Central Under Armour Invitational

2024 Central Under Armour Invitational results. Saturday, January 6, at Pella, Iowa.

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Gold – 125
1st Place – Cade Odrobina of Albion
2nd Place – David Vukobratovich of Central
3rd Place – Seth I’nama of Briar Cliff
4th Place – Nate Hartman of Wartburg
5th Place – Dalton Whitehall Gikes of Wartburg
6th Place – Raio Hamaguchi of Wartburg
1st Cade Odrobina (Albion) major decision over David Vukobratovich (Central) (Maj 13-4)
3rd Seth I’nama (Briar Cliff) decision over Nate Hartman (Wartburg) (Dec 7-6)
5th Dalton Whitehall Gikes (Wartburg) decision over Raio Hamaguchi (Wartburg) (Dec 13-7)

Gold – 133
1st Place – CaRon Watson of Briar Cliff
2nd Place – Brock Beck of Central
3rd Place – Joshua Mars of Albion
4th Place – Koen Eberhard of Albion
5th Place – Quinton Chavez of Nebraska Wesleyan
6th Place – Malachi Wallway of Waldorf (Iowa)
1st CaRon Watson (Briar Cliff) decision over Brock Beck (Central) (Dec 2-1)
3rd Joshua Mars (Albion) tech fall over Koen Eberhard (Albion) (TF 17-2)
5th Quinton Chavez (Nebraska Wesleyan) fall over Malachi Wallway (Waldorf (Iowa)) (Fall 6:28)

Gold – 141
1st Place – Pierre Baldwin of Central
2nd Place – Brooks Meyer of Wartburg
3rd Place – Jamal Chakkour of Wartburg
4th Place – Brendan Carroll of Wartburg
5th Place – Trayton Anderson of Minnesota State Mankato
6th Place – Alex Crawford of Wartburg
1st Pierre Baldwin (Central) fall over Brooks Meyer (Wartburg) (Fall 4:43)
3rd Jamal Chakkour (Wartburg) medical forfeit over Brendan Carroll (Wartburg) (MFF)
5th Trayton Anderson (Minnesota State Mankato) fall over Alex Crawford (Wartburg) (Fall 0:49)

Gold – 149
1st Place – Max Schwabe of Minnesota State Mankato
2nd Place – Ethan Krey of Briar Cliff
3rd Place – Kain Sanders of Minnesota State Mankato
4th Place – Cael Cox of Central
5th Place – Jared Gallub of Nebraska Wesleyan
6th Place – Peytonn Nixon of Wartburg
1st Max Schwabe (Minnesota State Mankato) decision over Ethan Krey (Briar Cliff) (Dec 4-2)
3rd Kain Sanders (Minnesota State Mankato) decision over Cael Cox (Central) (Dec 7-1)
5th Jared Gallub (Nebraska Wesleyan) fall over Peytonn Nixon (Wartburg) (Fall 5:17)

Gold – 157
1st Place – Jett Thoreson of Minnesota State Mankato
2nd Place – Jerez Autridge of Minnesota State Mankato
3rd Place – Gino Camarca of Benedictine College
4th Place – Colby Tool of Central
5th Place – Travis Guzman of Nebraska Wesleyan
6th Place – Justin Gorman of Albion
1st Jett Thoreson (Minnesota State Mankato) major decision over Jerez Autridge (Minnesota State Mankato) (Maj 11-2)
3rd Gino Camarca (Benedictine College) fall over Colby Tool (Central) (Fall 5:35)
5th Travis Guzman (Nebraska Wesleyan) major decision over Justin Gorman (Albion) (Maj 9-0)

Gold – 165
1st Place – Kole Marko of Minnesota State Mankato
2nd Place – Zander Ernst of Morningside
3rd Place – Evan Farley of Minnesota State – Unattached
4th Place – Jason Hermann of Central
5th Place – Devin Nobiling of Wartburg
6th Place – Mason Noel of Buena Vista University
1st Kole Marko (Minnesota State Mankato) fall over Zander Ernst (Morningside) (Fall 6:05)
3rd Evan Farley (Minnesota State – Unattached) decision over Jason Hermann (Central) (Dec 7-1)
5th Devin Nobiling (Wartburg) fall over Mason Noel (Buena Vista University) (Fall 1:53)

Gold – 174
1st Place – Drake Hayward of Minnesota State Mankato
2nd Place – Owen McDaniel of Albion
3rd Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
4th Place – Austin Roos of Central
4th Place – Landon Kirby of Central
5th Place – Colton Berg of Wartburg
6th Place – Jackson Chapin of Morningside
1st Drake Hayward (Minnesota State Mankato) fall over Owen McDaniel (Albion) (Fall 4:45)
3rd Austin Roos (Central) and Landon Kirby (Central) (DFF)
5th Colton Berg (Wartburg) decision over Jackson Chapin (Morningside) (Dec 10-3)

Gold – 184
1st Place – Gavin Christoffersen of Minnesota State Mankato
2nd Place – Samuel West of Central
3rd Place – Hayden Wempen of Morningside
4th Place – Ezekiel Taylor of Wartburg
5th Place – Brian Thilges of Minnesota State – Unattached
6th Place – Zak Kozumplik of Wartburg
1st Gavin Christoffersen (Minnesota State Mankato) tech fall over Samuel West (Central) (TF 17-1)
3rd Hayden Wempen (Morningside) tech fall over Ezekiel Taylor (Wartburg) (TF 19-4)
5th Brian Thilges (Minnesota State – Unattached) fall over Zak Kozumplik (Wartburg) (Fall 1:37)

Gold – 197
1st Place – Gage Linahon of Central
2nd Place – Shane Gibson of Minnesota State Mankato
3rd Place – Christian Balmer of Briar Cliff
4th Place – Jackson Rickter of Waldorf (Iowa)
5th Place – Matthew Bollman of Albion
6th Place – Demond Harrison of Albion
1st Gage Linahon (Central) decision over Shane Gibson (Minnesota State Mankato) (Dec 9-5)
3rd Christian Balmer (Briar Cliff) injury default over Jackson Rickter (Waldorf (Iowa)) (Inj. 5:20)
5th Matthew Bollman (Albion) decision over Demond Harrison (Albion) (Dec 9-3)

Gold – 285
1st Place – Hunter DeJong of Morningside
2nd Place – Jesse Hastings of Briar Cliff
3rd Place – Tanner Gaffey of Minnesota State Mankato
4th Place – Jakob Jerabek of Morningside
5th Place – Christopher Krum of Albion
6th Place – Makota Misgen of Minnesota State – Unattached
1st Hunter DeJong (Morningside) fall over Jesse Hastings (Briar Cliff) (Fall 1:45)
3rd Tanner Gaffey (Minnesota State Mankato) won in sudden victory – 1 over Jakob Jerabek (Morningside) (SV-1 6-3)
5th Christopher Krum (Albion) fall over Makota Misgen (Minnesota State – Unattached) (Fall 1:09)

Silver – 125
1st Place – Jacob Campbell of Benedictine College
2nd Place – Brock Sutton of Benedictine College
3rd Place – Julian Long of Nebraska Wesleyan
4th Place – Ivan Duero of Nebraska Wesleyan
5th Place – Aidan Gerber of Briar Cliff
6th Place – Caelan Oakes Sudhish of Morningside
1st Jacob Campbell (Benedictine College) fall over Brock Sutton (Benedictine College) (Fall 4:55)
3rd Julian Long (Nebraska Wesleyan) fall over Ivan Duero (Nebraska Wesleyan) (Fall 2:50)
5th Aidan Gerber (Briar Cliff) fall over Caelan Oakes Sudhish (Morningside) (Fall 0:38)

Silver – 133
1st Place – Calvin Miler of Benedictine College
2nd Place – Nich Silva of Simpson
3rd Place – Zach Westerfield of Simpson
4th Place – Jar’kavin Pennell of Nebraska Wesleyan
5th Place – Charles Easterling of Benedictine College
6th Place – Quincey Palomo of Benedictine College
1st Calvin Miler (Benedictine College) major decision over Nich Silva (Simpson) (Maj 9-0)
3rd Zach Westerfield (Simpson) fall over Jar’kavin Pennell (Nebraska Wesleyan) (Fall 6:00)
5th Charles Easterling (Benedictine College) tech fall over Quincey Palomo (Benedictine College) (TF 18-2)

Silver – 141
1st Place – Connor Krueger of St. Johns (MN)
2nd Place – Kohen Coffman of Benedictine College
3rd Place – Donovan Card of Central
4th Place – Ayden Kelley of Briar Cliff
5th Place – Trent Harper of Central
6th Place – Ethan Riesselman of Simpson
1st Connor Krueger (St. Johns (MN)) decision over Kohen Coffman (Benedictine College) (Dec 6-5)
3rd Donovan Card (Central) major decision over Ayden Kelley (Briar Cliff) (Maj 17-9)
5th Trent Harper (Central) major decision over Ethan Riesselman (Simpson) (Maj 18-6)

Silver – 149
1st Place – Patrick Ransom of Benedictine College
2nd Place – Sam Johnson of Simpson
3rd Place – Daryl Easterling of Benedictine College
4th Place – Avery White of Waldorf (Iowa)
5th Place – Chris Aragon of Morningside
6th Place – Shy’Ron McMurray of Benedictine College
1st Patrick Ransom (Benedictine College) decision over Sam Johnson (Simpson) (Dec 11-8)
3rd Daryl Easterling (Benedictine College) major decision over Avery White (Waldorf (Iowa)) (Maj 19-8)
5th Chris Aragon (Morningside) fall over Shy’Ron McMurray (Benedictine College) (Fall 4:50)

Silver – 157
1st Place – Caden Eggleston of Morningside
2nd Place – Blaine Christo of Morningside
3rd Place – Michael Foster of Briar Cliff
4th Place – Caleb Nobiling of Wartburg
5th Place – Kris Castro of St. Johns (MN)
6th Place – Carson Turnis of Morningside
1st Caden Eggleston (Morningside) decision over Blaine Christo (Morningside) (Dec 4-1)
3rd Michael Foster (Briar Cliff) decision over Caleb Nobiling (Wartburg) (Dec 11-7)
5th Kris Castro (St. Johns (MN)) won in tie breaker – 1 over Carson Turnis (Morningside) (TB-1 3-2)

Silver – 165
1st Place – Kale Downey of Central
2nd Place – Cameron Shultz of Morningside
3rd Place – Jonah Siebert of Buena Vista University
4th Place – Ryan Gainer of Benedictine College
5th Place – Vincent Carpena of Benedictine College
6th Place – Jason Salas of Nebraska Wesleyan
1st Kale Downey (Central) tech fall over Cameron Shultz (Morningside) (TF 18-1)
3rd Jonah Siebert (Buena Vista University) fall over Ryan Gainer (Benedictine College) (Fall 5:52)
5th Vincent Carpena (Benedictine College) tech fall over Jason Salas (Nebraska Wesleyan) (TF 22-5)

Silver – 174
1st Place – Zach Crawford of Wartburg
2nd Place – Deontez Williams of Morningside
3rd Place – Sean Stara of Benedictine College
4th Place – Andrew Johnson of St. Johns (MN)
5th Place – Kaden Street of Morningside
6th Place – Jacob Hiemstra of Central
1st Zach Crawford (Wartburg) tech fall over Deontez Williams (Morningside) (TF 18-0)
3rd Sean Stara (Benedictine College) fall over Andrew Johnson (St. Johns (MN)) (Fall 3:54)
5th Kaden Street (Morningside) tech fall over Jacob Hiemstra (Central) (TF 16-0)

Silver – 184
1st Place – Cage Linton of St. Johns (MN)
2nd Place – Kendal Pugh of William Penn
3rd Place – Nehemiah Pemberton of Waldorf (Iowa)
4th Place – Luis Salazar of Buena Vista University
5th Place – Bryce Kwiecinski of Morningside
6th Place – Caleb Schwerdtfeger of Nebraska Wesleyan
1st Cage Linton (St. Johns (MN)) decision over Kendal Pugh (William Penn) (Dec 9-3)
3rd Nehemiah Pemberton (Waldorf (Iowa)) decision over Luis Salazar (Buena Vista University) (Dec 10-8)
5th Bryce Kwiecinski (Morningside) fall over Caleb Schwerdtfeger (Nebraska Wesleyan) (Fall 4:50)

Silver – 197
1st Place – Zach Hunter of St. Johns (MN)
2nd Place – Aidan Wayne of St. Johns (MN)
3rd Place – Justin Dallas of Central
4th Place – Eric Jurek of St. Johns (MN)
5th Place – David Stewart of Central
6th Place – Habeeb Raji of Nebraska Wesleyan
1st Zach Hunter (St. Johns (MN)) fall over Aidan Wayne (St. Johns (MN)) (Fall 3:29)
3rd Justin Dallas (Central) fall over Eric Jurek (St. Johns (MN)) (Fall 1:12)
5th David Stewart (Central) fall over Habeeb Raji (Nebraska Wesleyan) (Fall 2:10)

Silver – 285
1st Place – Kyler Hall of Central
2nd Place – Cody Kwak of St. Johns (MN)
3rd Place – Johnathan Gressett of Central
4th Place – Trace Goemaat of Simpson
5th Place – Ian Sharples of Central
6th Place – Colton Turk of Albion
1st Kyler Hall (Central) fall over Cody Kwak (St. Johns (MN)) (Fall 4:05)
3rd Johnathan Gressett (Central) decision over Trace Goemaat (Simpson) (Dec 4-0)
5th Ian Sharples (Central) decision over Colton Turk (Albion) (Dec 2-1)