Winningest high school coach in the country hired to coach Digger’s wrestling team

Long time Owatonna coach has a new job in Idaho

Newly named Sugar-Salem head wrestling coach Scot Davis has tried to retire a couple of times but it never seems to stick — he loves wrestling too much.

Davis has translated that love into wrestling success over the past 46 years winning a national record-setting 1129 duals with only 197 losses at the high school level. He’s the winningest high school coach in the country and he’s decided to coach at Sugar-Salem high school.

“We’re excited,” said Sugar-Salem athletic director Jay Miller. “We’ve been so pleased and so honored to have Keven as long as we have but we’re looking forward to some really excellent years with (Scot).” Continue reading at

“Dirty and Done”– Teenage Wrestler Springs Back After Aggressive Cancer Treatment

Like a lot of teens with cancer, Lynden Wilson of Hastings High School in Hastings, Minnesota is navigating the difficulties of getting treatment while staying involved in his active high school life. A wrestling star before cancer, he’s found his way back to his beloved sport after an unusually intense course of treatment.

Wilson was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkins lymphoma the summer before his freshman year and the diagnosis quickly progressed to Stage 4. His doctors at the Children’s Hospital in St. Paul treated him with surgery and an aggressive course of chemotherapy. They called the treatment “dirty and done,” and felt it was the best course of action because Wilson was young enough and strong enough to handle it.

Unlike leukemia, which is a disease that results from too many white blood cells, lymphomas are white blood cell cancers that form tumors in the lymphatic system. “Quite literally, lymph is lymphatic system -phoma means tumors, so lymphoma is white blood cell cancer that forms tumors in the lymphatic system,” Dr. Peter Martin at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York Presbyterian, told SurvivorNet. “This is opposed to leukemia, which is too many white blood cells, typically in the bone marrow or blood stream. Lymphomas, specifically, are white blood cell cancers that form tumors in the lymphatic system.” Dr. Martin was not referring specifically to Wilson’s case. Continue reading at

The Guillotine 2019 Academic All-State Wrestlers

The 2019 edition of The Guillotine Academic All-State honorees features 30 first-team members, 30 second-team members, 31 third-team members, and 42 honorable mention wrestlers.

One hundred thirty-five total wrestlers, representing 70 teams, were submitted this season. Points were tallied based on current varsity wins, current state tournament placement, and cumulative high school GPA. Each of the first team wrestlers receives two certificates and a letter of recognition.

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