St. Cloud Orthopedics Feature: Thorsten Steps Into Mentor Role on SJU Wrestling Team

COLLEGEVILLE, Minn. – When Logan Thorsten arrived on the Saint John’s University campus in the fall of 2021, the 157-pound freshman wrestler immediately found a mentor in older teammate Julian Mares ’23.

“He reached out and really took me under his wing,” recalls Thorsten of Mares, then a junior who wrestled one class above him at 165 pounds. “I followed him and learned a lot. He was a pretty social guy and that helped too because I knew I could talk to him about anything – school, wrestling, whatever.”

Flash forward a couple of years and Thorsten – who holds 39 career victories – has become one of the Johnnies’ top performers. Now a junior himself, he is trying to be the mentor Mares was for him to his younger teammates on a roster that this season includes 17 freshmen.

“I see so much potential in this group,” Thorsten said. “I want to be one of the people who helps get them where they want to go.” Continue reading at →