Pelican Rapids Tri

Walker-Hack-Akeley-Nevis 37 Fertile-Beltrami 35
107: Gregory Ramberg (FEBE) over Blake Orton (WHAN) (Fall 2:27)
114: Chase Whitney (WHAN) over Max Ramberg (FEBE) (Fall 1:11)
121: Cash Bullock (WHAN) over Briston Desrosier (FEBE) (Fall 0:23)
127: Drew Rasch (FEBE) over Colton Haas (WHAN) (Fall 0:40)
133: Vince Perucho (WHAN) over Gavin Broden (FEBE) (MD 11-3)
139: Julian Ystenes (FEBE) over Carson Jacob (WHAN) (Fall 0:45)
145: Gage Vold-Vedbradten (FEBE) over Daniel Holt (WHAN) (TF 16-1 0:00)
152: JD Knox (WHAN) over (FEBE) (For.)
160: Callen Whitney (WHAN) over Jack Erickson (FEBE) (Fall 0:58)
172: Tarike Daudt (WHAN) over (FEBE) (For.)
189: Gavin Swanson (WHAN) over Bergen Howard (FEBE) (Dec 9-7)
215: James Flynn (FEBE) over (WHAN) (For.)
Hwt: Jack Leiser (FEBE) over Robert White (WHAN) (Fall 0:51)

Walker-Hack-Akeley-Nevis 37 Pelican Rapids 34
107: Danny Salazar (PERA) over Blake Orton (WHAN) (Fall 1:04)
114: Chase Whitney (WHAN) over Isaac Bergren (PERA) (Fall 2:52)
121: Hazen Milbeck (PERA) over Cash Bullock (WHAN) (MD 18-8)
127: Colton Haas (WHAN) over Jimmy Salazar (PERA) (Fall 4:47)
133: Vince Perucho (WHAN) over Aiden Checo de Souza (PERA) (MD 12-2)
139: Jackson Peasley (PERA) over Carson Jacob (WHAN) (Fall 2:35)
145: Daniel Holt (WHAN) over Isaac Bergren (PERA) (For.)
152: Anthony Checco de Souza (PERA) over JD Knox (WHAN) (Fall 0:54)
160: Callen Whitney (WHAN) over (PERA) (For.)
172: Mark Kapenga (PERA) over (WHAN) (For.)
189: Gavin Swanson (WHAN) over Elias Valdovines (PERA) (Dec 6-1)
215: Kaden Holt (PERA) over Kaleb Sayers-Hurd (WHAN) (Fall 0:06)
Hwt: Robert White (WHAN) over (PERA) (For.)

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