Pierz 42 Royalton-Upsala 15

Pierz 42 Royalton-Upsala 15
107: Kyle Stangl (PIER) over Andrew Hayes (ROUP) (Fall 5:01)
114: Gauge Johnson (PIER) over Marcus Hayes (ROUP) (Dec 8-6)
121: Link Toops (PIER) over Brendeen Mack (ROUP) (Fall 1:49)
127: Cash Fussy (PIER) over Spencer Novitzki (ROUP) (Fall 4:56)
133: Hunter Przybilla (PIER) over (ROUP) (For.)
139: Carter Young (PIER) over Lane Olson (ROUP) (Dec 4-0)
172: Nicholas Leibold (ROUP) over Bradly Tanner (PIER) (Dec 9-5)
189: Caleb Koch (PIER) over Jake Leners (ROUP) (Dec 7-5)
215: Kaden Holm (ROUP) over Wyatt Dingmann (PIER) (Fall 2:10)
145: Liam Hennessy (PIER) over Parker Dietman (ROUP) (Dec 12-5)
152: Chase Becker (PIER) over Sawyer Simmons (ROUP) (Dec 7-4)
160: Brayden Melby (PIER) over Bryce Binek (ROUP) (Dec 6-4)
285: Brandon Mugg (ROUP) over Jack Byker (PIER) (Fall 1:08)

Terry Gorecki Of Royalton Upsala And Skip Toops Of Pierz
Coaches: Terry Gorecki of Royalton-Upsala and Skip Toops of Pierz

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