Luther College Open

2023 Luther College Open results. Saturday, November 11, at Decorah, Iowa.

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Elite 125
1st Place – Drake Ayala of Iowa
2nd Place – Joey Cruz of Iowa
3rd Place – Alexis Tellez Perez of Wartburg
4th Place – Akhil Vega of Stevens Tech
5th Place – Derek Steele of Augsburg
6th Place – Zein Bazzi of Wartburg
7th Place – Cade Hornback of Coe
8th Place – Wiley Jessup of Loras
1st Drake Ayala (Iowa) tech fall over Joey Cruz (Iowa) (TF 19-3)
3rd Alexis Tellez Perez (Wartburg) disqualification over Akhil Vega (Stevens Tech) (DQ)
5th Derek Steele (Augsburg) decision over Zein Bazzi (Wartburg) (Dec 10-7)
7th Cade Hornback (Coe) fall over Wiley Jessup (Loras) (Fall 0:59)

Elite 133
1st Place – Jace Rhodes of Iowa
2nd Place – Bryce Parke of Coe
3rd Place – Luke Hoerle of Stevens Tech
4th Place – Trevor Hedges of Eureka
5th Place – Jesse Ybarra of Iowa
6th Place – Dominik Mallinder of Wisconsin-Whitewater
7th Place – Wyatt Kaczrowski of Augsburg
8th Place – Isaac Ayers of Luther
1st Jace Rhodes (Iowa) major decision over Bryce Parke (Coe) (Maj 14-5)
3rd Luke Hoerle (Stevens Tech) tech fall over Trevor Hedges (Eureka) (TF 21-6)
5th Jesse Ybarra (Iowa) major decision over Dominik Mallinder (Wisconsin-Whitewater) (Maj 12-3)
7th Wyatt Kaczrowski (Augsburg) major decision over Isaac Ayers (Luther) (Maj 20-6)

Elite 141
1st Place – Justin Fortugno of Wisconsin-Whitewater
2nd Place – Nico Diaz of Stevens Tech
3rd Place – Trayton Anderson of Minnesota State Mankato
4th Place – Tristan Day of Luther
5th Place – Nosa Egbon of Loras
6th Place – Trevon Wells of Wartburg
7th Place – Phillip Kue of St. Cloud State
8th Place – Ryan Cripe of Luther
1st Justin Fortugno (Wisconsin-Whitewater) decision over Nico Diaz (Stevens Tech) (Dec 8-6)
3rd Trayton Anderson (Minnesota State Mankato) fall over Tristan Day (Luther) (Fall 0:58)
5th Nosa Egbon (Loras) no contest over Trevon Wells (Wartburg) (NC)
7th Phillip Kue (St. Cloud State) no contest over Ryan Cripe (Luther) (NC)

Elite 149
1st Place – Anthony Ferrari of Unattached
2nd Place – Victor Voinovich of Iowa
3rd Place – Cade Siebrecht of Iowa
4th Place – Joel Jesuroga of Iowa
5th Place – Charlie Dojan of Wartburg
6th Place – Charlie Stuhl of Augsburg
7th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
7th Place – Lucas Jagodzinske of Augsburg
8th Place – Cole Becker of Augsburg
1st Anthony Ferrari (Unattached) decision over Victor Voinovich (Iowa) (Dec 2-1)
3rd Cade Siebrecht (Iowa) no contest over Joel Jesuroga (Iowa) (NC)
5th Charlie Dojan (Wartburg) no contest over Charlie Stuhl (Augsburg) (NC)
7th Lucas Jagodzinske (Augsburg) and Cole Becker (Augsburg) (DFF)

Elite 157
1st Place – Jared Franek of Iowa
2nd Place – Caleb Meunier of Minnesota State Mankato
3rd Place – Blake Jagodzinske of Augsburg
4th Place – Anthony Ulaszek of Wartburg
5th Place – Clayton McDonough of Luther
6th Place – Ryan Smith of Stevens Tech
7th Place – Kaden Reetz of Augsburg
8th Place – Michael Smith of Minnesota State Mankato
1st Jared Franek (Iowa) major decision over Caleb Meunier (Minnesota State Mankato) (Maj 21-7)
3rd Blake Jagodzinske (Augsburg) no contest over Anthony Ulaszek (Wartburg) (NC)
5th Clayton McDonough (Luther) medical forfeit over Ryan Smith (Stevens Tech) (MFF)
7th Kaden Reetz (Augsburg) no contest over Michael Smith (Minnesota State Mankato) (NC)

Elite 165
1st Place – Michael Caliendo of Iowa
2nd Place – Drake Rhodes of Iowa
3rd Place – Cooper Willis of Augsburg
4th Place – Chase Luensman of Upper Iowa
5th Place – Kole Marko of Minnesota State Mankato
6th Place – Carson Martinson of Iowa
7th Place – Dustin Bohren of Loras
8th Place – Harrison Hinojosa of Stevens Tech
1st Michael Caliendo (Iowa) tech fall over Drake Rhodes (Iowa) (TF 20-4)
3rd Cooper Willis (Augsburg) decision over Chase Luensman (Upper Iowa) (Dec 13-7)
5th Kole Marko (Minnesota State Mankato) decision over Carson Martinson (Iowa) (Dec 7-2)
7th Dustin Bohren (Loras) major decision over Harrison Hinojosa (Stevens Tech) (Maj 11-3)

Elite 174
1st Place – Gabe Arnold of Iowa
2nd Place – Seth Goetzinger of Augsburg
3rd Place – James Burks of St. Cloud State
4th Place – Stefan Major of Stevens Tech
5th Place – Aiden Riggins of Iowa
6th Place – Will Carano of Iowa
7th Place – Eddie Simes of Wisconsin-La Crosse
8th Place – Cael Meyer of Upper Iowa
1st Gabe Arnold (Iowa) major decision over Seth Goetzinger (Augsburg) (Maj 11-3)
3rd James Burks (St. Cloud State) decision over Stefan Major (Stevens Tech) (Dec 6-2)
5th Aiden Riggins (Iowa) tech fall over Will Carano (Iowa) (TF 21-5)
7th Eddie Simes (Wisconsin-La Crosse) medical forfeit over Cael Meyer (Upper Iowa) (MFF)

Elite 184
1st Place – Brennan Swafford of Iowa
2nd Place – Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann of Augsburg
3rd Place – Kasey Ross of Wartburg
4th Place – Colter Bye of Upper Iowa
5th Place – Joel Martsinovsky of Stevens Tech
6th Place – Jared Voss of Coe
7th Place – Tyson Meyer of St. Cloud State
8th Place – Brandt Bombard of Augsburg
1st Brennan Swafford (Iowa) major decision over Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann (Augsburg) (Maj 14-5)
3rd Kasey Ross (Wartburg) tech fall over Colter Bye (Upper Iowa) (TF 15-0)
5th Joel Martsinovsky (Stevens Tech) decision over Jared Voss (Coe) (Dec 10-9)
7th Tyson Meyer (St. Cloud State) decision over Brandt Bombard (Augsburg) (Dec 4-2)

Elite 197
1st Place – Zach Glazier of Iowa
2nd Place – Parker Venz of Augsburg
3rd Place – Jacob Steenhoek of Luther
4th Place – Blaise Wagner of Stevens Tech
5th Place – Greyson Gardner of Wartburg
6th Place – Mathieu Arsenault of Coe
7th Place – Tyler Raway of Augsburg
8th Place – Isaac Grams of St. Cloud State
1st Zach Glazier (Iowa) tech fall over Parker Venz (Augsburg) (TF 19-4)
3rd Jacob Steenhoek (Luther) fall over Blaise Wagner (Stevens Tech) (Fall 1:19)
5th Greyson Gardner (Wartburg) fall over Mathieu Arsenault (Coe) (Fall 4:57)
7th Tyler Raway (Augsburg) major decision over Isaac Grams (St. Cloud State) (Maj 11-1)

Elite 285
1st Place – Tyler Kim of Augsburg
2nd Place – Bradley Hill of Iowa
3rd Place – Gage Marty of Iowa
4th Place – Walter West of Luther
5th Place – Easton Fleshman of Iowa
6th Place – Darius Mynar of Wartburg
7th Place – Tanner Gaffey of Minnesota State Mankato
8th Place – Maximo Ruiz of Stevens Tech
1st Tyler Kim (Augsburg) decision over Bradley Hill (Iowa) (Dec 2-1)
3rd Gage Marty (Iowa) decision over Walter West (Luther) (Dec 6-3)
5th Easton Fleshman (Iowa) major decision over Darius Mynar (Wartburg) (Maj 15-1)
7th Tanner Gaffey (Minnesota State Mankato) fall over Maximo Ruiz (Stevens Tech) (Fall 2:00)

Silver 125
1st Place – Brett Birchman of Wartburg
2nd Place – Dominic Ducato of St. Cloud State
3rd Place – Jackson Heaston of Upper Iowa
4th Place – Gavin Jensen of Coe
5th Place – Dawson Schmit of Upper Iowa
6th Place – Carter Anderson of Loras
7th Place – Christopher McClanahan of Nebraska Wesleyan
8th Place – Khadyn Jacobs of Augustana (IL)
1st Brett Birchman (Wartburg) decision over Dominic Ducato (St. Cloud State) (Dec 9-4)
3rd Jackson Heaston (Upper Iowa) major decision over Gavin Jensen (Coe) (Maj 13-4)
5th Dawson Schmit (Upper Iowa) fall over Carter Anderson (Loras) (Fall 6:08)
7th Christopher McClanahan (Nebraska Wesleyan) fall over Khadyn Jacobs (Augustana (IL)) (Fall 0:53)

Silver 133
1st Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
2nd Place – Chance Suddeth of Augsburg
2nd Place – Ian Radintz of Augsburg
3rd Place – Lucas Ryan of Minnesota State Mankato
4th Place – Matt Haldiman of Wisconsin-La Crosse
5th Place – Jakob Regan of Coe
6th Place – Tyson Wilson of Rochester Community & Tech. College
7th Place – Conner Nevin of Upper Iowa
8th Place – McKenley Charlus of North Iowa Area Community College
1st Chance Suddeth (Augsburg) and Ian Radintz (Augsburg) (DFF)
3rd Lucas Ryan (Minnesota State Mankato) decision over Matt Haldiman (Wisconsin-La Crosse) (Dec 13-9)
5th Jakob Regan (Coe) fall over Tyson Wilson (Rochester Community & Tech. College) (Fall 1:00)
7th Conner Nevin (Upper Iowa) decision over McKenley Charlus (North Iowa Area Community College) (Dec 9-4)

Silver 141
1st Place – Dresden Grimm of Coe
2nd Place – Julian Garnica of Wartburg
3rd Place – Caleb Nobiling of Wartburg
4th Place – Brody Neighbor of Coe
5th Place – Mikey DiBenedetto of Wisconsin-Whitewater
6th Place – Andrew Larson of Rochester Community & Tech. College
7th Place – Carlos Valenzuela of North Iowa Area Community College
8th Place – Kaleb Horn of St. Cloud State
1st Dresden Grimm (Coe) major decision over Julian Garnica (Wartburg) (Maj 11-3)
3rd Caleb Nobiling (Wartburg) fall over Brody Neighbor (Coe) (Fall 1:58)
5th Mikey DiBenedetto (Wisconsin-Whitewater) tech fall over Andrew Larson (Rochester Community & Tech. College) (TF 18-3)
7th Carlos Valenzuela (North Iowa Area Community College) no contest over Kaleb Horn (St. Cloud State) (NC)

Silver 149
1st Place – Scott Busse of Wisconsin-Whitewater
2nd Place – Koye Grebel of Iowa
3rd Place – Michael Macias of Augustana (IL)
4th Place – Cohen Wiste of Rochester Community & Tech. College
5th Place – Ty Koedam of Coe
6th Place – Hunter Gartmann of Rochester Community & Tech. College
7th Place – Talan Schutte of Wisconsin-La Crosse
8th Place – Emmanuel Celstin of North Iowa Area Community College
1st Scott Busse (Wisconsin-Whitewater) decision over Koye Grebel (Iowa) (Dec 7-5)
3rd Michael Macias (Augustana (IL)) decision over Cohen Wiste (Rochester Community & Tech. College) (Dec 6-0)
5th Ty Koedam (Coe) decision over Hunter Gartmann (Rochester Community & Tech. College) (Dec 14-9)
7th Talan Schutte (Wisconsin-La Crosse) decision over Emmanuel Celstin (North Iowa Area Community College) (Dec 15-11)

Mat 10/12 – Silver 157
1st Place – Isaiah Fenton of Iowa
2nd Place – Jermaine Butler of Wisconsin-Whitewater
3rd Place – Nick Alexander of Augsburg
4th Place – Luke Swan of Wisconsin-Whitewater
5th Place – Gavin Gust of Rochester Community & Tech. College
6th Place – Karsen Otis of Augsburg
7th Place – Collin Altensey of Upper Iowa
8th Place – Zean Alobaidi of Wartburg
1st Isaiah Fenton (Iowa) decision over Jermaine Butler (Wisconsin-Whitewater) (Dec 7-2)
3rd Nick Alexander (Augsburg) decision over Luke Swan (Wisconsin-Whitewater) (Dec 2-0)
5th Gavin Gust (Rochester Community & Tech. College) no contest over Karsen Otis (Augsburg) (NC)
7th Collin Altensey (Upper Iowa) no contest over Zean Alobaidi (Wartburg) (NC)

Mat 10/12 – Silver 165
1st Place – Derek Johnson of St. Cloud State
2nd Place – Brett Skaug of Wisconsin-La Crosse
3rd Place – Evan Farley of Minnesota State Mankato
4th Place – Sebastian Zamorano of St. Cloud State
5th Place – Juan Pablo Garcia of Luther
6th Place – Mason Drake of Unattached
7th Place – Mason Noel of Buena Vista
8th Place – Peyton Schnurpel of Quincy
1st Derek Johnson (St. Cloud State) fall over Brett Skaug (Wisconsin-La Crosse) (Fall 2:07)
3rd Evan Farley (Minnesota State Mankato) tech fall over Sebastian Zamorano (St. Cloud State) (TF 17-1)
5th Juan Pablo Garcia (Luther) medical forfeit over Mason Drake (Unattached) (MFF)
7th Mason Noel (Buena Vista) fall over Peyton Schnurpel (Quincy) (Fall 5:27)

Silver 174
1st Place – Cole Glazier of St. Cloud State
2nd Place – Logan Vaughan of St. Cloud State
3rd Place – Landry Barker of Loras
4th Place – Camren Dennee of Wisconsin-La Crosse
5th Place – Dylan Peper of Luther
6th Place – Ben Peterson of Luther
7th Place – Blake Delsman of Wisconsin-Platteville
8th Place – Juan Quintero of Rochester Community & Tech. College
1st Cole Glazier (St. Cloud State) major decision over Logan Vaughan (St. Cloud State) (Maj 10-1)
3rd Landry Barker (Loras) decision over Camren Dennee (Wisconsin-La Crosse) (Dec 8-7)
5th Dylan Peper (Luther) decision over Ben Peterson (Luther) (Dec 8-6)
7th Blake Delsman (Wisconsin-Platteville) decision over Juan Quintero (Rochester Community & Tech. College) (Dec 7-3)

Mat 10/12 – Silver 184
1st Place – Griffin Luke of Upper Iowa
2nd Place – Grant Cook of Minnesota State Mankato
3rd Place – Brian Thilges of Minnesota State Mankato
4th Place – Sam Zindel of Loras
5th Place – Alex Watson of Loras
6th Place – Chase Wickwire of Upper Iowa
7th Place – Dalton Schell of Quincy
8th Place – Anthony King of Quincy
1st Griffin Luke (Upper Iowa) decision over Grant Cook (Minnesota State Mankato) (Dec 8-4)
3rd Brian Thilges (Minnesota State Mankato) major decision over Sam Zindel (Loras) (Maj 12-3)
5th Alex Watson (Loras) fall over Chase Wickwire (Upper Iowa) (Fall 0:46)
7th Dalton Schell (Quincy) fall over Anthony King (Quincy) (Fall 1:25)

Mat 10/12 – Silver 197
1st Place – Nathan Fury of St. Cloud State
2nd Place – Brendan Lockart of St. Cloud State
3rd Place – Kasey Gish of Wisconsin-La Crosse
4th Place – Zach Weidler of Wartburg
5th Place – Jaydon Walls of St. Cloud State
6th Place – Josh Glendening of Upper Iowa
7th Place – Jackson Ormond of Wisconsin-La Crosse
8th Place – Aiden Rice of Loras
1st Nathan Fury (St. Cloud State) medical forfeit over Brendan Lockart (St. Cloud State) (MFF)
3rd Kasey Gish (Wisconsin-La Crosse) decision over Zach Weidler (Wartburg) (Dec 9-4)
5th Jaydon Walls (St. Cloud State) decision over Josh Glendening (Upper Iowa) (Dec 6-0)
7th Jackson Ormond (Wisconsin-La Crosse) fall over Aiden Rice (Loras) (Fall 1:18)

Silver 285
1st Place – Donnie Hidden of St. Cloud State
2nd Place – Dylan Bravo Packer of St. Cloud State
3rd Place – Wyatt Smith of Coe
4th Place – Jackson Kirsch of Wisconsin-Platteville
5th Place – Colton O’Hern of Buena Vista
6th Place – Jeff Moen of Unattached
7th Place – Makota Misgen of Minnesota State Mankato
8th Place – Emiliano Lopez of Wartburg
1st Donnie Hidden (St. Cloud State) decision over Dylan Bravo Packer (St. Cloud State) (Dec 8-3)
3rd Wyatt Smith (Coe) fall over Jackson Kirsch (Wisconsin-Platteville) (Fall 0:31)
5th Colton O’Hern (Buena Vista) medical forfeit over Jeff Moen (Unattached) (MFF)
7th Makota Misgen (Minnesota State Mankato) decision over Emiliano Lopez (Wartburg) (Dec 2-1)

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