Jacks give back with Project Joy

With finals complete and their next competition a little over a week away, the South Dakota State wrestling team stepped away from the mat to provide a Christmas for a local family this holiday season through Project Joy.

“It is great to give back to the community,” head coach Chris Bono said. “I am proud of my team for doing such a wonderful job providing a Christmas to a family all on their own.” Continue reading

Losses during the season – Motivation by Mark Schwab

Losses during the season are not catastrophic. In fact a loss can be profitable. Look at a wrestling season as a marathon. Winning a 26 mile marathon is not won at the five, ten or twenty-five mile mark. You don’t even have to lead until you cross the finish line. You can pull away in the last five yards to win. As you grasp this concept, realize competitions are won in this manner all the time. Look also at a wrestling match as a marathon. You have to keep a competitive pace but you can win in the end; it happens all the time. Continue reading