Mustangs dominate JUCO triangular

MARSHALL, Minn. – The Southwest Minnesota State wrestling team (2-2, 0-2 NSIC) hosted the Minnesota West Blue Jays and the Ridgewater College Warriors., for a triangular meet on Friday evening.

The Mustangs had a strong night, defeating Minnesota West by a score of 54-0 and Ridgewater 41-6, Ridgewater was ranked #15 in the latest NCJAA Open Mat ranking.

Southwest Minnesota State 54 Minnesota West 0
125: Carlo Arreola (SMSU) over Jacob Hernandez (MWC&) (Fall 1:20)
133: Chase Hanson (SMSU) over Ethan Meyer (MWC&) (Fall 2:45)
141: Hunter Pfantz (SMSU) over Kaiden Lowman (MWC&) (Fall 1:48)
149: Luke Peterson (SMSU) over Ty Borge (MWC&) (Fall 2:08)
157: Sean Howk (SMSU) over Ian Johnson (MWC&) (TF 15-0 3:00)
165: Ashton Labelle (SMSU) over Joseph Kallevig (MWC&) (Fall 1:57)
174: Lucas Hodges (SMSU) over Daunte Hill (MWC&) (Fall 1:44)
184: Elijah Sterner (SMSU) over Taten Shroyer (MWC&) (TF 16-0 2:27)
197: Adam Sylvester (SMSU) over (MWC&) (TF 15-0 0:00)
285: Jackson Esping (SMSU) over Brody Knapp (MWC&) (Dec 8-7)

Southwest Minnesota State 41 Ridgewater 6
125: Carlo Arreola (SMSU) over (RICO) (For.)
133: Chase Hanson (SMSU) over Josh Sotelo (RICO) (TF 17-2 4:20)
141: Hunter Pfantz (SMSU) over Cole Holien (RICO) (MD 9-1)
149: Luke Peterson (SMSU) over Brady Holien (RICO) (MD 13-1)
157: Sean Howk (SMSU) over Taedon Nichols (RICO) (SV-1 4-1)
165: Ashton Labelle (SMSU) over Ross Meskimen (RICO) (MD 21-11)
174: Lucas Hodges (SMSU) over Cody Brott (RICO) (TF 18-1 3:38)
184: Elijah Sterner (SMSU) over Terrell Renne (RICO) (MD 11-3)
197: Adam Sylvester (SMSU) over (RICO) (For.)
285: Tucker Hugg (RICO) over (SMSU) (For.)

Ridgewater 39 Minnesota West 16
125: Jacob Hernandez (MWC&) over (RICO) (For.)
133: Josh Sotelo (RICO) over Ethan Meyer (MWC&) (DQ)
141: Cole Holien (RICO) over Kaiden Lowman (MWC&) (Fall 0:41)
149: Brady Holien (RICO) over Ty Borge (MWC&) (Fall 2:00)
157: Taedon Nichols (RICO) over Ian Johnson (MWC&) (Fall 2:13)
165: Joseph Kallevig (MWC&) over Ross Meskimen (RICO) (MD 19-7)
174: Cody Brott (RICO) over Daunte Hill (MWC&) (Fall 2:25)
184: Terrell Renne (RICO) over Taten Shroyer (MWC&) (MD 12-2)
197: Deante Porter (MWC&) over (RICO) (For.)
285: Tucker Hugg (RICO) over Brody Knapp (MWC&) (TF 17-1 5:00)

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