Northern Plains Freestyle Regional Championships

2023 USA Wrestling Northern Plains Freestyle Regional Championships results. Saturday, May 13 at Wisconsin Dells, WI.

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8U – 45
1st Place – Kaison Perkins of MN
Round 1
Kaison Perkins (MN) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 2
Kaison Perkins (MN) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 3
() received a bye () (Bye)

8U – 53
1st Place – Easton Werner of WI
2nd Place – Leo Nielsen of NE
3rd Place – Roman Kinsella of MN
4th Place – Wells Millard of IL
5th Place – Braxton Eller of MN
Round 1
Leo Nielsen (NE) tech fall over Roman Kinsella (MN) (TF 13-2)
Wells Millard (IL) tech fall over Braxton Eller (MN) (TF 10-0)
Round 2
Easton Werner (WI) tech fall over Braxton Eller (MN) (TF 12-1)
Leo Nielsen (NE) tech fall over Wells Millard (IL) (TF 10-0)
Round 3
Easton Werner (WI) fall over Wells Millard (IL) (Fall 0:33)
Braxton Eller (MN) decision over Roman Kinsella (MN) (Dec 10-4)
Round 4
Easton Werner (WI) fall over Roman Kinsella (MN) (Fall 0:23)
Leo Nielsen (NE) fall over Braxton Eller (MN) (Fall 0:30)
Round 5
Easton Werner (WI) fall over Leo Nielsen (NE) (Fall 1:51)
Roman Kinsella (MN) tech fall over Wells Millard (IL) (TF 10-0)

8U – 56
1st Place – Anthony Ragona of IL
2nd Place – Phillip Elson of MN
Round 1
Anthony Ragona (IL) fall over Phillip Elson (MN) (Fall 1:09)
Round 2
Anthony Ragona (IL) fall over Phillip Elson (MN) (Fall 2:55)
Round 3

8U – 62
1st Place – Nehemiah Andronic of IL
2nd Place – Samson Beyer of NE
3rd Place – Rodolfo Beltran of WI
4th Place – Mason Potts of IL
5th Place – Maximus Chambers of WI
6th Place – Jordan Benefiel of IL
1st Nehemiah Andronic (IL) tech fall over Samson Beyer (NE) (TF 13-2)
3rd Rodolfo Beltran (WI) tech fall over Mason Potts (IL) (TF 15-5)
5th Maximus Chambers (WI) fall over Jordan Benefiel (IL) (Fall 0:38)

8U – 70
1st Place – Elias Inniss of WI
2nd Place – Henry Seidl of MN
3rd Place – Gavin Schoenoff of WI
4th Place – Conrad Barber of IL
5th Place – Rylan Joustra of IL
6th Place – Ava Barber of IL
1st Elias Inniss (WI) tech fall over Henry Seidl (MN) (TF 13-2)
3rd Gavin Schoenoff (WI) decision over Conrad Barber (IL) (Dec 15-7)
5th Rylan Joustra (IL) decision over Ava Barber (IL) (Dec 14-6)

8U – 85
1st Place – Joseph Englese of IL
2nd Place – Vincent Englese of IL
3rd Place – Reed Rugroden of MN
Round 1
Joseph Englese (IL) tech fall over Reed Rugroden (MN) (TF 10-0)
Vincent Englese (IL) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 2
Reed Rugroden (MN) received a bye () (Bye)
Joseph Englese (IL) no contest over Vincent Englese (IL) (NC)
Round 3
Vincent Englese (IL) fall over Reed Rugroden (MN) (Fall 0:53)
Joseph Englese (IL) received a bye () (Bye)

10U – 49-53
1st Place – Wiley Derby of MN
2nd Place – John Reimer of WI
3rd Place – Kinsley Kothenbeutel of MN
4th Place – Darek Flores of IL
5th Place – Vince Larsen of MN
Round 1
Wiley Derby (MN) tech fall over Kinsley Kothenbeutel (MN) (TF 12-2)
John Reimer (WI) tech fall over Darek Flores (IL) (TF 14-3)
Round 2
John Reimer (WI) fall over Vince Larsen (MN) (Fall 0:28)
Wiley Derby (MN) tech fall over Darek Flores (IL) (TF 10-0)
Round 3
Darek Flores (IL) tech fall over Vince Larsen (MN) (TF 10-0)
John Reimer (WI) tech fall over Kinsley Kothenbeutel (MN) (TF 10-0)
Round 4
Kinsley Kothenbeutel (MN) tech fall over Vince Larsen (MN) (TF 10-0)
Wiley Derby (MN) tech fall over John Reimer (WI) (TF 18-7)
Round 5
Wiley Derby (MN) tech fall over Vince Larsen (MN) (TF 15-2)
Kinsley Kothenbeutel (MN) fall over Darek Flores (IL) (Fall 2:53)

10U – 56
1st Place – Spencer Mattson of MN
2nd Place – Waylon Norris of MN
3rd Place – Leah Hatfield of IA
4th Place – Ripley Smith of WI
5th Place – Rolf Olsen of WI
Round 1
Spencer Mattson (MN) fall over Waylon Norris (MN) (Fall 0:31)
Ripley Smith (WI) tech fall over Rolf Olsen (WI) (TF 16-5)
Round 2
Leah Hatfield (IA) decision over Rolf Olsen (WI) (Dec 10-2)
Spencer Mattson (MN) tech fall over Ripley Smith (WI) (TF 10-0)
Round 3
Leah Hatfield (IA) decision over Ripley Smith (WI) (Dec 11-8)
Waylon Norris (MN) tech fall over Rolf Olsen (WI) (TF 10-0)
Round 4
Waylon Norris (MN) tech fall over Leah Hatfield (IA) (TF 10-0)
Spencer Mattson (MN) fall over Rolf Olsen (WI) (Fall 0:54)
Round 5
Spencer Mattson (MN) fall over Leah Hatfield (IA) (Fall 0:42)
Waylon Norris (MN) decision over Ripley Smith (WI) (Dec 12-8)

10U – 59
1st Place – Adam Husk Jr. of WI
2nd Place – Jack Lange of IA
3rd Place – Kaiel Coleman of IL
4th Place – Kinnick Smit of SD
5th Place – Arthur Nelson of MN
Round 1
Jack Lange (IA) tech fall over Kaiel Coleman (IL) (TF 10-0)
Kinnick Smit (SD) tech fall over Arthur Nelson (MN) (TF 10-0)
Round 2
Adam Husk Jr. (WI) fall over Arthur Nelson (MN) (Fall 0:23)
Kaiel Coleman (IL) fall over Kinnick Smit (SD) (Fall 1:04)
Round 3
Adam Husk Jr. (WI) tech fall over Kinnick Smit (SD) (TF 10-0)
Jack Lange (IA) tech fall over Arthur Nelson (MN) (TF 10-0)
Round 4
Adam Husk Jr. (WI) tech fall over Jack Lange (IA) (TF 11-0)
Kaiel Coleman (IL) tech fall over Arthur Nelson (MN) (TF 15-2)
Round 5
Adam Husk Jr. (WI) fall over Kaiel Coleman (IL) (Fall 0:49)
Jack Lange (IA) fall over Kinnick Smit (SD) (Fall 0:24)

10U – 63
1st Place – Ian Weber of WI
2nd Place – Gabriel Jasso of MN
3rd Place – Easton Schut of MN
4th Place – Theodore Moyer of IL
5th Place – Coy Nielsen of NE
6th Place – Jaxsyn Walk of IA
1st Ian Weber (WI) fall over Gabriel Jasso (MN) (Fall 1:53)
3rd Easton Schut (MN) tech fall over Theodore Moyer (IL) (TF 10-0)
5th Coy Nielsen (NE) tech fall over Jaxsyn Walk (IA) (TF 10-0)

10U – 67
1st Place – Brady Stewart of WI
2nd Place – Braxton Irvine of IA
3rd Place – Logan Winchell of IL
4th Place – Bennett Davis of MN
5th Place – Ryder Mitchell of WI
6th Place – Oscar Pederson of MN
1st Brady Stewart (WI) tech fall over Braxton Irvine (IA) (TF 10-0)
3rd Logan Winchell (IL) decision over Bennett Davis (MN) (Dec 11-6)
5th Ryder Mitchell (WI) fall over Oscar Pederson (MN) (Fall 1:16)

10U – 71
1st Place – Iaromir Zhukovskii of IL
2nd Place – Dylan Ingalls of SD
3rd Place – Sebastian Gonzales of MN
4th Place – Damoni Ford of IL
5th Place – Kaileb Lambers of IL
6th Place – Timur Suyunov of IL
1st Iaromir Zhukovskii (IL) tech fall over Dylan Ingalls (SD) (TF 11-0)
3rd Sebastian Gonzales (MN) fall over Damoni Ford (IL) (Fall 0:37)
5th Kaileb Lambers (IL) forfeit over Timur Suyunov (IL) (FF)

10U – 77
1st Place – Jayce Leclaire of WI
2nd Place – Dominick Jackson of MN
3rd Place – Landon Piontek of WI
4th Place – Gideon Ayers of IL
5th Place – Logan Oakes of IA
6th Place – Bryson Wilkinson of IL
1st Jayce Leclaire (WI) decision over Dominick Jackson (MN) (Dec 10-10)
3rd Landon Piontek (WI) tech fall over Gideon Ayers (IL) (TF 13-3)
5th Logan Oakes (IA) tech fall over Bryson Wilkinson (IL) (TF 17-6)

10U – 84
1st Place – Jace Evers of MN
2nd Place – Coleman McNutt of MN
3rd Place – Maxwell Robertson of IL
4th Place – Blake Mosbach of IL
Round 1
Coleman McNutt (MN) fall over Maxwell Robertson (IL) (Fall 0:12)
Jace Evers (MN) tech fall over Blake Mosbach (IL) (TF 10-0)
Round 2
Coleman McNutt (MN) tech fall over Blake Mosbach (IL) (TF 10-0)
Jace Evers (MN) tech fall over Maxwell Robertson (IL) (TF 14-2)
Round 3
Jace Evers (MN) tech fall over Coleman McNutt (MN) (TF 10-0)
Maxwell Robertson (IL) tech fall over Blake Mosbach (IL) (TF 14-4)

10U – 93
1st Place – Dominic Englese of IL
2nd Place – Gavin Olenek of IL
3rd Place – DaMarkus Borman of IA
4th Place – Zion Mogard of IA
5th Place – Kaesen Miller of MN
Round 1
Zion Mogard (IA) tech fall over Kaesen Miller (MN) (TF 13-2)
Dominic Englese (IL) fall over Gavin Olenek (IL) (Fall 1:06)
Round 2
Gavin Olenek (IL) fall over DaMarkus Borman (IA) (Fall 3:06)
Dominic Englese (IL) fall over Kaesen Miller (MN) (Fall 0:11)
Round 3
Dominic Englese (IL) tech fall over DaMarkus Borman (IA) (TF 10-0)
Gavin Olenek (IL) tech fall over Zion Mogard (IA) (TF 10-0)
Round 4
DaMarkus Borman (IA) tech fall over Zion Mogard (IA) (TF 10-0)
Gavin Olenek (IL) tech fall over Kaesen Miller (MN) (TF 12-2)
Round 5
DaMarkus Borman (IA) tech fall over Kaesen Miller (MN) (TF 13-2)
Dominic Englese (IL) fall over Zion Mogard (IA) (Fall 1:55)

10U – 105
1st Place – Francesca Yurs of IL

10U – 120
1st Place – Lachlan Robideau of MN
2nd Place – Cash Carter of MN
3rd Place – Steele Thornton of ND
4th Place – Jett Meidl of MN
Round 1
Cash Carter (MN) tech fall over Jett Meidl (MN) (TF 10-0)
Lachlan Robideau (MN) tech fall over Steele Thornton (ND) (TF 10-0)
Round 2
Lachlan Robideau (MN) fall over Jett Meidl (MN) (Fall 2:25)
Cash Carter (MN) fall over Steele Thornton (ND) (Fall 1:16)
Round 3
Steele Thornton (ND) tech fall over Jett Meidl (MN) (TF 11-0)
Lachlan Robideau (MN) fall over Cash Carter (MN) (Fall 0:31)

12U – 63
1st Place – Beckett Moyer of IA
2nd Place – Giovonni Nix of IL
3rd Place – Kamden Gallus of MN
4th Place – Isaac Benedict of IA
5th Place – Reed Akkerman of WI
6th Place – Elizabeth Carlson of MN
1st Beckett Moyer (IA) fall over Giovonni Nix (IL) (Fall 1:47)
3rd Kamden Gallus (MN) tech fall over Isaac Benedict (IA) (TF 10-0)
5th Reed Akkerman (WI) tech fall over Elizabeth Carlson (MN) (TF 10-0)

12U – 67
1st Place – Lucas Allison of NE
2nd Place – Freyda Nelson of MN
3rd Place – Colton Steingraber of WI
4th Place – Kyzer Eller of MN
Round 1
Lucas Allison (NE) decision over Freyda Nelson (MN) (Dec 12-3)
Colton Steingraber (WI) tech fall over Kyzer Eller (MN) (TF 11-0)
Round 2
Freyda Nelson (MN) tech fall over Kyzer Eller (MN) (TF 12-2)
Lucas Allison (NE) tech fall over Colton Steingraber (WI) (TF 12-1)
Round 3
Freyda Nelson (MN) tech fall over Colton Steingraber (WI) (TF 16-5)
Lucas Allison (NE) tech fall over Kyzer Eller (MN) (TF 10-0)

12U – 70
1st Place – Colton Hamill of WI
2nd Place – Brycen Kothenbeutel of MN
3rd Place – Teddy Millard of IL
Round 1
Colton Hamill (WI) received a bye () (Bye)
Brycen Kothenbeutel (MN) tech fall over Teddy Millard (IL) (TF 12-2)
Round 2
Colton Hamill (WI) tech fall over Teddy Millard (IL) (TF 10-0)
Brycen Kothenbeutel (MN) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 3
Colton Hamill (WI) tech fall over Brycen Kothenbeutel (MN) (TF 10-0)
Teddy Millard (IL) received a bye () (Bye)

12U – 74
1st Place – Elijah Nadig of IL
2nd Place – Kamdyn Goulet of ND
3rd Place – Rett Huerta of MN
4th Place – Ivan Larsen of MN
5th Place – Sam Smith of IA
6th Place – Colby Even of SD
1st Elijah Nadig (IL) tech fall over Kamdyn Goulet (ND) (TF 10-0)
3rd Rett Huerta (MN) tech fall over Ivan Larsen (MN) (TF 10-0)
5th Sam Smith (IA) tech fall over Colby Even (SD) (TF 12-2)

12U – 78
1st Place – Kai McDonald of IA
2nd Place – Zeke Mikolyzk of MN
3rd Place – Cael Vander Broek of SD
4th Place – Colin Weber of WI
5th Place – Hunter Houle of MN
6th Place – Jonah Aadland of SD
1st Kai McDonald (IA) tech fall over Zeke Mikolyzk (MN) (TF 10-0)
3rd Cael Vander Broek (SD) fall over Colin Weber (WI) (Fall 2:27)
5th Hunter Houle (MN) tech fall over Jonah Aadland (SD) (TF 10-0)

12U – 82
1st Place – Chase Lawrence of MN
2nd Place – Hunter Erdmann of WI
3rd Place – Bo Link of IA
4th Place – Reece Vendegna of WI
5th Place – Joshua Sanders of IN
6th Place – Tj Richardson of MN
1st Chase Lawrence (MN) tech fall over Hunter Erdmann (WI) (TF 10-0)
3rd Bo Link (IA) tech fall over Reece Vendegna (WI) (TF 10-0)
5th Joshua Sanders (IN) tech fall over Tj Richardson (MN) (TF 16-5)

12U – 86
1st Place – Declan Dahl of MN
2nd Place – Sam Dagel of MN
3rd Place – Maddux Rabczak of IL
4th Place – Adonis Washington of IL
5th Place – Randy Justesen of IA
6th Place – Everett Dorshorst of WI
1st Declan Dahl (MN) decision over Sam Dagel (MN) (Dec 4-3)
3rd Maddux Rabczak (IL) tech fall over Adonis Washington (IL) (TF 10-0)
5th Randy Justesen (IA) tech fall over Everett Dorshorst (WI) (TF 10-0)

12U – 92
1st Place – Levi Halbert of NE
2nd Place – Anthony Schoeller of MN
3rd Place – Bentley Holmes of NE
4th Place – Caleb Cushman of IL
5th Place – Parker Madison of MN
Round 1
Levi Halbert (NE) fall over Anthony Schoeller (MN) (Fall 2:29)
Bentley Holmes (NE) fall over Parker Madison (MN) (Fall 1:40)
Round 2
Caleb Cushman (IL) fall over Parker Madison (MN) (Fall 2:37)
Anthony Schoeller (MN) decision over Bentley Holmes (NE) (Dec 12-9)
Round 3
Bentley Holmes (NE) fall over Caleb Cushman (IL) (Fall 1:15)
Levi Halbert (NE) tech fall over Parker Madison (MN) (TF 10-0)
Round 4
Levi Halbert (NE) tech fall over Caleb Cushman (IL) (TF 10-0)
Anthony Schoeller (MN) fall over Parker Madison (MN) (Fall 0:17)
Round 5
Anthony Schoeller (MN) fall over Caleb Cushman (IL) (Fall 0:47)
Levi Halbert (NE) fall over Bentley Holmes (NE) (Fall 0:13)

12U – 98
1st Place – Jeremiah Hayes of IL
2nd Place – Jacob Penzkover of WI
3rd Place – Jaxon Petersen of NE
4th Place – Jack Metzler of WI
Round 1
Jaxon Petersen (NE) fall over Jack Metzler (WI) (Fall 0:45)
Jeremiah Hayes (IL) fall over Jacob Penzkover (WI) (Fall 3:54)
Round 2
Jacob Penzkover (WI) fall over Jack Metzler (WI) (Fall 0:43)
Jeremiah Hayes (IL) decision over Jaxon Petersen (NE) (Dec 13-6)
Round 3
Jeremiah Hayes (IL) fall over Jack Metzler (WI) (Fall 0:37)
Jacob Penzkover (WI) tech fall over Jaxon Petersen (NE) (TF 10-0)

12U – 108
1st Place – Maximus Pearch of IL
2nd Place – Reid Nicklay of WI
3rd Place – Cody Vancura of MN
Round 1
Reid Nicklay (WI) received a bye () (Bye)
Maximus Pearch (IL) tech fall over Cody Vancura (MN) (TF 11-0)
Round 2
Maximus Pearch (IL) decision over Reid Nicklay (WI) (Dec 15-8)
Cody Vancura (MN) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 3
Reid Nicklay (WI) injury default over Cody Vancura (MN) (Inj. 0:00)
Maximus Pearch (IL) received a bye () (Bye)

12U – 117
1st Place – Jason Heiser of WI
2nd Place – Owen Floral of IL
3rd Place – Michael Alexander of MN
4th Place – Logan Gonzalez of IL
Round 1
Jason Heiser (WI) tech fall over Logan Gonzalez (IL) (TF 10-0)
Owen Floral (IL) fall over Michael Alexander (MN) (Fall 1:33)
Round 2
Jason Heiser (WI) fall over Owen Floral (IL) (Fall 2:39)
Michael Alexander (MN) fall over Logan Gonzalez (IL) (Fall 0:14)
Round 3
Jason Heiser (WI) fall over Michael Alexander (MN) (Fall 0:39)
Owen Floral (IL) fall over Logan Gonzalez (IL) (Fall 0:33)

12U – 135
1st Place – Tucker Mosbach of IL
2nd Place – David Pointer Jr of IL
Round 1
Tucker Mosbach (IL) decision over David Pointer Jr (IL) (Dec 16-8)
Round 2
Tucker Mosbach (IL) tech fall over David Pointer Jr (IL) (TF 10-0)
Round 3

12U – 160
1st Place – Bobby McNutt of MN
2nd Place – Logan Noto of WI
3rd Place – Pablo Juarez of WI
Round 1
Bobby McNutt (MN) fall over Pablo Juarez (WI) (Fall 0:15)
Logan Noto (WI) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 2
Bobby McNutt (MN) received a bye () (Bye)
Logan Noto (WI) fall over Pablo Juarez (WI) (Fall 0:57)
Round 3
Bobby McNutt (MN) tech fall over Logan Noto (WI) (TF 12-1)
Pablo Juarez (WI) received a bye () (Bye)

14U – 71
1st Place – Johnathan Thompson of IA
2nd Place – Eldon Roth of WI
3rd Place – Dominic DeMarco of IL
4th Place – Knox Ayala of IA
5th Place – Parker Wingen of SD
6th Place – Aden Spinelli of IL
1st Johnathan Thompson (IA) tech fall over Eldon Roth (WI) (TF 12-2)
3rd Dominic DeMarco (IL) decision over Knox Ayala (IA) (Dec 10-5)
5th Parker Wingen (SD) fall over Aden Spinelli (IL) (Fall 2:37)

14U – 77
1st Place – Ty Martin of IA
2nd Place – Hogan Rice of IL
3rd Place – Michael McNamara of IL
4th Place – Treyden Diduch of IL
5th Place – Ryan Fuenffinger of MN
6th Place – McCoy Marthaler of MN
1st Ty Martin (IA) decision over Hogan Rice (IL) (Dec 9-9)
3rd Michael McNamara (IL) decision over Treyden Diduch (IL) (Dec 10-6)
5th Ryan Fuenffinger (MN) decision over McCoy Marthaler (MN) (Dec 6-4)

14U – 83
1st Place – Cruz Gannon of IA
2nd Place – Erik Klichurov of IL
3rd Place – Damien Yeoman of IA
4th Place – Brodey Lewis of WI
5th Place – Gavin Hoeft of MN
6th Place – Cam Whitehead of IL
1st Cruz Gannon (IA) decision over Erik Klichurov (IL) (Dec 10-3)
3rd Damien Yeoman (IA) decision over Brodey Lewis (WI) (Dec 9-6)
5th Gavin Hoeft (MN) fall over Cam Whitehead (IL) (Fall 0:59)

14U – 87
1st Place – Tanner Stone of IL
2nd Place – Kyle Menuez of CO
3rd Place – Cayden Engel of NE
4th Place – Braylon Schell of SD
5th Place – Christian Corcoran of IL
6th Place – Beckett Edstrom of MN
1st Tanner Stone (IL) tech fall over Kyle Menuez (CO) (TF 16-4)
3rd Cayden Engel (NE) tech fall over Braylon Schell (SD) (TF 18-7)
5th Christian Corcoran (IL) fall over Beckett Edstrom (MN) (Fall 1:42)

14U – 92
1st Place – Braeden Hamill of WI
2nd Place – Nikolas Duarte of IL
3rd Place – Kolten Bollig of WI
4th Place – Karson Wuebker of IA
5th Place – Lincoln Swick of WI
6th Place – Colton Schultz of IL
1st Braeden Hamill (WI) tech fall over Nikolas Duarte (IL) (TF 15-2)
3rd Kolten Bollig (WI) tech fall over Karson Wuebker (IA) (TF 14-3)
5th Lincoln Swick (WI) tech fall over Colton Schultz (IL) (TF 12-1)

14U – 97
1st Place – Zahn Beal of WI
2nd Place – Adrian Mincey of MN
3rd Place – Cooper Mathews of CO
4th Place – Rex Ayshford of MN
5th Place – Daniel Myint of IL
6th Place – Jaimon Mogard of IA
1st Zahn Beal (WI) tech fall over Adrian Mincey (MN) (TF 10-0)
3rd Cooper Mathews (CO) tech fall over Rex Ayshford (MN) (TF 10-0)
5th Daniel Myint (IL) fall over Jaimon Mogard (IA) (Fall 1:00)

14U – 102
1st Place – Martez Sheard of WI
2nd Place – Kayden Eller of MN
3rd Place – Hendrix Schwab of IA
4th Place – Zeke Ranvek of MN
5th Place – Logan Refsnider of MN
6th Place – Aidan McClure of IL
1st Martez Sheard (WI) tech fall over Kayden Eller (MN) (TF 19-9)
3rd Hendrix Schwab (IA) tech fall over Zeke Ranvek (MN) (TF 10-0)
5th Logan Refsnider (MN) decision over Aidan McClure (IL) (Dec 9-3)

14U – 106
1st Place – Mathew Prine of IA
2nd Place – Devin Ehler of IL
3rd Place – Alexander Shvartsman of IL
4th Place – Anthony Brown of IL
5th Place – Dominic Olson of NE
6th Place – Isaac Foster of WI
1st Mathew Prine (IA) fall over Devin Ehler (IL) (Fall 1:04)
3rd Alexander Shvartsman (IL) decision over Anthony Brown (IL) (Dec 14-5)
5th Dominic Olson (NE) fall over Isaac Foster (WI) (Fall 1:17)

14U – 110
1st Place – Benjamin Nadig of IL
2nd Place – Adante Washington of IL
3rd Place – Shane Stream of IL
4th Place – Brock Claypool of IL
5th Place – Maxum Rodgers of NE
6th Place – Matthew Laird of IL
1st Benjamin Nadig (IL) fall over Adante Washington (IL) (Fall 2:36)
3rd Shane Stream (IL) fall over Brock Claypool (IL) (Fall 2:00)
5th Maxum Rodgers (NE) decision over Matthew Laird (IL) (Dec 8-1)

14U – 114
1st Place – Lincoln Robideau of MN
2nd Place – Alexander Penzkover of WI
3rd Place – Tyler Paulson of WI
4th Place – John Hanrahan of IL
5th Place – Brett Johnson of IA
6th Place – Miklo Hernandez of MN
1st Lincoln Robideau (MN) tech fall over Alexander Penzkover (WI) (TF 10-0)
3rd Tyler Paulson (WI) tech fall over John Hanrahan (IL) (TF 12-0)
5th Brett Johnson (IA) fall over Miklo Hernandez (MN) (Fall 3:58)

14U – 119
1st Place – Aiden Arnett of IL
2nd Place – Hayden Hutt of IA
3rd Place – Forrest Uhing of NE
4th Place – Mason Moscho of MN
5th Place – Carter Ridgeway of WI
6th Place – Finley Hilyar of MN
1st Aiden Arnett (IL) tech fall over Hayden Hutt (IA) (TF 16-6)
3rd Forrest Uhing (NE) decision over Mason Moscho (MN) (Dec 9-2)
5th Carter Ridgeway (WI) fall over Finley Hilyar (MN) (Fall 1:45)

14U – 125
1st Place – Thomas Banas of IL
2nd Place – Collin Hamm of WI
3rd Place – Christian Bass of WI
4th Place – Jacob Lootans Jr. of WI
5th Place – Samuel Cushman of IL
6th Place – Mykell Rodgers of WI
1st Thomas Banas (IL) tech fall over Collin Hamm (WI) (TF 10-0)
3rd Christian Bass (WI) decision over Jacob Lootans Jr. (WI) (Dec 10-6)
5th Samuel Cushman (IL) fall over Mykell Rodgers (WI) (Fall 1:30)

14U – 130
1st Place – Ethan Sonne of IL
2nd Place – Davian Hall of IL
3rd Place – Kadin Martin of MN
4th Place – Braden Shoemaker of SD
5th Place – Easton Kammerud of WI
6th Place – Brannick Alexander of IL
1st Ethan Sonne (IL) tech fall over Davian Hall (IL) (TF 10-0)
3rd Kadin Martin (MN) tech fall over Braden Shoemaker (SD) (TF 10-0)
5th Easton Kammerud (WI) forfeit over Brannick Alexander (IL) (FF)

14U – 136
1st Place – Tomm Heiser of WI
2nd Place – Maddox Slater of ND
3rd Place – Owen Schacht of WI
4th Place – Zane Engels of MN
5th Place – William Fullhart of IA
6th Place – Destan Skelly of MN
1st Tomm Heiser (WI) decision over Maddox Slater (ND) (Dec 16-9)
3rd Owen Schacht (WI) fall over Zane Engels (MN) (Fall 0:44)
5th William Fullhart (IA) decision over Destan Skelly (MN) (Dec 18-14)

14U – 149
1st Place – Parker Casey of IA
2nd Place – Elias Reed of WI
3rd Place – Radic Dvorak of IL
4th Place – Tate Sailer of ND
5th Place – Henrik Sperlazza of MN
6th Place – Sawyer Ellis of WI
1st Parker Casey (IA) tech fall over Elias Reed (WI) (TF 10-0)
3rd Radic Dvorak (IL) decision over Tate Sailer (ND) (Dec 19-15)
5th Henrik Sperlazza (MN) decision over Sawyer Ellis (WI) (Dec 10-5)

14U – 165
1st Place – Isaac Barrientos of IL
2nd Place – Corey Robinson of IL
3rd Place – Gavin Glaser of WI
4th Place – Lincoln Marr of MN
5th Place – Noah Stout of IL
6th Place – Gregory Varela of CA
1st Isaac Barrientos (IL) tech fall over Corey Robinson (IL) (TF 11-0)
3rd Gavin Glaser (WI) decision over Lincoln Marr (MN) (Dec 12-9)
5th Noah Stout (IL) decision over Gregory Varela (CA) (Dec 6-2)

14U – 187
1st Place – Owen Johnson of MN
2nd Place – Jacksyn Windham of IL
3rd Place – Zeke Lehrke of WI
4th Place – Tucker Miller of MO
5th Place – Jack Praska of ND
6th Place – Fernando Anaya of IL
1st Owen Johnson (MN) tech fall over Jacksyn Windham (IL) (TF 10-0)
3rd Zeke Lehrke (WI) fall over Tucker Miller (MO) (Fall 0:32)
5th Jack Praska (ND) injury default over Fernando Anaya (IL) (Inj. 0:00)

14U – 250
1st Place – Andrew Olson of MN
2nd Place – Shane Falasca of IL
3rd Place – Zavian Turner of IL
4th Place – Darrell Bibbs of IL
Round 1
Andrew Olson (MN) tech fall over Darrell Bibbs (IL) (TF 12-1)
Shane Falasca (IL) tech fall over Zavian Turner (IL) (TF 10-0)
Round 2
Andrew Olson (MN) tech fall over Zavian Turner (IL) (TF 10-0)
Shane Falasca (IL) tech fall over Darrell Bibbs (IL) (TF 10-0)
Round 3
Andrew Olson (MN) tech fall over Shane Falasca (IL) (TF 11-0)
Zavian Turner (IL) tech fall over Darrell Bibbs (IL) (TF 13-2)

16U – 88
1st Place – Vincent DeMarco of IL
2nd Place – Landon Thoennes of MN
3rd Place – Bryson Busler of WI
4th Place – Niko Odiotti of IL
5th Place – Trace Rial of IA
6th Place – Zander Manz of IA
1st Vincent DeMarco (IL) decision over Landon Thoennes (MN) (Dec 12-8)
3rd Bryson Busler (WI) decision over Niko Odiotti (IL) (Dec 11-5)
5th Trace Rial (IA) decision over Zander Manz (IA) (Dec 7-6)

16U – 94
1st Place – Allen Woo of IL
2nd Place – Nico DeSalvo of IA
3rd Place – Easton Enyeart of IA
4th Place – Kaiden Belinsky of IA
5th Place – Logan Conover of IL
6th Place – Dominic Pasquale of IL
1st Allen Woo (IL) decision over Nico DeSalvo (IA) (Dec 11-5)
3rd Easton Enyeart (IA) tech fall over Kaiden Belinsky (IA) (TF 10-0)
5th Logan Conover (IL) decision over Dominic Pasquale (IL) (Dec 7-4)

16U – 100
1st Place – Liam Collins of MN
2nd Place – Aiden Hahn of MO
3rd Place – Isaac Wignall of IA
4th Place – Landen Bogard of WI
5th Place – Kaleb Pratt of IL
6th Place – Teghan Moore of WI
1st Liam Collins (MN) fall over Aiden Hahn (MO) (Fall 0:32)
3rd Isaac Wignall (IA) tech fall over Landen Bogard (WI) (TF 10-0)
5th Kaleb Pratt (IL) tech fall over Teghan Moore (WI) (TF 13-2)

16U – 106
1st Place – Joel Friederichs of MN
2nd Place – Jamiel Castleberry of IL
3rd Place – Nicholas Garcia of IL
4th Place – Zaiyahn Ornelas of NE
5th Place – Justin Williamson of IN
6th Place – Owen LaRose of MN
1st Joel Friederichs (MN) fall over Jamiel Castleberry (IL) (Fall 2:57)
3rd Nicholas Garcia (IL) decision over Zaiyahn Ornelas (NE) (Dec 8-3)
5th Justin Williamson (IN) decision over Owen LaRose (MN) (Dec 6-3)

16U – 113
1st Place – Carter Pearson of IA
2nd Place – Bruno Cassioppi of IL
3rd Place – Titan Friederichs of MN
4th Place – Nicolas Enzminger of ND
5th Place – Rocco Cassioppi of IL
6th Place – Demetrios Carrera of IL
1st Carter Pearson (IA) tech fall over Bruno Cassioppi (IL) (TF 10-0)
3rd Titan Friederichs (MN) tech fall over Nicolas Enzminger (ND) (TF 11-0)
5th Rocco Cassioppi (IL) decision over Demetrios Carrera (IL) (Dec 4-4)

16U – 120
1st Place – Dawson Youngblut of IA
2nd Place – Dale Corbin of WI
3rd Place – Chase Mills of MN
4th Place – Carter Katherman of MN
5th Place – Tyler Turzinski of MN
6th Place – Trey Beissel of MN
1st Dawson Youngblut (IA) decision over Dale Corbin (WI) (Dec 2-1)
3rd Chase Mills (MN) tech fall over Carter Katherman (MN) (TF 10-0)
5th Tyler Turzinski (MN) decision over Trey Beissel (MN) (Dec 6-2)

16U – 126
1st Place – Maximus Riggins of IA
2nd Place – Zytavius Williams of MN
3rd Place – Isaiah Jones of OK
4th Place – Deven Casey of IL
5th Place – Presley Johnson of MO
6th Place – Jackson Refsnider of MN
1st Maximus Riggins (IA) tech fall over Zytavius Williams (MN) (TF 12-2)
3rd Isaiah Jones (OK) decision over Deven Casey (IL) (Dec 6-2)
5th Presley Johnson (MO) tech fall over Jackson Refsnider (MN) (TF 10-0)

16U – 132
1st Place – Davis Parrow of MN
2nd Place – Connor Peterson of MN
3rd Place – Declan Koch of WI
4th Place – Carson Weber of IL
5th Place – Cade Aaberg of WI
6th Place – Ethan Immel of WI
1st Davis Parrow (MN) decision over Connor Peterson (MN) (Dec 9-4)
3rd Declan Koch (WI) decision over Carson Weber (IL) (Dec 8-5)
5th Cade Aaberg (WI) tech fall over Ethan Immel (WI) (TF 12-2)

16U – 138
1st Place – Jackson Tucker of MO
2nd Place – Donavon Allen of IL
3rd Place – Jacob Herm of WI
4th Place – Mason Petersen of NE
5th Place – Justis Jesuroga of IA
6th Place – Easton Dircks of MN
1st Jackson Tucker (MO) tech fall over Donavon Allen (IL) (TF 11-0)
3rd Jacob Herm (WI) fall over Mason Petersen (NE) (Fall 2:00)
5th Justis Jesuroga (IA) injury default over Easton Dircks (MN) (Inj. 0:00)

16U – 145
1st Place – Daniel Heiser of WI
2nd Place – Cooper Rowe of MN
3rd Place – Kyler Walters of MN
4th Place – Colton Weiler of WI
5th Place – Gabriel Metzler of WI
6th Place – Jd Minder-Broeckaert of WI
1st Daniel Heiser (WI) decision over Cooper Rowe (MN) (Dec 12-6)
3rd Kyler Walters (MN) decision over Colton Weiler (WI) (Dec 10-8)
5th Gabriel Metzler (WI) tech fall over Jd Minder-Broeckaert (WI) (TF 13-2)

16U – 152
1st Place – Jaxon Miller of IA
2nd Place – Jimmy Mastny of IL
3rd Place – Jarrett Wadsen of MN
4th Place – Keaton Moeller of IA
5th Place – Brody Kelly of IL
6th Place – Noah Gonzalez of MO
1st Jaxon Miller (IA) fall over Jimmy Mastny (IL) (Fall 1:39)
3rd Jarrett Wadsen (MN) decision over Keaton Moeller (IA) (Dec 9-0)
5th Brody Kelly (IL) decision over Noah Gonzalez (MO) (Dec 13-11)

16U – 160
1st Place – Eli Leonard of WI
2nd Place – Bradley Rodriguez-Little of MN
3rd Place – Luke Hayden of MO
4th Place – Jackson Barron of MN
5th Place – Ayden Miner of MN
6th Place – Elijah Terrell of WI
1st Eli Leonard (WI) decision over Bradley Rodriguez-Little (MN) (Dec 8-6)
3rd Luke Hayden (MO) decision over Jackson Barron (MN) (Dec 8-6)
5th Ayden Miner (MN) tech fall over Elijah Terrell (WI) (TF 20-9)

16U – 170
1st Place – Luke Hoag of MN
2nd Place – Eli Larson of IL
3rd Place – Ethan Swenson of MN
4th Place – Isaac Clauson of IL
5th Place – Elijah Schunke of SD
6th Place – Roman Villalobos of IL
1st Luke Hoag (MN) tech fall over Eli Larson (IL) (TF 10-0)
3rd Ethan Swenson (MN) tech fall over Isaac Clauson (IL) (TF 10-0)
5th Elijah Schunke (SD) fall over Roman Villalobos (IL) (Fall 3:38)

16U – 182
1st Place – William Ward of ND
2nd Place – Hunter Eastin of IL
3rd Place – Jackson Rotterman of MO
4th Place – Breyson Kelley of WI
5th Place – Max Morgan of MN
6th Place – Henry Rydwelski of IL
1st William Ward (ND) decision over Hunter Eastin (IL) (Dec 7-4)
3rd Jackson Rotterman (MO) fall over Breyson Kelley (WI) (Fall 1:40)
5th Max Morgan (MN) fall over Henry Rydwelski (IL) (Fall 3:21)

16U – 195
1st Place – Dreshaun Ross of IA
2nd Place – Evan McGuire of MN
3rd Place – Tyson Martin of WI
4th Place – Jacob Duitsman of MN
5th Place – Cole Dunlavy of SD
6th Place – Ben Schultz of MN
1st Dreshaun Ross (IA) tech fall over Evan McGuire (MN) (TF 10-0)
3rd Tyson Martin (WI) tech fall over Jacob Duitsman (MN) (TF 12-2)
5th Cole Dunlavy (SD) forfeit over Ben Schultz (MN) (FF)

16U – 220
1st Place – Garett Kawczynski of WI
2nd Place – Caleb Kurtti of MN
3rd Place – Joseph Favia of IL
4th Place – Makhi Rodgers of WI
5th Place – Cael Leisgang of WI
6th Place – Nehemiah Lendobeja of WI
1st Garett Kawczynski (WI) tech fall over Caleb Kurtti (MN) (TF 10-0)
3rd Joseph Favia (IL) tech fall over Makhi Rodgers (WI) (TF 10-0)
5th Cael Leisgang (WI) decision over Nehemiah Lendobeja (WI) (Dec 4-1)

16U – 285
1st Place – Cooper Martinson of IA
2nd Place – Hayden Skillings of MN
3rd Place – Micah Hach of SD
4th Place – Vincent Halliday of MN
5th Place – Jack Bauer of MN
6th Place – Eric Stouder of ND
1st Cooper Martinson (IA) fall over Hayden Skillings (MN) (Fall 2:29)
3rd Micah Hach (SD) fall over Vincent Halliday (MN) (Fall 1:43)
5th Jack Bauer (MN) decision over Eric Stouder (ND) (Dec 6-0)

Junior – 100
1st Place – Elijah Hyet of IA
2nd Place – Jaxsen Vestal of IA
3rd Place – Samuel Sikorsky of IL
Round 1
Jaxsen Vestal (IA) received a bye () (Bye)
Elijah Hyet (IA) tech fall over Samuel Sikorsky (IL) (TF 12-2)
Round 2
Elijah Hyet (IA) received a bye () (Bye)
Jaxsen Vestal (IA) tech fall over Samuel Sikorsky (IL) (TF 10-0)
Round 3
Samuel Sikorsky (IL) received a bye () (Bye)
Elijah Hyet (IA) tech fall over Jaxsen Vestal (IA) (TF 16-5)

Junior – 106
1st Place – Cole Welte of NE
2nd Place – Grayson Kongkaeow of IL
3rd Place – Taye Jordan of IA
4th Place – Ethan Dimos of OH
5th Place – Kendall Booker of MN
6th Place – William Mattert of WI
1st Cole Welte (NE) tech fall over Grayson Kongkaeow (IL) (TF 16-6)
3rd Taye Jordan (IA) fall over Ethan Dimos (OH) (Fall 3:00)
5th Kendall Booker (MN) fall over William Mattert (WI) (Fall 0:13)

Junior – 113
1st Place – Dru Ayala of IA
2nd Place – Jacob Fitzpatrick of MN
3rd Place – Connor Fiser of IA
4th Place – Logan Schwanz of MN
5th Place – Lawson Eller of MN
6th Place – Cole Gentsch of IL
1st Dru Ayala (IA) tech fall over Jacob Fitzpatrick (MN) (TF 17-6)
3rd Connor Fiser (IA) fall over Logan Schwanz (MN) (Fall 0:19)
5th Lawson Eller (MN) fall over Cole Gentsch (IL) (Fall 2:20)

Junior – 120
1st Place – Carson Doolittle of IA
2nd Place – Liam Neitzel of WI
3rd Place – Blake Beissel of MN
4th Place – Luke Koenen of MN
5th Place – Lincoln Flayter of WI
6th Place – Griffin Rial of CO
1st Carson Doolittle (IA) decision over Liam Neitzel (WI) (Dec 15-10)
3rd Blake Beissel (MN) tech fall over Luke Koenen (MN) (TF 10-0)
5th Lincoln Flayter (WI) fall over Griffin Rial (CO) (Fall 5:08)

Junior – 126
1st Place – Benjamin Bast of WI
2nd Place – Ostin Blanchard of WI
3rd Place – Joshua Vazquez of IL
4th Place – Theodore Flores of IL
5th Place – Benjamin DeForest of ND
6th Place – Charles Vanier of MN
1st Benjamin Bast (WI) fall over Ostin Blanchard (WI) (Fall 1:30)
3rd Joshua Vazquez (IL) decision over Theodore Flores (IL) (Dec 13-4)
5th Benjamin DeForest (ND) decision over Charles Vanier (MN) (Dec 20-15)

Junior – 132
1st Place – Logan Swensen of MN
2nd Place – Massey Odiotti of IL
3rd Place – Zachary Parisi of IL
4th Place – Collin McDowell of WI
5th Place – Jack Bainbridge of MN
6th Place – Olin Walker of IL
1st Logan Swensen (MN) tech fall over Massey Odiotti (IL) (TF 10-0)
3rd Zachary Parisi (IL) decision over Collin McDowell (WI) (Dec 13-11)
5th Jack Bainbridge (MN) decision over Olin Walker (IL) (Dec 24-24)

Junior – 138
1st Place – Rhett Koenig of WI
2nd Place – William Baysingar of IL
3rd Place – Jack Nelson of MN
4th Place – Hunter Hollingsworth of OK
5th Place – Ayson Rice of SD
6th Place – Dylan Louwagie of MN
1st Rhett Koenig (WI) decision over William Baysingar (IL) (Dec 4-3)
3rd Jack Nelson (MN) tech fall over Hunter Hollingsworth (OK) (TF 14-1)
5th Ayson Rice (SD) tech fall over Dylan Louwagie (MN) (TF 10-0)

Junior – 145
1st Place – Alex Braun of MN
2nd Place – Corbin Ramos of WI
3rd Place – McKinley Robbins of IA
4th Place – Noah Manuel Tapia of IL
5th Place – Jayden Haueter of MN
6th Place – Nolan Ambrose of MN
1st Alex Braun (MN) decision over Corbin Ramos (WI) (Dec 12-10)
3rd McKinley Robbins (IA) decision over Noah Manuel Tapia (IL) (Dec 12-5)
5th Jayden Haueter (MN) injury default over Nolan Ambrose (MN) (Inj. 0:00)

Junior – 152
1st Place – Leandro (lj) Araujo of ND
2nd Place – Matthew Randolph of MN
3rd Place – David Mayora of IL
4th Place – Brett Skaug of WI
5th Place – Tj Schierl of WI
6th Place – Joseph Kennedy of MN
1st Leandro (lj) Araujo (ND) tech fall over Matthew Randolph (MN) (TF 15-4)
3rd David Mayora (IL) decision over Brett Skaug (WI) (Dec 9-7)
5th Tj Schierl (WI) tech fall over Joseph Kennedy (MN) (TF 10-0)

Junior – 160
1st Place – Brent Slade of IA
2nd Place – Colton Bornholdt of MN
3rd Place – Griffin Lundeen of MN
4th Place – Charles Petit of MN
5th Place – Tristan Steldt of WI
6th Place – Grant Kress of IA
1st Brent Slade (IA) tech fall over Colton Bornholdt (MN) (TF 10-0)
3rd Griffin Lundeen (MN) decision over Charles Petit (MN) (Dec 13-11)
5th Tristan Steldt (WI) fall over Grant Kress (IA) (Fall 5:06)

Junior – 170
1st Place – Talon McCollom of OK
2nd Place – Noah Torgerson of MN
3rd Place – Travis Smith of MN
4th Place – Jacob Fistler of IA
5th Place – Henry Reilly of NE
6th Place – Tyler Martinez of IL
1st Talon McCollom (OK) fall over Noah Torgerson (MN) (Fall 0:42)
3rd Travis Smith (MN) fall over Jacob Fistler (IA) (Fall 1:28)
5th Henry Reilly (NE) tech fall over Tyler Martinez (IL) (TF 15-4)

Junior – 182
1st Place – Cole Han-Lindemyer of MN
2nd Place – Marco Christiansen of MN
3rd Place – Marcell Booth of MN
4th Place – Jackson Van Kley of IA
5th Place – Amare Overton of IL
6th Place – Maximus Hanson of MN
1st Cole Han-Lindemyer (MN) tech fall over Marco Christiansen (MN) (TF 10-0)
3rd Marcell Booth (MN) tech fall over Jackson Van Kley (IA) (TF 14-4)
5th Amare Overton (IL) decision over Maximus Hanson (MN) (Dec 23-16)

Junior – 195
1st Place – Quinlan Morgan of MN
2nd Place – Ryder Depies of WI
3rd Place – Quinn Herbert of IL
4th Place – Cole Matulenko of IL
5th Place – Ben Kienbaum of WI
6th Place – Luke Statz of WI
1st Quinlan Morgan (MN) fall over Ryder Depies (WI) (Fall 4:44)
3rd Quinn Herbert (IL) fall over Cole Matulenko (IL) (Fall 2:12)
5th Ben Kienbaum (WI) injury default over Luke Statz (WI) (Inj. 0:00)

Junior – 220
1st Place – Nick Nosler of IL
2nd Place – Noah Wenzel of IL
3rd Place – Jared Thiry of IA
4th Place – Cy Kruse of MN
5th Place – Jesus Gonzalez of WI
6th Place – Ian Larrabee of MN
1st Nick Nosler (IL) tech fall over Noah Wenzel (IL) (TF 10-0)
3rd Jared Thiry (IA) decision over Cy Kruse (MN) (Dec 7-4)
5th Jesus Gonzalez (WI) fall over Ian Larrabee (MN) (Fall 1:09)

Junior – 285
1st Place – Navarro Schunke of SD
2nd Place – Soren Herzog of MN
3rd Place – Jackson Barnhart of IL
4th Place – Wyatt Schmitt of IL
5th Place – Caleb Vancura of MN
6th Place – Kyler Hall of IA
1st Navarro Schunke (SD) tech fall over Soren Herzog (MN) (TF 22-12)
3rd Jackson Barnhart (IL) decision over Wyatt Schmitt (IL) (Dec 4-3)
5th Caleb Vancura (MN) fall over Kyler Hall (IA) (Fall 1:49)

8U Girls – 60
1st Place – Alivia Emms of MN
2nd Place – Alexis Baake of WI
Round 1
Alivia Emms (MN) tech fall over Alexis Baake (WI) (TF 10-0)
Round 2
Alivia Emms (MN) fall over Alexis Baake (WI) (Fall 1:13)
Round 3
() received a bye () (Bye)

8U Girls – 70
No wrestlers

10U Girls – 60-65
1st Place – Mila Sebolt of IA
2nd Place – Kayle Georgel of WI
Round 1
Mila Sebolt (IA) tech fall over Kayle Georgel (WI) (TF 10-0)
Round 2
Mila Sebolt (IA) fall over Kayle Georgel (WI) (Fall 0:18)
Round 3

10U Girls – 70-75
1st Place – Hadley Vold of WI
2nd Place – Adriana Ragona of IL
3rd Place – Charlie Claymore of SD
4th Place – Alexi Carrasco of IL
Round 1
Hadley Vold (WI) tech fall over Alexi Carrasco (IL) (TF 10-0)
Adriana Ragona (IL) fall over Charlie Claymore (SD) (Fall 1:02)
Round 2
Hadley Vold (WI) decision over Adriana Ragona (IL) (Dec 6-1)
Charlie Claymore (SD) fall over Alexi Carrasco (IL) (Fall 0:24)
Round 3
Hadley Vold (WI) tech fall over Charlie Claymore (SD) (TF 10-0)
Adriana Ragona (IL) fall over Alexi Carrasco (IL) (Fall 0:15)

10U Girls – 90
1st Place – Hope Sjostrom of ND

10U Girls – 110
No wrestlers

12U Girls – 65-70
1st Place – Payten Jagodzinski of WI
2nd Place – Crosby Smith of WI
Round 1
Payten Jagodzinski (WI) fall over Crosby Smith (WI) (Fall 0:38)
Round 2
Payten Jagodzinski (WI) fall over Crosby Smith (WI) (Fall 1:20)
Round 3

12U Girls – 75-85
1st Place – Brinley Mlsna of WI
2nd Place – Kali DeClercq of IL
3rd Place – Annabelle Mueller of IL
Round 1
Brinley Mlsna (WI) decision over Annabelle Mueller (IL) (Dec 17-10)
Kali DeClercq (IL) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 2
Brinley Mlsna (WI) received a bye () (Bye)
Kali DeClercq (IL) fall over Annabelle Mueller (IL) (Fall 2:00)
Round 3
Brinley Mlsna (WI) tech fall over Kali DeClercq (IL) (TF 13-3)
Annabelle Mueller (IL) received a bye () (Bye)

12U Girls – 95-100
1st Place – Hailey Goth of MN
2nd Place – Ariana Schacht of WI
3rd Place – Olivia Hay of WI
4th Place – Cora Jordan of IL
Round 1
Hailey Goth (MN) tech fall over Olivia Hay (WI) (TF 10-0)
Ariana Schacht (WI) fall over Cora Jordan (IL) (Fall 1:06)
Round 2
Hailey Goth (MN) fall over Ariana Schacht (WI) (Fall 1:50)
Olivia Hay (WI) decision over Cora Jordan (IL) (Dec 8-3)
Round 3
Hailey Goth (MN) fall over Cora Jordan (IL) (Fall 1:33)
Ariana Schacht (WI) fall over Olivia Hay (WI) (Fall 1:09)

12U Girls – 110
1st Place – Ember Zupanc of WI
2nd Place – Mercedes Carrasco of IL
3rd Place – Scelia Maneze of ND
Round 1
Scelia Maneze (ND) received a bye () (Bye)
Ember Zupanc (WI) tech fall over Mercedes Carrasco (IL) (TF 11-0)
Round 2
Ember Zupanc (WI) received a bye () (Bye)
Mercedes Carrasco (IL) fall over Scelia Maneze (ND) (Fall 3:14)
Round 3
Mercedes Carrasco (IL) received a bye () (Bye)
Ember Zupanc (WI) fall over Scelia Maneze (ND) (Fall 1:59)

12U Girls – 145
1st Place – Piper Sandell of IL
2nd Place – Kylie Williams of WI
3rd Place – Sophia Hilliard of ND
Round 1
Sophia Hilliard (ND) received a bye () (Bye)
Piper Sandell (IL) fall over Kylie Williams (WI) (Fall 3:13)
Round 2
Kylie Williams (WI) received a bye () (Bye)
Piper Sandell (IL) decision over Sophia Hilliard (ND) (Dec 9-4)
Round 3
Piper Sandell (IL) received a bye () (Bye)
Kylie Williams (WI) decision over Sophia Hilliard (ND) (Dec 4-0)

14U Girls – 79
1st Place – Piper Phillips of IA

14U Girls – 92-97
1st Place – Saya Hongmoungkhoune of IL
2nd Place – Morgan Johnson of WI
3rd Place – Cora Stewart of WI
4th Place – Genevieve Dykstra of IL
Round 1
Morgan Johnson (WI) tech fall over Genevieve Dykstra (IL) (TF 10-0)
Saya Hongmoungkhoune (IL) decision over Cora Stewart (WI) (Dec 11-10)
Round 2
Morgan Johnson (WI) decision over Cora Stewart (WI) (Dec 9-6)
Saya Hongmoungkhoune (IL) tech fall over Genevieve Dykstra (IL) (TF 10-0)
Round 3
Saya Hongmoungkhoune (IL) decision over Morgan Johnson (WI) (Dec 6-4)
Cora Stewart (WI) tech fall over Genevieve Dykstra (IL) (TF 10-0)

14U Girls – 101
1st Place – Amelia Nidelea-Polanin of IL
2nd Place – Ava Schultz of MN
3rd Place – Evie Sova of WI
Round 1
Amelia Nidelea-Polanin (IL) tech fall over Ava Schultz (MN) (TF 10-0)
Evie Sova (WI) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 2
Ava Schultz (MN) received a bye () (Bye)
Amelia Nidelea-Polanin (IL) tech fall over Evie Sova (WI) (TF 10-0)
Round 3
Ava Schultz (MN) tech fall over Evie Sova (WI) (TF 10-0)
Amelia Nidelea-Polanin (IL) received a bye () (Bye)

14U Girls – 105
1st Place – Erica Irvine of IA
2nd Place – Alicia Kenfack of ND
Round 1
Alicia Kenfack (ND) decision over Erica Irvine (IA) (Dec 8-5)
Round 2
Erica Irvine (IA) decision over Alicia Kenfack (ND) (Dec 4-2)
Round 3
Erica Irvine (IA) decision over Alicia Kenfack (ND) (Dec 6-4)

14U Girls – 110
1st Place – Elaine Hay of WI
2nd Place – Amelia Walk of IA
3rd Place – Penelope Juarez of WI
Round 1
Elaine Hay (WI) received a bye () (Bye)
Amelia Walk (IA) decision over Penelope Juarez (WI) (Dec 8-8)
Round 2
Elaine Hay (WI) tech fall over Amelia Walk (IA) (TF 10-0)
Penelope Juarez (WI) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 3
Elaine Hay (WI) tech fall over Penelope Juarez (WI) (TF 10-0)
Amelia Walk (IA) received a bye () (Bye)

14U Girls – 119
1st Place – Julia Araujo of ND
2nd Place – Ariella Dobin of IL
Round 1
Julia Araujo (ND) tech fall over Ariella Dobin (IL) (TF 10-0)
Round 2
Julia Araujo (ND) fall over Ariella Dobin (IL) (Fall 1:09)
Round 3

14U Girls – 127
1st Place – Erika Sleznikow of WI
2nd Place – Makaya Gotchie of MN
Round 1
Erika Sleznikow (WI) decision over Makaya Gotchie (MN) (Dec 9-4)
Round 2
Makaya Gotchie (MN) decision over Erika Sleznikow (WI) (Dec 9-9)
Round 3
Erika Sleznikow (WI) decision over Makaya Gotchie (MN) (Dec 12-10)

14U Girls – 136
1st Place – KyLee Tibbs of OH
2nd Place – Andrea Quinones of MN
3rd Place – Caroline Christopher of WI
4th Place – Alexia Glover of IL
5th Place – Damiyah Williams of IA
6th Place – Jaqueline Soon of IL
1st KyLee Tibbs (OH) tech fall over Andrea Quinones (MN) (TF 10-0)
3rd Caroline Christopher (WI) fall over Alexia Glover (IL) (Fall 2:56)
5th Damiyah Williams (IA) fall over Jaqueline Soon (IL) (Fall 0:36)

14U Girls – 145
1st Place – Aliah Fischer of MN
2nd Place – Eve Skrocki of IA
3rd Place – Allison Garbacz of IL
4th Place – Amelia Soltis of WI
5th Place – Isabella Giza of WI
Round 1
Aliah Fischer (MN) fall over Allison Garbacz (IL) (Fall 1:29)
Amelia Soltis (WI) tech fall over Isabella Giza (WI) (TF 12-0)
Round 2
Eve Skrocki (IA) fall over Amelia Soltis (WI) (Fall 1:04)
Allison Garbacz (IL) fall over Isabella Giza (WI) (Fall 1:34)
Round 3
Eve Skrocki (IA) fall over Isabella Giza (WI) (Fall 0:27)
Aliah Fischer (MN) tech fall over Amelia Soltis (WI) (TF 11-1)
Round 4
Aliah Fischer (MN) fall over Eve Skrocki (IA) (Fall 3:23)
Allison Garbacz (IL) tech fall over Amelia Soltis (WI) (TF 10-0)
Round 5
Eve Skrocki (IA) fall over Allison Garbacz (IL) (Fall 2:00)
Aliah Fischer (MN) tech fall over Isabella Giza (WI) (TF 10-0)

14U Girls – 185
1st Place – Caoimhe Mitchell of IL
2nd Place – Lily Krueger of WI
3rd Place – Evie Stine of WI
4th Place – Bryn Schmidt of WI
5th Place – Alicia Ramirez of OH
Round 1
Lily Krueger (WI) fall over Alicia Ramirez (OH) (Fall 0:34)
Bryn Schmidt (WI) fall over Caoimhe Mitchell (IL) (Fall 3:30)
Round 2
Caoimhe Mitchell (IL) fall over Evie Stine (WI) (Fall 0:44)
Bryn Schmidt (WI) decision over Alicia Ramirez (OH) (Dec 8-5)
Round 3
Evie Stine (WI) decision over Bryn Schmidt (WI) (Dec 5-5)
Caoimhe Mitchell (IL) fall over Lily Krueger (WI) (Fall 1:23)
Round 4
Evie Stine (WI) fall over Lily Krueger (WI) (Fall 1:57)
Caoimhe Mitchell (IL) fall over Alicia Ramirez (OH) (Fall 0:39)
Round 5
Alicia Ramirez (OH) fall over Evie Stine (WI) (Fall 0:09)
Lily Krueger (WI) tech fall over Bryn Schmidt (WI) (TF 12-2)

16U Girls – 94
1st Place – Gracie Pattison of IL
2nd Place – Cheyenne Moore of ND
Round 1
Gracie Pattison (IL) tech fall over Cheyenne Moore (ND) (TF 14-3)
Round 2
Gracie Pattison (IL) tech fall over Cheyenne Moore (ND) (TF 13-2)
Round 3

16U Girls – 100
1st Place – Bianca Eide of MN
2nd Place – Katelyn Bell of IL
3rd Place – Riley Kongkaeow of IL
4th Place – Anna White of ND
5th Place – Violet Diaz of IA
Round 1
Riley Kongkaeow (IL) forfeit over Violet Diaz (IA) (FF)
Bianca Eide (MN) fall over Katelyn Bell (IL) (Fall 0:41)
Round 2
Katelyn Bell (IL) fall over Anna White (ND) (Fall 1:53)
Bianca Eide (MN) forfeit over Violet Diaz (IA) (FF)
Round 3
Bianca Eide (MN) tech fall over Anna White (ND) (TF 10-0)
Katelyn Bell (IL) fall over Riley Kongkaeow (IL) (Fall 2:20)
Round 4
Riley Kongkaeow (IL) fall over Anna White (ND) (Fall 3:41)
Katelyn Bell (IL) forfeit over Violet Diaz (IA) (FF)
Round 5
Anna White (ND) forfeit over Violet Diaz (IA) (FF)
Bianca Eide (MN) forfeit over Riley Kongkaeow (IL) (FF)

16U Girls – 106
1st Place – Taylor Whiting of WI
2nd Place – Cailyn Whittier of WI
3rd Place – Abigail Gindele of MN
4th Place – McKenzie Simonson of WI
5th Place – Chloe Wong of IL
Round 1
Cailyn Whittier (WI) fall over Abigail Gindele (MN) (Fall 0:29)
McKenzie Simonson (WI) fall over Chloe Wong (IL) (Fall 1:18)
Round 2
Taylor Whiting (WI) tech fall over Chloe Wong (IL) (TF 10-0)
Abigail Gindele (MN) fall over McKenzie Simonson (WI) (Fall 1:44)
Round 3
Taylor Whiting (WI) tech fall over McKenzie Simonson (WI) (TF 10-0)
Cailyn Whittier (WI) fall over Chloe Wong (IL) (Fall 1:15)
Round 4
Taylor Whiting (WI) tech fall over Cailyn Whittier (WI) (TF 10-0)
Abigail Gindele (MN) fall over Chloe Wong (IL) (Fall 0:22)
Round 5
Taylor Whiting (WI) fall over Abigail Gindele (MN) (Fall 1:11)
Cailyn Whittier (WI) tech fall over McKenzie Simonson (WI) (TF 11-0)

16U Girls – 112
1st Place – Mackenzie Carder of OH
2nd Place – Amiya Leverance of WI
3rd Place – Madalynne Gosda of WI
4th Place – Jazleen Fong-Baake of WI
Round 1
Madalynne Gosda (WI) fall over Jazleen Fong-Baake (WI) (Fall 2:52)
Mackenzie Carder (OH) fall over Amiya Leverance (WI) (Fall 0:32)
Round 2
Amiya Leverance (WI) tech fall over Madalynne Gosda (WI) (TF 12-2)
Mackenzie Carder (OH) tech fall over Jazleen Fong-Baake (WI) (TF 10-0)
Round 3
Mackenzie Carder (OH) fall over Madalynne Gosda (WI) (Fall 0:21)
Amiya Leverance (WI) fall over Jazleen Fong-Baake (WI) (Fall 1:06)

16U Girls – 117
1st Place – Emjay Neumann of WI
2nd Place – Kamdyn Saulter of MN
3rd Place – Mary Prescott of WI
4th Place – Gianna Arzer of IL
5th Place – Cammyla Macias of IL
6th Place – My’Shawnna Tinsley of OH
1st Emjay Neumann (WI) fall over Kamdyn Saulter (MN) (Fall 0:20)
3rd Mary Prescott (WI) fall over Gianna Arzer (IL) (Fall 1:51)
5th Cammyla Macias (IL) forfeit over My’Shawnna Tinsley (OH) (FF)

16U Girls – 122
1st Place – Regina Stoeser of SD
2nd Place – Camille Schult of IA
3rd Place – Avaeh Smith of IA
4th Place – Sophia Ball of IL
5th Place – Grace Laird of IL
6th Place – Sabina Charlebois of IL
1st Regina Stoeser (SD) tech fall over Camille Schult (IA) (TF 10-0)
3rd Avaeh Smith (IA) decision over Sophia Ball (IL) (Dec 7-6)
5th Grace Laird (IL) forfeit over Sabina Charlebois (IL) (FF)

16U Girls – 127
1st Place – Peyton Hellmann of SD
2nd Place – Dealya Collins of WI
3rd Place – Britney Rueb of SD
4th Place – Addisen Olson of WI
5th Place – Amelia Poplawski of WI
6th Place – Claudia Heeney of IL
1st Peyton Hellmann (SD) decision over Dealya Collins (WI) (Dec 12-5)
3rd Britney Rueb (SD) decision over Addisen Olson (WI) (Dec 8-2)
5th Amelia Poplawski (WI) forfeit over Claudia Heeney (IL) (FF)

16U Girls – 132
1st Place – Hayden Bratland of IA
2nd Place – Abigail Ji of IL
3rd Place – Emerson Gregg of IA
4th Place – Mariaha Benedict of IA
5th Place – Soraya Walikonis of IL
Round 1
Emerson Gregg (IA) decision over Mariaha Benedict (IA) (Dec 6-6)
Hayden Bratland (IA) tech fall over Abigail Ji (IL) (TF 13-0)
Round 2
Hayden Bratland (IA) tech fall over Soraya Walikonis (IL) (TF 10-0)
Abigail Ji (IL) fall over Emerson Gregg (IA) (Fall 3:45)
Round 3
Abigail Ji (IL) fall over Soraya Walikonis (IL) (Fall 1:06)
Hayden Bratland (IA) tech fall over Mariaha Benedict (IA) (TF 10-0)
Round 4
Mariaha Benedict (IA) tech fall over Soraya Walikonis (IL) (TF 10-0)
Hayden Bratland (IA) fall over Emerson Gregg (IA) (Fall 2:35)
Round 5
Emerson Gregg (IA) fall over Soraya Walikonis (IL) (Fall 2:47)
Abigail Ji (IL) fall over Mariaha Benedict (IA) (Fall 3:05)

16U Girls – 138
1st Place – Cassandra Gonzales of MN
2nd Place – Chloe Sanders of IA
3rd Place – Sydney Turner of WI
4th Place – McKenzie Tollefson of IA
5th Place – Rochelle Ross of OH
6th Place – Charlotte Allen of WI
1st Cassandra Gonzales (MN) decision over Chloe Sanders (IA) (Dec 6-2)
3rd Sydney Turner (WI) fall over McKenzie Tollefson (IA) (Fall 0:49)
5th Rochelle Ross (OH) injury default over Charlotte Allen (WI) (Inj. 0:00)

16U Girls – 144
1st Place – Chloe LaRue of WI
2nd Place – Olivia Hofrichter of WI
3rd Place – Emersyn Miller of WI
4th Place – Liriana Rakoci of IL
5th Place – Gianna Scheiblein of IL
Round 1
Chloe LaRue (WI) fall over Olivia Hofrichter (WI) (Fall 2:54)
Emersyn Miller (WI) fall over Gianna Scheiblein (IL) (Fall 0:49)
Round 2
Emersyn Miller (WI) fall over Liriana Rakoci (IL) (Fall 2:32)
Olivia Hofrichter (WI) fall over Gianna Scheiblein (IL) (Fall 0:20)
Round 3
Liriana Rakoci (IL) fall over Gianna Scheiblein (IL) (Fall 0:43)
Chloe LaRue (WI) fall over Emersyn Miller (WI) (Fall 1:21)
Round 4
Chloe LaRue (WI) fall over Liriana Rakoci (IL) (Fall 0:38)
Olivia Hofrichter (WI) fall over Emersyn Miller (WI) (Fall 1:16)
Round 5
Olivia Hofrichter (WI) tech fall over Liriana Rakoci (IL) (TF 11-0)
Chloe LaRue (WI) fall over Gianna Scheiblein (IL) (Fall 0:20)

16U Girls – 152
1st Place – Tiani Lemieux of WI
2nd Place – Dempsey Atkinson of IL
3rd Place – Jillian Giller of IL
4th Place – Anna Vasey of IL
Round 1
Jillian Giller (IL) fall over Anna Vasey (IL) (Fall 1:21)
Tiani Lemieux (WI) tech fall over Dempsey Atkinson (IL) (TF 12-0)
Round 2
Dempsey Atkinson (IL) fall over Jillian Giller (IL) (Fall 2:24)
Tiani Lemieux (WI) fall over Anna Vasey (IL) (Fall 1:08)
Round 3
Tiani Lemieux (WI) tech fall over Jillian Giller (IL) (TF 10-0)
Dempsey Atkinson (IL) tech fall over Anna Vasey (IL) (TF 10-0)

16U Girls – 164
1st Place – Alyzabeth Hiler of MN
2nd Place – Kimura Segerson-Hutter of WI
3rd Place – Esperanza Calvillo of MN
4th Place – Kiley Georgel of WI
5th Place – Katherine Nicole Murillo of OH
6th Place – Jessica Stover of IL
1st Alyzabeth Hiler (MN) fall over Kimura Segerson-Hutter (WI) (Fall 2:00)
3rd Esperanza Calvillo (MN) decision over Kiley Georgel (WI) (Dec 8-4)
5th Katherine Nicole Murillo (OH) forfeit over Jessica Stover (IL) (FF)

16U Girls – 180
1st Place – Brooke Huffman of WI
2nd Place – Kayla Craig of WI
3rd Place – Alison Jakovich of IL
Round 1
Kayla Craig (WI) fall over Alison Jakovich (IL) (Fall 1:51)
Brooke Huffman (WI) received a bye () (Bye)
Round 2
Alison Jakovich (IL) received a bye () (Bye)
Brooke Huffman (WI) fall over Kayla Craig (WI) (Fall 0:51)
Round 3
Brooke Huffman (WI) fall over Alison Jakovich (IL) (Fall 0:00)
Kayla Craig (WI) received a bye () (Bye)

16U Girls – 200
1st Place – Cambree Anderson of ND

Jr Girl – 100
1st Place – Zoey Haney of MO
2nd Place – Layla Phillips of IA
3rd Place – Brooke Corrigan of WI
4th Place – Kirsten Cortez of IN
5th Place – Kaelie Mabie-Wangerin of WI
Round 1
Kirsten Cortez (IN) fall over Kaelie Mabie-Wangerin (WI) (Fall 0:14)
Layla Phillips (IA) fall over Brooke Corrigan (WI) (Fall 4:06)
Round 2
Zoey Haney (MO) decision over Layla Phillips (IA) (Dec 14-13)
Brooke Corrigan (WI) tech fall over Kirsten Cortez (IN) (TF 10-0)
Round 3
Zoey Haney (MO) fall over Brooke Corrigan (WI) (Fall 3:00)
Layla Phillips (IA) fall over Kaelie Mabie-Wangerin (WI) (Fall 0:29)
Round 4
Zoey Haney (MO) tech fall over Kaelie Mabie-Wangerin (WI) (TF 10-0)
Layla Phillips (IA) fall over Kirsten Cortez (IN) (Fall 0:30)
Round 5
Zoey Haney (MO) tech fall over Kirsten Cortez (IN) (TF 10-0)
Brooke Corrigan (WI) tech fall over Kaelie Mabie-Wangerin (WI) (TF 10-0)

Jr Girl – 106
1st Place – Harlee Hiller of IL
2nd Place – Olivia Sackor of MN
3rd Place – Madison Haney of MO
4th Place – Anna Kos of MN
5th Place – Allison Hunter of WI
6th Place – Danielle Turner of IL
1st Harlee Hiller (IL) tech fall over Olivia Sackor (MN) (TF 10-0)
3rd Madison Haney (MO) fall over Anna Kos (MN) (Fall 0:44)
5th Allison Hunter (WI) fall over Danielle Turner (IL) (Fall 0:25)

Jr Girl – 112
1st Place – Angela Bianchi of WI
2nd Place – Angelina Carpintero of IL
3rd Place – Annika Cottam of IL
4th Place – Emma Schlismann of IL
5th Place – Jazleen Fong-Baake of WI
6th Place – Vivian Vasquez of IL
1st Angela Bianchi (WI) tech fall over Angelina Carpintero (IL) (TF 10-0)
3rd Annika Cottam (IL) tech fall over Emma Schlismann (IL) (TF 10-0)
5th Jazleen Fong-Baake (WI) decision over Vivian Vasquez (IL) (Dec 20-16)

Jr Girl – 117
1st Place – Gigi Bragg of MI
2nd Place – Aubrie Pehrson of NE
3rd Place – Ayane Jasinski of IL
4th Place – Bree Swenson of IA
5th Place – Victoria Macias of IL
6th Place – Aliana Rauter of WI
1st Gigi Bragg (MI) tech fall over Aubrie Pehrson (NE) (TF 10-0)
3rd Ayane Jasinski (IL) fall over Bree Swenson (IA) (Fall 1:56)
5th Victoria Macias (IL) tech fall over Aliana Rauter (WI) (TF 10-0)

Jr Girl – 122
1st Place – Caitlyn Kelley of WI
2nd Place – Alexis Pehrson of NE
3rd Place – Jalynn Goodale of IA
4th Place – Natalie Klavetter of WI
5th Place – Margaret Gillmore of WI
6th Place – Josie Barham of IL
1st Caitlyn Kelley (WI) tech fall over Alexis Pehrson (NE) (TF 10-0)
3rd Jalynn Goodale (IA) fall over Natalie Klavetter (WI) (Fall 1:21)
5th Margaret Gillmore (WI) fall over Josie Barham (IL) (Fall 1:32)

Jr Girl – 127
1st Place – Madilyn Peach of WI
2nd Place – Ava Babbs of IL
3rd Place – Makenna Hanke of WI
4th Place – Bella Bolek of WI
5th Place – Elyse Engebretson of IA
6th Place – Jaedyn Stites of IA
1st Madilyn Peach (WI) tech fall over Ava Babbs (IL) (TF 12-2)
3rd Makenna Hanke (WI) fall over Bella Bolek (WI) (Fall 4:57)
5th Elyse Engebretson (IA) forfeit over Jaedyn Stites (IA) (FF)

Jr Girl – 132
1st Place – Kylie Rule of WI
2nd Place – Lilliana Banks of WI
3rd Place – Brooke Schuenemann of WI
4th Place – Kylee Shoop of IA
Round 1
Kylie Rule (WI) tech fall over Kylee Shoop (IA) (TF 10-0)
Lilliana Banks (WI) tech fall over Brooke Schuenemann (WI) (TF 12-2)
Round 2
Lilliana Banks (WI) tech fall over Kylee Shoop (IA) (TF 10-0)
Kylie Rule (WI) tech fall over Brooke Schuenemann (WI) (TF 10-0)
Round 3
Brooke Schuenemann (WI) fall over Kylee Shoop (IA) (Fall 1:48)
Kylie Rule (WI) tech fall over Lilliana Banks (WI) (TF 10-0)

Jr Girl – 138
1st Place – Allyssa Johnson of ND
2nd Place – Cassandra Gonzales of MN
3rd Place – Emma Gruenhagen of WI
4th Place – Brianna Bynum of IL
5th Place – Tori Bahr of MN
Round 1
Emma Gruenhagen (WI) fall over Tori Bahr (MN) (Fall 0:36)
Allyssa Johnson (ND) fall over Brianna Bynum (IL) (Fall 3:26)
Round 2
Allyssa Johnson (ND) fall over Cassandra Gonzales (MN) (Fall 3:27)
Emma Gruenhagen (WI) tech fall over Brianna Bynum (IL) (TF 13-2)
Round 3
Cassandra Gonzales (MN) tech fall over Brianna Bynum (IL) (TF 10-0)
Allyssa Johnson (ND) injury default over Tori Bahr (MN) (Inj. 0:00)
Round 4
Cassandra Gonzales (MN) injury default over Tori Bahr (MN) (Inj. 0:00)
Allyssa Johnson (ND) fall over Emma Gruenhagen (WI) (Fall 1:44)
Round 5
Cassandra Gonzales (MN) fall over Emma Gruenhagen (WI) (Fall 2:17)
Brianna Bynum (IL) injury default over Tori Bahr (MN) (Inj. 0:00)

Jr Girl – 144
1st Place – Jenna Secord of NE
2nd Place – Kelsey Cruz of MN
3rd Place – Randi Nicholson of IA
4th Place – TaHonesty Donnell of WI
Round 1
Randi Nicholson (IA) forfeit over TaHonesty Donnell (WI) (FF)
Jenna Secord (NE) fall over Kelsey Cruz (MN) (Fall 3:39)
Round 2
Jenna Secord (NE) received a bye () (Bye)
Kelsey Cruz (MN) decision over Randi Nicholson (IA) (Dec 10-2)
Round 3
Kelsey Cruz (MN) received a bye () (Bye)
Jenna Secord (NE) tech fall over Randi Nicholson (IA) (TF 12-1)

Jr Girl – 152
1st Place – Skylar Slade of IA
2nd Place – Mahri Manz of IA
3rd Place – Kara Kuge of WI
4th Place – Jocelyn Gutierrez of IL
5th Place – Natalie Maceau of WI
6th Place – Jada Hall of IL
1st Skylar Slade (IA) tech fall over Mahri Manz (IA) (TF 10-0)
3rd Kara Kuge (WI) tech fall over Jocelyn Gutierrez (IL) (TF 11-0)
5th Natalie Maceau (WI) fall over Jada Hall (IL) (Fall 5:29)

Jr Girl – 164
1st Place – Alexandra Hofrichter of WI
2nd Place – Sophia Bassino of WI
3rd Place – Erika Brokovich of IA
4th Place – Ryann Reeves of IL
5th Place – Vallorie Williams of IL
6th Place – Kyleigh James of IA
1st Alexandra Hofrichter (WI) fall over Sophia Bassino (WI) (Fall 2:15)
3rd Erika Brokovich (IA) fall over Ryann Reeves (IL) (Fall 0:59)
5th Vallorie Williams (IL) injury default over Kyleigh James (IA) (Inj. 0:01)

Jr Girl – 180
1st Place – Bella Porcelli of IA
2nd Place – Izzy Strickert of IA
3rd Place – Faith Barrett of IL
4th Place – Wonderful Naw of IL
5th Place – Kalie Davis of WI
6th Place – Hannah Sjostrom of ND
1st Bella Porcelli (IA) fall over Izzy Strickert (IA) (Fall 0:11)
3rd Faith Barrett (IL) fall over Wonderful Naw (IL) (Fall 2:14)
5th Kalie Davis (WI) injury default over Hannah Sjostrom (ND) (Inj. 0:00)

Jr Girl – 225
1st Place – Savannah Sistad of IA
2nd Place – Phoenix Molina of IL
3rd Place – Jessica Komolafe of IL
4th Place – Melanie Martinez of IA
5th Place – Addyson Barrett of IL
Round 1
Phoenix Molina (IL) fall over Melanie Martinez (IA) (Fall 1:28)
Savannah Sistad (IA) fall over Addyson Barrett (IL) (Fall 0:49)
Round 2
Savannah Sistad (IA) fall over Jessica Komolafe (IL) (Fall 0:50)
Melanie Martinez (IA) fall over Addyson Barrett (IL) (Fall 0:30)
Round 3
Jessica Komolafe (IL) fall over Addyson Barrett (IL) (Fall 1:09)
Savannah Sistad (IA) fall over Phoenix Molina (IL) (Fall 2:57)
Round 4
Phoenix Molina (IL) fall over Jessica Komolafe (IL) (Fall 1:31)
Savannah Sistad (IA) fall over Melanie Martinez (IA) (Fall 0:30)
Round 5
Jessica Komolafe (IL) fall over Melanie Martinez (IA) (Fall 0:36)
Phoenix Molina (IL) fall over Addyson Barrett (IL) (Fall 0:58)