LeSueur-Henderson Quad

WEM-JWP 39 Medford 31
107: Eliot Jones (MEDF) over Bre’ Ana Masso (WEJW) (Fall 1:01)
114: Isaac Miller (WEJW) over (MEDF) (For.)
121: Luis Lopez (MEDF) over (WEJW) (For.)
127: Kaden Harfmann (MEDF) over Carson Petry (WEJW) (Dec 6-4)
133: Brady Murphy (WEJW) over (MEDF) (For.)
139: James Wegner (MEDF) over Trenton Huber (WEJW) (Fall 2:00)
145: Zach Quast (WEJW) over (MEDF) (For.)
152: Evan Schweisthal (MEDF) over Lucas Morsching (WEJW) (Fall 4:43)
160: Tommy Elwood (MEDF) over Gavin Krause (WEJW) (MD 12-0)
172: Isaac Quast (WEJW) over Chase Balzer (MEDF) (Dec 3-0)
189: Avery Fall (WEJW) over Aiden Ahrens (MEDF) (Fall 1:20)
215: Maddox Moreno (WEJW) over (MEDF) (For.)
285: Keegan Kuball (WEJW) over Conor Wilson (MEDF) (Fall 1:43)

WEM-JWP 41 LeSueur-Henderson 35
107: Bre’ Ana Masso (WEJW) over Kain Romano (LSH) (Fall 0:40)
114: William Osborne (LSH) over (WEJW) (For.)
121: Isaac Miller (WEJW) over (LSH) (For.)
127: Carson Petry (WEJW) over Waylon Thieke (LSH) (TF 16-1 5:34)
133: Dalton Wilson (LSH) over Brady Murphy (WEJW) (Fall 3:20)
139: Dalton Wilson (LSH) over Carson James (WEJW) (Fall 0:55)
145: Nick Larson (LSH) over Zach Quast (WEJW) (Fall 3:07)
152: Lucas Morsching (WEJW) over Isaac Holloway (LSH) (Fall 1:32)
160: Gavin Krause (WEJW) over Luke Miller (LSH) (Fall 2:55)
172: Isaac Quast (WEJW) over Sam Wagner (LSH) (Fall 5:34)
189: Peyton Tellijohn (LSH) over Avery Fall (WEJW) (Fall 0:37)
215: George Doherty (LSH) over Maddox Moreno (WEJW) (Fall 0:15)
285: Keegan Kuball (WEJW) over Carter Nelson (LSH) (Fall 1:25)
(LSH Unsportsmanlike Conduct at 133 -1.0)

WEM-JWP 51 Waseca 15
107: Bre’ Ana Masso (WEJW) over (WASE) (For.)
114: Archer O’Brien (WASE) over (WEJW) (For.)
121: Double Forfeit
127: Carson Petry (WEJW) over Jacob Knutson (WASE) (TF 15-0 2:00)
133: Brady Murphy (WEJW) over (WASE) (For.)
139: Carson James (WEJW) over Oliver Staloch (WASE) (Fall 3:04)
145: Zach Quast (WEJW) over Sam Selthun (WASE) (Fall 0:41)
152: Slade Barnett (WASE) over Lucas Morsching (WEJW) (Dec 7-0)
160: Gavin Krause (WEJW) over Jacob Root (WASE) (MD 14-3)
172: Isaac Quast (WEJW) over Jaiden Schafer (WASE) (Fall 0:12)
189: Avery Fall (WEJW) over Lucas Selthun (WASE) (Fall 3:10)
215: Matthew Veroeven (WASE) over Maddox Moreno (WEJW) (Fall 1:46)
285: Keegan Kuball (WEJW) over (WASE) (For.)

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