Advertising Options for Open Tournaments

To advertise your Open Tournament:

  1. Email your tournament flyer or information to The Guillotine.
  2. Indicate your ad preference (options listed below).
  3. Include an invoice contact person and email address.

The Guillotine Open Tournament Calendar Advertising Options:

Internet Standard Listing ($50) — No Flyer Option. May link to a different website. Includes basic info. – Tournament Name, Date, Contact Phone number and/or Email, Location, Eligibility, Format, Weigh-ins, and Entry Fee.

Internet Flyer Listing ($80)includes Standard Listing plus: All tournament information on a single web page plus a printable/downloadable PDF file. (May include a registration form.)

Check out The Guillotine Open Tournament Calendar:
For Banner Ad rates see: Advertise on The Guillotine Web Site

Newsmagazine and Web Site Advertising Packages


  • Internet Open Tournament Calendar listings will be removed after the completion of the tournament.
  • Pre-payment may be required.