Academic All-State Wrestlers

The Guillotine will be naming our 43rd Academic All-State Wrestlers at the end of the 2020-2021 wrestling season. Academic All-State Wrestlers will be published in the May issue of The Guillotine Newsmagazine and on our website.

Academic All-State Wrestler Qualifications: The student-athlete must be either a junior or senior in high school with excellent academic and wrestling records. To qualify in the wrestling portion, a candidate must have won at least 60 percent of matches during the current season with a minimum of 15 varsity matches wrestled. The academic requirement is that the candidate must have at least a 3.00 cumulative grade point average on a 4.00 scale (unweighted GPA – 4.0 is maximum)  in grades 9th-12th.

Wrestlers will be selected according to the total points accumulated under this system:

  • G.P.A (Example) 3.55 = 355 points (3.00 or better)
  • Current season varsity wins (Example) 24 wins = 24 points
  • Current season State Tournament placement 1st place = 100 points, 2nd place = 80 points, 3rd place = 70 points, 4th place = 50 points, 5th place = 40 points, 6th place = 20 points, non-placing qualifier = 10 points.

Wrestlers will be selected by the total number of points earned (not by weight or Class – AAA, AA, or A).

All nominations must be filled out completely on an Official Application Form and include a photo.

Deadline: April 10th – email or mail

Best wishes to all Minnesota high school wrestlers throughout the season, both in the classroom and on the wrestling mat.

Emailed jpeg photo specs – minimum 500 (W) X 500 (H) pixels.

The Guillotine Academic All-State Wrestlers
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