Minnesota Wrestling Round Table

The Minnesota Wrestling Round Table Podcast starts its third year of covering amateur wrestling. The first show of the season is here.

Host Jim Bartels and guests Larry Baumgardt, Adam Bartels, Kirky Dittrict, and Cathy Koob square up with the latest ‘water cooler conversation’ on high school, collegiate, and youth wrestling from last season and heading into this season. Tune in to this, the first of four podcasts for the seasons. Tons of info packed into a one hour Rasslin Spectacular!

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The Al and Josh Show Podcast – Let Them Play

The MSHSL delayed football and volleyball to a new spring season and there is a large push for them to reconsider. Al and Josh talk with a couple of people who took the challenge head-on and are actively fighting to help get sports happening again in Minnesota high schools including one of the three parties involved with a lawsuit aimed at getting the MSHSL to reconsider allowing fall football and volleyball.

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Hall of Fame Legends Podcast: 2019 Distinguished Member Brandon Paulson

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Successful at virtually every level of his storied career, Brandon Paulson is recognized for his wrestling prowess and coaching expertise by the National Wrestling Hall of Fame as a 2019 Distinguished Member.

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