NWCA Releases first NCAA Women’s Coaches Dual Team Poll of the Season

MANHEIM, Pa. – For the first time since October, there is a new No. 1 in the National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) NCAA Women’s Wrestling Coaches’ Poll. North Central College returns to the top spot over the University of Iowa, which comes in second. King University stayed at third, while McKendree University jumped Colorado Mesa University to round out the top five.

North Central accumulated 125 points, with 17 ranking individuals taking over the top spot, while Iowa is the only other team with at least 100 points, coming in second with 103 points. The Hawkeyes have 14 individuals ranked. King stays at third as they are the third and final team, with at least ten individuals ranked with 13 to accumulate 87 points. McKendree leaped Colorado Mesa to take over the fourth spot with 60 points and eight ranked individuals. The Mavericks have five ranked individuals and 29 points.

Simon Fraser University moved up again to sixth with 27 points and six individuals ranked. Sacred Heart University and Aurora University each have 19 points, as Sacred Heart has five ranked individuals, and Aurora has three. New Jersey City University and Lock Haven University round out the top 10 at ninth and 10th, respectively. Each has two ranked individuals, with New Jersey City accumulating 16 points and Lock Haven 14 points.

There are three new top-ranked wrestlers, McKendree’s Shelby Moore at 123 pounds, King’s Victoria Baez-Dilone at 130 pounds, and North Central’s Alara Boyd at 143 pounds.

Greensboro College is ranked for the first time in program history, coming in tied for 24th. Greensboro’s Hailie Misplay becomes the first-ranked wrestler for Greensboro, coming in 10th at 136 pounds.

This was also the first rankings that included dual rankings as NWCA National Duals champion Iowa checked in atop the poll with a 10-0 record. North Central is second with a record of 8-1, while McKendree is third at 11-2. King is 7-2 and ranked fourth, while Sacred Heart rounds out the top five at 12-3.

Top Ranked Individuals
101 Emilie Gonzalez, Iowa
109 Kendra Ryan, North Central
116 Samara Chavez, King
123 Shelby Moore, McKendree
130 Victoria Baez-Dillone, King
136 Yele Aycock, North Central
143 Alara Boyd, North Central
155 Marlynne Deere, Iowa
170 Kylie Welker, Iowa
191 Brittyn Corbishley, North Central

The next poll is scheduled to come out in February.

NCAA Women’s Team Rankings

Rank/TeamTotal PointsIndividuals RankedPrevious Rank
1. North Central125172
2. Iowa103141
3. King87133
4. McKendree6085
5. Colorado Mesa2954
6. Simon Fraser2767
7. (tie) Sacred Heart1956
7. (tie) Aurora193T-11
9. New Jersey City162T-9
10. Lock Haven1428
11. William Jewell112T-18
12. Pacific101T-16
13. (tie) Wartburg91T-14
13. (tie) Augsburg91T-16
15. (tie) Northern Michigan72T-9
15. (tie) Presbyterian74T-11
15. (tie) UW-Stevens Point73T-14
18. (tie) Tiffin6113
18. (tie) East Stroudsburg62T-18
18. (tie) Lindenwood6223
21. Elmira52NR
22. Schreiner311NR
23. Emmanuel2123
24. (tie) Gannon11T-18
24. (tie) Adrian11NR
24. (tie) Greensboro11NR

NCAA Women’s Dual Rankings


  1. Iowa, 10-0
  2. North Central, 9-1
  3. McKendree, 11-2
  4. King, 7-2
  5. Sacred Heart, 12-3
  6. Presbyterian, 7-6
  7. Lindenwood, 10-6
  8. Simon Fraser, 6-1
  9. Colorado Mesa, 10-5
  10. Emmanuel, 10-4

NCAA Women’s Individual Rankings


  1. Emilie Gonzalez Iowa
  2. Sterling Dias Iowa
  3. Jennesis Martinez Colorado Mesa
  4. Maddie Avila North Central
  5. Lizette Rodriguez Mckendree
  6. Jessica Corredor King
  7. Isabella Morales Colorado Mesa
  8. Odelia Lopez Schreiner
  9. Avery Kibelbek King
  10. Chiara Barbieri Presbyterian


  1. Kendra Ryan North Central
  2. Ava Bayless Iowa
  3. Jaslynn Gallegos North Central
  4. Danielle Garcia King
  5. Kaelani Shufeldt Lock Haven
  6. Jenavi Alejandro Tiffin
  7. Ivy Threatful Simon Fraser
  8. Pauline Granados Mckendree
  9. Alexis Winecke Uw-Stevens Point
  10. Emily Mendez Adrian


  1. Samara Chavez King
  2. Sydney Petzinger North Central
  3. Brianna Gonzalez Iowa
  4. Melanie Mendoza King
  5. Izabella Frezzo New Jersey City
  6. Caitlyn Thorne Lindenwood
  7. Emily Klein East Stroudsburg
  8. Kiely Tobaldo Colorado Mesa
  9. Karissa Turnwall Emmanuel
  10. Janessa George North Central


  1. Shelby Moore Mckendree
  2. Amani Jones North Central
  3. Felicity Taylor Iowa
  4. Montana Delawder King
  5. Virginia Foard King
  6. Alexandra Fitzgerald Sacred Heart
  7. Asia Nguyen-Smith North Central
  8. Victoria Seal Simon Fraser
  9. Mia Macaluso East Stroudsburg
  10. Alexandra Waitsman William Jewell


  1. Victoria Baez-Dilone King
  2. Cameron Guerin Mckendree
  3. Alexis Janiak Aurora
  4. Kylie Rule Wartburg
  5. Jennifer Soto Mckendree
  6. Salome Walker North Central
  7. Marquesis Haintz Simon Fraser
  8. Anna Dicugno King
  9. Cassia Zammit Presbyterian
  10. Emily Frost Iowa


  1. Yele Aycock North Central
  2. Jade Trolland Simon Fraser
  3. Audrey Diaz Pacific
  4. Holly Beaudoin Colorado Mesa
  5. Alex Szkotnicki Mckendree
  6. Claire Dicugno King
  7. Taylor Graveman North Central
  8. Amor Tuttle Uw-Stevens Point
  9. Tasha Markoutsis Aurora
  10. Hailie Misplay Greensboro


  1. Alara Boyd North Central
  2. Reese Larramendy Iowa
  3. Athena Wilden William Jewell
  4. Ella Schmit Iowa
  5. Grace Stem Lock Haven
  6. Viktorya Torres Mckendree
  7. Zoe Lints Elmira
  8. Alyssa Caltagirone Northern Michigan
  9. Kendall Bostelman North Central
  10. Madeline Kubicki Presbyterian


  1. Marlynne Deede Iowa
  2. Chey Bowman King
  3. London Houston North Central
  4. Nina Makem Augsburg
  5. Dalia Garibay Colorado Mesa
  6. Tiera Jimerson North Central
  7. Noelle Gaffney Northern Michigan
  8. Madison Sandquist Sacred Heart
  9. Bella Mir Iowa
  10. Paige Maher Simon Fraser


  1. Kylie Welker Iowa
  2. Yelena Makoyed North Central
  3. Haley Ward Iowa
  4. Tristan Kelly Mckendree
  5. Tiffani Baublitz King
  6. Love Daley Sacred Heart
  7. Cara Broadus Sacred Heart
  8. Henlee Haynes Presbyterian
  9. Jade Herzer Uw-Stevens Point
  10. Jewel Gonzalez Gannon


  1. Brittyn Corbishley North Central
  2. Traeh Haynes North Central
  3. Jaycee Foeller Iowa
  4. Sandra Guerrero New Jersey City
  5. Sydney Manos Aurora
  6. Alexa Garcia King
  7. Madeline Hodges Sacred Heart
  8. Julia Richey Simon Fraser
  9. Alivia White Iowa
  10. Tayana Labady Elmira

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