Jim Koch Wisconsin Open

2023 Jim Koch Wisconsin Open results. Saturday, December 2 at Kenosha, Wis.

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College – 125
1st Place – Shane Corrigan of UW-Parkside
2nd Place – Garret Rinken of Northern Iowa
3rd Place – Caelen Riley of Illinois
4th Place – Brandon Paez of Northern Iowa
5th Place – Brandon Movari of Minnesota
6th Place – Bowen Downey of Northern Iowa
1st Shane Corrigan (UW-Parkside) major decision over Garret Rinken (Northern Iowa) (Maj 15-4)
3rd Caelen Riley (Illinois) decision over Brandon Paez (Northern Iowa) (Dec 8-3)
5th Brandon Movari (Minnesota) decision over Bowen Downey (Northern Iowa) (Dec 6-5)

College – 133
1st Place – Matthew Chi of UW-Parkside
2nd Place – Jp Homfeld of Maryville University
3rd Place – Elon Rodriguez of UW-Parkside
4th Place – Evan Binder of Maryville University
5th Place – Lucas Laux of Maryville University
6th Place – Brady Vogt of Unattached – Grand Valley State
1st Matthew Chi (UW-Parkside) decision over Jp Homfeld (Maryville University) (Dec 9-3)
3rd Elon Rodriguez (UW-Parkside) decision over Evan Binder (Maryville University) (Dec 4-1)
5th Lucas Laux (Maryville University) fall over Brady Vogt (Unattached – Grand Valley State) (Fall 4:04)

College – 141
1st Place – Connor Thorpe of Northern Iowa
2nd Place – Rhett Koenig of Minnesota
3rd Place – Ronan Schuelke of McKendree University
4th Place – Joey Semerad of McKendree University
5th Place – Troy Dolphin of UW-Parkside
6th Place – Kody Ketchum of Maryville University
1st Connor Thorpe (Northern Iowa) major decision over Rhett Koenig (Minnesota) (Maj 11-2)
3rd Ronan Schuelke (McKendree University ) decision over Joey Semerad (McKendree University ) (Dec 5-2)
5th Troy Dolphin (UW-Parkside) decision over Kody Ketchum (Maryville University) (Dec 9-4)

College – 149
1st Place – Theo Cha of Minnesota
2nd Place – Cael Rahnavardi of Northern Iowa
3rd Place – Jalen Spuhler of UW-Parkside
4th Place – Jordan Craft of UW-Parkside
5th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
6th Place – Mason Kleinberg of Findlay
6th Place – Ryan Schepers of McKendree University
1st Theo Cha (Minnesota) fall over Cael Rahnavardi (Northern Iowa) (Fall 5:59)
3rd Jalen Spuhler (UW-Parkside) decision over Jordan Craft (UW-Parkside) (Dec 11-4)
5th Mason Kleinberg (Findlay) and Ryan Schepers (McKendree University ) (DFF)

College – 157
1st Place – Rj Weston of Northern Iowa
2nd Place – Ben Durocher of UW-Parkside
3rd Place – Braeden Scoles of Illinois
4th Place – Kaleb Olejniczak of Northern Iowa
5th Place – Bailey Thelen of UW-Parkside
6th Place – Cody Goebel of Wisconsin
1st Rj Weston (Northern Iowa) fall over Ben Durocher (UW-Parkside) (Fall 1:46)
3rd Braeden Scoles (Illinois) decision over Kaleb Olejniczak (Northern Iowa) (Dec 11-5)
5th Bailey Thelen (UW-Parkside) medical forfeit over Cody Goebel (Wisconsin) (MFF)

College – 165
1st Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
2nd Place – Jack Thomsen of Northern Iowa
2nd Place – Izzy Moreno of Northern Iowa
3rd Place – Tim Stapleton of Minnesota
4th Place – Cory Peterson of McKendree University
5th Place – Brady Schuh of UW-Parkside
6th Place – Gary Nilson of Findlay
1st Izzy Moreno (Northern Iowa) and Jack Thomsen (Northern Iowa) (DFF)
3rd Tim Stapleton (Minnesota) decision over Cory Peterson (McKendree University ) (Dec 4-1)
5th Brady Schuh (UW-Parkside) major decision over Gary Nilson (Findlay) (Maj 13-4)

College – 174
1st Place – Devin Wasley of Minnesota
2nd Place – Zeke Waltz of McKendree University
3rd Place – Brody Hemauer of UW-Parkside
4th Place – Kenny Snyder of Findlay
5th Place – Crosby Schlosser of UW-Parkside
6th Place – Dajun Johnson of Unattached
1st Devin Wasley (Minnesota) decision over Zeke Waltz (McKendree University ) (Dec 12-7)
3rd Brody Hemauer (UW-Parkside) major decision over Kenny Snyder (Findlay) (Maj 13-5)
5th Crosby Schlosser (UW-Parkside) medical forfeit over Dajun Johnson (Unattached) (MFF)

College – 184
1st Place – Cj Walrath of Northern Iowa
2nd Place – Reece Worachek of UW-Parkside
3rd Place – Brayden Mirjavadi of Unattached – Grand Valley State
4th Place – Brian Thorpe of Maryville University
5th Place – Charlie Heydorn of Illinois
6th Place – Bradley Mayse of Unattached – Grand Valley State
1st Cj Walrath (Northern Iowa) decision over Reece Worachek (UW-Parkside) (Dec 9-4)
3rd Brayden Mirjavadi (Unattached – Grand Valley State) fall over Brian Thorpe (Maryville University) (Fall 4:30)
5th Charlie Heydorn (Illinois) decision over Bradley Mayse (Unattached – Grand Valley State) (Dec 4-1)

College – 197
1st Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
1st Place – Kalob Runyon of Northern Iowa
2nd Place – John Gunderson of Unattached
3rd Place – Adam Ahrendsen of Northern Iowa
4th Place – Joseph Braunagel of Illinois
5th Place – Chase Stegall of UW-Parkside
6th Place – Jeramiah Larson of Maryville University
1st John Gunderson (Unattached) and Kalob Runyon (Northern Iowa) (DFF)
3rd Adam Ahrendsen (Northern Iowa) decision over Joseph Braunagel (Illinois) (Dec 21-15)
5th Chase Stegall (UW-Parkside) decision over Jeramiah Larson (Maryville University) (Dec 8-1)

College – HWT
1st Place – Lloyd Reynolds of UW-Parkside
2nd Place – Jason Guadarrama of UW-Parkside
3rd Place – Ryan Herman of Maryville University
4th Place – Brooks Empey of Wisconsin
5th Place – Daniel Renshaw of Illinois
6th Place – Caleb Guise of McKendree University
1st Lloyd Reynolds (UW-Parkside) decision over Jason Guadarrama (UW-Parkside) (Dec 3-2)
3rd Ryan Herman (Maryville University) decision over Brooks Empey (Wisconsin) (Dec 12-5)
5th Daniel Renshaw (Illinois) decision over Caleb Guise (McKendree University ) (Dec 4-1)

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