St. Cloud State Eyes Sixth National Championship in Park City, Kansas

No. 3 ranked Huskies send eight wrestlers to NCAA Tournament

St. Cloud, Minn.- No.3 St. Cloud State Wrestling will be competing for their sixth National Championship this weekend as they travel to the Hartman Arena in Park City, Kansas, for the NCAA Division II Championships. Sessions I and II are scheduled for Friday at 10:00 A.M. CT and 5:00 P.M. CT. Session III is set for 10:00 A.M. CT on Saturday, with the Finals taking place at 7:00 P.M. CT. Session I will consist of the preliminaries and first round. Session II will be the quarterfinals and first- and second-round consolations. Session III will be the semifinals and wrestlebacks (seventh, fifth, and third place matches).

Two weeks ago, the Huskies competed in the Super Region V Tournament in Minot, North Dakota. St. Cloud State got off to a fast start as eight wrestlers advanced to the semifinals in their respective weight classes. 125-pound Conor Knopick, 141-pound Alyeus Craig, 149-pound Colby Njos, 157-pound Nick Novak, 165-pound Anthony Herrera, 174-pound Cole Glazier, 184-pound Bryce Fitzpatrick, and 197-pound Dominic Murphy all made the semifinal round with Njos, Novak, Herrera, and Murphy reaching the finals. Knopick, Craig, Glazier, and Fitzpatrick all battled back through the wrestle backs to reach the third-place match, while 133-pound Caleb Meekins also reached the third-place match after losing in the quarterfinals of the tournament.

In the placement round of the tournament, Knopick, Meekins, Glazier, and Fitzpatrick all piled up third-place victories to qualify for the NCAA Tournament. Craig was defeated in his third-place match in a 4-7 decision to finish fourth.

In the championship round, Njos became the Super Region V Champion after a 5-0 decision victory against No. 7 Cael Larson of Augustana. Novak followed that up with an injury default victory to become the 157-pound Super Region V Champion. Herrera faced off against No. 3 Chase Luensman of Upper Iowa in his championship match and was defeated 2-4 to finish as the Runner-Up. Murphy battled against Caden Steffen of Southwest Minnesota State and came away with an 8-2 decision victory to become the 197-pound Super Region V Champion.

As a team, the Huskies walked away with their eighth consecutive Super Region V Championship as they finished with 142 points.


125- No. 7 Conor Knopick finishes third and advances to NCAA Tournament
Round 1: No. 7 Conor Knopick (SCSU) TF Hunter Heim (MSUM), 17-1
Quarterfinal: No. 7 Conor Knopick (SCSU) dec. Carlo Arreola (SMSU), 8-1
Semifinal: No. 3 Shane Corrigan (UWP) dec. Conor Knopick (SCSU), 4-3
Consi Semi: No. 7 Conor Knopick (SCSU) MD Logen Fischer (NSU), 15-2
Third-place match: No. 7 Conor Knopick (SCSU) dec. Jaden Verhagen (UMary), 10-3

133- Caleb Meekins finishes third and advances to NCAA Tournament
Quarterfinal: Wayne Joint (Minot) MD Caleb Meekins (SCSU), 0-9
Consi Round 2: Caleb Meekins (SCSU) fall Chase Hanson (SMSU)
Consi Round 3: Caleb Meekins (SCSU) fall James Davis (UIU)
Consi Semi: Caleb Meekins (SCSU) fall Jack Huffman (AUGIE)
Third-place match: Caleb Meekins (SCSU) dec. No. 7 Matthew Chi (UWP), 10-4

141- Alyeus Craig places fourth
Quarterfinal: Alyeus Craig (SCSU) fall Trayton Anderson (MSU)
Semifinals: No. 5 Hunter Burnett (AUGIE) dec. Alyeus Craig (SCSU), 4-6
Consi Semi: Alyeus Craig (SCSU) dec. Braydon Mogle (NSU), 2-0
Third place match: Tate Murth (UIU) dec. Alyeus Craig (SCSU), 4-7

149- No. 9 Colby Njos is Super Region V Champion and advances to NCAA Tournament
Quarterfinal: No. 9 Colby Njos (SCSU) fall Luke Peterson (SMSU)
Semifinal: No. 9 Colby Njos (SCSU) dec. Ethen Doty (UIU) 5-3
Finals: No. 9 Colby Njos (SCSU) dec. No. 7 Cael Larson (AUGIE), 5-0

157- No. 1 Nick Novak is Super Region V Champion and advances to NCAA Tournament
Quarterfinal: No. 1 Nick Novak (SCSU) TF Caleb Meunier (MSU), 15-0
Semifinal: No. 1 Nick Novak (SCSU) dec. No. 8 Braydon Huber (UMary) 2-0
Finals: No. 1 Nick Novak (SCSU) by injury default over No. 9 Devin Bahr (NSU)

165- No. 12 Anthony Herrera is Super Region V Runner-Up and advances to NCAA Tournament
Round 1: No. 12 Anthony Herrera (SCSU) dec. Leo Mushinsky (UMary), 4-1
Quarterfinal: No. 12 Anthony Herrera MD Jacob Reinardy (MSUM), 9-1
Semifinal: No. 12 Anthony Herrera (SCSU) TF No. 8 Tyler Wagener (AUGIE), 15-0
Finals: No. 3 Chase Luensman (UIU) dec. No. 12 Anthony Herrera (SCSU) 4-2

174- No. 7 Cole Glazier finishes third and advances to NCAA Tournament
Round 1: No. 7 Cole Glazier (SCSU) TF Wayne Mellon (MSUM) 19-4
Quarterfinal: No. 7 Cole Glazier (SCSU) MD Lucas Hodges (SMSU), 8-0
Semifinal: No. 8 Brody Hemauer (UWP) dec. No. 7 Cole Glazier (SCSU), 7-3
Consi Semi: No. 7 Cole Glazier (SCSU) MD Lawson Losse (UIU), 11-3
Third place match: No. 7 Cole Glazier (SCSU) dec. No. 9 Max Bruss (UMary) 9-5

184- No. 8 Bryce Fitzpatrick finishes third and advances to NCAA Tournament
Quarterfinal: No. 8 Bryce Fitzpatrick (SCSU) dec. Gavin Christoffe (MSU), 5-2
Semifinal: No. 7 Reece Worachek (UWP) dec. No. 8 Bryce Fitzpatrick (SCSU), 4-3
Consi Semi: No. 8 Bryce Fitzpatrick (SCSU) fall Adam Sylvester (SMSU)
Third place match: No. 8 Bryce Fitzpatrick (SCSU) dec. No. 11 Colter Bye (UIU) 6-0

197- No. 4 Dominic Murphy is Super Region V Champion and advances to NCAA Tournament
Round 1: No. 4 Dominic Murphy (SCSU) MD Isaiah Huus (MSUM), 18-8
Quarterfinal: No. 4 Dominic Murphy (SCSU) dec. Treylon Cacek (NSU), 8-2
Semifinal: No. 4 Dominic Murphy (SCSU) dec. No. 6 Max Ramberg (AUGIE), 4-2
Finals: No. 4 Dominic Murphy (SCSU) dec. No. 3 Caden Steffen (SMSU), 8-2

285- Elijah Novak places seventh/eighth
Round 1: Elijah Novak (SCSU) fall Airin Spell (MSUM)
Quarterfinal: Lloyd Reynolds (UWP) dec. Elijah Novak (SCSU), 2-1
Consi Round 2: Elijah Novak (SCSU) fall Jordan Baumler (UIU)
Consi Round 3: Jake Swirple (Minot) dec. Elijah Novak (SCSU) 8-4

St. Cloud State will be on the hunt for their sixth National Championship in program history with their last championship coming in 2021. A year ago, the Huskies sent six wrestlers to the NCAA Tournament with four of them earning All-American Honors as SCSU captured a third-place finish. This year, St. Cloud State will be sending eight wrestlers to Park City, which is tied for the second most out of the competing teams. Lander has the most representatives with nine while Gannon, McKendree, Nebraska-Kearney, and Central Oklahoma also have eight wrestlers competing.

NCAA Division II National Championships
March 15-16, at Park City, Kan.
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After finishing in third place at the Super Region, redshirt sophomore Conor Knopick will be making his NCAA Tournament debut as the No. 7 ranked wrestler. Knopick will take on the winner of Jose Diaz of Gannon or Anthony Anciete of Tiffin. The sophomore has accumulated a 17-4 record this season.

Coming off of a third-place finish at the Super Regions, redshirt senior Caleb Meekins will return to the NCAA Tournament after losing in the blood round to No. 2 Eric Bartos. Meekins, with a 17-7 record this season, will face off against No. 3 ranked Gavin Quiocho on Glenville State. Quiocho has a 35-2 record this season.

Super Region V Champion Colby Njos will return to the NCAA Tournament after a two-year hiatus, where he will be competing as the No. 7 ranked wrestler in the 149-pound class. In the NCAA Tournament two years ago, Njos finished 3rd, earning All-American honors, after a remarkable run through the wrestlebacks that saw him beat four seeded opponents. Njos will take on the winner of Jake Piccirilli from UMC Pembroke or John Burger of Nebraska-Kearney. The junior has put together a 15-2 record for the Huskies this season.

Super Region V Champion Nick Novak will look to repeat as the 157-pound National Champion after winning the tournament and becoming an All-American a year ago. The then-sophomore ran the table in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and came up clutch with a takedown against Logan Bailey after trailing 0-1 that ultimately gave him the National Championship. Novak, the No. 1 ranked 157-pound wrestler, will compete against Basil Othman of San Francisco State. Othman has a 16-4 record this season, while Novak comes in with a perfect 21-0 mark.

Finishing as the runner-up at the Super Region, graduate student Anthony Herrera returns to the National Tournament after finishing in 7th place last year and becoming an All-American. In 2022, the Stansbury Park, Utah native, finished 5th in the NCAA Tournament and earned All-American honors. Herrera, the No. 7 ranked 165-pound wrestler, will face off against the winner of Brandon Connor from Millersville or Alec Cook from West Liberty. The graduate student has accumulated a 16-4 record this season.

Freshman Cole Glazier, the third-place finisher of the Super Region V Championships, will make his National Tournament debut for the Huskies as he takes on No. 6 ranked Anthony Des Vigne of Central Oklahoma. Des Vigne comes into this match with a 20-4 record, while the No. 10 ranked Glazier has produced a 27-2 record.

Finishing at third place at the Super Region, redshirt junior Bryce Fitzpatrick will be making his National Tournament debut for the Huskies as the No. 6 ranked 184-pound wrestler. Fitzpatrick will take on Jaquez Bostic of Limestone University. Bostic has a record of 18-6 this season, while Fitzpatrick has a 14-3 record.

The Super Region V Champion Dominick Murphy will return to the NCAA Tournament after finishing fourth and becoming an All-American last season. Last year’s tournament saw the then-junior reached the semifinals where he faced off against the reigning National Champion Dalton Abney. Abney earned a 4-2 decision victory which sent Murphy to the wrestle backs. The Evergreen Park, Illinois native battled back to the third-place match but was defeated 7-5 by Tereus Henry of Fort Hays State. Murphy, the No. 3 ranked wrestler in the 197-pound class, will take on Trever Begin of Mercyhurst. Begin has a 14-2 record this season, while Murphy accumulates an 18-3 record.

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