Badger State Invitational-Girls Division

Badger State Invitational-Girls Division
1 Milton MIL 118.0
2 Round Lake RL 91.0
3 Hickman HIC 88.0
4 Milwaukee Ronald Reagan MRR 82.5
5 Horicon HOR 77.0
6 Neenah NEE 76.0
7 New Berlin West NBW 74.0
8 Eau Claire North ECN 67.0
9 Muskego MUS 66.0
10 Badger BAD 60.0
11 Cadott CAD 59.0
12 Chilton CHI 57.0
13 Kickapoo KIC 56.0
14 North Crawford NC 56.0
15 Westosha Centra WC 55.0
16 Mineral Point MP 53.0
17 Oregon ORE 50.0
18 Fort Atkinson FORT 48.0
19 Edgerton EDG 47.0
20 Turner TUR 46.5
21 Martin Luther MLU 45.0
22 Richland Center RC 43.0
23 Stoughton STO 42.0
24 Lomira LOM 40.0
25 Rochester Century RCY 36.0
26 Wilmot Union WIL 35.0
27 Greenfield GRE 34.0
28 Poynette POY 32.0
29 Monroe MON 30.0
30 Darlington DAR 28.0
31 Waunakee WAU 27.0
32 Monona Grove/McFarland MGM 26.0
33 Brookfield East BRE 24.0
34 East Troy ET 24.0
35 Fennimore FEN 21.0
36 Sheboygan North SN 21.0
37 Lacrosse Logan/Central LLC 20.5
38 West Salem WS 19.0
39 Westfield WES 18.0
40 Viroqua VIR 17.0
41 Burlington BUR 15.0
42 Mauston MAU 13.0
43 Jefferson JEF 7.0
44 River Valley RV 7.0
45 Racine St. Catherines RSC 4.0
46 Dodgeville DOD 0.0
47 Madison Lafollette MLF 0.0
48 Sugar River SUG 0.0

Results on TrackWrestling

Girls – 100
1st Place – Riley Kongkaeow of Round Lake
2nd Place – Camila Garay of New Berlin West
3rd Place – Lucca Grosse of Kickapoo
4th Place – Ruby Brandt of Horicon
5th Place – Madeline Huggans of Hickman
6th Place – Chloe Loughrin of Lomira
7th Place – Mikaela Mathis of Westosha Centra
8th Place – Dayana Yustiz Guillen of Martin Luther
1st Riley Kongkaeow (Round Lake) fall over Camila Garay (New Berlin West) (Fall 1:50)
3rd Lucca Grosse (Kickapoo) fall over Ruby Brandt (Horicon) (Fall 3:48)
5th Madeline Huggans (Hickman) fall over Chloe Loughrin (Lomira) (Fall 1:36)
8th Mikaela Mathis (Westosha Centra) fall over Dayana Yustiz Guillen (Martin Luther) (Fall 1:44)
Cons. A Champ
Mivaya Cobb (Badger) fall over Makenna Olson (Badger) (Fall 2:27)

Girls – 107
1st Place – Iszy Sonnentag of Cadott
2nd Place – Emma Hady of Richland Center
3rd Place – Alexia Gallagher of Monroe
4th Place – Riley Hofeditz of Hickman
5th Place – Mariyana Miller of Kickapoo
6th Place – Emmerson Miller of Kickapoo
7th Place – Raven Ringhand of Oregon
8th Place – Aya Jaraba of Milwaukee Ronald Reagan
1st Iszy Sonnentag (Cadott) fall over Emma Hady (Richland Center) (Fall 3:51)
3rd Alexia Gallagher (Monroe) decision over Riley Hofeditz (Hickman) (Dec 5-4)
5th Mariyana Miller (Kickapoo) fall over Emmerson Miller (Kickapoo) (Fall 0:11)
8th Raven Ringhand (Oregon) fall over Aya Jaraba (Milwaukee Ronald Reagan) (Fall 2:15)
Cons. A Champ
Clara Jauch (Milton) fall over Ava Duncan (Wilmot Union) (Fall 0:35)
Cons. B Champ
Mya Rodriguez (Wilmot Union) fall over Alexis Rue (Jefferson) (Fall 3:56)

Girls – 114
1st Place – Makenzie Usher of Milton
2nd Place – Margaret Gillmore of Westosha Centra
3rd Place – Ireland McCain of Round Lake
4th Place – Brooklyn Lull of Fennimore
5th Place – Ashlynn Scheidermayer of Neenah
6th Place – Madalynne Gosda of Mauston
7th Place – Carissa Choi of Milton
8th Place – Darcia Jelinek of North Crawford
1st Makenzie Usher (Milton) decision over Margaret Gillmore (Westosha Centra) (Dec 7-3)
3rd Ireland McCain (Round Lake) fall over Brooklyn Lull (Fennimore) (Fall 2:32)
5th Ashlynn Scheidermayer (Neenah) fall over Madalynne Gosda (Mauston) (Fall 2:38)
8th Carissa Choi (Milton) fall over Darcia Jelinek (North Crawford) (Fall 2:44)
Cons. A Champ
Cecilia Mattox (Monona Grove/McFarland) fall over Jaycee Stephens (Cadott) (Fall 3:52)
Cons. B Champ
Eva Rivera (Greenfield) fall over Peyton Greving (Jefferson) (Fall 0:33)

Girls – 120
1st Place – Devlynn Albrecht of Milton
2nd Place – Kylee Kurszewski of Neenah
3rd Place – Hayli Fletcher of Fort Atkinson
4th Place – Cianna Vendrell of Edgerton
5th Place – Kylee Firari of Horicon
6th Place – Trinitee Clark of Milton
7th Place – Tessa York of Cadott
8th Place – Lilly Canvin of Westosha Centra
1st Devlynn Albrecht (Milton) fall over Kylee Kurszewski (Neenah) (Fall 3:08)
3rd Hayli Fletcher (Fort Atkinson) fall over Cianna Vendrell (Edgerton) (Fall 1:39)
5th Kylee Firari (Horicon) fall over Trinitee Clark (Milton) (Fall 2:51)
8th Tessa York (Cadott) fall over Lilly Canvin (Westosha Centra) (Fall 2:34)
Cons. A Champ
Tesa Marrero (New Berlin West) fall over Karolina Jaramillo-Garcia (Round Lake) (Fall 2:08)
Cons. B Champ
Mady Lucero (Turner) fall over Bailey English (Wilmot Union) (Fall 1:34)

Girls – 126
1st Place – Madi Peach of Milton
2nd Place – Lily Becker of Brookfield East
3rd Place – Amelia Adams of Lacrosse Logan/Central
4th Place – Franky Groom of North Crawford
5th Place – Amari Richard of Neenah
6th Place – Althea Eckdahl of Monroe
7th Place – Morgan Rutherford of Wilmot Union
8th Place – Bella Simmons of Hickman
1st Madi Peach (Milton) fall over Lily Becker (Brookfield East) (Fall 1:30)
3rd Amelia Adams (Lacrosse Logan/Central) fall over Franky Groom (North Crawford) (Fall 1:55)
5th Amari Richard (Neenah) decision over Althea Eckdahl (Monroe) (Dec 8-2)
8th Morgan Rutherford (Wilmot Union) fall over Bella Simmons (Hickman) (Fall 1:37)
Cons. A Champ
Katelyn Ottosen (Waunakee) fall over Lauren Munson (Muskego) (Fall 3:39)
Cons. B Champ
Jocelyn Cortes (Round Lake) fall over Rory Vandenheuvel (Chilton) (Fall 4:24)

Girls – 132
1st Place – Dealya Collins of Mineral Point
2nd Place – Amelia Poplawski of New Berlin West
3rd Place – Madison Mercurio of Waunakee
4th Place – Madalynn Mueller of Richland Center
5th Place – Jessie Demarasse of Milton
6th Place – Isa McGinley of East Troy
7th Place – Eliana Bates of Chilton
8th Place – Gina Dagostino of Burlington
1st Dealya Collins (Mineral Point) medical forfeit over Amelia Poplawski (New Berlin West) (MFF)
3rd Madison Mercurio (Waunakee) fall over Madalynn Mueller (Richland Center) (Fall 2:16)
5th Jessie Demarasse (Milton) fall over Isa McGinley (East Troy) (Fall 1:51)
8th Eliana Bates (Chilton) medical forfeit over Gina Dagostino (Burlington) (MFF)
Cons. A Champ
Lillian Granditzke (Neenah) fall over Addy Bruce (Hickman) (Fall 2:04)
Cons. B Champ
Jazlene Solis (Greenfield) fall over Julia Rangel (Neenah) (Fall 4:12)

Girls – 138
1st Place – Reese Koepke of Stoughton
2nd Place – Shelly Bullman of Eau Claire North
3rd Place – Emily Anderson of West Salem
4th Place – Natalie Armistead of Hickman
5th Place – Natalia Poplawski of New Berlin West
6th Place – Kylie Schmidt of East Troy
7th Place – Hailey Firari of Horicon
8th Place – Ava Armatti of Neenah
1st Reese Koepke (Stoughton) won in sudden victory – 1 over Shelly Bullman (Eau Claire North) (SV-1 2-1)
3rd Emily Anderson (West Salem) fall over Natalie Armistead (Hickman) (Fall 1:26)
5th Natalia Poplawski (New Berlin West) decision over Kylie Schmidt (East Troy) (Dec 9-7)
8th Hailey Firari (Horicon) fall over Ava Armatti (Neenah) (Fall 1:47)
Cons. A Champ
Alexis Stengel (Edgerton) fall over Nina Sanfilippo (Muskego) (Fall 0:43)
Cons. B Champ
Alyson Sears (Chilton) decision over Brooklyn Geiger (Muskego) (Dec 4-0)

Girls – 145
1st Place – Sydeny Andrews of Turner
2nd Place – TaHonesty Donnell of Milwaukee Ronald Reagan
3rd Place – Raven Burnett of Round Lake
4th Place – Emersyn Miller of Poynette
5th Place – Makayla Howard of Edgerton
6th Place – Olivia Chavez of Muskego
7th Place – Mary Gillmore of Westosha Centra
8th Place – Maddy Townsend of Kickapoo
1st Sydeny Andrews (Turner) decision over TaHonesty Donnell (Milwaukee Ronald Reagan) (Dec 7-5)
3rd Raven Burnett (Round Lake) fall over Emersyn Miller (Poynette) (Fall 1:20)
5th Makayla Howard (Edgerton) fall over Olivia Chavez (Muskego) (Fall 0:26)
8th Mary Gillmore (Westosha Centra) fall over Maddy Townsend (Kickapoo) (Fall 3:08)
Cons. A Champ
Isabell Nelson (Westfield) fall over Aubrey Hilton (Eau Claire North) (Fall 4:09)
Cons. B Champ
Adrianna Tax (Muskego) fall over Calla Gbur (Greenfield) (Fall 0:57)

Girls – 152
1st Place – Kara Kuge of Lomira
2nd Place – Ashlynn Eckerman of Darlington
3rd Place – Jada Oparie-Addoh of Oregon
4th Place – Natalie Maceau of Milwaukee Ronald Reagan
5th Place – Tessa Felter of Muskego
6th Place – Eliana Callies of Rochester Century
7th Place – Lilly Holden of Badger
8th Place – Angellica Stedman of Kickapoo
1st Kara Kuge (Lomira) injury default over Ashlynn Eckerman (Darlington) (Inj. 3:50)
3rd Jada Oparie-Addoh (Oregon) fall over Natalie Maceau (Milwaukee Ronald Reagan) (Fall 1:44)
5th Tessa Felter (Muskego) decision over Eliana Callies (Rochester Century) (Dec 10-7)
8th Lilly Holden (Badger) fall over Angellica Stedman (Kickapoo) (Fall 2:50)
Cons. A Champ
Olivia Hoefner (Chilton) fall over Lily Grieser (Westfield) (Fall 0:57)

Girls – 165
1st Place – Cyriana Reinwald of Horicon
2nd Place – Samantha Meyer of Chilton
3rd Place – Gwen Breckheimer of Chilton
4th Place – Madi Zube of Viroqua
5th Place – Gracyn Heine of Fort Atkinson
6th Place – Taniyah Goolsby of Hickman
7th Place – Brooke Shelley of Muskego
8th Place – Aubrey Evert of Mauston
1st Cyriana Reinwald (Horicon) fall over Samantha Meyer (Chilton) (Fall 1:38)
3rd Gwen Breckheimer (Chilton) decision over Madi Zube (Viroqua) (Dec 8-4)
5th Gracyn Heine (Fort Atkinson) fall over Taniyah Goolsby (Hickman) (Fall 3:50)
8th Brooke Shelley (Muskego) fall over Aubrey Evert (Mauston) (Fall 0:34)
Cons. A Champ
Haneen Jaraba (Milwaukee Ronald Reagan) fall over Eris Resendez (Oregon) (Fall 4:26)
Cons. B Champ
Olivia Sheldon (Badger) fall over Naomi Stibbs (Poynette) (Fall 2:51)

Girls – 185
1st Place – Anna Logue of North Crawford
2nd Place – Ella Creighton of Badger
3rd Place – Destiny Duesterbeck of Sheboygan North
4th Place – Kylie Baldwin of Eau Claire North
5th Place – Sophia Peterson of Muskego
6th Place – Hailee Kellnhofer of Stoughton
7th Place – June Ulbing of Martin Luther
8th Place – Kayla Craig of Milwaukee Ronald Reagan
1st Anna Logue (North Crawford) fall over Ella Creighton (Badger) (Fall 2:28)
3rd Destiny Duesterbeck (Sheboygan North) fall over Kylie Baldwin (Eau Claire North) (Fall 0:47)
5th Sophia Peterson (Muskego) fall over Hailee Kellnhofer (Stoughton) (Fall 2:01)
8th June Ulbing (Martin Luther) medical forfeit over Kayla Craig (Milwaukee Ronald Reagan) (MFF)
Cons. A Champ
Ceejae Hart (Hickman) decision over Maddie Sorensen (Eau Claire North) (Dec 9-3)
Cons. B Champ
Evaleigh Stine (Fort Atkinson) fall over Brielle Walmer (Dodgeville) (Fall 1:33)

Girls – 235
1st Place – Jana Kopak of Martin Luther
2nd Place – Miya Ebling of Rochester Century
3rd Place – Emily Heisner of Mineral Point
4th Place – Taryn Armbruster of Martin Luther
5th Place – Emily Karls of Monona Grove/McFarland
6th Place – Marta Bianchi of Poynette
7th Place – Rainie Yang of Eau Claire North
8th Place – Jada Ledoux-Kromraj of Greenfield
1st Jana Kopak (Martin Luther) fall over Miya Ebling (Rochester Century) (Fall 3:57)
3rd Emily Heisner (Mineral Point) medical forfeit over Taryn Armbruster (Martin Luther) (MFF)
5th Emily Karls (Monona Grove/McFarland) fall over Marta Bianchi (Poynette) (Fall 0:19)
8th Rainie Yang (Eau Claire North) medical forfeit over Jada Ledoux-Kromraj (Greenfield) (MFF)
Cons. A Champ
Danna Andrade (Milwaukee Ronald Reagan) fall over Jadyn. Keith (Badger) (Fall 1:55)