Nebraska’s Peyton Robb overcame an “all-too-real” pain

After coaching NCAA Division I wrestling for a quarter of a century, Nebraska mentor Mark Manning has dealt with many different personalities.

In Peyton Robb, the Huskers’ two-time All-American, Manning sees something unique about his sixth-year senior from Owatonna, Minn..

“He has a very confident demeanor and calmness about him,” said Manning, who is about to start his 23rd season in Lincoln, Neb. “What I see in him right now is a very focused, more mentally tough, grateful young man, who is happy doing what he loves.”

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Fortunately, Robb is going to make the most of his final year in college wrestling at 157 pounds … and not just because the pandemic gave him and other college wrestlers an extra season to reach their goals.

The 23-year-old Robb is also just happy to be alive. Continue reading at →

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