2024 MWCA Media Award

The Minnesota Wrestling Coaches is excited to give this year’s Media Award to Logan Breuer and Kyle Huneke for their podcast JV Takes. The podcast was nominated by Goodhue’s Josh Grant.

Grant shares:

On a number of metrics, the JV Takes podcast has been very successful in its inaugural season. One measure has been its reach in listenership. Their download or stream numbers are impressive. At least for now, the content focus is for all classes of Section 1. Logan and Kyle have done a great job of including the entire region and all classes of our diverse corner of the state. And the audience has grown accordingly. They have covered a wide range of topics, including interviews with leaders in the rise of girls wrestling and coach interviews that give fans an insider’s look at what’s going on in their programs. They have offered episodes that feature Section 1 Alumni interviews that I have heard my own athletes mention listening to because they are motivational. In addition to episodes, the pair also write articles and do power rankings. Growing the fan base through increased engagement is one of the things wrestling needs more of, and JV Takes is doing a fantastic job of helping produce content in this much-needed area.

The professionalism of the JV Takes podcast is also remarkable. While Logan and Kyle do not have degrees or careers in communications or journalism, they have a very professional product. Everything from the production value to the website is done with a high standard. The podcast itself is humorous but is still scripted and well-organized. Kyle and Logan are conscientious of how to respectfully discuss high school wrestlers and use appropriate language knowing that parents and wrestlers alike are listening.

Check out JV Takes at jvtakes.com.

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