TO BE THE BEST – Hertel Does Wrestling Right, Sequal Next Week

Minnesota author set to release second novel

I know I am late to the party as it relates to the wrestling novel “To Be the Best” by H.L. Hertel, but did you know the sequel is due out next week? Well, it is.

I do not review books for a living, but I actually do enjoy reading despite what many of you probably think. Hertel did an outstanding job in the first book. He not only introduced several interesting characters, he also was able to capture our sport in a way that clicked as I read. Continue reading at

Apple Valley’s Trom continues to honor late mother

As a sport uniform, the singlet is unique. The single austere piece of polyester and cotton weave normally doesn’t allow for the frivolities of football and basketball outfits where players seemed predisposed to tinkering with their individual appearance — projecting a public persona through arm bands, knee wraps, shooting sleeves and headbands. Wrestlers are limited to the basics: team shoes, athletic socks, and assigned singlets. Continue reading at

Palmer wins 2011 Dellinger Award

As almost any wrestler will readily attest, tallying up personal win-loss records and the total number of championship titles won are certainly not the only means by which to ascertain individual accomplishments within the sport. Case in point is this year’s Dellinger Award winner Mark Palmer, whose own journalist body of work — compiled over the course of the past 12 years — has not only already left an indelible imprint upon the wrestling community at large but, also perhaps, well beyond its customarily established borders. Continue reading at

Love and support soothes cancer battle

Kathy Roeder’s eyes sparkle with hope and fill with tears when she speaks about her husband of 31 years, Mike. She remembers what it was like on that June day when she learned that the man she deeply loves had been diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic melanoma. More at

Stewartville Wrestling Booster Club is sponsoring a benefit to help Mike Roeder family