Riley Scherg (WI) (Fall 2:08)
Bradyn Burns (IA) fall over Laird Walker (AR) (Fall 1:55)
Round 3
Riley Scherg (WI) tech fall over Laird Walker (AR) (TF 19-3)
Hayden Graham (AL) fall over Bradyn Burns (IA) (Fall 4:41)

Junior HARD LUCK – 119-124
1st Place – Brian Whipple of WI
2nd Place – Ayden Rowley of IL
3rd Place – Dillon Freeman of IA
4th Place – Hunter Hall of KS
Round 1
Brian Whipple (WI) fall over Dillon Freeman (IA) (Fall 3:42)
Hunter Hall (KS) decision over Ayden Rowley (IL) (Dec 9-5)
Round 2
Brian Whipple (WI) decision over Hunter Hall (KS) (Dec 8-4)
Ayden Rowley (IL) fall over Dillon Freeman (IA) (Fall 3:50)
Round 3
Brian Whipple (WI) fall over Ayden Rowley (IL) (Fall 2:43)
Dillon Freeman (IA) decision over Hunter Hall (KS) (Dec 3-1)

Junior HARD LUCK – 130-131
1st Place – Tyson Barnhart of ID
2nd Place – Nickalaus Baker of MO
3rd Place – Ethan Monson of IL
4th Place – Joseph Sowell of AL
Round 1
Nickalaus Baker (MO) decision over Joseph Sowell (AL) (Dec 8-3)
Tyson Barnhart (ID) won in sudden victory – 1 over Ethan Monson (IL) (SV-1 3-1)
Round 2
Tyson Barnhart (ID) fall over Nickalaus Baker (MO) (Fall 4:15)
Ethan Monson (IL) decision over Joseph Sowell (AL) (Dec 5-1)
Round 3
Nickalaus Baker (MO) decision over Ethan Monson (IL) (Dec 4-2)
Tyson Barnhart (ID) fall over Joseph Sowell (AL) (Fall 2:13)

Junior HARD LUCK – 130-135
1st Place – Caleb Lavine of LA
2nd Place – Douglas Phillips of IL
3rd Place – Mason Aiken of ID
4th Place – Caden Everson of ND
Round 1
Caleb Lavine (LA) decision over Mason Aiken (ID) (Dec 4-3)
Douglas Phillips (IL) fall over Caden Everson (ND) (Fall 2:37)
Round 2
Caleb Lavine (LA) fall over Douglas Phillips (IL) (Fall 3:00)
Mason Aiken (ID) decision over Caden Everson (ND) (Dec 4-1)
Round 3
Caleb Lavine (LA) fall over Caden Everson (ND) (Fall 3:22)
Douglas Phillips (IL) fall over Mason Aiken (ID) (Fall 0:51)

Junior HARD LUCK – 135-136
1st Place – Draven Lukata of CA
2nd Place – Eli Claseman of MN
3rd Place – Julian Lowe of AL
4th Place – Joel Tiscareno of TX
Round 1
Draven Lukata (CA) fall over Julian Lowe (AL) (Fall 3:16)
Eli Claseman (MN) forfeit over Joel Tiscareno (TX) (FF)
Round 2
Draven Lukata (CA) major decision over Eli Claseman (MN) (Maj 13-5)
Julian Lowe (AL) forfeit over Joel Tiscareno (TX) (FF)
Round 3
Draven Lukata (CA) forfeit over Joel Tiscareno (TX) (FF)
Eli Claseman (MN) major decision over Julian Lowe (AL) (Maj 10-2)

Junior HARD LUCK – 136-137
1st Place – Vinnie Pinto of IL
2nd Place – Adam Maki of KS
3rd Place – Christian Carlson of MN
4th Place – David Baradell of AL
Round 1
Adam Maki (KS) fall over Christian Carlson (MN) (Fall 4:52)
Vinnie Pinto (IL) decision over David Baradell (AL) (Dec 7-2)
Round 2
Vinnie Pinto (IL) fall over Christian Carlson (MN) (Fall 0:50)
David Baradell (AL) forfeit over Adam Maki (KS) (FF)
Round 3
Christian Carlson (MN) fall over David Baradell (AL) (Fall 2:50)
Vinnie Pinto (IL) forfeit over Adam Maki (KS) (FF)

Junior HARD LUCK – 137-137
1st Place – Jordan Dusenberry of IA
2nd Place – Bentley Williams of SD
3rd Place – Noah Richardson of MO
4th Place – Mason Butler of TN
Round 1
Noah Richardson (MO) decision over Mason Butler (TN) (Dec 4-3)
Jordan Dusenberry (IA) fall over Bentley Williams (SD) (Fall 4:18)
Round 2
Jordan Dusenberry (IA) decision over Noah Richardson (MO) (Dec 9-2)
Bentley Williams (SD) decision over Mason Butler (TN) (Dec 6-5)
Round 3
Bentley Williams (SD) decision over Noah Richardson (MO) (Dec 6-3)
Jordan Dusenberry (IA) decision over Mason Butler (TN) (Dec 4-3)

Junior HARD LUCK – 137-143
1st Place – Jasper Allison of KS
2nd Place – Ruben Silveyra of NV
3rd Place – Sam Aiken of WA
4th Place – Matix Cooklin of OR
Round 1
Ruben Silveyra (NV) decision over Matix Cooklin (OR) (Dec 9-4)
Jasper Allison (KS) decision over Sam Aiken (WA) (Dec 4-1)
Round 2
Sam Aiken (WA) fall over Matix Cooklin (OR) (Fall 3:45)
Jasper Allison (KS) decision over Ruben Silveyra (NV) (Dec 3-2)
Round 3
Jasper Allison (KS) tech fall over Matix Cooklin (OR) (TF 15-0)
Ruben Silveyra (NV) decision over Sam Aiken (WA) (Dec 2-1)

Junior HARD LUCK – 142-144
1st Place – Jacob Ciccolella of AL
2nd Place – Logan Stucker of WA
3rd Place – Sebastian Tobias of TX
Round 1
Jacob Ciccolella (AL) received a bye () (Bye)
Logan Stucker (WA) decision over Sebastian Tobias (TX) (Dec 6-0)
Round 2
Jacob Ciccolella (AL) fall over Sebastian Tobias (TX) (Fall 0:57)
Logan Stucker (WA) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 3
Jacob Ciccolella (AL) won in sudden victory – 1 over Logan Stucker (WA) (SV-1 4-2)
Sebastian Tobias (TX) received a bye () (Bye)

Junior HARD LUCK – 144-144 A
1st Place – Hunter Hancock of AZ
2nd Place – Cole Porten of IL
3rd Place – Thomas VonEschenbach of AL
4th Place – Caleb Norman of TN
Round 1
Hunter Hancock (AZ) fall over Caleb Norman (TN) (Fall 3:38)
Cole Porten (IL) decision over Thomas VonEschenbach (AL) (Dec 7-3)
Round 2
Thomas VonEschenbach (AL) major decision over Caleb Norman (TN) (Maj 12-4)
Hunter Hancock (AZ) won in sudden victory – 1 over Cole Porten (IL) (SV-1 11-9)
Round 3
Cole Porten (IL) fall over Caleb Norman (TN) (Fall 1:56)
Hunter Hancock (AZ) fall over Thomas VonEschenbach (AL) (Fall 2:25)

Junior HARD LUCK – 144-144 B
1st Place – Ramez Watson of IL
2nd Place – Corbin McIntier of KS
3rd Place – Brady Swenson of MN
4th Place – Regan McKeeman of IA
Round 1
Corbin McIntier (KS) fall over Regan McKeeman (IA) (Fall 4:24)
Ramez Watson (IL) decision over Brady Swenson (MN) (Dec 10-3)
Round 2
Brady Swenson (MN) decision over Regan McKeeman (IA) (Dec 5-1)
Ramez Watson (IL) decision over Corbin McIntier (KS) (Dec 7-2)
Round 3
Ramez Watson (IL) tech fall over Regan McKeeman (IA) (TF 16-0)
Corbin McIntier (KS) fall over Brady Swenson (MN) (Fall 3:28)

Junior HARD LUCK – 144-149
1st Place – Connor Diemel of IL
2nd Place – Augustus Maughan of ND
3rd Place – Charlie Veit of IA
4th Place – Hunter Lowe of ID
Round 1
Augustus Maughan (ND) won in sudden victory – 1 over Charlie Veit (IA) (SV-1 6-4)
Connor Diemel (IL) decision over Hunter Lowe (ID) (Dec 4-3)
Round 2
Connor Diemel (IL) decision over Augustus Maughan (ND) (Dec 3-1)
Charlie Veit (IA) major decision over Hunter Lowe (ID) (Maj 11-2)
Round 3
Augustus Maughan (ND) decision over Hunter Lowe (ID) (Dec 6-4)
Connor Diemel (IL) fall over Charlie Veit (IA) (Fall 2:29)

Junior HARD LUCK – 146-149
1st Place – Wyatt Gardner of KS
2nd Place – Dane Spencer of WI
3rd Place – Luke Engebretson of IA
4th Place – Jack Newton of MN
Round 1
Luke Engebretson (IA) fall over Jack Newton (MN) (Fall 0:51)
Wyatt Gardner (KS) decision over Dane Spencer (WI) (Dec 3-0)
Round 2
Wyatt Gardner (KS) fall over Luke Engebretson (IA) (Fall 0:47)
Dane Spencer (WI) tech fall over Jack Newton (MN) (TF 17-0)
Round 3
Dane Spencer (WI) decision over Luke Engebretson (IA) (Dec 10-5)
Wyatt Gardner (KS) fall over Jack Newton (MN) (Fall 1:28)

Junior HARD LUCK – 149-151
1st Place – Dawson Hogan of KS
2nd Place – Zayn Feaster of IA
3rd Place – Mason Ross of MN
4th Place – Silas Oberholtzer of IL
Round 1
Dawson Hogan (KS) major decision over Silas Oberholtzer (IL) (Maj 10-0)
Zayn Feaster (IA) major decision over Mason Ross (MN) (Maj 9-0)
Round 2
Zayn Feaster (IA) forfeit over Silas Oberholtzer (IL) (FF)
Dawson Hogan (KS) tech fall over Mason Ross (MN) (TF 15-0)
Round 3
Mason Ross (MN) forfeit over Silas Oberholtzer (IL) (FF)
Dawson Hogan (KS) major decision over Zayn Feaster (IA) (Maj 13-1)

Junior HARD LUCK – 150-151
1st Place – Abraham Bushong of IA
2nd Place – Karl Hubb of IL
3rd Place – Samuel Mortensen of MN
4th Place – Kanon Branch of MT
Round 1
Karl Hubb (IL) fall over Kanon Branch (MT) (Fall 4:26)
Abraham Bushong (IA) fall over Samuel Mortensen (MN) (Fall 0:38)
Round 2
Abraham Bushong (IA) fall over Kanon Branch (MT) (Fall 0:58)
Karl Hubb (IL) fall over Samuel Mortensen (MN) (Fall 1:43)
Round 3
Samuel Mortensen (MN) forfeit over Kanon Branch (MT) (FF)
Abraham Bushong (IA) tech fall over Karl Hubb (IL) (TF 17-2)

Junior HARD LUCK – 151-151
1st Place – Brendan Winn-Kelley of ND
2nd Place – Tyler Sunday of WI
3rd Place – Mason Anderson of IL
4th Place – Jackson Turner of IA
Round 1
Mason Anderson (IL) tech fall over Jackson Turner (IA) (TF 17-0)
Brendan Winn-Kelley (ND) decision over Tyler Sunday (WI) (Dec 6-4)
Round 2
Brendan Winn-Kelley (ND) decision over Mason Anderson (IL) (Dec 8-3)
Tyler Sunday (WI) major decision over Jackson Turner (IA) (Maj 22-8)
Round 3
Tyler Sunday (WI) fall over Mason Anderson (IL) (Fall 2:01)
Brendan Winn-Kelley (ND) fall over Jackson Turner (IA) (Fall 4:33)

Junior HARD LUCK – 151-157
1st Place – Patrick Kubisa of MN
2nd Place – Braylon Griffiths of IA
3rd Place – Kadin Sims of ID
4th Place – Jake Pittman of AR
Round 1
Braylon Griffiths (IA) tech fall over Kadin Sims (ID) (TF 16-1)
Patrick Kubisa (MN) fall over Jake Pittman (AR) (Fall 0:49)
Round 2
Kadin Sims (ID) fall over Jake Pittman (AR) (Fall 3:58)
Patrick Kubisa (MN) fall over Braylon Griffiths (IA) (Fall 2:03)
Round 3
Patrick Kubisa (MN) fall over Kadin Sims (ID) (Fall 2:37)
Braylon Griffiths (IA) fall over Jake Pittman (AR) (Fall 0:53)

Junior HARD LUCK – 157-158
1st Place – James Cotton of IL
2nd Place – Jack Byers of NM
3rd Place – Konnor Tubin of WI
4th Place – Jaydon Mattingly of MO
Round 1
Konnor Tubin (WI) fall over Jaydon Mattingly (MO) (Fall 2:26)
James Cotton (IL) decision over Jack Byers (NM) (Dec 5-3)
Round 2
Jack Byers (NM) fall over Jaydon Mattingly (MO) (Fall 0:50)
James Cotton (IL) decision over Konnor Tubin (WI) (Dec 7-6)
Round 3
Jaydon Mattingly (MO) medical forfeit over James Cotton (IL) (MFF)
Jack Byers (NM) fall over Konnor Tubin (WI) (Fall 4:03)

Junior HARD LUCK – 158-159
1st Place – Seiya Thompson of ID
2nd Place – Brady Haas of IL
3rd Place – Devon Jeffreys of AL
4th Place – Izac Turner of ND
Round 1
Brady Haas (IL) fall over Devon Jeffreys (AL) (Fall 4:37)
Seiya Thompson (ID) decision over Izac Turner (ND) (Dec 6-0)
Round 2
Seiya Thompson (ID) forfeit over Brady Haas (IL) (FF)
Devon Jeffreys (AL) decision over Izac Turner (ND) (Dec 9-6)
Round 3
Brady Haas (IL) decision over Izac Turner (ND) (Dec 7-0)
Seiya Thompson (ID) fall over Devon Jeffreys (AL) (Fall 1:37)

Junior HARD LUCK – 158-158
1st Place – Eli Prather of ID
2nd Place – Raphael Tovar of IL
3rd Place – William Rivers of AL
4th Place – Eliot Spallinger of ND
Round 1
Raphael Tovar (IL) decision over Eliot Spallinger (ND) (Dec 8-5)
Eli Prather (ID) fall over William Rivers (AL) (Fall 0:25)
Round 2
Eli Prather (ID) fall over Raphael Tovar (IL) (Fall 2:13)
William Rivers (AL) fall over Eliot Spallinger (ND) (Fall 2:43)
Round 3
Raphael Tovar (IL) fall over William Rivers (AL) (Fall 0:45)
Eli Prather (ID) fall over Eliot Spallinger (ND) (Fall 0:45)

Junior HARD LUCK – 159-159 A
1st Place – Jacob Blandford of ID
2nd Place – Anthony Bauer of IL
3rd Place – Cole Halupnick of IA
4th Place – Devin Espinoza of SC
Round 1
Anthony Bauer (IL) fall over Devin Espinoza (SC) (Fall 4:40)
Jacob Blandford (ID) fall over Cole Halupnick (IA) (Fall 2:19)
Round 2
Jacob Blandford (ID) decision over Devin Espinoza (SC) (Dec 5-0)
Anthony Bauer (IL) fall over Cole Halupnick (IA) (Fall 3:57)
Round 3
Cole Halupnick (IA) fall over Devin Espinoza (SC) (Fall 0:47)
Jacob Blandford (ID) fall over Anthony Bauer (IL) (Fall 1:37)

Junior HARD LUCK – 159-159 B
1st Place – Seth Martin of ID
2nd Place – Cutler Crandall of NV
3rd Place – Hannan Muslimovic of IL
4th Place – Logan Lodel of WI
Round 1
Hannan Muslimovic (IL) decision over Logan Lodel (WI) (Dec 8-2)
Seth Martin (ID) major decision over Cutler Crandall (NV) (Maj 9-0)
Round 2
Cutler Crandall (NV) fall over Hannan Muslimovic (IL) (Fall 1:27)
Seth Martin (ID) fall over Logan Lodel (WI) (Fall 2:06)
Round 3
Seth Martin (ID) decision over Hannan Muslimovic (IL) (Dec 4-0)
Cutler Crandall (NV) forfeit over Logan Lodel (WI) (FF)

Junior HARD LUCK – 159-165
1st Place – Xander Kuokkanen of WI
2nd Place – Caden Gousetis of MO
3rd Place – Michael Norman of ND
4th Place – Kaleb Farmer of ID
Round 1
Michael Norman (ND) fall over Kaleb Farmer (ID) (Fall 2:13)
Xander Kuokkanen (WI) decision over Caden Gousetis (MO) (Dec 3-1)
Round 2
Xander Kuokkanen (WI) fall over Kaleb Farmer (ID) (Fall 1:18)
Caden Gousetis (MO) fall over Michael Norman (ND) (Fall 0:23)
Round 3
Caden Gousetis (MO) fall over Kaleb Farmer (ID) (Fall 0:55)
Xander Kuokkanen (WI) forfeit over Michael Norman (ND) (FF)

Junior HARD LUCK – 168-175
1st Place – Dawson McConnell of IL
2nd Place – Charlie Buttiker of AL
3rd Place – Parker Davis of MN
4th Place – Mayson Smith of IN
Round 1
Charlie Buttiker (AL) decision over Parker Davis (MN) (Dec 6-2)
Dawson McConnell (IL) fall over Mayson Smith (IN) (Fall 2:07)
Round 2
Parker Davis (MN) fall over Mayson Smith (IN) (Fall 2:46)
Dawson McConnell (IL) decision over Charlie Buttiker (AL) (Dec 12-6)
Round 3
Dawson McConnell (IL) fall over Parker Davis (MN) (Fall 2:15)
Charlie Buttiker (AL) forfeit over Mayson Smith (IN) (FF)

Junior HARD LUCK – 176-178
1st Place – Cohan Torres of IA
2nd Place – Treven Hokland of ID
3rd Place – Tanner Casaubon of TX
4th Place – Erasmo Cortez of TN
Round 1
Treven Hokland (ID) decision over Erasmo Cortez (TN) (Dec 5-0)
Cohan Torres (IA) fall over Tanner Casaubon (TX) (Fall 4:11)
Round 2
Tanner Casaubon (TX) forfeit over Erasmo Cortez (TN) (FF)
Cohan Torres (IA) forfeit over Treven Hokland (ID) (FF)
Round 3
Cohan Torres (IA) forfeit over Erasmo Cortez (TN) (FF)
Treven Hokland (ID) forfeit over Tanner Casaubon (TX) (FF)

Junior HARD LUCK – 179-192
1st Place – Jared Werner of IL
2nd Place – Cam’Ron Morris of MO
3rd Place – Isaiah Francis of TX
4th Place – John McKay of AZ
Round 1
Isaiah Francis (TX) decision over John McKay (AZ) (Dec 5-1)
Jared Werner (IL) major decision over Cam’Ron Morris (MO) (Maj 15-2)
Round 2
Cam’Ron Morris (MO) forfeit over Isaiah Francis (TX) (FF)
Jared Werner (IL) decision over John McKay (AZ) (Dec 7-1)
Round 3
Jared Werner (IL) forfeit over Isaiah Francis (TX) (FF)
John McKay (AZ) decision over Cam’Ron Morris (MO) (Dec 3-2)

Junior HARD LUCK – 180-192
1st Place – James Humphrey of MO
2nd Place – Cade Small of KS
3rd Place – Trenton Blomquist of AZ
4th Place – Austin Lattimer of ID
Round 1
James Humphrey (MO) major decision over Austin Lattimer (ID) (Maj 10-0)
Cade Small (KS) decision over Trenton Blomquist (AZ) (Dec 8-4)
Round 2
Trenton Blomquist (AZ) major decision over Austin Lattimer (ID) (Maj 12-2)
James Humphrey (MO) fall over Cade Small (KS) (Fall 2:03)
Round 3
Cade Small (KS) decision over Austin Lattimer (ID) (Dec 8-1)
James Humphrey (MO) decision over Trenton Blomquist (AZ) (Dec 4-3)

Junior HARD LUCK – 192-194
1st Place – Keanyn DeGroat of ID
2nd Place – Tripper Taylor of TX
3rd Place – Armand Brinlee of WA
Round 1
Armand Brinlee (WA) received a bye () (Bye)
Keanyn DeGroat (ID) fall over Tripper Taylor (TX) (Fall 4:00)
Round 2
Tripper Taylor (TX) fall over Armand Brinlee (WA) (Fall 1:41)
Keanyn DeGroat (ID) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 3
Keanyn DeGroat (ID) fall over Armand Brinlee (WA) (Fall 3:57)
Tripper Taylor (TX) received a bye () (Bye)

Junior HARD LUCK – 195-212
1st Place – Kody Biggs of ID
2nd Place – Jack Branson of TN
3rd Place – Griffin Mckinney of AL
4th Place – Alexander Copestick of AR
Round 1
Kody Biggs (ID) fall over Griffin Mckinney (AL) (Fall 4:26)
Jack Branson (TN) fall over Alexander Copestick (AR) (Fall 3:56)
Round 2
Griffin Mckinney (AL) fall over Alexander Copestick (AR) (Fall 2:14)
Kody Biggs (ID) fall over Jack Branson (TN) (Fall 3:33)
Round 3
Jack Branson (TN) fall over Griffin Mckinney (AL) (Fall 3:47)
Kody Biggs (ID) fall over Alexander Copestick (AR) (Fall 0:54)

Junior HARD LUCK – 216-217
1st Place – Oliver Cooley of IL
2nd Place – Zachary Carnes of MN
3rd Place – William Setzer of TN
Round 1
Zachary Carnes (MN) received a bye () (Bye)
Oliver Cooley (IL) fall over William Setzer (TN) (Fall 0:49)
Round 2
Zachary Carnes (MN) fall over William Setzer (TN) (Fall 1:57)
Oliver Cooley (IL) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 3
Oliver Cooley (IL) decision over Zachary Carnes (MN) (Dec 5-2)
William Setzer (TN) received a bye () (Bye)

Junior HARD LUCK – 217-220
1st Place – Aidan Hydrick of TN
2nd Place – Jackson Schwab of NY
3rd Place – Fernando Cuevas of CA
Round 1
Aidan Hydrick (TN) fall over Jackson Schwab ( NY) (Fall 4:03)
Fernando Cuevas (CA) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 2
Aidan Hydrick (TN) received a bye () (Bye)
Jackson Schwab ( NY) decision over Fernando Cuevas (CA) (Dec 6-0)
Round 3
Aidan Hydrick (TN) fall over Fernando Cuevas (CA) (Fall 0:18)
Jackson Schwab ( NY) received a bye () (Bye)

16U HARD LUCK – 97-103
1st Place – Max Millage of IA
2nd Place – Gabriel Schnerre of IL
3rd Place – Wyatt Eddy of AZ
4th Place – Sehej Mehta of TX
Round 1
Gabriel Schnerre (IL) won in the ultimate tie breaker over Wyatt Eddy (AZ) (UTB 2-2)
Max Millage (IA) tech fall over Sehej Mehta (TX) (TF 18-3)
Round 2
Gabriel Schnerre (IL) fall over Sehej Mehta (TX) (Fall 2:52)
Max Millage (IA) decision over Wyatt Eddy (AZ) (Dec 6-3)
Round 3
Max Millage (IA) won in sudden victory – 1 over Gabriel Schnerre (IL) (SV-1 4-2)
Wyatt Eddy (AZ) fall over Sehej Mehta (TX) (Fall 4:41)

16U HARD LUCK – 104-105 A
1st Place – Dalton Komperda of CO
2nd Place – Nelson Benesh of IL
3rd Place – Francisco Burrola of ID
4th Place – Rylan Konen of WI
Round 1
Nelson Benesh (IL) fall over Francisco Burrola (ID) (Fall 4:22)
Dalton Komperda (CO) fall over Rylan Konen (WI) (Fall 0:30)
Round 2
Nelson Benesh (IL) tech fall over Rylan Konen (WI) (TF 18-1)
Dalton Komperda (CO) fall over Francisco Burrola (ID) (Fall 1:57)
Round 3
Dalton Komperda (CO) decision over Nelson Benesh (IL) (Dec 6-3)
Francisco Burrola (ID) fall over Rylan Konen (WI) (Fall 1:53)

16U HARD LUCK – 104-105 B
1st Place – Brett Kiecker of MN
2nd Place – Logan Loaiza of ID
3rd Place – Trevan Eugenio of CA
4th Place – Kaiden Hahn of WI
Round 1
Brett Kiecker (MN) fall over Trevan Eugenio (CA) (Fall 4:14)
Logan Loaiza (ID) decision over Kaiden Hahn (WI) (Dec 7-1)
Round 2
Logan Loaiza (ID) fall over Trevan Eugenio (CA) (Fall 4:35)
Brett Kiecker (MN) forfeit over Kaiden Hahn (WI) (FF)
Round 3
Trevan Eugenio (CA) forfeit over Kaiden Hahn (WI) (FF)
Brett Kiecker (MN) decision over Logan Loaiza (ID) (Dec 5-1)

16U HARD LUCK – 105-111
1st Place – Jaxon Russell of TX
2nd Place – James Penick of MO
3rd Place – Kristian DeClercq of IL
4th Place – Colton Katzfey of WI
Round 1
Jaxon Russell (TX) forfeit over Colton Katzfey (WI) (FF)
James Penick (MO) fall over Kristian DeClercq (IL) (Fall 4:35)
Round 2
Kristian DeClercq (IL) fall over Colton Katzfey (WI) (Fall 4:35)
Jaxon Russell (TX) fall over James Penick (MO) (Fall 3:55)
Round 3
James Penick (MO) decision over Colton Katzfey (WI) (Dec 10-6)
Jaxon Russell (TX) fall over Kristian DeClercq (IL) (Fall 1:52)

16U HARD LUCK – 111-111
1st Place – Arno Vardanyan of CA
2nd Place – Kaleb Lodahl of WI
3rd Place – Carsten Burkemper of MO
4th Place – Alex Xiong of MN
Round 1
Arno Vardanyan (CA) decision over Kaleb Lodahl (WI) (Dec 5-0)
Carsten Burkemper (MO) decision over Alex Xiong (MN) (Dec 8-2)
Round 2
Arno Vardanyan (CA) fall over Alex Xiong (MN) (Fall 4:07)
Kaleb Lodahl (WI) decision over Carsten Burkemper (MO) (Dec 6-4)
Round 3
Arno Vardanyan (CA) decision over Carsten Burkemper (MO) (Dec 9-6)
Kaleb Lodahl (WI) fall over Alex Xiong (MN) (Fall 1:36)

16U HARD LUCK – 111-112
1st Place – Antonio Sowell of WI
2nd Place – Jacob Doshier of AL
3rd Place – Donovin Wolfgram of MN
4th Place – Reece Demeter of IL
Round 1
Antonio Sowell (WI) decision over Jacob Doshier (AL) (Dec 4-1)
Donovin Wolfgram (MN) decision over Reece Demeter (IL) (Dec 8-6)
Round 2
Antonio Sowell (WI) fall over Donovin Wolfgram (MN) (Fall 1:55)
Jacob Doshier (AL) major decision over Reece Demeter (IL) (Maj 12-4)
Round 3
Antonio Sowell (WI) forfeit over Reece Demeter (IL) (FF)
Jacob Doshier (AL) tech fall over Donovin Wolfgram (MN) (TF 16-0)

16U HARD LUCK – 112-112 A
1st Place – Aidan Carlson of MN
2nd Place – Gavin Slark of WI
3rd Place – Cael Lyons of IL
4th Place – Aiden Martinez of CA
Round 1
Aidan Carlson (MN) tech fall over Aiden Martinez (CA) (TF 18-3)
Gavin Slark (WI) fall over Cael Lyons (IL) (Fall 0:32)
Round 2
Gavin Slark (WI) fall over Aiden Martinez (CA) (Fall 2:56)
Aidan Carlson (MN) fall over Cael Lyons (IL) (Fall 4:20)
Round 3
Cael Lyons (IL) fall over Aiden Martinez (CA) (Fall 1:58)
Aidan Carlson (MN) won in sudden victory – 1 over Gavin Slark (WI) (SV-1 6-4)

16U HARD LUCK – 112-112 B
1st Place – Ryder Dempewolf of KS
2nd Place – Evan Simms of ID
3rd Place – Charlie Noto of AL
4th Place – Ari Bichelman of TN
Round 1
Evan Simms (ID) fall over Ari Bichelman (TN) (Fall 1:00)
Ryder Dempewolf (KS) decision over Charlie Noto (AL) (Dec 6-1)
Round 2
Evan Simms (ID) decision over Charlie Noto (AL) (Dec 6-2)
Ryder Dempewolf (KS) tech fall over Ari Bichelman (TN) (TF 23-7)
Round 3
Ryder Dempewolf (KS) fall over Evan Simms (ID) (Fall 1:49)
Charlie Noto (AL) tech fall over Ari Bichelman (TN) (TF 21-6)

16U HARD LUCK – 112-118
1st Place – Storm Rieck of KS
2nd Place – William Schneider of MN
3rd Place – Eric Fish of WI
4th Place – Kaleb Sovey of IL
Round 1
Storm Rieck (KS) major decision over William Schneider (MN) (Maj 12-2)
Eric Fish (WI) forfeit over Kaleb Sovey (IL) (FF)
Round 2
William Schneider (MN) fall over Eric Fish (WI) (Fall 3:58)
Storm Rieck (KS) fall over Kaleb Sovey (IL) (Fall 2:36)
Round 3
William Schneider (MN) major decision over Kaleb Sovey (IL) (Maj 11-3)
Storm Rieck (KS) fall over Eric Fish (WI) (Fall 2:53)

16U HARD LUCK – 113-118
1st Place – Ben Arbotante of IL
2nd Place – Coltan Ireland of ND
3rd Place – Brody Buhman of IA
4th Place – Logan Meyer of WI
Round 1
Brody Buhman (IA) fall over Logan Meyer (WI) (Fall 2:35)
Ben Arbotante (IL) decision over Coltan Ireland (ND) (Dec 3-1)
Round 2
Coltan Ireland (ND) decision over Brody Buhman (IA) (Dec 11-4)
Logan Meyer (WI) decision over Ben Arbotante (IL) (Dec 3-2)
Round 3
Ben Arbotante (IL) won in sudden victory – 1 over Brody Buhman (IA) (SV-1 4-2)
Coltan Ireland (ND) decision over Logan Meyer (WI) (Dec 5-4)

16U HARD LUCK – 118-129
1st Place – Tristan North of WI
2nd Place – Jack Bridenstine of MN
3rd Place – Charles Kholian of IL
4th Place – Eli Martin of ID
Round 1
Tristan North (WI) forfeit over Eli Martin (ID) (FF)
Jack Bridenstine (MN) decision over Charles Kholian (IL) (Dec 13-6)
Round 2
Tristan North (WI) fall over Charles Kholian (IL) (Fall 0:45)
Jack Bridenstine (MN) fall over Eli Martin (ID) (Fall 2:42)
Round 3
Tristan North (WI) fall over Jack Bridenstine (MN) (Fall 2:32)
Charles Kholian (IL) fall over Eli Martin (ID) (Fall 2:11)

16U HARD LUCK – 119-120
1st Place – Ephram Ormiston of AL
2nd Place – Cole Allen of ID
3rd Place – Colt Bowers of KS
4th Place – Sean Kersten of IA
Round 1
Colt Bowers (KS) decision over Sean Kersten (IA) (Dec 11-8)
Ephram Ormiston (AL) fall over Cole Allen (ID) (Fall 4:11)
Round 2
Cole Allen (ID) decision over Colt Bowers (KS) (Dec 6-2)
Ephram Ormiston (AL) fall over Sean Kersten (IA) (Fall 3:00)
Round 3
Ephram Ormiston (AL) major decision over Colt Bowers (KS) (Maj 10-0)
Cole Allen (ID) fall over Sean Kersten (IA) (Fall 1:42)

16U HARD LUCK – 119-124
1st Place – Ian Hodgin of AL
2nd Place – Noyd Monroe of ID
3rd Place – Caleb Gustafson of NM
4th Place – Gavinn Stankov of MI
Round 1
Noyd Monroe (ID) decision over Caleb Gustafson (NM) (Dec 11-6)
Ian Hodgin (AL) fall over Gavinn Stankov (MI) (Fall 1:48)
Round 2
Ian Hodgin (AL) fall over Noyd Monroe (ID) (Fall 4:54)
Caleb Gustafson (NM) fall over Gavinn Stankov (MI) (Fall 1:56)
Round 3
Noyd Monroe (ID) fall over Gavinn Stankov (MI) (Fall 1:28)
Caleb Gustafson (NM) decision over Ian Hodgin (AL) (Dec 9-6)

16U HARD LUCK – 123-125
1st Place – Jackson Refsnider of MN
2nd Place – Porter Hoopes of ID
3rd Place – Connor Stankov of MI
4th Place – Maddox Peters of IA
Round 1
Connor Stankov (MI) fall over Maddox Peters (IA) (Fall 0:49)
Jackson Refsnider (MN) decision over Porter Hoopes (ID) (Dec 8-2)
Round 2
Jackson Refsnider (MN) tech fall over Maddox Peters (IA) (TF 18-3)
Porter Hoopes (ID) decision over Connor Stankov (MI) (Dec 7-2)
Round 3
Porter Hoopes (ID) fall over Maddox Peters (IA) (Fall 2:10)
Jackson Refsnider (MN) fall over Connor Stankov (MI) (Fall 2:41)

16U HARD LUCK – 124-126
1st Place – Wade Williams of ID
2nd Place – Talon Berg of WI
3rd Place – Colyn Finley of AL
4th Place – Tegan Ray of MI
Round 1
Colyn Finley (AL) decision over Tegan Ray (MI) (Dec 8-2)
Wade Williams (ID) fall over Talon Berg (WI) (Fall 2:50)
Round 2
Talon Berg (WI) decision over Tegan Ray (MI) (Dec 6-2)
Colyn Finley (AL) won in sudden victory – 1 over Wade Williams (ID) (SV-1 7-5)
Round 3
Wade Williams (ID) fall over Tegan Ray (MI) (Fall 0:28)
Talon Berg (WI) decision over Colyn Finley (AL) (Dec 7-3)

16U HARD LUCK – 125-130
1st Place – Noah Ludwig of MN
2nd Place – Charlie Billings of AL
3rd Place – Cayden Johnson of MO
4th Place – Bryan Lopez of ID
Round 1
Noah Ludwig (MN) fall over Bryan Lopez (ID) (Fall 4:22)
Charlie Billings (AL) forfeit over Cayden Johnson (MO) (FF)
Round 2
Noah Ludwig (MN) fall over Charlie Billings (AL) (Fall 2:45)
Cayden Johnson (MO) major decision over Bryan Lopez (ID) (Maj 11-2)
Round 3
Noah Ludwig (MN) fall over Cayden Johnson (MO) (Fall 4:28)
Charlie Billings (AL) decision over Bryan Lopez (ID) (Dec 9-3)

16U HARD LUCK – 130-131
1st Place – Brecken Crist-Funk of KS
2nd Place – Branden Kiraly of VA
3rd Place – Nathan Cox of AL
4th Place – Ethan Banda of IL
Round 1
Nathan Cox (AL) decision over Ethan Banda (IL) (Dec 8-5)
Brecken Crist-Funk (KS) decision over Branden Kiraly (VA) (Dec 6-4)
Round 2
Nathan Cox (AL) decision over Brecken Crist-Funk (KS) (Dec 5-1)
Branden Kiraly (VA) decision over Ethan Banda (IL) (Dec 7-1)
Round 3
Branden Kiraly (VA) decision over Nathan Cox (AL) (Dec 3-1)
Brecken Crist-Funk (KS) major decision over Ethan Banda (IL) (Maj 18-4)

16U HARD LUCK – 131-131
1st Place – Spencer Mosier of KS
2nd Place – Wilson Jamison of TN
3rd Place – Aidan Moody of MO
4th Place – Chase Gethers of WI
Round 1
Wilson Jamison (TN) major decision over Chase Gethers (WI) (Maj 12-1)
Spencer Mosier (KS) major decision over Aidan Moody (MO) (Maj 11-0)
Round 2
Aidan Moody (MO) major decision over Chase Gethers (WI) (Maj 14-1)
Spencer Mosier (KS) major decision over Wilson Jamison (TN) (Maj 11-1)
Round 3
Spencer Mosier (KS) tech fall over Chase Gethers (WI) (TF 19-4)
Wilson Jamison (TN) decision over Aidan Moody (MO) (Dec 2-1)

16U HARD LUCK – 133-136
1st Place – Gabriel Kessel of MN
2nd Place – Anthony Diorio of IL
3rd Place – Liam Gatlin of TX
4th Place – Casen Clark of WA
Round 1
Anthony Diorio (IL) fall over Casen Clark (WA) (Fall 2:38)
Gabriel Kessel (MN) fall over Liam Gatlin (TX) (Fall 3:20)
Round 2
Gabriel Kessel (MN) fall over Casen Clark (WA) (Fall 1:49)
Anthony Diorio (IL) major decision over Liam Gatlin (TX) (Maj 18-5)
Round 3
Liam Gatlin (TX) fall over Casen Clark (WA) (Fall 0:27)
Gabriel Kessel (MN) fall over Anthony Diorio (IL) (Fall 2:20)

16U HARD LUCK – 136-137
1st Place – Julian Glover of KS
2nd Place – Jameson Kulseth of MN
3rd Place – Jackson McDaniel of CO
4th Place – Zachary Rouse of TN
Round 1
Julian Glover (KS) fall over Jackson McDaniel (CO) (Fall 3:25)
Jameson Kulseth (MN) fall over Zachary Rouse (TN) (Fall 2:39)
Round 2
Jackson McDaniel (CO) decision over Zachary Rouse (TN) (Dec 12-5)
Julian Glover (KS) decision over Jameson Kulseth (MN) (Dec 5-2)
Round 3
Jameson Kulseth (MN) fall over Jackson McDaniel (CO) (Fall 2:28)
Julian Glover (KS) fall over Zachary Rouse (TN) (Fall 2:18)

16U HARD LUCK – 137-137 A
1st Place – Tensei Thompson of ID
2nd Place – Tristen Verbeten of WI
3rd Place – Landon Kenney of IL
4th Place – Ethan Brott of MN
Round 1
Tensei Thompson (ID) fall over Ethan Brott (MN) (Fall 3:22)
Tristen Verbeten (WI) decision over Landon Kenney (IL) (Dec 11-7)
Round 2
Tristen Verbeten (WI) fall over Ethan Brott (MN) (Fall 2:51)
Tensei Thompson (ID) tech fall over Landon Kenney (IL) (TF 22-6)
Round 3
Landon Kenney (IL) tech fall over Ethan Brott (MN) (TF 16-1)
Tensei Thompson (ID) decision over Tristen Verbeten (WI) (Dec 9-3)

16U HARD LUCK – 137-137 B
1st Place – Brady Duling of KS
2nd Place – Naseem Jaber of IL
3rd Place – Paxton Pettinger of CO
4th Place – Jeremiah Wysong of TN
Round 1
Paxton Pettinger (CO) fall over Jeremiah Wysong (TN) (Fall 3:48)
Brady Duling (KS) major decision over Naseem Jaber (IL) (Maj 12-3)
Round 2
Naseem Jaber (IL) major decision over Jeremiah Wysong (TN) (Maj 10-0)
Brady Duling (KS) major decision over Paxton Pettinger (CO) (Maj 13-2)
Round 3
Brady Duling (KS) fall over Jeremiah Wysong (TN) (Fall 3:59)
Naseem Jaber (IL) decision over Paxton Pettinger (CO) (Dec 6-4)

16U HARD LUCK – 138-143
1st Place – Tanner Piper of ID
2nd Place – Gilbert Kostuck of MN
3rd Place – Malachi Hutchison of IL
4th Place – Parker Pruett of OR
Round 1
Gilbert Kostuck (MN) fall over Malachi Hutchison (IL) (Fall 2:40)
Tanner Piper (ID) fall over Parker Pruett (OR) (Fall 3:00)
Round 2
Gilbert Kostuck (MN) medical forfeit over Parker Pruett (OR) (MFF)
Tanner Piper (ID) fall over Malachi Hutchison (IL) (Fall 4:03)
Round 3
Tanner Piper (ID) fall over Gilbert Kostuck (MN) (Fall 2:15)
Malachi Hutchison (IL) medical forfeit over Parker Pruett (OR) (MFF)

16U HARD LUCK – 141-143
1st Place – Drew Silzer of IL
2nd Place – Zachary Davidson of MN
3rd Place – Noah Garcia-Salazar of CO
4th Place – Gary Loveless of MO
Round 1
Zachary Davidson (MN) major decision over Noah Garcia-Salazar (CO) (Maj 13-5)
Drew Silzer (IL) fall over Gary Loveless (MO) (Fall 0:58)
Round 2
Drew Silzer (IL) fall over Zachary Davidson (MN) (Fall 4:51)
Noah Garcia-Salazar (CO) fall over Gary Loveless (MO) (Fall 1:18)
Round 3
Zachary Davidson (MN) major decision over Gary Loveless (MO) (Maj 11-1)
Noah Garcia-Salazar (CO) decision over Drew Silzer (IL) (Dec 8-3)

16U HARD LUCK – 143-143
1st Place – Christopher Bauer of MO
2nd Place – Austin Clemens of IL
3rd Place – Odin Nico of WI
Round 1
Odin Nico (WI) received a bye () (Bye)
Christopher Bauer (MO) decision over Austin Clemens (IL) (Dec 1-0)
Round 2
Austin Clemens (IL) received a bye () (Bye)
Christopher Bauer (MO) decision over Odin Nico (WI) (Dec 5-0)
Round 3
Christopher Bauer (MO) received a bye () (Bye)
Austin Clemens (IL) fall over Odin Nico (WI) (Fall 0:52)

16U HARD LUCK – 144-149
1st Place – Deegan Bubolz of WI
2nd Place – Louis Hendricks of TN
3rd Place – Troy Thomas of AL
Round 1
Deegan Bubolz (WI) decision over Troy Thomas (AL) (Dec 5-4)
Louis Hendricks (TN) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 2
Louis Hendricks (TN) medical forfeit over Troy Thomas (AL) (MFF)
Deegan Bubolz (WI) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 3
Troy Thomas (AL) received a bye () (Bye)
Deegan Bubolz (WI) fall over Louis Hendricks (TN) (Fall 0:58)

16U HARD LUCK – 150-162
1st Place – Cole Martin of IA
2nd Place – Johnny Strauss of IL
3rd Place – Michael Kowalski of WI
4th Place – Noah Davis-Cornett of IN
Round 1
Michael Kowalski (WI) fall over Noah Davis-Cornett (IN) (Fall 0:58)
Cole Martin (IA) fall over Johnny Strauss (IL) (Fall 1:25)
Round 2
Cole Martin (IA) fall over Noah Davis-Cornett (IN) (Fall 0:44)
Johnny Strauss (IL) fall over Michael Kowalski (WI) (Fall 1:39)
Round 3
Johnny Strauss (IL) fall over Noah Davis-Cornett (IN) (Fall 1:52)
Cole Martin (IA) fall over Michael Kowalski (WI) (Fall 1:45)

16U HARD LUCK – 150-163
1st Place – Aiden Marquette of WI
2nd Place – Tristan Hargrave of MN
3rd Place – Dawson Beyer of IA
4th Place – Colton King of IL
Round 1
Aiden Marquette (WI) decision over Dawson Beyer (IA) (Dec 4-2)
Tristan Hargrave (MN) fall over Colton King (IL) (Fall 4:11)
Round 2
Aiden Marquette (WI) forfeit over Colton King (IL) (FF)
Tristan Hargrave (MN) fall over Dawson Beyer (IA) (Fall 3:46)
Round 3
Aiden Marquette (WI) fall over Tristan Hargrave (MN) (Fall 2:31)
Dawson Beyer (IA) forfeit over Colton King (IL) (FF)

16U HARD LUCK – 158-166
1st Place – Abram Davidson of IL
2nd Place – Waylon Redman of AR
3rd Place – Richard Gonzales of TX
4th Place – Mario Hamm of IA
Round 1
Abram Davidson (IL) fall over Mario Hamm (IA) (Fall 4:56)
Waylon Redman (AR) decision over Richard Gonzales (TX) (Dec 4-1)
Round 2
Abram Davidson (IL) tech fall over Waylon Redman (AR) (TF 15-0)
Richard Gonzales (TX) fall over Mario Hamm (IA) (Fall 2:23)
Round 3
Abram Davidson (IL) decision over Richard Gonzales (TX) (Dec 3-2)
Waylon Redman (AR) fall over Mario Hamm (IA) (Fall 2:01)

16U HARD LUCK – 159-170
1st Place – Blaise Turner of ID
2nd Place – Easton Beyer of IA
3rd Place – Andrew Servais of WI
4th Place – Alexander Tack of IL
Round 1
Easton Beyer (IA) fall over Alexander Tack (IL) (Fall 0:26)
Andrew Servais (WI) decision over Blaise Turner (ID) (Dec 5-4)
Round 2
Easton Beyer (IA) fall over Andrew Servais (WI) (Fall 4:50)
Blaise Turner (ID) fall over Alexander Tack (IL) (Fall 3:31)
Round 3
Blaise Turner (ID) fall over Easton Beyer (IA) (Fall 2:00)
Andrew Servais (WI) major decision over Alexander Tack (IL) (Maj 14-3)

16U HARD LUCK – 167-179
1st Place – Tucker Ross of TN
2nd Place – Talan Keoughan of IL
3rd Place – Jameson Lyons of MO
4th Place – Angel Calderon of CA
Round 1
Tucker Ross (TN) forfeit over Jameson Lyons (MO) (FF)
Talan Keoughan (IL) fall over Angel Calderon (CA) (Fall 0:46)
Round 2
Talan Keoughan (IL) decision over Jameson Lyons (MO) (Dec 5-2)
Tucker Ross (TN) forfeit over Angel Calderon (CA) (FF)
Round 3
Jameson Lyons (MO) major decision over Angel Calderon (CA) (Maj 13-1)
Tucker Ross (TN) decision over Talan Keoughan (IL) (Dec 4-3)

16U HARD LUCK – 179-182
1st Place – Nathaniel Wade of TN
2nd Place – Carter Michlitsch of ND
3rd Place – Preston Kepler of NM
4th Place – Anthony Aranda of WI
Round 1
Preston Kepler (NM) major decision over Anthony Aranda (WI) (Maj 10-1)
Nathaniel Wade (TN) fall over Carter Michlitsch (ND) (Fall 4:36)
Round 2
Carter Michlitsch (ND) fall over Preston Kepler (NM) (Fall 1:30)
Anthony Aranda (WI) decision over Nathaniel Wade (TN) (Dec 5-3)
Round 3
Nathaniel Wade (TN) fall over Preston Kepler (NM) (Fall 3:20)
Carter Michlitsch (ND) fall over Anthony Aranda (WI) (Fall 2:37)

16U HARD LUCK – 143-148
1st Place – Gabriel Metzler of WI
2nd Place – Killian Vaughan of KS
3rd Place – Douglas Gemberling of IL
4th Place – Tiernan Glass of ND
Round 1
Killian Vaughan (KS) fall over Tiernan Glass (ND) (Fall 2:16)
Gabriel Metzler (WI) fall over Douglas Gemberling (IL) (Fall 2:15)
Round 2
Douglas Gemberling (IL) decision over Tiernan Glass (ND) (Dec 7-6)
Gabriel Metzler (WI) fall over Killian Vaughan (KS) (Fall 1:39)
Round 3
Gabriel Metzler (WI) fall over Tiernan Glass (ND) (Fall 4:01)
Killian Vaughan (KS) fall over Douglas Gemberling (IL) (Fall 2:37)

LC 8U-10U – 52-56
1st Place – Joshua Gustafson of NM
2nd Place – Anthony Lovato of MN
3rd Place – Braxton Carlblom of ND
4th Place – Walker Davis of ND
Round 1
Joshua Gustafson (NM) fall over Walker Davis (ND) (Fall 3:00)
Anthony Lovato (MN) major decision over Braxton Carlblom (ND) (Maj 12-2)
Round 2
Braxton Carlblom (ND) fall over Walker Davis (ND) (Fall 1:27)
Joshua Gustafson (NM) decision over Anthony Lovato (MN) (Dec 7-0)
Round 3
Anthony Lovato (MN) fall over Walker Davis (ND) (Fall 1:42)
Joshua Gustafson (NM) fall over Braxton Carlblom (ND) (Fall 1:00)

LC 8U-10U – 56-61
1st Place – Cory Buckley of IN
2nd Place – Julian Maximo of AZ
3rd Place – Samuel Queen of WI
4th Place – Stone Fury of KS
Round 1
Julian Maximo (AZ) fall over Samuel Queen (WI) (Fall 0:57)
Cory Buckley (IN) fall over Stone Fury (KS) (Fall 1:54)
Round 2
Cory Buckley (IN) decision over Julian Maximo (AZ) (Dec 6-2)
Samuel Queen (WI) fall over Stone Fury (KS) (Fall 0:36)
Round 3
Julian Maximo (AZ) fall over Stone Fury (KS) (Fall 0:44)
Cory Buckley (IN) fall over Samuel Queen (WI) (Fall 0:51)

LC 8U-10U – 58-62
1st Place – Mason Thome of IA
2nd Place – Zander Smith of IN
3rd Place – Nicholas Friess of WI
4th Place – Cason Neset of ND
Round 1
Zander Smith (IN) fall over Nicholas Friess (WI) (Fall 0:57)
Mason Thome (IA) fall over Cason Neset (ND) (Fall 0:43)
Round 2
Zander Smith (IN) fall over Cason Neset (ND) (Fall 0:18)
Mason Thome (IA) fall over Nicholas Friess (WI) (Fall 2:26)
Round 3
Mason Thome (IA) decision over Zander Smith (IN) (Dec 9-4)
Nicholas Friess (WI) decision over Cason Neset (ND) (Dec 6-2)

LC 8U-10U – 62-63
1st Place – Henry Pharis of SD
2nd Place – Cole Cuyler of WI
3rd Place – Jaxsyn Walk of IA
4th Place – James Dean of NJ
Round 1
Henry Pharis (SD) major decision over James Dean (NJ) (Maj 9-0)
Cole Cuyler (WI) major decision over Jaxsyn Walk (IA) (Maj 13-4)
Round 2
Cole Cuyler (WI) decision over James Dean (NJ) (Dec 8-2)
Jaxsyn Walk (IA) decision over Henry Pharis (SD) (Dec 4-2)
Round 3
Jaxsyn Walk (IA) decision over James Dean (NJ) (Dec 7-0)
Henry Pharis (SD) decision over Cole Cuyler (WI) (Dec 6-1)

LC 8U-10U – 62-66
1st Place – Bradley Rupiper of WI
2nd Place – Brooks Maddix of IA
3rd Place – Bennett Davis of MN
4th Place – Gannon Kriebs of IL
Round 1
Bradley Rupiper (WI) fall over Gannon Kriebs (IL) (Fall 1:32)
Brooks Maddix (IA) decision over Bennett Davis (MN) (Dec 4-1)
Round 2
Bennett Davis (MN) decision over Gannon Kriebs (IL) (Dec 8-6)
Bradley Rupiper (WI) won in tie breaker – 1 over Brooks Maddix (IA) (TB-1 8-4)
Round 3
Brooks Maddix (IA) decision over Gannon Kriebs (IL) (Dec 4-2)
Bradley Rupiper (WI) fall over Bennett Davis (MN) (Fall 0:31)

LC 8U-10U – 63-67
1st Place – Loftan Alfstad of IA
2nd Place – Maximilian Kirsch of WI
3rd Place – Tony Distasio of IL
4th Place – Micah Sloan of MN
Round 1
Loftan Alfstad (IA) fall over Micah Sloan (MN) (Fall 0:19)
Maximilian Kirsch (WI) decision over Tony Distasio (IL) (Dec 7-0)
Round 2
Maximilian Kirsch (WI) decision over Micah Sloan (MN) (Dec 2-1)
Loftan Alfstad (IA) fall over Tony Distasio (IL) (Fall 0:49)
Round 3
Tony Distasio (IL) decision over Micah Sloan (MN) (Dec 5-3)
Loftan Alfstad (IA) fall over Maximilian Kirsch (WI) (Fall 1:34)

LC 8U-10U – 65-65
1st Place – Apollo Rojas-Crawford of CO
2nd Place – Creo Davis of IA
3rd Place – Weston Rugg of WI
Round 1
Creo Davis (IA) decision over Weston Rugg (WI) (Dec 8-2)
Apollo Rojas-Crawford (CO) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 2
Weston Rugg (WI) received a bye () (Bye)
Apollo Rojas-Crawford (CO) fall over Creo Davis (IA) (Fall 1:25)
Round 3
Apollo Rojas-Crawford (CO) major decision over Weston Rugg (WI) (Maj 8-0)
Creo Davis (IA) received a bye () (Bye)

LC 8U-10U – 66-70
1st Place – Jamison Theilen of IA
2nd Place – Tj Markijohn of NC
3rd Place – Hudson King of IL
4th Place – Phoenix Mortensen of MN
Round 1
Jamison Theilen (IA) tech fall over Phoenix Mortensen (MN) (TF 17-0)
Tj Markijohn (NC) decision over Hudson King (IL) (Dec 8-2)
Round 2
Tj Markijohn (NC) major decision over Phoenix Mortensen (MN) (Maj 12-3)
Jamison Theilen (IA) tech fall over Hudson King (IL) (TF 16-0)
Round 3
Hudson King (IL) won in sudden victory – 1 over Phoenix Mortensen (MN) (SV-1 4-2)
Jamison Theilen (IA) decision over Tj Markijohn (NC) (Dec 6-0)

LC 8U-10U – 70-91
1st Place – Johnny Salas of MN
2nd Place – Rogan Mogren of ND
3rd Place – Logan Raef of IN
4th Place – Will Duncan of SC
Round 1
Johnny Salas (MN) fall over Rogan Mogren (ND) (Fall 0:48)
Logan Raef (IN) fall over Will Duncan (SC) (Fall 0:48)
Round 2
Rogan Mogren (ND) fall over Will Duncan (SC) (Fall 0:23)
Johnny Salas (MN) injury default over Logan Raef (IN) (Inj. 1:29)
Round 3
Rogan Mogren (ND) medical forfeit over Logan Raef (IN) (MFF)
Johnny Salas (MN) fall over Will Duncan (SC) (Fall 2:33)

LC 12U – 61-66
1st Place – Carter Miller of ND
2nd Place – Jack Duncan of SC
3rd Place – Brooks Kissling of MN
4th Place – Nolan Hart of IA
Round 1
Jack Duncan (SC) decision over Brooks Kissling (MN) (Dec 5-3)
Carter Miller (ND) decision over Nolan Hart (IA) (Dec 1-0)
Round 2
Brooks Kissling (MN) decision over Nolan Hart (IA) (Dec 3-2)
Carter Miller (ND) decision over Jack Duncan (SC) (Dec 4-3)
Round 3
Carter Miller (ND) decision over Brooks Kissling (MN) (Dec 6-2)
Jack Duncan (SC) decision over Nolan Hart (IA) (Dec 9-3)

LC 12U – 62-68
1st Place – Cole Johnson of CO
2nd Place – Isaac Benedict of IA
3rd Place – Nico Lomeli of IL
4th Place – Stetson Ayers of NE
Round 1
Isaac Benedict (IA) fall over Nico Lomeli (IL) (Fall 2:56)
Cole Johnson (CO) fall over Stetson Ayers (NE) (Fall 0:53)
Round 2
Isaac Benedict (IA) decision over Stetson Ayers (NE) (Dec 9-2)
Cole Johnson (CO) fall over Nico Lomeli (IL) (Fall 0:51)
Round 3
Cole Johnson (CO) major decision over Isaac Benedict (IA) (Maj 13-0)
Nico Lomeli (IL) decision over Stetson Ayers (NE) (Dec 2-0)

LC 12U – 66-72
1st Place – Carter Kramer of ND
2nd Place – Kaden Joustra of IL
3rd Place – Cooper Harwell of AL
4th Place – Louis Reiter of IA
Round 1
Carter Kramer (ND) forfeit over Louis Reiter (IA) (FF)
Kaden Joustra (IL) major decision over Cooper Harwell (AL) (Maj 10-0)
Round 2
Cooper Harwell (AL) forfeit over Louis Reiter (IA) (FF)
Carter Kramer (ND) fall over Kaden Joustra (IL) (Fall 0:34)
Round 3
Kaden Joustra (IL) forfeit over Louis Reiter (IA) (FF)
Carter Kramer (ND) decision over Cooper Harwell (AL) (Dec 7-0)

LC 12U – 66-73
1st Place – Oliver Davidson of ND
2nd Place – Breckin Falb of IA
3rd Place – Noah Yakich of CO
4th Place – Ace Mead of OR
Round 1
Breckin Falb (IA) decision over Ace Mead (OR) (Dec 8-4)
Oliver Davidson (ND) decision over Noah Yakich (CO) (Dec 7-2)
Round 2
Oliver Davidson (ND) won in sudden victory – 1 over Breckin Falb (IA) (SV-1 4-2)
Noah Yakich (CO) won in sudden victory – 1 over Ace Mead (OR) (SV-1 6-4)
Round 3
Breckin Falb (IA) major decision over Noah Yakich (CO) (Maj 8-0)
Oliver Davidson (ND) forfeit over Ace Mead (OR) (FF)

LC 12U – 74-80
1st Place – Tajuan Davis of OK
2nd Place – Ryder Smith of AL
3rd Place – James Strain of TN
4th Place – Adrian Serrano of WI
Round 1
Ryder Smith (AL) won in sudden victory – 1 over James Strain (TN) (SV-1 7-5)
Tajuan Davis (OK) major decision over Adrian Serrano (WI) (Maj 9-0)
Round 2
James Strain (TN) fall over Adrian Serrano (WI) (Fall 0:48)
Tajuan Davis (OK) major decision over Ryder Smith (AL) (Maj 9-0)
Round 3
Tajuan Davis (OK) decision over James Strain (TN) (Dec 7-0)
Ryder Smith (AL) major decision over Adrian Serrano (WI) (Maj 13-1)

LC 12U – 80-84
1st Place – Kalel Winesburgh of TN
2nd Place – Carter Solt of WI
3rd Place – Jax Wilson of IA
4th Place – Chase Headlee of IL
Round 1
Kalel Winesburgh (TN) decision over Jax Wilson (IA) (Dec 6-4)
Carter Solt (WI) fall over Chase Headlee (IL) (Fall 0:20)
Round 2
Carter Solt (WI) fall over Jax Wilson (IA) (Fall 0:47)
Kalel Winesburgh (TN) fall over Chase Headlee (IL) (Fall 3:00)
Round 3
Jax Wilson (IA) decision over Chase Headlee (IL) (Dec 6-3)
Kalel Winesburgh (TN) decision over Carter Solt (WI) (Dec 5-2)

LC 12U – 82-91
1st Place – Mason Porten of IL
2nd Place – Dylan Whisler of IA
3rd Place – Everett Dorshorst of WI
4th Place – Karter Rice of ND
Round 1
Mason Porten (IL) decision over Dylan Whisler (IA) (Dec 7-4)
Everett Dorshorst (WI) won in sudden victory – 1 over Karter Rice (ND) (SV-1 2-0)
Round 2
Mason Porten (IL) forfeit over Everett Dorshorst (WI) (FF)
Dylan Whisler (IA) decision over Karter Rice (ND) (Dec 6-1)
Round 3
Mason Porten (IL) major decision over Karter Rice (ND) (Maj 11-0)
Dylan Whisler (IA) decision over Everett Dorshorst (WI) (Dec 9-4)

LC 12U – 85-90
1st Place – Diego Rea of IL
2nd Place – Steele Fury of KS
3rd Place – Ridge Kramlich of ND
4th Place – Alexander Keyes of IA
Round 1
Diego Rea (IL) forfeit over Alexander Keyes (IA) (FF)
Steele Fury (KS) decision over Ridge Kramlich (ND) (Dec 4-0)
Round 2
Diego Rea (IL) won in sudden victory – 1 over Steele Fury (KS) (SV-1 4-2)
Ridge Kramlich (ND) forfeit over Alexander Keyes (IA) (FF)
Round 3
Diego Rea (IL) decision over Ridge Kramlich (ND) (Dec 7-2)
Steele Fury (KS) forfeit over Alexander Keyes (IA) (FF)

LC 12U – 91-98
1st Place – Jack Metzler of WI
2nd Place – Torin Mcpeek of IL
3rd Place – Tate Riopel of SD
4th Place – Kayden Moore of WI
Round 1
Jack Metzler (WI) fall over Tate Riopel (SD) (Fall 2:28)
Torin Mcpeek (IL) major decision over Kayden Moore (WI) (Maj 10-0)
Round 2
Tate Riopel (SD) forfeit over Kayden Moore (WI) (FF)
Jack Metzler (WI) decision over Torin Mcpeek (IL) (Dec 2-0)
Round 3
Torin Mcpeek (IL) fall over Tate Riopel (SD) (Fall 1:33)
Jack Metzler (WI) medical forfeit over Kayden Moore (WI) (MFF)

LC 12U – 93-96
1st Place – Burke Malyurek of WY
2nd Place – Boe Davis of IA
3rd Place – Zack Anderson of ND
4th Place – Tyrese Usry of WI
Round 1
Burke Malyurek (WY) decision over Zack Anderson (ND) (Dec 6-0)
Boe Davis (IA) fall over Tyrese Usry (WI) (Fall 2:29)
Round 2
Zack Anderson (ND) fall over Tyrese Usry (WI) (Fall 2:28)
Burke Malyurek (WY) decision over Boe Davis (IA) (Dec 5-2)
Round 3
Boe Davis (IA) decision over Zack Anderson (ND) (Dec 9-3)
Burke Malyurek (WY) forfeit over Tyrese Usry (WI) (FF)

LC 12U – 97-107
1st Place – Weston Alsaker of WI
2nd Place – Rayden Kramas of WI
3rd Place – Kallen Hansen of ND
4th Place – Eli Henderson of IL
Round 1
Weston Alsaker (WI) decision over Kallen Hansen (ND) (Dec 6-0)
Rayden Kramas (WI) fall over Eli Henderson (IL) (Fall 2:29)
Round 2
Weston Alsaker (WI) decision over Rayden Kramas (WI) (Dec 2-0)
Kallen Hansen (ND) major decision over Eli Henderson (IL) (Maj 9-0)
Round 3
Weston Alsaker (WI) fall over Eli Henderson (IL) (Fall 1:37)
Rayden Kramas (WI) decision over Kallen Hansen (ND) (Dec 4-2)

LC 14U – 75-82
1st Place – Gavin Hoeft of MN
2nd Place – Brahnan Heidt of ND
3rd Place – Anthony Mendez of IL
4th Place – Qwyntan Dyer of TN
Round 1
Brahnan Heidt (ND) decision over Qwyntan Dyer (TN) (Dec 4-2)
Gavin Hoeft (MN) fall over Anthony Mendez (IL) (Fall 0:38)
Round 2
Gavin Hoeft (MN) major decision over Brahnan Heidt (ND) (Maj 12-1)
Anthony Mendez (IL) forfeit over Qwyntan Dyer (TN) (FF)
Round 3
Brahnan Heidt (ND) forfeit over Anthony Mendez (IL) (FF)
Gavin Hoeft (MN) forfeit over Qwyntan Dyer (TN) (FF)

LC 14U – 76-81
1st Place – Ryker Pruett of OR
2nd Place – Brayden Yakich of CO
3rd Place – Stephano Calderon of SC
4th Place – Gabriel Gustafson of NM
Round 1
Ryker Pruett (OR) major decision over Stephano Calderon (SC) (Maj 15-1)
Brayden Yakich (CO) major decision over Gabriel Gustafson (NM) (Maj 11-0)
Round 2
Ryker Pruett (OR) major decision over Gabriel Gustafson (NM) (Maj 11-0)
Stephano Calderon (SC) decision over Brayden Yakich (CO) (Dec 6-5)
Round 3
Brayden Yakich (CO) decision over Ryker Pruett (OR) (Dec 8-2)
Stephano Calderon (SC) decision over Gabriel Gustafson (NM) (Dec 10-3)

LC 14U – 79-80
1st Place – Tucker Miller of ND
2nd Place – Keller Otto of IL
3rd Place – Noah White of OR
4th Place – Cameron Decker of WI
Round 1
Tucker Miller (ND) fall over Noah White (OR) (Fall 0:43)
Keller Otto (IL) fall over Cameron Decker (WI) (Fall 2:22)
Round 2
Keller Otto (IL) fall over Noah White (OR) (Fall 0:31)
Tucker Miller (ND) major decision over Cameron Decker (WI) (Maj 16-5)
Round 3
Noah White (OR) medical forfeit over Cameron Decker (WI) (MFF)
Tucker Miller (ND) fall over Keller Otto (IL) (Fall 1:48)

LC 14U – 85-91
1st Place – Tyler Gerhold of IA
2nd Place – Remington Zimmerer of CO
3rd Place – Ezra Turner of ID
4th Place – Blake Schneider of ND
Round 1
Remington Zimmerer (CO) fall over Blake Schneider (ND) (Fall 1:38)
Tyler Gerhold (IA) fall over Ezra Turner (ID) (Fall 0:19)
Round 2
Tyler Gerhold (IA) fall over Blake Schneider (ND) (Fall 1:47)
Remington Zimmerer (CO) fall over Ezra Turner (ID) (Fall 1:23)
Round 3
Ezra Turner (ID) major decision over Blake Schneider (ND) (Maj 9-1)
Tyler Gerhold (IA) decision over Remington Zimmerer (CO) (Dec 4-0)

LC 14U – 90-91
1st Place – Bryer Caves of WI
2nd Place – Wyatt Mason of WY
3rd Place – Drake Sheffield of OK
4th Place – Philip Streff of NE
Round 1
Bryer Caves (WI) fall over Philip Streff (NE) (Fall 2:16)
Drake Sheffield (OK) decision over Wyatt Mason (WY) (Dec 6-2)
Round 2
Wyatt Mason (WY) decision over Philip Streff (NE) (Dec 9-5)
Bryer Caves (WI) decision over Drake Sheffield (OK) (Dec 9-6)
Round 3
Philip Streff (NE) decision over Drake Sheffield (OK) (Dec 4-1)
Bryer Caves (WI) decision over Wyatt Mason (WY) (Dec 6-3)

LC 14U – 91-96
1st Place – Jacob Kranz of MN
2nd Place – Rhys Safratowich of ND
3rd Place – Finn Stalick of WY
4th Place – Giuseppe Lomeli of IL
Round 1
Jacob Kranz (MN) fall over Giuseppe Lomeli (IL) (Fall 0:56)
Rhys Safratowich (ND) decision over Finn Stalick (WY) (Dec 1-0)
Round 2
Jacob Kranz (MN) decision over Finn Stalick (WY) (Dec 1-0)
Rhys Safratowich (ND) decision over Giuseppe Lomeli (IL) (Dec 2-0)
Round 3
Jacob Kranz (MN) decision over Rhys Safratowich (ND) (Dec 7-4)
Finn Stalick (WY) decision over Giuseppe Lomeli (IL) (Dec 1-0)

LC 14U – 93-101
1st Place – Isaiah Hackman of ND
2nd Place – Ezekiel Rodrigues of MN
3rd Place – Zachary Smith of IA
4th Place – Jace Koester of WI
Round 1
Ezekiel Rodrigues (MN) major decision over Jace Koester (WI) (Maj 11-1)
Isaiah Hackman (ND) fall over Zachary Smith (IA) (Fall 2:14)
Round 2
Zachary Smith (IA) decision over Jace Koester (WI) (Dec 6-2)
Isaiah Hackman (ND) decision over Ezekiel Rodrigues (MN) (Dec 5-4)
Round 3
Isaiah Hackman (ND) major decision over Jace Koester (WI) (Maj 12-1)
Ezekiel Rodrigues (MN) major decision over Zachary Smith (IA) (Maj 12-2)

LC 14U – 100-101
1st Place – Regan Gustafson of ND
2nd Place – Teegan Allen of CO
3rd Place – Jaydon LeNoble of WI
4th Place – Graem Keener of AL
Round 1
Regan Gustafson (ND) decision over Teegan Allen (CO) (Dec 7-0)
Jaydon LeNoble (WI) major decision over Graem Keener (AL) (Maj 10-0)
Round 2
Teegan Allen (CO) major decision over Jaydon LeNoble (WI) (Maj 11-2)
Regan Gustafson (ND) major decision over Graem Keener (AL) (Maj 9-0)
Round 3
Teegan Allen (CO) tech fall over Graem Keener (AL) (TF 15-0)
Regan Gustafson (ND) fall over Jaydon LeNoble (WI) (Fall 1:27)

LC 14U – 103-109
1st Place – Jacob Stirling of WY
2nd Place – Allison McDaniel of CO
3rd Place – Ritchie Trew of SC
4th Place – Nixon Glenn of MN
Round 1
Jacob Stirling (WY) fall over Nixon Glenn (MN) (Fall 0:19)
Allison McDaniel (CO) major decision over Ritchie Trew (SC) (Maj 12-2)
Round 2
Allison McDaniel (CO) fall over Nixon Glenn (MN) (Fall 1:17)
Jacob Stirling (WY) tech fall over Ritchie Trew (SC) (TF 16-1)
Round 3
Ritchie Trew (SC) fall over Nixon Glenn (MN) (Fall 1:51)
Jacob Stirling (WY) decision over Allison McDaniel (CO) (Dec 7-1)

LC 14U – 105-113
1st Place – Kash Long of CO
2nd Place – Cody Meyer of WI
3rd Place – Jebidiah Ebaugh of IA
4th Place – Nathaniel Moungsiharat of TN
Round 1
Cody Meyer (WI) major decision over Jebidiah Ebaugh (IA) (Maj 10-2)
Kash Long (CO) won in tie breaker – 1 over Nathaniel Moungsiharat (TN) (TB-1 4-3)
Round 2
Kash Long (CO) fall over Cody Meyer (WI) (Fall 3:00)
Jebidiah Ebaugh (IA) fall over Nathaniel Moungsiharat (TN) (Fall 1:33)
Round 3
Cody Meyer (WI) decision over Nathaniel Moungsiharat (TN) (Dec 7-1)
Kash Long (CO) decision over Jebidiah Ebaugh (IA) (Dec 7-3)

LC 14U – 108-118
1st Place – Alijah Piatz of ND
2nd Place – Cooper Feiner of WI
3rd Place – Samuel Sikora of IL
4th Place – Hunter Meredith of CO
Round 1
Samuel Sikora (IL) decision over Hunter Meredith (CO) (Dec 3-2)
Alijah Piatz (ND) fall over Cooper Feiner (WI) (Fall 0:50)
Round 2
Alijah Piatz (ND) fall over Hunter Meredith (CO) (Fall 0:35)
Cooper Feiner (WI) decision over Samuel Sikora (IL) (Dec 8-1)
Round 3
Cooper Feiner (WI) tech fall over Hunter Meredith (CO) (TF 15-0)
Alijah Piatz (ND) fall over Samuel Sikora (IL) (Fall 0:41)

LC 14U – 118-118
1st Place – Jaeger Sand of ND
2nd Place – Isaac Dunnom of WI
3rd Place – Chase O’Riley of IA
4th Place – Aiden Gemberling of IL
Round 1
Jaeger Sand (ND) fall over Chase O’Riley (IA) (Fall 2:55)
Isaac Dunnom (WI) tech fall over Aiden Gemberling (IL) (TF 17-2)
Round 2
Isaac Dunnom (WI) major decision over Chase O’Riley (IA) (Maj 10-0)
Jaeger Sand (ND) fall over Aiden Gemberling (IL) (Fall 1:46)
Round 3
Chase O’Riley (IA) decision over Aiden Gemberling (IL) (Dec 6-2)
Jaeger Sand (ND) decision over Isaac Dunnom (WI) (Dec 3-1)

LC 14U – 118-124
1st Place – Jake Buss of WI
2nd Place – Max Mulhearn of IL
3rd Place – Rolan Alvarez of IA
4th Place – Jett Atchley of ID
Round 1
Max Mulhearn (IL) fall over Rolan Alvarez (IA) (Fall 1:18)
Jake Buss (WI) fall over Jett Atchley (ID) (Fall 1:39)
Round 2
Jake Buss (WI) decision over Max Mulhearn (IL) (Dec 4-3)
Rolan Alvarez (IA) forfeit over Jett Atchley (ID) (FF)
Round 3
Max Mulhearn (IL) forfeit over Jett Atchley (ID) (FF)
Jake Buss (WI) decision over Rolan Alvarez (IA) (Dec 6-0)

LC 14U – 122-135
1st Place – Keagan Alvarez of IA
2nd Place – Riggin Sand of ND
3rd Place – Ayden Stockwell of WI
4th Place – David Benjamin of AL
Round 1
Riggin Sand (ND) fall over Ayden Stockwell (WI) (Fall 1:29)
Keagan Alvarez (IA) fall over David Benjamin (AL) (Fall 2:40)
Round 2
Ayden Stockwell (WI) forfeit over David Benjamin (AL) (FF)
Keagan Alvarez (IA) decision over Riggin Sand (ND) (Dec 7-2)
Round 3
Keagan Alvarez (IA) fall over Ayden Stockwell (WI) (Fall 2:55)
Riggin Sand (ND) forfeit over David Benjamin (AL) (FF)

LC 14U – 128-142
1st Place – Nolan Kemp of WI
2nd Place – Landon Decoteau of ND
3rd Place – Lane Pennington of IL
Round 1
Nolan Kemp (WI) fall over Landon Decoteau (ND) (Fall 1:49)
Lane Pennington (IL) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 2
Nolan Kemp (WI) fall over Lane Pennington (IL) (Fall 1:43)
Landon Decoteau (ND) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 3
Nolan Kemp (WI) received a bye () (Bye)
Landon Decoteau (ND) fall over Lane Pennington (IL) (Fall 0:53)

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