Leopold Haglund Invitational

at Mound Westonka HS

Leopold Haglund Invitational
1 Wayzata 202.0
2 Brainerd 154.5
3 Prior Lake 151.0
4 Waconia 149.0
5 Mound-Westonka 98.0
6 Hibbing 85.0
7 Buffalo 78.0
8 Monticello 76.0
9 Hopkins 65.0
10 Eastview 41.0
11 Orono 33.0

Results on TrackWrestling

1st Place – Liam Collins of Prior Lake
2nd Place – Wyatt Koenen of Wayzata
3rd Place – Crewe Dahlheimer of Brainerd
4th Place – Clayton Horst of Hibbing
5th Place – Beckett Marsh of Waconia
6th Place – Rocco Mikolyzk of Prior Lake
7th Place – Ian Olson of Waconia
1st Liam Collins (Prior Lake) 32-1, Fr. over Wyatt Koenen (Wayzata) 23-11, Fr. (Dec 10-3)
3rd Crewe Dahlheimer (Brainerd) 30-14, 8th. over Clayton Horst (Hibbing) 15-21, Fr. (Fall 2:19)
5th Beckett Marsh (Waconia) 23-18, 8th. over Rocco Mikolyzk (Prior Lake) 16-12, Fr. (Dec 3-0)
7th Ian Olson (Waconia) 3-8, So. over () , . (Bye)

1st Place – Gabe Roehl of Buffalo
2nd Place – Ezekiel Rodrigues of Wayzata
3rd Place – Ezra Wolfe of Hopkins
4th Place – Joseph Alger of Waconia
5th Place – Bennett Williams of Orono
6th Place – Eric Othoudt of Hibbing
1st Gabe Roehl (Buffalo) 26-5, Fr. over Ezekiel Rodrigues (Wayzata) 12-17, 8th. (Fall 3:45)
3rd Ezra Wolfe (Hopkins) 22-23, So. over Joseph Alger (Waconia) 22-21, 7th. (Dec 13-7)
5th Bennett Williams (Orono) 8-8, 7th. over Eric Othoudt (Hibbing) 2-7, 7th. (MD 8-0)
7th () , . over () , . (Bye)

1st Place – Luke Koenen of Wayzata
2nd Place – Carter Katherman of Waconia
3rd Place – Jackson Berhow of Brainerd
4th Place – Wyatt Smith of Prior Lake
5th Place – Peyton Ruzicka of Monticello
6th Place – Dylan Keeler of Buffalo
7th Place – Daniel Wechter of Mound-Westonka
8th Place – Lennon Nelson of Hibbing
1st Luke Koenen (Wayzata) 35-5, Sr. over Carter Katherman (Waconia) 31-9, Jr. (Dec 7-3)
3rd Jackson Berhow (Brainerd) 29-15, Fr. over Wyatt Smith (Prior Lake) 17-16, Fr. (MD 8-0)
5th Peyton Ruzicka (Monticello) 15-12, So. over Dylan Keeler (Buffalo) 7-14, 8th. (Fall 5:01)
7th Daniel Wechter (Mound-Westonka) 3-7, So. over Lennon Nelson (Hibbing) 6-27, 8th. (Fall 1:29)

1st Place – Cole Munsterteiger of Mound-Westonka
2nd Place – Cade Ostrowski of Brainerd
3rd Place – Gabriel Witschorik of Waconia
4th Place – Spencer Lee of Eastview
5th Place – Owen Trondson of Prior Lake
6th Place – Caleb Kalnbach of Monticello
7th Place – Nick Colletti of Orono
8th Place – Jayden Barber of Hopkins
1st Cole Munsterteiger (Mound-Westonka) 39-4, Jr. over Cade Ostrowski (Brainerd) 22-13, Sr. (MD 11-0)
3rd Gabriel Witschorik (Waconia) 21-18, Jr. over Spencer Lee (Eastview) 30-11, So. (M. For.)
5th Owen Trondson (Prior Lake) 18-23, So. over Caleb Kalnbach (Monticello) 5-17, Jr. (Dec 8-2)
7th Nick Colletti (Orono) 5-10, 8th. over Jayden Barber (Hopkins) 13-19, Jr. (MD 12-3)

1st Place – Logan Swensen of Wayzata
2nd Place – Finn Bloomquist of Prior Lake
3rd Place – Cale Ostrowski of Brainerd
4th Place – Keegan Elfstrom of Monticello
5th Place – Cooper Koosmann of Waconia
6th Place – Alec Peterson of Orono
7th Place – Ayden Columbus of Eastview
8th Place – Gabe Brown of Mound-Westonka
1st Logan Swensen (Wayzata) 38-1, Sr. over Finn Bloomquist (Prior Lake) 34-8, Sr. (MD 15-4)
3rd Cale Ostrowski (Brainerd) 8-8, So. over Keegan Elfstrom (Monticello) 12-23, So. (Fall 4:44)
5th Cooper Koosmann (Waconia) 11-15, So. over Alec Peterson (Orono) 6-22, Fr. (Dec 6-0)
7th Ayden Columbus (Eastview) 2-2, Sr. over Gabe Brown (Mound-Westonka) 4-5, So. (Dec 7-3)

1st Place – Easton Dircks of Brainerd
2nd Place – Jack Nelson of Mound-Westonka
3rd Place – Jaxon Mikolyzk of Prior Lake
4th Place – Sean Feiten of Wayzata
5th Place – Nicholas Friedrichs of Monticello
6th Place – Sam Cohen of Eastview
7th Place – Austin Schmelzer of Hibbing
8th Place – Calvin Burns of Orono
1st Easton Dircks (Brainerd) 40-2, So. over Jack Nelson (Mound-Westonka) 43-2, Sr. (Dec 5-4)
3rd Jaxon Mikolyzk (Prior Lake) 21-15, Sr. over Sean Feiten (Wayzata) 6-4, Sr. (Fall 2:45)
5th Nicholas Friedrichs (Monticello) 18-19, So. over Sam Cohen (Eastview) 12-25, Sr. (Fall 3:56)
7th Austin Schmelzer (Hibbing) 3-8, Jr. over Calvin Burns (Orono) 0-13, So. (Inj. 0:00)

1st Place – Maverick Mueller of Waconia
2nd Place – Caden Wong of Wayzata
3rd Place – Zach Gabler of Prior Lake
4th Place – Jack Eugster of Orono
5th Place – Aaron Rolf of Hibbing
6th Place – Rafiqullah Tauhid of Mound-Westonka
7th Place – Maxwell Carter of Buffalo
8th Place – Gabe Kitzman of Hopkins
1st Maverick Mueller (Waconia) 12-3, Sr. over Caden Wong (Wayzata) 23-11, Jr. (Fall 3:03)
3rd Zach Gabler (Prior Lake) 12-11, So. over Jack Eugster (Orono) 10-24, Sr. (Fall 5:24)
5th Aaron Rolf (Hibbing) 17-17, So. over Rafiqullah Tauhid (Mound-Westonka) 6-9, Sr. (Fall 2:54)
7th Maxwell Carter (Buffalo) 6-16, So. over Gabe Kitzman (Hopkins) 12-21, Sr. (M. For.)

1st Place – Cooper Rowe of Mound-Westonka
2nd Place – John Graham of Prior Lake
3rd Place – Elijah Germann of Brainerd
4th Place – Nathan Granberg of Wayzata
5th Place – James Johnson of Waconia
6th Place – Evan Hanson of Hibbing
7th Place – Mason Brown of Monticello
8th Place – Eli Zillhardt of Eastview
1st Cooper Rowe (Mound-Westonka) 39-3, So. over John Graham (Prior Lake) 29-10, Jr. (Fall 0:36)
3rd Elijah Germann (Brainerd) 26-17, Sr. over Nathan Granberg (Wayzata) 12-15, So. (Dec 6-3)
5th James Johnson (Waconia) 5-6, Jr. over Evan Hanson (Hibbing) 14-23, So. (Dec 8-2)
7th Mason Brown (Monticello) 16-21, Sr. over Eli Zillhardt (Eastview) 1-8, Jr. (Fall 1:33)

1st Place – Charles Petit of Wayzata
2nd Place – AJ Luke of Hopkins
3rd Place – Eric von Holtz of Mound-Westonka
4th Place – Gabe Jukish of Brainerd
5th Place – Preston Thronson of Hibbing
6th Place – Joseph Gleason of Monticello
7th Place – Zach Landhuis of Prior Lake
8th Place – Logan Jandro of Waconia
1st Charles Petit (Wayzata) 36-6, Sr. over AJ Luke (Hopkins) 18-14, Sr. (Fall 1:26)
3rd Eric von Holtz (Mound-Westonka) 10-33, Jr. over Gabe Jukish (Brainerd) 9-21, Sr. (Dec 4-2)
5th Preston Thronson (Hibbing) 17-25, Jr. over Joseph Gleason (Monticello) 12-22, Sr. (Fall 0:43)
7th Zach Landhuis (Prior Lake) 12-18, Sr. over Logan Jandro (Waconia) 1-4, Jr. (Fall 4:17)

1st Place – Levi Mueller of Waconia
2nd Place – Jacobee Scherber of Buffalo
3rd Place – David Fabel of Wayzata
4th Place – Charlie Nelson of Prior Lake
5th Place – Vinny Alm of Monticello
6th Place – Connor Marshall of Hopkins
7th Place – Tyce Faber of Brainerd
8th Place – Jack McNeely of Eastview
1st Levi Mueller (Waconia) 17-5, Sr. over Jacobee Scherber (Buffalo) 28-9, Sr. (Fall 0:43)
3rd David Fabel (Wayzata) 22-20, Sr. over Charlie Nelson (Prior Lake) 12-18, So. (Dec 2-1)
5th Vinny Alm (Monticello) 21-15, Jr. over Connor Marshall (Hopkins) 24-16, Jr. (Fall 2:11)
7th Tyce Faber (Brainerd) 11-21, 8th. over Jack McNeely (Eastview) 0-3, Sr. (Fall 2:23)

1st Place – Shane Carlson of Brainerd
2nd Place – Aidan Fartaczek of Wayzata
3rd Place – Jackson Green of Waconia
4th Place – Cooper Hendrickson of Hibbing
5th Place – Cale Holthaus of Monticello
6th Place – Evan Feller of Hopkins
7th Place – Lucas Potter of Buffalo
8th Place – Ryan Layeux of Eastview
1st Shane Carlson (Brainerd) 32-1, Jr. over Aidan Fartaczek (Wayzata) 23-11, Jr. (MD 11-3)
3rd Jackson Green (Waconia) 26-15, Sr. over Cooper Hendrickson (Hibbing) 27-11, Sr. (Fall 1:39)
5th Cale Holthaus (Monticello) 23-17, Fr. over Evan Feller (Hopkins) 25-16, Jr. (Dec 4-0)
7th Lucas Potter (Buffalo) 7-16, Fr. over Ryan Layeux (Eastview) 6-8, So. (Fall 3:49)

1st Place – Brock Zurn of Prior Lake
2nd Place – Sawyer Nemitz of Waconia
3rd Place – Ethan Kosloski of Brainerd
4th Place – Landon Odegard of Eastview
5th Place – Jack Brandt of Wayzata
6th Place – Cristopher Perez of Monticello
1st Brock Zurn (Prior Lake) 37-4, Jr. over Sawyer Nemitz (Waconia) 24-12, So. (Fall 4:18)
3rd Ethan Kosloski (Brainerd) 28-14, Jr. over Landon Odegard (Eastview) 28-13, Jr. (Dec 6-5)
5th Jack Brandt (Wayzata) 19-20, Sr. over Cristopher Perez (Monticello) 19-12, Sr. (Dec 4-3)

1st Place – Ian Larrabee of Hibbing
2nd Place – Logan Ross of Hopkins
3rd Place – Ryan Babatz of Buffalo
4th Place – Briggs Opp of Wayzata
5th Place – Ben Bauer of Monticello
6th Place – Clint White of Prior Lake
1st Ian Larrabee (Hibbing) 38-4, Jr. over Logan Ross (Hopkins) 26-5, Sr. (Dec 7-4)
3rd Ryan Babatz (Buffalo) 25-12, Jr. over Briggs Opp (Wayzata) 18-24, So. (Fall 1:28)
5th Ben Bauer (Monticello) 16-7, Sr. over Clint White (Prior Lake) 22-17, Sr. (Dec 2-1)