Wrestling Against Adversity, One Surgery at a Time

By Brian Jerzak

I have been writing – in some form – for The Guillotine since 1999. Eventually, that helped pave the way for other opportunities – including writing about Minnesota high school football – which I have done for another website since roughly 2002. Since then, I have written about hundreds of kids and wrestling or football programs. In all those years, I have never talked to an athlete like Rock Ridge’s Grant Benz.

Benz just wrapped up his junior season. He has never been to the state tournament or even a section final. Benz had a respectable season with a 26-19 record, but the fact that he is on the mat at all makes him – in my twenty-five years writing about high school and college sports – the most remarkable athlete I have ever had the chance to talk with. Despite what I have learned when talking to Grant and people close to him, to his family and friends, he is just Grant.

“The last time I counted, I was at 43 surgeries,” Benz said, “but it might be closer to 50 now.”

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