Jones Goes 1-2 at Nationals

ST. LOUIS — Minnesota State University Moorhead junior Cole Jones finished 1-2 at 125 at the NCAA Division II National Wrestling Championships on Friday in St. Louis, Mo., ending his 2021 season.

Jones, making his second appearance at nationals, opened the day by facing Christian Mejia of McKendree and fell, 7-4.

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Orono Tri

Mound-Westonka 72 Richfield 6
106: Jack Nelson (MOWE) over Keno Vanier (RICH) (Fall 1:53)
113: Cooper Rowe (MOWE) over (RICH) (For.)
120: Cole Munsterteiger (MOWE) over (RICH) (For.)
126: Maguire Musselman (MOWE) over (RICH) (For.)
132: Double Forfeit
138: Shawn McNatt (MOWE) over (RICH) (For.)
145: Owen Rostis (MOWE) over (RICH) (For.)
152: Devon Wilson-Noethe (MOWE) over (RICH) (For.)
160: Nolan Shaw (MOWE) over (RICH) (For.)
170: Tom Seemann (MOWE) over (RICH) (For.)
182: Lance Munsterteiger (MOWE) over (RICH) (For.)
195: John Seeman (MOWE) over (RICH) (For.)
220: Sam Dioszeghy (MOWE) over (RICH) (For.)
285: Joseph Thompson (RICH) over Luke Rodelius (MOWE) (Fall 1:54)

Mound-Westonka 62 Orono 15
106: Jack Nelson (MOWE) over (ORON) (For.)
113: Cooper Rowe (MOWE) over (ORON) (For.)
120: Cole Munsterteiger (MOWE) over (ORON) (For.)
126: Maguire Musselman (MOWE) over (ORON) (For.)
132: Mason Pankonin (ORON) over (MOWE) (For.)
138: Shawn McNatt (MOWE) over Frankie Stevenson (ORON) (Fall 0:00)
145: Blake Ament (ORON) over Owen Rostis (MOWE) (Fall 0:00)
152: Eli McKown (ORON) over Devon Wilson-Noethe (MOWE) (Dec 9-2)
160: Nolan Shaw (MOWE) over Max Hultmann (ORON) (Fall 0:00)
170: Tom Seemann (MOWE) over Oliver Stevenson (ORON) (Fall 0:00)
182: Lance Munsterteiger (MOWE) over (ORON) (For.)
195: John Seeman (MOWE) over Sam Schmid (ORON) (Fall 0:00)
220: Sam Dioszeghy (MOWE) over Johnny Harstad (ORON) (Dec 8-3)
285: Ryan Butler (MOWE) over (ORON) (For.) (MOWE Unsportsman -1.0)

South Saint Paul Tri

South Saint Paul 83 St. Croix Lutheran 0
106: Shane Schwab (SSP) over (SCL) (For.)
113: Gisele Gallegos (SSP) over (SCL) (For.)
120: Andrew Schwab (SSP) over Josh Hernandez (SCL) (TF 17-0 6:00)
126: Maxx Beeler (SSP) over Talan Kahlhamer (SCL) (Fall 1:02)
132: Caelen Stroud (SSP) over Dominic Berg (SCL) (Fall 2:36)
138: Roman Cortez (SSP) over Damien Rowland (SCL) (Fall 0:18)
145: Nate Berchtold (SSP) over Caden Fischer (SCL) (Fall 1:36)
152: Will Nihart (SSP) over Maximilian Berg (SCL) (Fall 3:07)
160: Nixon Stroud (SSP) over Joseph Mukanda (SCL) (Fall 0:57)
170: Donovan Weyandt (SSP) over (SCL) (For.)
182: Andrew Bonk (SSP) over (SCL) (For.)
195: Jarod Stroud (SSP) over Will Kapanke (SCL) (Fall 0:28)
220: Quinn Christoffersen (SSP) over (SCL) (For.)
285: Charlie Reyes (SSP) over (SCL) (For.)

South Saint Paul 70 Benilde-St. Margaret’s 10
106: Shane Schwab (SSP) over (BSM) (For.)
113: Andrew Schwab (SSP) over Chris Redden (BSM) (Fall 1:49)
120: Tomas Ochocki (SSP) over (BSM) (For.)
126: Maxx Beeler (SSP) over (BSM) (For.)
132: Johnny Mendez (SSP) over (BSM) (For.)
138: Roman Cortez (SSP) over (BSM) (For.)
145: Jon Gettel (BSM) over Nate Berchtold (SSP) (MD 14-1)
152: Nixon Stroud (SSP) over Frank Lizzi (BSM) (Fall 1:10)
160: Will Nihart (SSP) over Bryce Commerford (BSM) (Fall 1:56)
170: Drew Nylander (BSM) over Donovan Weyandt (SSP) (Fall 3:18)
182: Jarod Stroud (SSP) over Andrew Brazil (BSM) (Fall 1:00)
195: Andrew Bonk (SSP) over (BSM) (For.)
220: Quinn Christoffersen (SSP) over Daniel McCoy (BSM) (MD 8-0)
285: Robert Falk (SSP) over (BSM) (For.)

St. Croix Lutheran 39 Benilde-St. Margaret’s 24

Monticello 51 North Branch 26

Monticello 51 North Branch 26
106: Evan Pommier (NOBR) over Garett Bauer (MONT) (MD 12-0)
113: Quinn McCalla (MONT) over (NOBR) (For.)
120: Ethan Kester (NOBR) over Trenten Miller (MONT) (Fall 1:55)
126: Mason Brown (MONT) over (NOBR) (For.)
132: Nelson Anderson (MONT) over (NOBR) (For.)
138: Joseph Gleason (MONT) over Michael Thao (NOBR) (Dec 10-7)
145: Josh Logan (NOBR) over Jacob Cole (MONT) (MD 15-6)
152: Mason Smith (MONT) over (NOBR) (For.)
160: Brandt Bombard (NOBR) over Alex Fearing (MONT) (Fall 1:21)
170: Mason Bauer (MONT) over Tanner Cummings (NOBR) (Fall 5:28)
182: Christopher Perez (MONT) over (NOBR) (For.)
195: Dylan Janssen (MONT) over (NOBR) (For.)
220: Quinn Ingle (MONT) over (NOBR) (For.)
285: Jackson Marcussen (NOBR) over Dilan Saldana (MONT) (Fall 0:06)