Andover 40 Rogers 28

Andover 40 Rogers 28
107: Nolan Lund (ROGE) over (ANDO) (For.)
114: Zachary Kellogg (ROGE) over Anthony Combs (ANDO) (Dec 15-11)
121: Brady Wadel (ANDO) over Caleb Whitlock (ROGE) (Fall 2:45)
127: Brandon Board (ANDO) over Grady Weinbrenner (ROGE) (Fall 3:27)
133: Mason Lund (ROGE) over Elias Houle (ANDO) (Dec 6-5)
139: Noah Borg (ANDO) over Navarro Kornwolf (ROGE) (MD 13-5)
172: Jase Carlson (ROGE) over Sam Braaten (ANDO) (Fall 2:56)
215: Steven Daiker (ROGE) over Drew Herzog (ANDO) (Fall 1:43)
189: george johnson (ANDO) over (ROGE) (For.)
145: Levi Honzik (ANDO) over Sam Welter (ROGE) (Fall 3:19)
152: Brandon Seburg (ANDO) over Adam Villante (ROGE) (Fall 2:22)
160: Breck Cassidy (ROGE) over Ben Hyland (ANDO) (MD 11-3)
285: Jack Pena (ANDO) over (ROGE) (For.)

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