Northfield Larry Severson Invite

Northfield Larry Severson Invite
1 Dover-Eyota 182.0
2 Northfield 177.5
3 Saint Croix Central 143.0
4 Pine Island 137.5
5 River Falls 110.5
6 Lakeville North 106.0
7 Mankato East 99.0
8 Westfield Razorbacks 91.0
9 Eagan 80.0
9 Plymouth 80.0
11 Lake City 69.0
12 Robbinsdale Armstrong 38.0
13 Burnsville 36.0
14 Cretin-Derham Hall 26.0
15 Reedsville 18.0

Results on TrackWrestling

1st Place – Caley Graber of Northfield
2nd Place – Max Loftus of Dover-Eyota
3rd Place – Kolten Hoffman of Pine Island
4th Place – Evan St. Germain of Eagan
5th Place – Derek Miner of Westfield Razorbacks
6th Place – Megan Schuenemann of Plymouth
1st Caley Graber (Northfield) 10-0, So. over Max Loftus (Dover-Eyota) 10-3, Fr. (TF-1.5 3:19 (19-3))
3rd Kolten Hoffman (Pine Island) 10-3, 8th. over Evan St. Germain (Eagan) 10-5, 8th. (Fall 0:33)
5th Derek Miner (Westfield Razorbacks) 6-5, 8th. over Megan Schuenemann (Plymouth) 9-4, So. (Fall 0:45)

1st Place – Dylan St. Germain of Eagan
2nd Place – Bronson Shea of Dover-Eyota
3rd Place – Sam Thein of Pine Island
4th Place – Jackson Stensrud of Mankato East
5th Place – Garrett DeLong of Saint Croix Central
6th Place – Hayden Roy of Lakeville North
1st Dylan St. Germain (Eagan) 14-0, Jr. over Bronson Shea (Dover-Eyota) 8-3, So. (Fall 0:26)
3rd Sam Thein (Pine Island) 7-8, Sr. over Jackson Stensrud (Mankato East) 12-3, So. (Fall 2:50)
5th Garrett DeLong (Saint Croix Central) 8-4, Jr. over Hayden Roy (Lakeville North) 6-7, 8th. (Dec 6-0)

1st Place – Jackson Buboltz of Mankato East
2nd Place – Waylon Deaton of River Falls
3rd Place – Adrian Lopez Ramirez of Lake City
4th Place – Tristan Tieu of Lakeville North
5th Place – Charlie Johnson of Northfield
6th Place – Caiden Gansen of Pine Island
1st Jackson Buboltz (Mankato East) 13-2, So. over Waylon Deaton (River Falls) 9-7, Fr. (MD 10-0)
3rd Adrian Lopez Ramirez (Lake City) 10-8, Fr. over Tristan Tieu (Lakeville North) 7-7, Jr. (Dec 11-9)
5th Charlie Johnson (Northfield) 6-4, 8th. over Caiden Gansen (Pine Island) 7-8, Fr. (Fall 1:41)

1st Place – Caden Staab of Northfield
2nd Place – Will Schmitt of Saint Croix Central
3rd Place – Oliver Larson of River Falls
4th Place – Sam Muller of Pine Island
5th Place – Lucas Amelse of Eagan
6th Place – Carson Pierce of Dover-Eyota
1st Caden Staab (Northfield) 7-1, Fr. over Will Schmitt (Saint Croix Central) 10-1, Jr. (Dec 6-1)
3rd Oliver Larson (River Falls) 12-3, Fr. over Sam Muller (Pine Island) 9-5, Jr. (Dec 7-1)
5th Lucas Amelse (Eagan) 8-7, Sr. over Carson Pierce (Dover-Eyota) 5-7, So. (Dec 8-1)

1st Place – Teague Holzer of Saint Croix Central
2nd Place – Keith Harner of Northfield
3rd Place – Jonas Longsdorf of River Falls
4th Place – Landen Ramsey of Plymouth
5th Place – Caden Haag of Dover-Eyota
6th Place – Gage Mullenbach of Westfield Razorbacks
1st Teague Holzer (Saint Croix Central) 13-0, Sr. over Keith Harner (Northfield) 7-3, Jr. (MD 11-2)
3rd Jonas Longsdorf (River Falls) 11-4, Jr. over Landen Ramsey (Plymouth) 12-4, So. (Fall 2:18)
5th Caden Haag (Dover-Eyota) 10-4, Fr. over Gage Mullenbach (Westfield Razorbacks) 6-6, Jr. (Dec 7-3)

1st Place – Bo Zwiener of Westfield Razorbacks
2nd Place – Bolton Thesing of Dover-Eyota
3rd Place – Nick Thein of Pine Island
4th Place – Benny Lopez Ramirez of Lake City
5th Place – Ayden Ripplinger of Burnsville
6th Place – Oskar Bowman of Cretin-Derham Hall
1st Bo Zwiener (Westfield Razorbacks) 9-1, Jr. over Bolton Thesing (Dover-Eyota) 8-2, Sr. (Fall 3:50)
3rd Nick Thein (Pine Island) 8-2, So. over Benny Lopez Ramirez (Lake City) 11-8, So. (Fall 1:38)
5th Ayden Ripplinger (Burnsville) 12-4, Sr. over Oskar Bowman (Cretin-Derham Hall) 6-3, Sr. (Dec 7-3)

1st Place – Zane Engels of Northfield
2nd Place – Maverick Kostrzak of Saint Croix Central
3rd Place – Vinny Costabilo of River Falls
4th Place – Tristen Verbeten of Reedsville
5th Place – Mickey Piazza of Cretin-Derham Hall
6th Place – Corrin Pike of Pine Island
1st Zane Engels (Northfield) 8-1, Fr. over Maverick Kostrzak (Saint Croix Central) 7-5, Jr. (Dec 7-2)
3rd Vinny Costabilo (River Falls) 12-4, Jr. over Tristen Verbeten (Reedsville) 9-5, So. (Dec 8-5)
5th Mickey Piazza (Cretin-Derham Hall) 10-3, Jr. over Corrin Pike (Pine Island) 6-8, So. (Fall 4:00)

1st Place – Riley Forar of Lakeville North
2nd Place – Eli Hetteen of Robbinsdale Armstrong
3rd Place – Damon Bye of Dover-Eyota
4th Place – Christopher Woehrman of Saint Croix Central
5th Place – Elliott Betz of Mankato East
6th Place – Deegan Bubolz of Reedsville
1st Riley Forar (Lakeville North) 12-3, So. over Eli Hetteen (Robbinsdale Armstrong) 10-3, Sr. (Dec 2-1)
3rd Damon Bye (Dover-Eyota) 11-1, Sr. over Christopher Woehrman (Saint Croix Central) 8-4, Sr. (Fall 2:51)
5th Elliott Betz (Mankato East) 9-9, Sr. over Deegan Bubolz (Reedsville) 4-5, So. (M. For.)

1st Place – Sawyer Dailey of Plymouth
2nd Place – Brock Swenson of Saint Croix Central
3rd Place – Jackson Welsh of Dover-Eyota
4th Place – Luke Scholtes of Mankato East
5th Place – Alden Smith of Pine Island
6th Place – Iah Schweich of Northfield
1st Sawyer Dailey (Plymouth) 12-2, So. over Brock Swenson (Saint Croix Central) 8-3, So. (Fall 1:11)
3rd Jackson Welsh (Dover-Eyota) 8-4, Sr. over Luke Scholtes (Mankato East) 9-8, Sr. (Dec 9-7)
5th Alden Smith (Pine Island) 5-2, So. over Iah Schweich (Northfield) 3-6, Jr. (Fall 4:00)

1st Place – Owen Wasley of Saint Croix Central
2nd Place – Landon Lehnertz of Dover-Eyota
3rd Place – Colin Staab of Northfield
4th Place – Weston Roberson of Lake City
5th Place – Tyler Ruff of Lakeville North
6th Place – Ben Grabau of Pine Island
1st Owen Wasley (Saint Croix Central) 12-0, Sr. over Landon Lehnertz (Dover-Eyota) 7-1, Sr. (Dec 6-4)
3rd Colin Staab (Northfield) 8-3, Jr. over Weston Roberson (Lake City) 12-5, Jr. (MD 11-3)
5th Tyler Ruff (Lakeville North) 14-4, Fr. over Ben Grabau (Pine Island) 8-7, So. (Fall 0:31)

1st Place – Silas Dailey of Plymouth
2nd Place – Max Morgan of Mankato East
3rd Place – Owen Murphy of Northfield
4th Place – Alex Lea of Westfield Razorbacks
5th Place – Avery Oseth of Robbinsdale Armstrong
6th Place – Andrew Wendt of Dover-Eyota
1st Silas Dailey (Plymouth) 13-1, Sr. over Max Morgan (Mankato East) 9-3, So. (Fall 5:06)
3rd Owen Murphy (Northfield) 7-1, Jr. over Alex Lea (Westfield Razorbacks) 8-4, Jr. (Dec 6-2)
5th Avery Oseth (Robbinsdale Armstrong) 10-6, Jr. over Andrew Wendt (Dover-Eyota) 8-5, Sr. (Dec 10-7)

1st Place – Blake Krause of Lakeville North
2nd Place – Lincoln McCarty of River Falls
3rd Place – Ty Bronson of Westfield Razorbacks
4th Place – Aiden Mcdaniel of Pine Island
5th Place – Aidan Gasper of Dover-Eyota
6th Place – Ryan Kuyper of Northfield
1st Blake Krause (Lakeville North) 13-2, Jr. over Lincoln McCarty (River Falls) 12-4, Jr. (Fall 2:51)
3rd Ty Bronson (Westfield Razorbacks) 10-2, Sr. over Aiden Mcdaniel (Pine Island) 12-4, Sr. (Fall 3:23)
5th Aidan Gasper (Dover-Eyota) 11-3, Sr. over Ryan Kuyper (Northfield) 4-3, Jr. (M. For.)

1st Place – Cole Will of Eagan
2nd Place – Antonio Menard of Lakeville North
3rd Place – Syvonte Miller of Burnsville
4th Place – Larry Jackson of River Falls
5th Place – Zach Diderrich of Pine Island
6th Place – Beck Severson of Mankato East
1st Cole Will (Eagan) 13-2, Jr. over Antonio Menard (Lakeville North) 5-1, Sr. (Dec 5-2)
3rd Syvonte Miller (Burnsville) 7-3, Jr. over Larry Jackson (River Falls) 6-7, Sr. (Dec 5-2)
5th Zach Diderrich (Pine Island) 7-4, Sr. over Beck Severson (Mankato East) 3-9, Jr. (Fall 2:50)