Jones Goes 1-2 at Nationals

ST. LOUIS — Minnesota State University Moorhead junior Cole Jones finished 1-2 at 125 at the NCAA Division II National Wrestling Championships on Friday in St. Louis, Mo., ending his 2021 season.

Jones, making his second appearance at nationals, opened the day by facing Christian Mejia of McKendree and fell, 7-4.

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Rosemount Tri

Farmington 70 Rosemount 6
106: Ty Saulter (RSMT) over Ryder Anderson (FARM) (Dec 8-6)
113: Ryan Sullivan (FARM) over Liam Anderson (RSMT) (MD 12-4)
120: Tyler Sullivan (FARM) over Cristian Neville (RSMT) (Fall 4:55)
126: Jake Arens (FARM) over Ethan Horn (RSMT) (Fall 0:58)
132: Aiden Han-Lindemyer (FARM) over Ezra Horn (RSMT) (Fall 1:03)
138: Konner Werk (RSMT) over Edon Davis (FARM) (Dec 5-3)
145: Hunter Frost (FARM) over (RSMT) (For.)
152: Dylan Olson (FARM) over (RSMT) (For.)
160: Austin Hamel (FARM) over Benjamin Snyder (RSMT) (Fall 0:31)
170: Cole Han-LIndemyer (FARM) over Jacob Grudinski (RSMT) (Fall 1:06)
182: Gavin O`Neill (FARM) over Josh Casby (RSMT) (Fall 1:30)
195: Parker Venz (FARM) over Godwin Osei-Bonsu (RSMT) (Fall 0:06)
220: Andrew Keeler (FARM) over (RSMT) (For.)
285: Tanner Olson (FARM) over (RSMT) (For.)

Farmington 51 Woodbury 26
106: Ryder Anderson (FARM) over Joe Bents (WOOD) (Fall 0:42)
113: Alex Braun (WOOD) over Ryan Sullivan (FARM) (TF 23-7 0:00)
120: Kaiden Kirby (WOOD) over Tyler Sullivan (FARM) (Dec 10-9)
126: Jake Arens (FARM) over Gavin Wilson (WOOD) (TF 22-7 0:00)
132: Aiden Han-Lindemyer (FARM) over Dino Tokin (WOOD) (Fall 0:42)
138: Brad Little (WOOD) over Edon Davis (FARM) (Fall 1:41)
145: Hunter Frost (FARM) over Will Bents (WOOD) (Def.)
152: Chase Vought (FARM) over Cade Johnson (WOOD) (TF 20-5 0:00)
160: Austin Hamel (FARM) over Noah Golden (WOOD) (Fall 1:58)
170: Cole Han-LIndemyer (FARM) over Sebastian Zamorano (WOOD) (TF 19-3 0:00)
182: Gavin O`Neill (FARM) over Ahmed Abdelal (WOOD) (Fall 3:29)
195: Parker Venz (FARM) over (WOOD) (For.)
220: Denis Tokin (WOOD) over Andrew Keeler (FARM) (Fall 1:40)
285: Thomas Moesenthin (WOOD) over Tanner Olson (FARM) (Fall 0:44)

Woodbury 57 Rosemount 19
106: Ty Saulter (RSMT) over Joe Bents (WOOD) (Fall 0:20)
113: Alex Braun (WOOD) over Liam Anderson (RSMT) (Fall 3:22)
120: Kaiden Kirby (WOOD) over Cristian Neville (RSMT) (Dec 10-9)
126: Ethan Horn (RSMT) over Dino Tokin (WOOD) (MD 13-0)
132: Ezra Horn (RSMT) over Gavin Wilson (WOOD) (Dec 6-2)
138: Brad Little (WOOD) over (RSMT) (For.)
145: Will Bents (WOOD) over (RSMT) (For.)
152: Cade Johnson (WOOD) over (RSMT) (For.)
160: Noah Golden (WOOD) over Benjamin Snyder (RSMT) (Fall 2:34)
170: Sebastian Zamorano (WOOD) over Jacob Grudinski (RSMT) (Fall 5:27)
182: Ahmed Abdelal (WOOD) over Josh Casby (RSMT) (Fall 1:20)
195: Godwin Osei-Bonsu (RSMT) over (WOOD) (For.)
220: Denis Tokin (WOOD) over (RSMT) (For.)
285: Thomas Moesenthin (WOOD) over (RSMT) (For.)

Mankato West Tri

Mankato East 41 Mankato West 26
106: Caden Truebenbach (MAWE) over Jackson Stensrud (MAEA) (TF 15-0 0:00)
113: Jackson Buboltz (MAEA) over Robert Wicks (MAWE) (MD 12-4)
120: Shafer Ehmke (MAWE) over Luke Scholtes (MAEA) (Dec 7-4)
126: Brody Koberoski (MAWE) over Easton Stangl (MAEA) (MD 13-1)
132: Elliott Betz (MAEA) over Stihl Koberoski (MAWE) (Dec 10-3)
138: Ben Glogowski (MAEA) over Noah Vonberge (MAWE) (MD 10-2)
145: Spencer Ruedy (MAEA) over Lander McMichael (MAWE) (Fall 0:40)
152: Ryder McMichael (MAWE) over Elliot Stevens (MAEA) (Fall 1:35)
160: Damian Riewe (MAWE) over Braeden Hendel (MAEA) (Dec 7-5)
170: Cael Willaert (MAEA) over Kaden Valimont (MAWE) (Fall 2:29)
182: Brian Thilges (MAEA) over Anthony Enrico (MAWE) (Fall 1:50)
195: Nate Drumm (MAEA) over Isaac Murray (MAWE) (Fall 2:46)
220: Gannon Rosenfeld (MAWE) over Brady Hoffner (MAEA) (TF 21-5 0:00)
285: Rieley Fleming (MAEA) over Trenton Fontaine (MAWE) (Fall 0:32)

Mankato East 68 LeSueur-Henderson 9
106: Jackson Buboltz (MAEA) over Luca Greenig (LEHE) (Dec 6-3)
113: Caeden Willaert (MAEA) over (LEHE) (For.)
120: Luke Scholtes (MAEA) over Wyatt Genelin (LEHE) (Fall 3:08)
126: Mark Boisjolie (LEHE) over Easton Stangl (MAEA) (Dec 7-3)
132: Elliott Betz (MAEA) over (LEHE) (For.)
138: Dylan Novak (LEHE) over Ben Glogowski (MAEA) (Fall 0:42)
145: Spencer Ruedy (MAEA) over Andy Geneliin (LEHE) (Fall 0:45)
152: Braeden Hendel (MAEA) over Jordan Grinde (LEHE) (TF 21-6 4:28)
160: Cael Willaert (MAEA) over Sam Gupton (LEHE) (Fall 2:43)
170: Brian Thilges (MAEA) over Ethan Genelin (LEHE) (Fall 2:48)
182: Nate Drumm (MAEA) over George Doherty (LEHE) (Fall 0:20)
195: Brady Hoffner (MAEA) over (LEHE) (For.)
220: Ladyn Orrie (MAEA) over (LEHE) (For.)
285: Rieley Fleming (MAEA) over Noe Sanchez (LEHE) (Fall 0:24)

Mankato West 58 LeSueur-Henderson 22
106: Caden Truebenbach (MAWE) over Luca Greenig (LEHE) (Fall 3:00)
113: Robert Wicks (MAWE) over (LEHE) (For.)
120: Shafer Ehmke (MAWE) over Wyatt Genelin (LEHE) (MD 16-3)
126: Brody Koberoski (MAWE) over Mark Boisjolie (LEHE) (Fall 0:33)
132: Stihl Koberoski (MAWE) over (LEHE) (For.)
138: Dylan Novak (LEHE) over Noah Vonberge (MAWE) (Fall 0:34)
145: Jordan Grinde (LEHE) over Lander McMichael (MAWE) (MD 15-2)
152: Damian Riewe (MAWE) over Andy Geneliin (LEHE) (Fall 0:56)
160: Kaden Valimont (MAWE) over Sam Gupton (LEHE) (Fall 1:37)
170: Ethan Genelin (LEHE) over Alex Akim (MAWE) (Fall 0:43)
182: George Doherty (LEHE) over Isaac Murray (MAWE) (Fall 3:53)
195: Anthony Enrico (MAWE) over (LEHE) (For.)
220: Trenton Fontaine (MAWE) over (LEHE) (For.)
285: Gannon Rosenfeld (MAWE) over Noe Sanchez (LEHE) (Fall 0:21)

Little Falls Tri

Little Falls 62 Milaca-Faith Christian 15
106: Kobi Cameron (LIFA) over (MFC) (For.)
113: Mason Rausch (LIFA) over Austin Linder (MFC) (Fall 2:48)
120: Austin Litke (LIFA) over (MFC) (For.)
126: Joey Wilczek (LIFA) over Chase Van Donsel (MFC) (TF 17-1 5:39)
132: Beau Robinson (LIFA) over (MFC) (For.)
138: Bryce Udy (LIFA) over (MFC) (For.)
145: Dane Ballou (LIFA) over (MFC) (For.)
152: Jack Nord (MFC) over Hank LeClair (LIFA) (Dec 8-4)
160: Ryan Kloeckl (LIFA) over Jack Hanson (MFC) (Fall 3:35)
170: Nathaniel Kludt (LIFA) over Hunter Bockoven (MFC) (Fall 1:30)
182: Gabe Nagel (LIFA) over Colbee Zens (MFC) (Fall 0:43)
195: Bodee Zens (MFC) over (LIFA) (For.)
220: Logan Ash (MFC) over Peyton Carll (LIFA) (Fall 3:06)
285: Eli VanRisseghem (LIFA) over Brody Ash (MFC) (Dec 9-4)

Annand-M Lk Lightning 48 Little Falls 12
106: Noah Gindele (AMLL) over Kobi Cameron (LIFA) (Fall 1:07)
113: Xavier Jones (AMLL) over Mason Rausch (LIFA) (Dec 9-4)
120: Mitchell Koss (AMLL) over Austin Litke (LIFA) (Dec 5-4)
126: Zach Pribyl (AMLL) over Beau Robinson (LIFA) (Dec 7-4)
132: Jackson Bunde (AMLL) over Bryce Udy (LIFA) (Dec 9-7)
138: Cole LaFave (AMLL) over Wyatt Baum (LIFA) (Dec 9-2)
145: Hank LeClair (LIFA) over Shay McClory (AMLL) (Fall 2:59)
152: Ryan Kloeckl (LIFA) over Carson Cooper (AMLL) (Dec 7-2)
160: Zach Schmidt (AMLL) over Connor Sennart (LIFA) (Fall 1:48)
170: Jack Klug (AMLL) over Nathaniel Kludt (LIFA) (Dec 7-2)
182: Gabe Nagel (LIFA) over Adam Neumann (AMLL) (Dec 7-2)
195: Riley Hall (AMLL) over Peyton Carll (LIFA) (Fall 1:56)
220: Alex Klatt (AMLL) over (LIFA) (For.)
285: Kessler Kenning (AMLL) over Eli VanRisseghem (LIFA) (Fall 0:20)

Annand-M Lk Lightning 76 Milaca-Faith Christian 6
106: Noah Gindele (AMLL) over (MFC) (For.)
113: Xavier Jones (AMLL) over Austin Linder (MFC) (Fall 5:10)
120: Mitchell Koss (AMLL) over (MFC) (For.)
126: Zach Pribyl (AMLL) over Chase Van Donsel (MFC) (Fall 3:12)
132: Jackson Bunde (AMLL) over (MFC) (For.)
138: Christopher Klatt (AMLL) over (MFC) (For.)
145: Shay McClory (AMLL) over (MFC) (For.)
152: Carson Cooper (AMLL) over Jack Nord (MFC) (MD 12-4)
160: Zach Schmidt (AMLL) over Jack Hanson (MFC) (Fall 1:27)
170: Jack Klug (AMLL) over (MFC) (For.)
182: Riley Hall (AMLL) over Colbee Zens (MFC) (Fall 4:45)
195: Adam Neumann (AMLL) over Jack Schendel (MFC) (Fall 0:24)
220: Bodee Zens (MFC) over Alex Klatt (AMLL) (Fall 2:56)
285: Kessler Kenning (AMLL) over Brody Ash (MFC) (Fall 0:49)

Trinity School at River Ridge Tri

Minneapolis Washburn 46 Robbinsdale Cooper 24
106: Double Forfeit
113: Dominic Morton (MIWA) over (COOP) (For.)
120: Double Forfeit
126: Leo Farley (MIWA) over (COOP) (For.)
132: Tommy Stark (MIWA) over (COOP) (For.)
138: Vinny Morton (MIWA) over (COOP) (For.)
145: Jack Garcia (MIWA) over (COOP) (For.)
152: Luca Follega (MIWA) over (COOP) (For.)
160: Theo Grimes (MIWA) over (COOP) (For.)
170: Deante Porter (COOP) over (MIWA) (For.)
182: Sylvester Togba (COOP) over (MIWA) (For.)
195: David Giron Leiva (COOP) over (MIWA) (For.)
220: Alexander Reynolds (COOP) over (MIWA) (For.)
285: Vincent Gladbach (MIWA) over Khaden Dorsey (COOP) (MD 13-1)

Trinity School at River Ridge 36 Minneapolis Washburn 31
106: Micah Gregory (TSAR) over (MIWA) (For.)
113: David Gregory (TSAR) over Dominic Morton (MIWA) (Fall 3:48)
120: Joshua Bormann (TSAR) over (MIWA) (For.)
126: Leo Farley (MIWA) over Zack Chen (TSAR) (Dec 10-3)
132: Tommy Stark (MIWA) over Thomas King (TSAR) (Fall 1:09)
138: Vinny Morton (MIWA) over Joseph Howell (TSAR) (Fall 2:52)
145: Jack Garcia (MIWA) over Stephen McNamara (TSAR) (MD 12-3)
152: Miles Sheetz (TSAR) over Luca Follega (MIWA) (Fall 3:40)
160: Theo Grimes (MIWA) over Thomas McNamara (TSAR) (Fall 4:32)
170: Thomas Nicklaus (TSAR) over (MIWA) (For.)
182: Will Howell (TSAR) over (MIWA) (For.)
195: Double Forfeit
220: Double Forfeit
285: Vincent Gladbach (MIWA) over (TSAR) (For.)

Trinity School at River Ridge 57 Robbinsdale Cooper 24
106: Micah Gregory (TSAR) over (COOP) (For.)
113: David Gregory (TSAR) over (COOP) (For.)
120: Zack Chen (TSAR) over (COOP) (For.)
126: Thomas King (TSAR) over (COOP) (For.)
132: Joseph Howell (TSAR) over (COOP) (For.)
138: Stephen McNamara (TSAR) over (COOP) (For.)
145: John Nicklaus (TSAR) over (COOP) (For.)
152: Miles Sheetz (TSAR) over (COOP) (For.)
160: Thomas McNamara (TSAR) over (COOP) (For.)
170: Deante Porter (COOP) over (TSAR) (For.)
182: Will Howell (TSAR) over Sylvester Togba (COOP) (Dec 7-2)
195: David Giron Leiva (COOP) over (TSAR) (For.)
220: Alexander Reynolds (COOP) over (TSAR) (For.)
285: Khaden Dorsey (COOP) over (TSAR) (For.)

Benson Tri

Dawson-Boyd – Lac Qui Parle – Montevideo United 48 Benson 30
106: Daniel Gunlogson (DBLQ) over Hae Wah (BENS) (Fall 1:19)
113: Kameron Sather (DBLQ) over Ed Wah (BENS) (Fall 4:46)
120: Ethan Moravetz (DBLQ) over (BENS) (For.)
126: Zander Clausen (DBLQ) over Colby Hogrefe (BENS) (MD 17-6)
132: Tyler Schickedanz (DBLQ) over Macoy Kurkosky (BENS) (Fall 0:57)
138: Preston Mcgee (BENS) over Isaac Moravetz (DBLQ) (Fall 1:35)
145: Kadin Huntley (DBLQ) over Nick Bolduc (BENS) (Fall 1:51)
152: Dain Mortenson (DBLQ) over Adam Koosman (BENS) (MD 10-2)
160: Adam Zosel (BENS) over Nolan Kwilinski (DBLQ) (Fall 0:37)
170: Avery Wittnebel (DBLQ) over Teegan Hogrefe (BENS) (MD 14-1)
182: Nathan Bolduc (BENS) over Holt Larson (DBLQ) (Fall 1:46)
195: Thomas Dineen (BENS) over Landon Olson (DBLQ) (Fall 3:51)
220: Alden Syltie (BENS) over Parker Bothun (DBLQ) (Fall 1:50)
285: Trey Teichert (DBLQ) over (BENS) (For.)

Dawson-Boyd – Lac Qui Parle – Montevideo United 36 Albany 33
106: Kameron Sather (DBLQ) over Ean Hansen (ALBA) (Fall 1:09)
113: Daniel Gunlogson (DBLQ) over Jimmy Carlisle (ALBA) (Fall 5:10)
120: Owen Carlson (ALBA) over Ethan Moravetz (DBLQ) (Dec 7-1)
126: Devin Hansen (ALBA) over Zander Clausen (DBLQ) (Dec 7-0)
132: Joseph Schmitt (ALBA) over Tyler Schickedanz (DBLQ) (Fall 5:21)
138: Adam Dennis (ALBA) over Isaac Moravetz (DBLQ) (Dec 9-5)
145: Petyon Krumrei (ALBA) over Kadin Huntley (DBLQ) (Fall 3:44)
152: Dain Mortenson (DBLQ) over Tate Hoffarth (ALBA) (Fall 3:03)
160: Nolan Kwilinski (DBLQ) over Nicholas Hudock (ALBA) (Fall 5:42)
170: Hunter Tate (ALBA) over Avery Wittnebel (DBLQ) (Fall 5:54)
182: Declan Crumley (ALBA) over Holt Larson (DBLQ) (Dec 11-6)
195: Landon Olson (DBLQ) over David Bushman (ALBA) (Fall 1:57)
220: Jacob Adrian (ALBA) over Parker Bothun (DBLQ) (Dec 8-2)
285: Trey Teichert (DBLQ) over (ALBA) (For.)