St. Cloud State Wrestling Captures 8th Consecutive Super Region V Championship

No. 5 ranked Huskies produce three champions, qualify eight for NCAA II Championship

Minot, N.D.- No. 5 St. Cloud State Wrestling earned their eighth consecutive NCAA Super Region V Championship while qualifying eight wrestlers- three of which are Super Region Champions- for the upcoming NCAA II Championship in Wichita, Kansas. Head coach Steve Costanzo captured his 11th Super Region Championship during his tenure with the program.

The Huskies got off to a strong start as eight wrestlers advanced to the semifinals, including 125-pound Conor Knopick, 141-pound Alyeus Craig, 149-pound Colby Njos, 157-pound Nick Novak, 165-pound Anthony Herrera, 174-pound Cole Glazier, 184-pound Bryce Fitzpatrick, and 197-pound Dominic Murphy. Njos, Novak, Herrera, and Murphy all advanced to the finals in their respective weight classes while Knopick, Craig, Glazier, and Fitzpatrick suffered defeats and had to win two matches to qualify for the NCAA Championship. All four were able to earn victories in the consolation semifinals and advance to the third-place match. After losing his first match in the quarterfinals, 133-pound Caleb Meekins battled his way back and also reached the third-place match.

In the placement round of the tournament, Knopick got the Huskies started with a 10-3 decision victory to take third place and qualify for the NCAA Championship. Meekins followed up Knopick by qualifying for the NCAA Championship for the second consecutive season as he captured a 10-4 decision victory to also take third place. Craig fell in his third-place match by a score of 4-7 as he finished fourth. In the championship round, Njos gave the Huskies their first trophy of the day as he beat Cael Larson to become the 149-pound Super Region V Champion. Novak was awarded the 157-pound championship by injury default as Devin Bahr was unable to compete. Herrera suffered a 2-4 loss in the 165-pound championship round but has qualified for the NCAA Championship in three consecutive seasons. In the 174-pound third-place match, Glazier beat Max Bruss 9-5 to qualify for the NCAA Championship. Fitzpatrick followed Glazier with a 6-0 victory in the 184-pound third-place match to punch his ticket to the NCAA Championship. In the final match of the day for St. Cloud State, Murphy took down Caden Steffen by a score of 8-2 to repeat as the 197-pound Super Region V Champion.

As a team, the Huskies took first place in the tournament with a score of 142 points and were followed up by Wisconsin-Parkside who finished second with 123 points and Augustana who finished third with 118.5 points.

NCAA Division II Super Region Qualifier Results

125- No. 7 Conor Knopick finishes third and advances to NCAA Tournament
Round 1: No. 7 Conor Knopick (SCSU) TF Hunter Heim (MSUM), 17-1
Quarterfinal: No. 7 Conor Knopick (SCSU) dec. Carlo Arreola (SMSU), 8-1
Semifinal: No. 3 Shane Corrigan (UWP) dec. Conor Knopick (SCSU), 4-3
Consi Semi: No. 7 Conor Knopick (SCSU) MD Logen Fischer (NSU), 15-2
Third-place match: No. 7 Conor Knopick (SCSU) dec. Jaden Verhagen (UMary), 10-3

133- Caleb Meekins finishes third and advances to NCAA Tournament
Quarterfinal: Wayne Joint (Minot) MD Caleb Meekins (SCSU), 0-9
Consi Round 2: Caleb Meekins (SCSU) fall Chase Hanson (SMSU)
Consi Round 3: Caleb Meekins (SCSU) fall James Davis (UIU)
Consi Semi: Caleb Meekins (SCSU) fall Jack Huffman (AUGIE)
Third-place match: Caleb Meekins (SCSU) dec. No. 7 Matthew Chi (UWP), 10-4

141- Alyeus Craig places fourth
Quarterfinal: Alyeus Craig (SCSU) fall Trayton Anderson (MSU)
Semifinals: No. 5 Hunter Burnett (AUGIE) dec. Alyeus Craig (SCSU), 4-6
Consi Semi: Alyeus Craig (SCSU) dec. Braydon Mogle (NSU), 2-0
Third place match: Tate Murth (UIU) dec. Alyeus Craig (SCSU), 4-7

149- No. 9 Colby Njos is Super Region V Champion and advances to NCAA Tournament
Quarterfinal: No. 9 Colby Njos (SCSU) fall Luke Peterson (SMSU)
Semifinal: No. 9 Colby Njos (SCSU) dec. Ethen Doty (UIU) 5-3
Finals: No. 9 Colby Njos (SCSU) dec. No. 7 Cael Larson (AUGIE), 5-0

157- No. 1 Nick Novak is Super Region V Champion and advances to NCAA Tournament
Quarterfinal: No. 1 Nick Novak (SCSU) TF Caleb Meunier (MSU), 15-0
Semifinal: No. 1 Nick Novak (SCSU) dec. No. 8 Braydon Huber (UMary) 2-0
Finals: No. 1 Nick Novak (SCSU) by injury default over No. 9 Devin Bahr (NSU)

165- No. 12 Anthony Herrera is Super Region V Runner-Up and advances to NCAA Tournament
Round 1: No. 12 Anthony Herrera (SCSU) dec. Leo Mushinsky (UMary), 4-1
Quarterfinal: No. 12 Anthony Herrera MD Jacob Reinardy (MSUM), 9-1
Semifinal: No. 12 Anthony Herrera (SCSU) TF No. 8 Tyler Wagener (AUGIE), 15-0
Finals: No. 3 Chase Luensman (UIU) dec. No. 12 Anthony Herrera (SCSU) 4-2

174- No. 7 Cole Glazier finishes third and advances to NCAA Tournament
Round 1: No. 7 Cole Glazier (SCSU) TF Wayne Mellon (MSUM) 19-4
Quarterfinal: No. 7 Cole Glazier (SCSU) MD Lucas Hodges (SMSU), 8-0
Semifinal: No. 8 Brody Hemauer (UWP) dec. No. 7 Cole Glazier (SCSU), 7-3
Consi Semi: No. 7 Cole Glazier (SCSU) MD Lawson Losse (UIU), 11-3
Third place match: No. 7 Cole Glazier (SCSU) dec. No. 9 Max Bruss (UMary) 9-5

184- No. 8 Bryce Fitzpatrick finishes third and advances to NCAA Tournament
Quarterfinal: No. 8 Bryce Fitzpatrick (SCSU) dec. Gavin Christophersen (MSU), 5-2
Semifinal: No. 7 Reece Worachek (UWP) dec. No. 8 Bryce Fitzpatrick (SCSU), 4-3
Consi Semi: No. 8 Bryce Fitzpatrick (SCSU) fall Adam Sylvester (SMSU)
Third place match: No. 8 Bryce Fitzpatrick (SCSU) dec. No. 11 Colter Bye (UIU) 6-0

197- No. 4 Dominic Murphy is Super Region V Champion and advances to NCAA Tournament
Round 1: No. 4 Dominic Murphy (SCSU) MD Isaiah Huus (MSUM), 18-8
Quarterfinal: No. 4 Dominic Murphy (SCSU) dec. Treylon Cacek (NSU), 8-2
Semifinal: No. 4 Dominic Murphy (SCSU) dec. No. 6 Max Ramberg (AUGIE), 4-2
Finals: No. 4 Dominic Murphy (SCSU) dec. No. 3 Caden Steffen (SMSU), 8-2

285- Elijah Novak places seventh/eighth
Round 1: Elijah Novak (SCSU) fall Airin Spell (MSUM)
Quarterfinal: Lloyd Reynolds (UWP) dec. Elijah Novak (SCSU), 2-1
Consi Round 2: Elijah Novak (SCSU) fall Jordan Baumler (UIU)
Consi Round 3: Jake Swirple (Minot) dec. Elijah Novak (SCSU) 8-4

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St. Cloud State’s eight NCAA qualifiers will begin preparations for the 2024 NCAA Championships held in Wichita, Kansas over March 15-16.

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