Fillmore Central Tri

Westfield Razorbacks 54 Fillmore C-Lanesboro-M-C Wolves 24
107: Derek Miner (WERA) over August Pfeffer (FCLM) (Fall 0:11)
114: Isaac Fort (WERA) over Lane Sass (FCLM) (Fall 2:36)
121: Kevin Hodge (WERA) over (FCLM) (For.)
127: Jaxon Meier (WERA) over (FCLM) (For.)
133: Cayden Maly (WERA) over (FCLM) (For.)
139: Connor Wingert (FCLM) over Gage Mullenbach (WERA) (Fall 1:15)
145: Bo Zwiener (WERA) over Quinci Kaase (FCLM) (Fall 1:48)
152: Boston Wright (FCLM) over David Clennon (WERA) (Fall 1:39)
160: Kane Larson (FCLM) over Nolan Kolander (WERA) (Fall 1:36)
172: Cole Sass (FCLM) over Chris Niemann (WERA) (Fall 0:22)
189: Alex Lea (WERA) over James Cullen (FCLM) (Fall 0:40)
215: Ty Bronson (WERA) over (FCLM) (For.)
285: Wyatt Arndt (WERA) over (FCLM) (For.)

Pine Island 55 Fillmore C-Lanesboro-M-C Wolves 15
107: Koltan Hoffman (PI) defeats August Pfeffer (FCLMC) by fall in 1:13
114: Sam Thein (PI) wins by forfeit
121: Caeden Gansen (PI) wins by forfeit
127: Sam Muller (PI) wins by forfeit
133: Chase Budensiek (PI) wins by forfeit.
139: Nick Thein (PI) defeats Connor Wingert (FCLMC) by 10-1 major decision.
145: Quinci Kaase (FCLMC) defeats Corrin Pike (PI) by 9-2 decision
152: Boston Wright (FCLMC) defeats Tyler Beck (PI) by fall in 0:49
160: Kane Larson (FCLMC) defeats Alden Smith (PI) by fall in 4:59
172: Ben Grabau (PI) defeats Cole Sass (FCLMC) by 10-8 decision
189: Will Radtke (PI) defeats James Cullen (FCLMC) by fall in 1:07
215: Aiden McDaniel (PI) wins by forfeit
285: Zach Didderich (PI) wins by forfeit

Pine Island 51 Westfield Razorbacks 24
107: Koltan Hoffman PI) defeats Derek Miller (WF) by fall in 0:20
114: Sam Thein (PI) defeats JEsse Emke (WF) by fall in 1:16
121: Caiden Gansen (PI) defeats Kevin Hodge (WF) by fall in 1:41
127: Sam Muller (PI) defeats Jaxon Meier (WF) by fall in 2:44
133: Chayse Budensiek (PI) defeats Cayden Maly (WF) by 10-2 major decision
139:Nick Thein (PI) defeats Gage Mullenbach (WF) by 16-0 technical fall
145: Bo Zwiener (WF) defeats Corrin Pike (PI) by fall in 2:58
152: Tyler Beck (PI) defeats David Clennon (WF) by fall in 0:44
160: Alden Smith (PI) defeats Nolan Kolander (WF) by fall in 1:24
172: Ben Grabau (PI) defeats Chris Nieman (WF) by fall in 0:37
189: Alex Len (WF) defeats Kason Stayton (PI) by medical default
215: Ty Bronson (WF) defeats Aiden McDaniel (PI) by fall in 3:06
285: Wyatt Arndts (WF) defeats Zach Didderich (PI) by fall in 0:16

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