Palmer wins 2011 Dellinger Award

As almost any wrestler will readily attest, tallying up personal win-loss records and the total number of championship titles won are certainly not the only means by which to ascertain individual accomplishments within the sport. Case in point is this year’s Dellinger Award winner Mark Palmer, whose own journalist body of work — compiled over the course of the past 12 years — has not only already left an indelible imprint upon the wrestling community at large but, also perhaps, well beyond its customarily established borders. Continue reading at

Gophers Land Talented 125

Minnesota fans wondering who their future 125lber will be may rest easier now.

For the past two years, we’ve wondered why the Gopher staff hasn’t targeted an elite successor to Zach Sanders, their talented lead-off batter that’s gunning for the rarified air of four-time All American status this year.

Now we might know why.

On Saturday, Minnesota landed Cody Phillips of Union County, Indiana, who could be a potential staple in future Gopher line-ups. Continue reading at