USA Wrestling Freestyle Kids Nationals

2023 USA Wrestling Freestyle Kids Nationals results. Tuesday, June 27 at Farmington, Utah.

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Freestyle Results for Minnesota

8 & Under Festival 53
Phillip Elson’s place is 7th
Champ. Round 1 – Phillip Elson (MN) received a bye () (Bye)
Quarterfinal – Ty McMath (FL) won by tech fall over Phillip Elson (MN) (TF 10-0)
Cons. Round 2 – Phillip Elson (MN) won by tech fall over Deckerd Tracy (UT) (TF 10-0)
Cons. Round 3 – Brody Owens (KS) won by fall over Phillip Elson (MN) (Fall 0:36)
7th Place Match – Phillip Elson (MN) won by tech fall over Decker Morby (UT) (TF 10-0)

10U 67
Bennett Davis – DNP
Champ. Round 1 – Austin Garcia (ID) won by fall over Bennett Davis (MN) (Fall 1:08)
Cons. Round 1 – Bennett Davis (MN) received a bye () (Bye)
Cons. Round 2 – Bennett Davis (MN) won by tech fall over Tygh Ramirez (OR) (TF 14-4)
Cons. Round 3 – Bennett Davis (MN) won by tech fall over Ryder Mitchell (WI) (TF 10-0)
Cons. Round 4 – Kalix Kilpatrick (TN) won by tech fall over Bennett Davis (MN) (TF 10-0)

10U 84
Coleman McNutt’s place is 5th
Champ. Round 1 – Coleman McNutt (MN) won by fall over Chase Winkle (WA) (Fall 1:20)
Quarterfinal – Easton Suter (UT) won by decision over Coleman McNutt (MN) (Dec 8-7)
Cons. Round 2 – Coleman McNutt (MN) received a bye () (Bye)
Cons. Round 3 – Coleman McNutt (MN) won by decision over Brian Flynn (MD) (Dec 11-5)
Cons. Semi – Ricky Almaguer (WA) won by tech fall over Coleman McNutt (MN) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match – Coleman McNutt (MN) won by fall over Stryker Kyler (KS) (Fall 3:04)

10U 120
Cash Carter’s place is 1st
Round 1 – Cash Carter (MN) won by fall over Jett Meidl (MN) (Fall 1:06)
Round 2 – Cash Carter (MN) won by tech fall over Ellis Jones (IN) (TF 10-0)
Round 3 – Cash Carter (MN) won by tech fall over Eastyn Scott (NE) (TF 11-0)
Round 5 – Cash Carter (MN) won by fall over Myles Vlaeminck (IN) (Fall 0:58)

10U 120
Jett Meidl’s place is 4th
Round 1 – Cash Carter (MN) won by fall over Jett Meidl (MN) (Fall 1:06)
Round 2 – Eastyn Scott (NE) won by fall over Jett Meidl (MN) (Fall 3:10)
Round 3 – Jett Meidl (MN) won by decision over Myles Vlaeminck (IN) (Dec 4-2)
Round 4 – Ellis Jones (IN) won by fall over Jett Meidl (MN) (Fall 1:28)

12U 63
Kamden Gallus’s place is 7th
Quarterfinal – Easton Carlson (UT) won by tech fall over Kamden Gallus (MN) (TF 10-0)
Cons. Round 1 – Kyler Robinson (UT) won by tech fall over Kamden Gallus (MN) (TF 13-2)
7th Place Match – Kamden Gallus (MN) received a bye () (Bye)

12U 74
Rett Huerta’s place is 3rd
Champ. Round 1 – Rett Huerta (MN) won by tech fall over Cade Myers (WY) (TF 14-4)
Quarterfinal – Rett Huerta (MN) won by decision over Mason Little (NY) (Dec 9-2)
Semifinal – Rett Huerta (MN) won by injury default over Logan Bailey (CT) (Inj. 0:50)
1st Place Match – Haedyn Cochran (IN) won by tech fall over Rett Huerta (MN) (TF 12-0)
2nd Place Match – Alex Lobdell (TX) won by decision over Rett Huerta (MN) (Dec 17-10)

12U 86
Declan Dahl’s place is 2nd
Champ. Round 1 – Declan Dahl (MN) received a bye () (Bye)
Champ. Round 2 – Declan Dahl (MN) won by fall over Mark Tate (UT) (Fall 2:43)
Quarterfinal – Declan Dahl (MN) won by fall over Bella Manno (NJ) (Fall 2:47)
Semifinal – Declan Dahl (MN) won by decision over Gunnar Wilson (OR) (Dec 10-9)
1st Place Match – Mitchell Chen (VA) won by tech fall over Declan Dahl (MN) (TF 10-0)
2nd Place Match – Declan Dahl (MN) won by no contest over Gunnar Wilson (OR) (NC)

12U 86
Hayden Bessette – DNP
Champ. Round 1 – Kalel Winesburgh (TN) won by fall over Hayden Bessette (MN) (Fall 0:30)
Cons. Round 1 – Hayden Bessette (MN) received a bye () (Bye)
Cons. Round 2 – Mark Tate (UT) won by tech fall over Hayden Bessette (MN) (TF 16-6)

12U 117
Michael Alexander’s place is 2nd
Quarterfinal – Michael Alexander (MN) received a bye () (Bye)
Semifinal – Michael Alexander (MN) won by tech fall over Asher Anthony (VA) (TF 12-0)
1st Place Match – Lincoln Smiddy (MD) won by tech fall over Michael Alexander (MN) (TF 10-0)
2nd Place Match – Michael Alexander (MN) won by fall over Khantenger Erdembilegt (WA) (Fall 1:51)

12U 160
Bobby McNutt’s place is 2nd
Round 1 – Bobby McNutt (MN) won by fall over Tuxley Kirkhart (KS) (Fall 0:09)
Round 2 – Bobby McNutt (MN) won by tech fall over Tywan Jenkins (CA) (TF 10-0)
Round 4 – Hunter Bell (ID) won by fall over Bobby McNutt (MN) (Fall 0:55)
Round 5 – Bobby McNutt (MN) won by tech fall over Jaxson Cox (UT) (TF 10-0)

14U 165
Braxton Coey – DNP
Champ. Round 1 – Braxton Coey (MN) received a bye () (Bye)
Quarterfinal – Isaac Barrientos (IL) won by tech fall over Braxton Coey (MN) (TF 10-0)
Cons. Round 2 – Ibrahim Zaky (VA) won by fall over Braxton Coey (MN) (Fall 0:14)

Medal Matches

8 & Under Festival – 43
1st Place – Tytan Turner of UT
2nd Place – Jacob Sawyer of WA
3rd Place – Kayson Calkins of WY
4th Place – Rhett Jessop of MT
5th Place – Keegan Bertagnolli of WY
6th Place – Kaycee Jensen of UT
1st Tytan Turner (UT) fall over Jacob Sawyer (WA) (Fall 1:04)
True 2nd: Jacob Sawyer (WA) no contest over Kayson Calkins (WY) (NC)
3rd Kayson Calkins (WY) tech fall over Rhett Jessop (MT) (TF 12-2)
5th Keegan Bertagnolli (WY) fall over Kaycee Jensen (UT) (Fall 0:10)
7th () received a bye () (Bye)

8 & Under Festival – 45
1st Place – Bentley Baker of UT
2nd Place – Kristian Alvarado of MT
3rd Place – Dominic Maximo of AZ
4th Place – Francis Schemeley of NJ
5th Place – Noah Mireles of CA
6th Place – Titan Knudsen of UT
1st Bentley Baker (UT) tech fall over Kristian Alvarado (MT) (TF 16-6)
True 2nd: Kristian Alvarado (MT) fall over Dominic Maximo (AZ) (Fall 1:55)
3rd Dominic Maximo (AZ) tech fall over Francis Schemeley (NJ) (TF 15-2)
5th Noah Mireles (CA) tech fall over Titan Knudsen (UT) (TF 11-0)
7th () received a bye () (Bye)

8 & Under Festival – 49
1st Place – Gabriel Beltran of MD
2nd Place – Bridger Graham of AK
3rd Place – Ryker Henderson of WY
4th Place – Teague Vaughn of ID
5th Place – Ryddik Johnson of OR
6th Place – Cadan McPeck of AK
7th Place – Bryan Alvarez of NM
8th Place – Nicholas Sosa of FL
1st Gabriel Beltran (MD) fall over Bridger Graham (AK) (Fall 3:00)
True 2nd: Bridger Graham (AK) no contest over Ryker Henderson (WY) (NC)
3rd Ryker Henderson (WY) tech fall over Teague Vaughn (ID) (TF 10-0)
5th Ryddik Johnson (OR) tech fall over Cadan McPeck (AK) (TF 12-0)
7th Bryan Alvarez (NM) tech fall over Nicholas Sosa (FL) (TF 10-0)

8 & Under Festival – 53
1st Place – Cameron Gilbert of VA
2nd Place – Sadie Sweat of MT
3rd Place – Mason Novelli of AK
4th Place – Ryker Wylie of UT
5th Place – Brody Owens of KS
6th Place – Ty McMath of FL
7th Place – Phillip Elson of MN
8th Place – Decker Morby of UT
1st Cameron Gilbert (VA) fall over Sadie Sweat (MT) (Fall 1:31)
True 2nd: Sadie Sweat (MT) decision over Mason Novelli (AK) (Dec 6-0)
3rd Mason Novelli (AK) tech fall over Ryker Wylie (UT) (TF 10-0)
5th Brody Owens (KS) tech fall over Ty McMath (FL) (TF 10-0)
7th Phillip Elson (MN) tech fall over Decker Morby (UT) (TF 10-0)

8 & Under Festival – 56
1st Place – Max Corrado of NE
2nd Place – Taetem Kunze of OR
3rd Place – Luke Grossman of MT
4th Place – August Ellis of UT
5th Place – Peyton Potter of WY
6th Place – Barrett Ehrich of WY
7th Place – Dillon Sweat of MT
8th Place – Brooks Bialo of PA
1st Max Corrado (NE) fall over Taetem Kunze (OR) (Fall 1:09)
True 2nd: Taetem Kunze (OR) fall over Luke Grossman (MT) (Fall 0:43)
3rd Luke Grossman (MT) decision over August Ellis (UT) (Dec 5-2)
5th Peyton Potter (WY) fall over Barrett Ehrich (WY) (Fall 0:41)
7th Dillon Sweat (MT) fall over Brooks Bialo (PA) (Fall 1:29)

8 & Under Festival – 62
1st Place – Jordy Smart of UT
2nd Place – Easton Terrell of AR
3rd Place – Tyler Ribchinsky of NJ
4th Place – Jaime Almaguer of WA
5th Place – Nehemiah Andronic of IL
6th Place – Cree Garza of WA
7th Place – Kash Harrison of TN
8th Place – Kyler Blaisdell of ID
1st Jordy Smart (UT) tech fall over Easton Terrell (AR) (TF 11-1)
True 2nd: Easton Terrell (AR) no contest over Tyler Ribchinsky (NJ) (NC)
3rd Tyler Ribchinsky (NJ) decision over Jaime Almaguer (WA) (Dec 9-8)
5th Nehemiah Andronic (IL) tech fall over Cree Garza (WA) (TF 10-0)
7th Kash Harrison (TN) tech fall over Kyler Blaisdell (ID) (TF 10-0)

8 & Under Festival – 70
1st Place – Beau Blevins of KS
2nd Place – Kyle Hatchell of UT
3rd Place – Remingtin Turner of UT
Round 1
Beau Blevins (KS) tech fall over Kyle Hatchell (UT) (TF 10-0)
Round 2
Kyle Hatchell (UT) tech fall over Remingtin Turner (UT) (TF 10-0)
Round 3
Beau Blevins (KS) tech fall over Remingtin Turner (UT) (TF 12-0)

8 & Under Festival – 85
1st Place – Tysen Robertson of IN
2nd Place – Luke Odin Vidal of FL
Round 1
Luke Odin Vidal (FL) fall over Tysen Robertson (IN) (Fall 3:26)
Round 2
Tysen Robertson (IN) fall over Luke Odin Vidal (FL) (Fall 0:20)
Round 3
Tysen Robertson (IN) tech fall over Luke Odin Vidal (FL) (TF 10-0)

10U – 49
1st Place – John Reimer of WI
2nd Place – Paxton Pitcher of UT
3rd Place – Oakley Fredrickson of UT
4th Place – Jasynn Pritchett of AK
5th Place – Finley McPeck of AK
6th Place – Makayela Sawyer of WA
7th Place – Beacon Burroughs of PA
1st John Reimer (WI) tech fall over Paxton Pitcher (UT) (TF 15-5)
True 2nd: Paxton Pitcher (UT) decision over Oakley Fredrickson (UT) (Dec 11-9)
3rd Oakley Fredrickson (UT) tech fall over Jasynn Pritchett (AK) (TF 10-0)
5th Finley McPeck (AK) fall over Makayela Sawyer (WA) (Fall 0:31)
7th Beacon Burroughs (PA) received a bye () (Bye)

10U – 53
1st Place – Dominik Chavez of AZ
2nd Place – Makai Garo of AK
3rd Place – Isabella Graham of AK
4th Place – Jag O’Brien of UT
5th Place – Avery Porter of AZ
6th Place – Hayzon Walker of UT
7th Place – Logan Clarendon of CO
8th Place – Joshua Sawyer of WA
1st Dominik Chavez (AZ) fall over Isabella Graham (AK) (Fall 1:45)
True 2nd: Makai Garo (AK) tech fall over Isabella Graham (AK) (TF 20-10)
3rd Makai Garo (AK) decision over Jag O’Brien (UT) (Dec 23-15)
5th Avery Porter (AZ) decision over Hayzon Walker (UT) (Dec 20-15)
7th Logan Clarendon (CO) fall over Joshua Sawyer (WA) (Fall 0:48)

10U – 56
1st Place – Ezra Harris of UT
2nd Place – Brady Jacobs of MI
3rd Place – Riddic Bunn of WA
4th Place – Colton Oeltjenbruns of WY
5th Place – Raiden Bunn of WA
6th Place – Julian Maximo of AZ
7th Place – Trig Klingler of UT
8th Place – Rykker Jessop of MT
1st Ezra Harris (UT) tech fall over Brady Jacobs (MI) (TF 12-2)
True 2nd: Brady Jacobs (MI) tech fall over Riddic Bunn (WA) (TF 10-0)
3rd Riddic Bunn (WA) fall over Colton Oeltjenbruns (WY) (Fall 3:33)
5th Raiden Bunn (WA) tech fall over Julian Maximo (AZ) (TF 10-0)
7th Trig Klingler (UT) decision over Rykker Jessop (MT) (Dec 16-10)

10U – 59
1st Place – Ian Weber of WI
2nd Place – Tayven Kem of UT
3rd Place – Bennett Dawson of OK
4th Place – Kyler Haslem of UT
5th Place – Dante Lewis of OR
6th Place – Blaise Henebry of ID
7th Place – Colton Fernandez of WA
8th Place – Kommon Cunanan of WA
1st Ian Weber (WI) tech fall over Tayven Kem (UT) (TF 10-0)
True 2nd: Tayven Kem (UT) tech fall over Bennett Dawson (OK) (TF 15-4)
3rd Bennett Dawson (OK) fall over Kyler Haslem (UT) (Fall 1:31)
5th Dante Lewis (OR) tech fall over Blaise Henebry (ID) (TF 10-0)
7th Colton Fernandez (WA) tech fall over Kommon Cunanan (WA) (TF 10-0)

10U – 63
1st Place – Cael Marcotte of CA
2nd Place – Knox Peasley of WA
3rd Place – Jaxton Coyer of MI
4th Place – Axel Stravlo of OK
5th Place – Zander Smith of IN
6th Place – Ryker Johnson of OR
7th Place – Braxton Irvine of IA
8th Place – John Visaggio of NM
1st Cael Marcotte (CA) decision over Knox Peasley (WA) (Dec 12-8)
True 2nd: Knox Peasley (WA) fall over Jaxton Coyer (MI) (Fall 2:25)
3rd Jaxton Coyer (MI) tech fall over Axel Stravlo (OK) (TF 19-9)
5th Zander Smith (IN) decision over Ryker Johnson (OR) (Dec 12-11)
7th Braxton Irvine (IA) tech fall over John Visaggio (NM) (TF 10-0)

10U – 67
1st Place – Tanner McCray-Bey of MD
2nd Place – Chase Gilbert of VA
3rd Place – Kalix Kilpatrick of TN
4th Place – Weston Ekle of AK
5th Place – Preston Beckett of WA
6th Place – Austin Garcia of ID
7th Place – Brycen Hein of MI
8th Place – Lucas Harris of NJ
1st Tanner McCray-Bey (MD) decision over Chase Gilbert (VA) (Dec 14-11)
2nd Chase Gilbert (VA) no contest over Kalix Kilpatrick (TN) (NC)
3rd Kalix Kilpatrick (TN) decision over Weston Ekle (AK) (Dec 10-10)
5th Preston Beckett (WA) tech fall over Austin Garcia (ID) (TF 10-0)
7th Brycen Hein (MI) tech fall over Lucas Harris (NJ) (TF 11-0)

10U – 71
1st Place – Brooks Blevins of KS
2nd Place – Iaromir Zhukovskii of IL
3rd Place – Avery Haber of MD
4th Place – Liam Hinton of VA
5th Place – Ethan Encarnacion of MD
6th Place – Bryson Wilkinson of IL
7th Place – Brex Jensen of UT
8th Place – Jian Khai Cuaresma of HI
1st Brooks Blevins (KS) tech fall over Iaromir Zhukovskii (IL) (TF 11-0)
True 2nd: Iaromir Zhukovskii (IL) decision over Avery Haber (MD) (Dec 2-1)
3rd Avery Haber (MD) fall over Liam Hinton (VA) (Fall 2:28)
5th Ethan Encarnacion (MD) decision over Bryson Wilkinson (IL) (Dec 12-6)
7th Brex Jensen (UT) fall over Jian Khai Cuaresma (HI) (Fall 1:33)

10U – 77
1st Place – Paxton Beckett of WA
2nd Place – Jonathan Bexfield of UT
3rd Place – Gatlan Talbot of NV
4th Place – Jayce Leclaire of WI
5th Place – Mark Wurster of OH
6th Place – Jax Paranto of NJ
7th Place – Logan Raef of IN
8th Place – Carter Votta of MD
1st Paxton Beckett (WA) tech fall over Jonathan Bexfield (UT) (TF 10-0)
True 2nd: Jonathan Bexfield (UT) no contest over Gatlan Talbot (NV) (NC)
3rd Gatlan Talbot (NV) fall over Jayce Leclaire (WI) (Fall 1:13)
5th Mark Wurster (OH) tech fall over Jax Paranto (NJ) (TF 12-2)
7th Logan Raef (IN) tech fall over Carter Votta (MD) (TF 10-0)

10U – 84
1st Place – Ben Howenstein of SD
2nd Place – Colton Kersey of FL
3rd Place – Easton Suter of UT
4th Place – Ricky Almaguer of WA
5th Place – Coleman McNutt of MN
6th Place – Stryker Kyler of KS
7th Place – Andreas Medrano of ID
8th Place – Brian Flynn of MD
1st Ben Howenstein (SD) tech fall over Easton Suter (UT) (TF 10-0)
True 2nd: Colton Kersey (FL) tech fall over Easton Suter (UT) (TF 12-2)
3rd Colton Kersey (FL) tech fall over Ricky Almaguer (WA) (TF 17-6)
5th Coleman McNutt (MN) fall over Stryker Kyler (KS) (Fall 3:04)
7th Andreas Medrano (ID) fall over Brian Flynn (MD) (Fall 1:55)

10U – 93
1st Place – Mercer Hamilton of WA
2nd Place – Cragen Smith of KS
3rd Place – Noah Schulz of AK
4th Place – Jaguar Madyun of CA
Round 1
Cragen Smith (KS) fall over Noah Schulz (AK) (Fall 0:37)
Mercer Hamilton (WA) tech fall over Jaguar Madyun (CA) (TF 11-1)
Round 2
Cragen Smith (KS) decision over Jaguar Madyun (CA) (Dec 11-8)
Mercer Hamilton (WA) fall over Noah Schulz (AK) (Fall 0:27)
Round 3
Mercer Hamilton (WA) tech fall over Cragen Smith (KS) (TF 13-2)
Noah Schulz (AK) tech fall over Jaguar Madyun (CA) (TF 10-0)

10U – 105
1st Place – Henry Begg of MI
2nd Place – David Harrell of IN
3rd Place – Lincoln Cain of OR
Round 1
David Harrell (IN) tech fall over Lincoln Cain (OR) (TF 10-0)
Round 2
Henry Begg (MI) fall over Lincoln Cain (OR) (Fall 1:10)
Round 3
Henry Begg (MI) tech fall over David Harrell (IN) (TF 11-1)

10U – 120
1st Place – Cash Carter of MN
2nd Place – Ellis Jones of IN
3rd Place – Eastyn Scott of NE
4th Place – Jett Meidl of MN
5th Place – Myles Vlaeminck of IN
Round 1
Ellis Jones (IN) fall over Myles Vlaeminck (IN) (Fall 1:42)
Cash Carter (MN) fall over Jett Meidl (MN) (Fall 1:06)
Round 2
Eastyn Scott (NE) fall over Jett Meidl (MN) (Fall 3:10)
Cash Carter (MN) tech fall over Ellis Jones (IN) (TF 10-0)
Round 3
Cash Carter (MN) tech fall over Eastyn Scott (NE) (TF 11-0)
Jett Meidl (MN) decision over Myles Vlaeminck (IN) (Dec 4-2)
Round 4
Eastyn Scott (NE) fall over Myles Vlaeminck (IN) (Fall 0:25)
Ellis Jones (IN) fall over Jett Meidl (MN) (Fall 1:28)
Round 5
Ellis Jones (IN) fall over Eastyn Scott (NE) (Fall 3:17)
Cash Carter (MN) fall over Myles Vlaeminck (IN) (Fall 0:58)

12U – 58
1st Place – Korbin Kiessling of MD
2nd Place – Tyson Linnell of UT
3rd Place – Ryan Federico of OH
4th Place – Harlym Ward of UT
Round 1
Korbin Kiessling (MD) fall over Ryan Federico (OH) (Fall 1:02)
Tyson Linnell (UT) tech fall over Harlym Ward (UT) (TF 10-0)
Round 2
Korbin Kiessling (MD) tech fall over Harlym Ward (UT) (TF 10-0)
Tyson Linnell (UT) tech fall over Ryan Federico (OH) (TF 17-4)
Round 3
Korbin Kiessling (MD) tech fall over Tyson Linnell (UT) (TF 11-0)
Ryan Federico (OH) decision over Harlym Ward (UT) (Dec 11-7)

12U – 63
1st Place – Chase Warm of MD
2nd Place – Avery Anderson of CO
3rd Place – Kyler Robinson of UT
4th Place – Easton Carlson of UT
5th Place – Bradley Santangelo of MD
6th Place – Ryder Yates of UT
7th Place – Kamden Gallus of MN
1st Chase Warm (MD) decision over Avery Anderson (CO) (Dec 14-13)
True 2nd: Avery Anderson (CO) tech fall over Kyler Robinson (UT) (TF 10-0)
3rd Kyler Robinson (UT) fall over Easton Carlson (UT) (Fall 1:32)
5th Bradley Santangelo (MD) tech fall over Ryder Yates (UT) (TF 10-0)
7th Kamden Gallus (MN) received a bye () (Bye)

12U – 67
1st Place – Kanin Kumfer of AK
2nd Place – Dylan Verceles of MD
3rd Place – Brock Zesiger of UT
4th Place – Estevan Maximo Jr. of AZ
5th Place – Lucas Allison of NE
6th Place – Thatcher Purser of UT
7th Place – Logan Noonan of MD
8th Place – Blade Pehrson of UT
1st Kanin Kumfer (AK) tech fall over Dylan Verceles (MD) (TF 12-2)
True 2nd: Dylan Verceles (MD) no contest over Brock Zesiger (UT) (NC)
3rd Brock Zesiger (UT) tech fall over Estevan Maximo Jr. (AZ) (TF 20-8)
5th Lucas Allison (NE) injury default over Thatcher Purser (UT) (Inj. 0:00)
7th Logan Noonan (MD) decision over Blade Pehrson (UT) (Dec 12-9)

12U – 70
1st Place – Austin Armstrong of ID
2nd Place – Jonathan Sells of OR
3rd Place – Antonio Slominsky of NJ
4th Place – Giovanni Garcia of AZ
5th Place – Beaudin Murphy of MT
6th Place – Colton Hamill of WI
7th Place – Aukai Walsh of HI
8th Place – Nox O’Brien of UT
1st Austin Armstrong (ID) decision over Jonathan Sells (OR) (Dec 8-6)
True 2nd: Jonathan Sells (OR) no contest over Antonio Slominsky (NJ) (NC)
3rd Antonio Slominsky (NJ) tech fall over Giovanni Garcia (AZ) (TF 10-0)
5th Beaudin Murphy (MT) injury default over Colton Hamill (WI) (Inj. 0:00)
7th Aukai Walsh (HI) fall over Nox O’Brien (UT) (Fall 1:06)

12U – 74
1st Place – Haedyn Cochran of IN
2nd Place – Alex Lobdell of TX
3rd Place – Rett Huerta of MN
4th Place – Christian West of KS
5th Place – Mason Little of NY
6th Place – Logan Bailey of CT
7th Place – Colter Campbell of AK
8th Place – Matthew McNulty of ID
1st Haedyn Cochran (IN) tech fall over Rett Huerta (MN) (TF 12-0)
True 2nd: Alex Lobdell (TX) decision over Rett Huerta (MN) (Dec 17-10)
3rd Alex Lobdell (TX) tech fall over Christian West (KS) (TF 14-4)
5th Mason Little (NY) injury default over Logan Bailey (CT) (Inj. 0:00)
7th Colter Campbell (AK) decision over Matthew McNulty (ID) (Dec 8-5)

12U – 78
1st Place – Manny Novelli of AK
2nd Place – Wyatt Hueftle of NE
3rd Place – Joshua Sanders of IN
4th Place – Edward Zeller of OH
5th Place – Devin Garcia of ID
6th Place – Trenton Warren of AZ
7th Place – Andrew Dorman of PA
8th Place – Tajuan Davis of OK
1st Manny Novelli (AK) tech fall over Wyatt Hueftle (NE) (TF 10-0)
2nd Wyatt Hueftle (NE) no contest over Joshua Sanders (IN) (NC)
3rd Joshua Sanders (IN) tech fall over Edward Zeller (OH) (TF 20-9)
5th Devin Garcia (ID) tech fall over Trenton Warren (AZ) (TF 16-6)
7th Andrew Dorman (PA) decision over Tajuan Davis (OK) (Dec 15-12)

12U – 82
1st Place – Julian Smith of NJ
2nd Place – Dawson McGrath of CT
3rd Place – Jarron Beltran Jr of AZ
4th Place – Matt Harrington of PA
5th Place – Titus Slaughter of AL
6th Place – Javen Russo of GA
7th Place – Stylin Ranis of HI
8th Place – Hunter Erdmann of WI
1st Julian Smith (NJ) tech fall over Dawson McGrath (CT) (TF 14-4)
True 2nd: Dawson McGrath (CT) no contest over Jarron Beltran Jr (AZ) (NC)
3rd Jarron Beltran Jr (AZ) tech fall over Matt Harrington (PA) (TF 11-0)
5th Titus Slaughter (AL) tech fall over Javen Russo (GA) (TF 11-0)
7th Stylin Ranis (HI) injury default over Hunter Erdmann (WI) (Inj. 0:00)

12U – 86
1st Place – Mitchell Chen of VA
2nd Place – Declan Dahl of MN
3rd Place – Gunnar Wilson of OR
4th Place – Mick Dobbs of AK
5th Place – Bella Manno of NJ
6th Place – Amari Jenkins of PA
7th Place – Romen Cruz of AZ
8th Place – Mason Gonzalez of CA
1st Mitchell Chen (VA) tech fall over Declan Dahl (MN) (TF 10-0)
2nd Declan Dahl (MN) no contest over Gunnar Wilson (OR) (NC)
3rd Gunnar Wilson (OR) decision over Mick Dobbs (AK) (Dec 15-12)
5th Bella Manno (NJ) fall over Amari Jenkins (PA) (Fall 0:54)
7th Romen Cruz (AZ) tech fall over Mason Gonzalez (CA) (TF 10-0)

12U – 92
1st Place – Nathan Fenner of PA
2nd Place – Hudson Bragg of CO
3rd Place – Rocky Thompson of MO
4th Place – Henry Scott McDoniel of AR
5th Place – Bentley Holmes of NE
6th Place – Jj Doty of IN
7th Place – Nixon Canfield of UT
8th Place – Kailey Graham of AK
1st Nathan Fenner (PA) decision over Rocky Thompson (MO) (Dec 8-6)
2nd Hudson Bragg (CO) decision over Rocky Thompson (MO) (Dec 4-2)
3rd Hudson Bragg (CO) fall over Henry Scott McDoniel (AR) (Fall 3:08)
5th Bentley Holmes (NE) fall over Jj Doty (IN) (Fall 1:04)
7th Nixon Canfield (UT) fall over Kailey Graham (AK) (Fall 1:46)

12U – 98
1st Place – Jeremiah Hayes of IL
2nd Place – Daniel Jones of NY
3rd Place – Jacob Penzkover of WI
4th Place – Cooper Mariakis of GA
5th Place – Adam Rea of MO
6th Place – Yefraim Sadchikov of PA
7th Place – Peyton Beckett of WA
8th Place – Zakary Acuna of MT
1st Jeremiah Hayes (IL) tech fall over Daniel Jones (NY) (TF 10-0)
True 2nd: Daniel Jones (NY) tech fall over Jacob Penzkover (WI) (TF 12-2)
3rd Jacob Penzkover (WI) tech fall over Cooper Mariakis (GA) (TF 10-0)
5th Adam Rea (MO) fall over Yefraim Sadchikov (PA) (Fall 0:47)
7th Peyton Beckett (WA) tech fall over Zakary Acuna (MT) (TF 12-0)

12U – 108
1st Place – Stetson Gabel of CO
2nd Place – Evan MacCallum of NE
3rd Place – Ashton Martin of AK
4th Place – Kolby Dennington of CA
5th Place – Kooper Kovnesky of MT
6th Place – Khangarid Erdembilegt of WA
7th Place – Magnus Semenick of FL
8th Place – James Marshall of OR
1st Stetson Gabel (CO) tech fall over Evan MacCallum (NE) (TF 16-5)
True 2nd: Evan MacCallum (NE) no contest over Ashton Martin (AK) (NC)
3rd Ashton Martin (AK) fall over Kolby Dennington (CA) (Fall 0:54)
5th Kooper Kovnesky (MT) tech fall over Khangarid Erdembilegt (WA) (TF 12-2)
7th Magnus Semenick (FL) injury default over James Marshall (OR) (Inj. 0:00)

12U – 117
1st Place – Lincoln Smiddy of MD
2nd Place – Michael Alexander of MN
3rd Place – Khantenger Erdembilegt of WA
4th Place – Asher Anthony of VA
5th Place – Innokentiy Deev of CA
6th Place – Sylas Lucas of CA
1st Lincoln Smiddy (MD) tech fall over Michael Alexander (MN) (TF 10-0)
True 2nd: Michael Alexander (MN) fall over Khantenger Erdembilegt (WA) (Fall 1:51)
3rd Khantenger Erdembilegt (WA) tech fall over Asher Anthony (VA) (TF 17-6)
5th Innokentiy Deev (CA) fall over Sylas Lucas (CA) (Fall 0:48)
7th () received a bye () (Bye)

12U – 135
1st Place – Traycen Wegele of CO
2nd Place – Rosco Lewis of OK
3rd Place – Gavin Brown of IN
4th Place – Bryce Gushee-Brown of ME
5th Place – Makoa Badillo of FL
6th Place – Sophia Hilliard of ND
7th Place – Grant Penney of OH
1st Traycen Wegele (CO) tech fall over Gavin Brown (IN) (TF 10-0)
True 2nd: Rosco Lewis (OK) fall over Gavin Brown (IN) (Fall 0:28)
3rd Rosco Lewis (OK) fall over Bryce Gushee-Brown (ME) (Fall 1:14)
5th Makoa Badillo (FL) tech fall over Sophia Hilliard (ND) (TF 15-5)
7th Grant Penney (OH) received a bye () (Bye)

12U – 160
1st Place – Hunter Bell of ID
2nd Place – Bobby McNutt of MN
3rd Place – Jaxson Cox of UT
4th Place – Tywan Jenkins of CA
5th Place – Tuxley Kirkhart of KS
Round 1
Bobby McNutt (MN) fall over Tuxley Kirkhart (KS) (Fall 0:09)
Hunter Bell (ID) fall over Tywan Jenkins (CA) (Fall 0:55)
Round 2
Hunter Bell (ID) tech fall over Jaxson Cox (UT) (TF 11-1)
Bobby McNutt (MN) tech fall over Tywan Jenkins (CA) (TF 10-0)
Round 3
Jaxson Cox (UT) fall over Tywan Jenkins (CA) (Fall 0:24)
Hunter Bell (ID) fall over Tuxley Kirkhart (KS) (Fall 0:25)
Round 4
Jaxson Cox (UT) fall over Tuxley Kirkhart (KS) (Fall 0:48)
Hunter Bell (ID) fall over Bobby McNutt (MN) (Fall 0:55)
Round 5
Bobby McNutt (MN) tech fall over Jaxson Cox (UT) (TF 10-0)
Tywan Jenkins (CA) fall over Tuxley Kirkhart (KS) (Fall 2:25)

14U – 71
1st Place – Leo Murillo of PA
2nd Place – Miro Parr-Coffin of WA
3rd Place – Hayden Fernandez of WA
4th Place – Caleb Heyder of UT
5th Place – Santino Andujo of AZ
6th Place – Keian Linnell of UT
1st Leo Murillo (PA) fall over Hayden Fernandez (WA) (Fall 0:38)
True 2nd: Miro Parr-Coffin (WA) tech fall over Hayden Fernandez (WA) (TF 10-0)
3rd Miro Parr-Coffin (WA) decision over Caleb Heyder (UT) (Dec 10-8)
5th Santino Andujo (AZ) decision over Keian Linnell (UT) (Dec 12-9)
7th () received a bye () (Bye)

14U – 77
1st Place – Lucas Forman of NV
2nd Place – Jack Holman of UT
3rd Place – Gavin Boller of MI
4th Place – Jack Thrush of AZ
5th Place – Ty Martin of IA
6th Place – Cameron Schofield of IN
7th Place – Jacob Naylor of MD
8th Place – Malik Hoskins of AZ
1st Lucas Forman (NV) tech fall over Jack Holman (UT) (TF 10-0)
2nd Jack Holman (UT) fall over Gavin Boller (MI) (Fall 1:27)
3rd Gavin Boller (MI) decision over Jack Thrush (AZ) (Dec 13-9)
5th Ty Martin (IA) decision over Cameron Schofield (IN) (Dec 2-1)
7th Jacob Naylor (MD) tech fall over Malik Hoskins (AZ) (TF 11-0)

14U – 83
1st Place – Corey Brown of MD
2nd Place – Dominic Cordero of TN
3rd Place – Arav Pandey of PA
4th Place – Michael Rundell of IL
5th Place – Blake Mauch of UT
6th Place – Regan Yundt of AK
7th Place – Jesse Grossman of MT
8th Place – Ace Schweitzer of NE
1st Corey Brown (MD) decision over Dominic Cordero (TN) (Dec 10-4)
True 2nd: Dominic Cordero (TN) tech fall over Arav Pandey (PA) (TF 11-1)
3rd Arav Pandey (PA) decision over Michael Rundell (IL) (Dec 12-3)
5th Blake Mauch (UT) tech fall over Regan Yundt (AK) (TF 14-4)
7th Jesse Grossman (MT) fall over Ace Schweitzer (NE) (Fall 1:21)

14U – 87
1st Place – Tommy Wurster of OH
2nd Place – Jeremy Carver of IN
3rd Place – Tyler Verceles of MD
4th Place – Bryson Drennen of GA
5th Place – Kacen Jones of UT
6th Place – Flynn Arnestad of VA
7th Place – Lewis Davis of AR
8th Place – Jaxsen Bailey of CT
1st Tommy Wurster (OH) decision over Tyler Verceles (MD) (Dec 6-2)
True 2nd: Jeremy Carver (IN) decision over Tyler Verceles (MD) (Dec 10-4)
3rd Jeremy Carver (IN) tech fall over Bryson Drennen (GA) (TF 10-0)
5th Kacen Jones (UT) tech fall over Flynn Arnestad (VA) (TF 14-4)
7th Lewis Davis (AR) tech fall over Jaxsen Bailey (CT) (TF 10-0)

14U – 92
1st Place – Colton Schultz of IL
2nd Place – Wyatt Rossi of MD
3rd Place – Ernesto Perez of AZ
4th Place – Lincoln Swick of WI
5th Place – Jacob Millward of UT
6th Place – Cooper Smith of KS
7th Place – Gavin Matheis of FL
8th Place – Maxim Sim of CA
1st Colton Schultz (IL) tech fall over Wyatt Rossi (MD) (TF 18-8)
True 2nd: Wyatt Rossi (MD) no contest over Ernesto Perez (AZ) (NC)
3rd Ernesto Perez (AZ) tech fall over Lincoln Swick (WI) (TF 10-0)
5th Jacob Millward (UT) tech fall over Cooper Smith (KS) (TF 18-7)
7th Gavin Matheis (FL) tech fall over Maxim Sim (CA) (TF 11-0)

14U – 97
1st Place – Zahn Beal of WI
2nd Place – Mateo Gallegos of PA
3rd Place – Cruz Little of VA
4th Place – Nathan Matthis of MD
5th Place – Jordan Manyette of PA
6th Place – Cruz Enderle of MO
7th Place – Daniel Myint of IL
8th Place – Calan Manley of MO
1st Zahn Beal (WI) decision over Mateo Gallegos (PA) (Dec 7-4)
2nd Mateo Gallegos (PA) tech fall over Cruz Little (VA) (TF 12-2)
3rd Cruz Little (VA) decision over Nathan Matthis (MD) (Dec 6-2)
5th Jordan Manyette (PA) tech fall over Cruz Enderle (MO) (TF 12-2)
7th Daniel Myint (IL) fall over Calan Manley (MO) (Fall 0:36)

14U – 102
1st Place – Jovanni Tovar of FL
2nd Place – Martez Sheard of WI
3rd Place – Conner Whitely of OH
4th Place – Blake Nevils of AR
5th Place – Gabe Wassom of KS
6th Place – Aidan McClure of IL
7th Place – Hendrix Schwab of IA
8th Place – Zackry Mosier of KS
1st Jovanni Tovar (FL) decision over Martez Sheard (WI) (Dec 4-2)
2nd Martez Sheard (WI) no contest over Conner Whitely (OH) (NC)
3rd Conner Whitely (OH) decision over Blake Nevils (AR) (Dec 6-1)
5th Gabe Wassom (KS) decision over Aidan McClure (IL) (Dec 5-2)
7th Hendrix Schwab (IA) tech fall over Zackry Mosier (KS) (TF 12-2)

14U – 106
1st Place – Weston Borgers of OH
2nd Place – Jaxon Lane of TN
3rd Place – Breidyn Ralls of AZ
4th Place – Daniel Green of MT
5th Place – Parker Wickam of CO
6th Place – Weston Baumgartner of MD
7th Place – Devin Ehler of IL
8th Place – Shane Ostermiller of AK
1st Weston Borgers (OH) decision over Jaxon Lane (TN) (Dec 14-5)
2nd Jaxon Lane (TN) no contest over Breidyn Ralls (AZ) (NC)
3rd Breidyn Ralls (AZ) tech fall over Daniel Green (MT) (TF 14-4)
5th Parker Wickam (CO) fall over Weston Baumgartner (MD) (Fall 1:56)
7th Devin Ehler (IL) decision over Shane Ostermiller (AK) (Dec 4-4)

14U – 110
1st Place – Abraham Coronado of NV
2nd Place – Jamison Gregory of MI
3rd Place – Luke Cline of MO
4th Place – Trusten Lee Douglas of OK
5th Place – Gavin Ryhal of PA
6th Place – Kamon Thompson of UT
7th Place – Steven Robles of AZ
8th Place – Ericson Ej Coney of FL
1st Abraham Coronado (NV) decision over Jamison Gregory (MI) (Dec 12-5)
True 2nd: Jamison Gregory (MI) tech fall over Luke Cline (MO) (TF 19-8)
3rd Luke Cline (MO) fall over Trusten Lee Douglas (OK) (Fall 1:32)
5th Gavin Ryhal (PA) tech fall over Kamon Thompson (UT) (TF 11-0)
7th Steven Robles (AZ) tech fall over Ericson Ej Coney (FL) (TF 10-0)

14U – 114
1st Place – Gary High of TN
2nd Place – Daniel Dennis of PA
3rd Place – Tyler Paulson of WI
4th Place – Lincoln Hinchman of IN
5th Place – John Hanrahan of IL
6th Place – Wesley Honiss of MI
7th Place – Luke Stott of UT
8th Place – Logan McNally of UT
1st Gary High (TN) tech fall over Daniel Dennis (PA) (TF 10-0)
True 2nd: Daniel Dennis (PA) tech fall over Tyler Paulson (WI) (TF 11-0)
3rd Tyler Paulson (WI) decision over Lincoln Hinchman (IN) (Dec 19-16)
5th John Hanrahan (IL) fall over Wesley Honiss (MI) (Fall 0:44)
7th Luke Stott (UT) decision over Logan McNally (UT) (Dec 13-6)

14U – 119
1st Place – Dylan Villers of TN
2nd Place – Marcus Killgore of AZ
3rd Place – Harvey Walgren of UT
4th Place – Evan Cryderman of IN
5th Place – Lane Monroe of UT
6th Place – Carson Neubert of WI
7th Place – Brayden Sebold of CO
8th Place – Joshua Mitcham of PA
1st Dylan Villers (TN) tech fall over Marcus Killgore (AZ) (TF 10-0)
True 2nd: Marcus Killgore (AZ) no contest over Harvey Walgren (UT) (NC)
3rd Harvey Walgren (UT) decision over Evan Cryderman (IN) (Dec 10-8)
5th Lane Monroe (UT) forfeit over Carson Neubert (WI) (FF)
7th Brayden Sebold (CO) decision over Joshua Mitcham (PA) (Dec 21-12)

14U – 125
1st Place – Riker Ohearon of UT
2nd Place – Angel Cejudo Jr. of AZ
3rd Place – Kobe Cunanan of WA
4th Place – Thunder Page of KS
5th Place – Thomas Banas of IL
6th Place – Malakii Martin of CO
7th Place – Xander Nielsen of GA
8th Place – Nathaniel Moungsiharat of TN
1st Riker Ohearon (UT) decision over Angel Cejudo Jr. (AZ) (Dec 7-0)
2nd Angel Cejudo Jr. (AZ) tech fall over Kobe Cunanan (WA) (TF 11-0)
3rd Kobe Cunanan (WA) decision over Thunder Page (KS) (Dec 6-1)
5th Thomas Banas (IL) tech fall over Malakii Martin (CO) (TF 11-0)
7th Xander Nielsen (GA) decision over Nathaniel Moungsiharat (TN) (Dec 17-10)

14U – 130
1st Place – Joaquin Chacon of AZ
2nd Place – Gideon Gonzalez of NJ
3rd Place – Isaac Conner of OR
4th Place – Karl Ledbetter of UT
5th Place – Levi Dicksion of OK
6th Place – James Whitbred of PA
7th Place – Carmine Cruz of AZ
8th Place – Keanu Garcia of CA
1st Joaquin Chacon (AZ) decision over Gideon Gonzalez (NJ) (Dec 9-0)
True 2nd: Gideon Gonzalez (NJ) tech fall over Isaac Conner (OR) (TF 17-7)
3rd Isaac Conner (OR) decision over Karl Ledbetter (UT) (Dec 10-4)
5th Levi Dicksion (OK) injury default over James Whitbred (PA) (Inj. 0:00)
7th Carmine Cruz (AZ) tech fall over Keanu Garcia (CA) (TF 16-6)

14U – 136
1st Place – Maddox Slater of ND
2nd Place – Kaleb Griffith of NE
3rd Place – Andrew Moro of OH
4th Place – Sean Breedlove of IN
5th Place – Oakley Maddox of ID
6th Place – Devin Johnson of WI
7th Place – Max Harris of KS
8th Place – Richard Dunlavey of AK
1st Maddox Slater (ND) decision over Andrew Moro (OH) (Dec 11-9)
True 2nd: Kaleb Griffith (NE) fall over Andrew Moro (OH) (Fall 2:00)
3rd Kaleb Griffith (NE) decision over Sean Breedlove (IN) (Dec 8-4)
5th Oakley Maddox (ID) injury default over Devin Johnson (WI) (Inj. 0:00)
7th Max Harris (KS) fall over Richard Dunlavey (AK) (Fall 0:25)

14U – 149
1st Place – Peyton Hornsby of IN
2nd Place – Tate Sailer of ND
3rd Place – Nash McMilian of ID
4th Place – Jeremiah Goudeau of LA
Round 1
Peyton Hornsby (IN) tech fall over Nash McMilian (ID) (TF 10-0)
Tate Sailer (ND) fall over Jeremiah Goudeau (LA) (Fall 0:45)
Round 2
Peyton Hornsby (IN) injury default over Jeremiah Goudeau (LA) (Inj. 0:00)
Tate Sailer (ND) tech fall over Nash McMilian (ID) (TF 12-2)
Round 3
Peyton Hornsby (IN) tech fall over Tate Sailer (ND) (TF 10-0)
Nash McMilian (ID) injury default over Jeremiah Goudeau (LA) (Inj. 0:00)

14U – 165
1st Place – Eli Knight of WV
2nd Place – Kannon Freschette of WA
3rd Place – Isaac Barrientos of IL
4th Place – Ibrahim Zaky of VA
5th Place – Shepard Stephens of UT
6th Place – Tyrus Alley of MO
7th Place – Calvin Harding of UT
8th Place – Marques Allen of AZ
1st Eli Knight (WV) tech fall over Kannon Freschette (WA) (TF 11-0)
True 2nd: Kannon Freschette (WA) no contest over Isaac Barrientos (IL) (NC)
3rd Isaac Barrientos (IL) tech fall over Ibrahim Zaky (VA) (TF 10-0)
5th Shepard Stephens (UT) decision over Tyrus Alley (MO) (Dec 19-10)
7th Calvin Harding (UT) forfeit over Marques Allen (AZ) (FF)

14U – 187
1st Place – Chase Hetrick of PA
2nd Place – Michael Garcia of CO
3rd Place – Satoshi Davis of NV
4th Place – Joaquin Ruiz of UT
5th Place – Gage Ponton of ID
6th Place – Xander Johnson of TN
7th Place – Eli Spross of MT
8th Place – Bam Miller of AZ
1st Chase Hetrick (PA) tech fall over Michael Garcia (CO) (TF 10-0)
True 2nd: Michael Garcia (CO) no contest over Satoshi Davis (NV) (NC)
3rd Satoshi Davis (NV) decision over Joaquin Ruiz (UT) (Dec 8-3)
5th Gage Ponton (ID) fall over Xander Johnson (TN) (Fall 0:48)
7th Eli Spross (MT) fall over Bam Miller (AZ) (Fall 2:36)

14U – 250
1st Place – Jonathan Herring of UT
2nd Place – Jonathan Arias of CA
3rd Place – Layne James of AZ
4th Place – Kendrick Vande Velde of KS
5th Place – Matthew Kelley of MO
6th Place – William Bishop of KS
1st Jonathan Herring (UT) fall over Layne James (AZ) (Fall 1:20)
True 2nd: Jonathan Arias (CA) fall over Layne James (AZ) (Fall 1:29)
3rd Jonathan Arias (CA) fall over Kendrick Vande Velde (KS) (Fall 0:39)
5th Matthew Kelley (MO) fall over William Bishop (KS) (Fall 1:49)
7th () received a bye () (Bye)

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