It’s on you/Stack ‘em up

By Mark Schwab, Opportunities to Succeed

It must come from you

It’s on you/Stack ‘em up

The price of greatness is Responsibility.

If you avoid it, you’ll strengthen it. If you confront it, you’ll master it.

How much of competing is mental? How much time and effort do you focus on your mental and emotional climate? Most performance problems are mind and body, not in tune. You train your muscles and body. You train technique, skills, and yes, your mental climate benefits, but there’s much more potential if you’ll focus within. There’s no way to reach potential without the support of your mental/emotional climate and no way to reach greatness without body, mind, emotions in harmony, and functioning on a very high level. Most people overlook this, and it’s a colossal mistake. Most pay no attention to their mental/emotional climate unless there are problems. The fact is, most are leaving feet and pounds of available potential untouched. If reaching potential and excellence are important to you, then read on. I’ve seen so many athletes gamble and lose because they didn’t pay attention to the wobbly wheel under their own hat. Your opportunities are limited in life/athletics. The crumbs it calls for upfront is nothing compared to the regret at the completion of your career.

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