Rochester Century 33 St. Charles 27

Rochester Century 33 St. Charles 27
107: Lane Royston (RC) over Cash Mueller (STCH) (Dec 2-0)
114: Keon Callies (RC) over Crosby Kobs (STCH) (Dec 8-3)
121: Keegan Thoma (RC) over Draycen Meldahl (STCH) (Fall 1:13)
127: Braxton Wohlferd (STCH) over Nade Ellingson (RC) (Dec 7-6)
133: Isaak Douangdy (RC) over Camrion Haley (STCH) (Fall 1:08)
139: Colton Mathison (STCH) over Gabrien Callies (RC) (Fall 3:24)
145: Aaron Olson (RC) over Jackson Vermilya (STCH) (Dec 2-1)
152: Aidan Olson (STCH) over Michael Nail (RC) (Fall 5:39)
160: Jonas Barclay (STCH) over Cooper Sheeran (RC) (Dec 12-6)
172: Greyson Mauskemo (STCH) over William Dauner Olson (RC) (Fall 5:59)
189: Layne Meyer (RC) over Alex Burlingame (STCH) (Fall 1:47)
215: Matthew Storm (STCH) over Sami Abdallah (RC) (Dec 6-3)
285: Didi Alonso Franco (RC) over Joshua Krohse (STCH) (Fall 3:19)

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