Redwood River Riot – Girls

Redwood River Riot – Girls
Adrian Area
Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City
Blue Earth Area
Dawson-Boyd – Lac Qui Parle – Montevideo United
Fairmont-Martin County West
Fulda-Murray Cty Central
Mankato West
Maple Grove
Maple River/USC
New Richland-H-E-G
New Ulm Area
Red Rock Central
Redwood Valley
Saint James Area
Sartell-Saint Stephen
Sauk Rapids-Rice
Sibley East
St. Peter
Tri-City United
Windom-Mountain Lake

Results on TrackWrestling

Girls – 106
1st Place – Kylee Wendroth of St. Peter
2nd Place – Aysia Miles of Marshall
3rd Place – McKenzie Wagman-Kelley of Sauk Rapids-Rice
4th Place – Illinois Silverman of Saint James Area
5th Place – Anna Pollard of New Ulm Area
6th Place – Hazly Lopez Baltazar of Saint James Area
7th Place – Baylee Ness of Sauk Rapids-Rice
8th Place – Aviana Hardina of Redwood Valley
1st Kylee Wendroth (St. Peter) fall over Aysia Miles (Marshall) (Fall 5:22)
3rd McKenzie Wagman-Kelley (Sauk Rapids-Rice) fall over Illinois Silverman (Saint James Area) (Fall 2:17)
5th Anna Pollard (New Ulm Area) fall over Hazly Lopez Baltazar (Saint James Area) (Fall 2:56)
7th Baylee Ness (Sauk Rapids-Rice) fall over Aviana Hardina (Redwood Valley) (Fall 3:39)

Girls – 118
1st Place – Trista Gessler of Tri-City United
2nd Place – Lexi Timmerman of St. Peter
3rd Place – Ava Kiecker of BOLD
4th Place – Sam Reller of Redwood Valley
5th Place – Chloe Wehry of Sartell-Saint Stephen
6th Place – Isabelle Rangel of Sibley East
7th Place – Alexis Rezac of Faribault
8th Place – Natasha Roney of Sibley East
1st Trista Gessler (Tri-City United) fall over Lexi Timmerman (St. Peter) (Fall 2:32)
3rd Ava Kiecker (BOLD) fall over Sam Reller (Redwood Valley) (Fall 0:47)
5th Chloe Wehry (Sartell-Saint Stephen) fall over Isabelle Rangel (Sibley East) (Fall 1:27)
7th Alexis Rezac (Faribault) fall over Natasha Roney (Sibley East) (Fall 0:37)

Girls – 130
1st Place – Macy Rohlik of Wabasso
2nd Place – Juliana Moldonando of Sartell-Saint Stephen
3rd Place – Luella Beckendorf of Saint James Area
4th Place – Russo Capel of Maple Grove
5th Place – Sequoia Thomton of Marshall
6th Place – Emma Balbuena of Saint James Area
7th Place – Ava Hammerschmidt of BOLD
8th Place – Mika Ackerman of Saint James Area
1st Macy Rohlik (Wabasso) fall over Juliana Moldonando (Sartell-Saint Stephen) (Fall 3:09)
3rd Luella Beckendorf (Saint James Area) fall over Russo Capel (Maple Grove) (Fall 0:29)
5th Sequoia Thomton (Marshall) fall over Emma Balbuena (Saint James Area) (Fall 1:13)
7th Ava Hammerschmidt (BOLD) forfeit over Mika Ackerman (Saint James Area) (FF)

Girls – 142
1st Place – Annabelle Petsinger of New Richland-H-E-G
2nd Place – Camryn Irlbeck of Wabasso
3rd Place – Traeh Siekmann Adams of Marshall
4th Place – Sierra Bahr of Marshall
5th Place – Hannah Ratajczak of Marshall
6th Place – Ashlin Gibson of MAHACA
7th Place – Jade Marty of MAHACA
8th Place – Nevada Anderson of Saint James Area
1st Annabelle Petsinger (New Richland-H-E-G) fall over Camryn Irlbeck (Wabasso) (Fall 0:52)
3rd Traeh Siekmann Adams (Marshall) fall over Sierra Bahr (Marshall) (Fall 2:44)
5th Hannah Ratajczak (Marshall) fall over Ashlin Gibson (MAHACA) (Fall 0:15)
7th Jade Marty (MAHACA) fall over Nevada Anderson (Saint James Area) (Fall 4:51)

Girls – 155
1st Place – Elizabeth Dake of New Ulm Area
2nd Place – Isabelle Swanson of Saint James Area
3rd Place – Adamaris Chable Rodriguez of Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg
4th Place – Vylet Frank of MAHACA
5th Place – Amaya Raths of MAHACA
6th Place – Natalie Rodriguez of Maple River/USC
7th Place – Averie Iverson of Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City
1st Elizabeth Dake (New Ulm Area) fall over Isabelle Swanson (Saint James Area) (Fall 1:00)
3rd Adamaris Chable Rodriguez (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) fall over Vylet Frank (MAHACA) (Fall 1:35)
5th Amaya Raths (MAHACA) fall over Natalie Rodriguez (Maple River/USC) (Fall 0:36)
7th Averie Iverson (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) received a bye () (Bye)

Girls – 190
1st Place – Esther Say of Marshall
2nd Place – Mareena Jepsen of Windom-Mountain Lake
3rd Place – Josie Bell of New Richland-H-E-G
4th Place – Makenna Skindelien of Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City
5th Place – Ireland Meade of Maple Grove
Round 1
Esther Say (Marshall) fall over Josie Bell (New Richland-H-E-G) (Fall 1:10)
Makenna Skindelien (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) fall over Ireland Meade (Maple Grove) (Fall 0:56)
Round 2
Mareena Jepsen (Windom-Mountain Lake) fall over Makenna Skindelien (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (Fall 1:08)
Esther Say (Marshall) fall over Ireland Meade (Maple Grove) (Fall 0:10)
Round 3
Mareena Jepsen (Windom-Mountain Lake) fall over Ireland Meade (Maple Grove) (Fall 1:23)
Josie Bell (New Richland-H-E-G) decision over Makenna Skindelien (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (Dec 8-4)
Round 4
Mareena Jepsen (Windom-Mountain Lake) fall over Josie Bell (New Richland-H-E-G) (Fall 1:51)
Esther Say (Marshall) fall over Makenna Skindelien (Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City) (Fall 0:44)
Round 5
Esther Say (Marshall) fall over Mareena Jepsen (Windom-Mountain Lake) (Fall 1:52)
Josie Bell (New Richland-H-E-G) fall over Ireland Meade (Maple Grove) (Fall 3:22)

Girls – 235
1st Place – Hailey Bahr of Marshall
2nd Place – Tenzin Dechen of Edina
3rd Place – Fernanda Esqueda of Saint James Area
4th Place – Zaria Harrington of Windom-Mountain Lake
5th Place – Rayna Burnett of Marshall
Round 1
Fernanda Esqueda (Saint James Area) injury default over Rayna Burnett (Marshall) (Inj. 1:03)
Hailey Bahr (Marshall) fall over Zaria Harrington (Windom-Mountain Lake) (Fall 0:53)
Round 2
Tenzin Dechen (Edina) fall over Zaria Harrington (Windom-Mountain Lake) (Fall 1:12)
Hailey Bahr (Marshall) fall over Fernanda Esqueda (Saint James Area) (Fall 0:26)
Round 3
Hailey Bahr (Marshall) fall over Tenzin Dechen (Edina) (Fall 0:48)
Zaria Harrington (Windom-Mountain Lake) injury default over Rayna Burnett (Marshall) (Inj. 0:00)
Round 4
Tenzin Dechen (Edina) injury default over Rayna Burnett (Marshall) (Inj. 0:00)
Fernanda Esqueda (Saint James Area) fall over Zaria Harrington (Windom-Mountain Lake) (Fall 3:19)
Round 5
Tenzin Dechen (Edina) fall over Fernanda Esqueda (Saint James Area) (Fall 2:10)
Hailey Bahr (Marshall) medical forfeit over Rayna Burnett (Marshall) (MFF)