Decorah Tri

Caledonia-Houston 39 Decorah, IA 36
106: Gavin Knutson (DECO) over Mason Van Gundy (CAHO) (Fall 0:41)
113: Aaren Kulas (CAHO) over (DECO) (For.)
120: Aiden Burns (CAHO) over D’mitry Lesser (DECO) (Dec 4-1)
126: Michael Clement (DECO) over (CAHO) (For.)
132: Mason Avila (DECO) over Braxton Lange (CAHO) (Dec 8-3)
138: Will Larson (DECO) over (CAHO) (For.)
144: Owen Denstad (CAHO) over William Fullhart (DECO) (Fall 3:03)
150: Isaac Blocker (CAHO) over Kollin Henry (DECO) (Fall 3:50)
157: Daniel See (DECO) over Tanner Ginther (CAHO) (Dec 5-4)
165: Brody Hanson (DECO) over Will Allen (CAHO) (Fall 3:41)
175: Cooper Allen (CAHO) over Bradan Darling (DECO) (Fall 3:45)
190: Thomas Sexton (DECO) over (CAHO) (For.)
215: Aden Kulas (CAHO) over Kaiden Youngblood (DECO) (Fall 5:19)
285: Logan Kinstler (CAHO) over (DECO) (For.)

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