SCSU Gains Number Four Preseason Ranking

St. Cloud State University has gained a number four ranking in the 2013-14 NCAA DIvision II preseason, which was released on Oct. 23 by the Division II Wrestling Coaches Association.

The Huskies gained 138 points in the poll, while Notre Dame (Ohio) led the poll with 156 points and two-time defending NCAA champ Nebraska-Kearney was ranked second with 151 points. Central Oklahoma ranked third in the poll with 145 points.

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Always have something that drives, motivates, or excites you – Motivation by Mark Schwab

Always have something that drives, motivates, or excites you. Until the end of time, have a reason to get up in the morning other than dragging your feet and dreading your existence – this type of mindset is an option we don’t have to choose. This message is for all of us. There are an unlimited amount of interests and influences for us to involve and immerse ourselves in. Figure out what your passions are and get involved and engaged in them. I have observed far too many people who are depressed, unenthused, and uninterested in anything that life has to offer. There is an endless buffet of opportunities for us and when we find our passion, it makes sense to give ourselves every opportunity to succeed in our enthusiasms.

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