Performance Nutrition

Vitamins Are The Key

By Gabriel Mooney, MS, RDN, LD

If we quiet our minds for just a moment, we can probably hear our mother reminding us to eat our vegetables because they have lots of vitamins. We may have cried, rolled our eyes, screamed, stomped our feet, or smiled because we knew our mother was right and only wanted the best for us. While mom may not have been able to write this article, she was correct. We need our vitamins.

Our body cannot produce enough vitamins for itself. In fact, it can produce very few. Vitamins are only needed in minute amounts. They are absent of calories and are only a baker’s dozen in number. Yet vitamins are key players in hormone function, immune function, body growth, and energy. They play a critical role in mineral metabolism, tissue repair, detoxifying our body, and even transporting nutrients throughout the body.

As you can see, these little guys are important and deserve to be talked about. While I could take up two pages of the paper with each of the thirteen vitamins, I will concentrate on only four for now.

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Ask The Doc

Mallet Finger

By Dr. B.J. Anderson

We have all seen it. Usually, it is in baseball or basketball games when the ball hits the end of a finger and…. voila! Acute onset of pain and the distal tip has a bend. No matter how much you try, the last phalanx on the finger will not fully extend. It is called a Mallet finger.

What happened is that the tendon that attaches to the base of that distal phalanx on the top of the finger (dorsal aspect) has detached. Either by the tendon rupturing or, more commonly, the bone fragment where the tendon is attached has pulled away from the base of the last or distal phalanx.

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Minnesota Wrestling Round Table

Listen to the latest episode of the Minnesota Wrestling Round Table Podcast brought to you by KNUJ Radio out of New Ulm, Minn.

Brandon Eggum Joins the podcast, Corey Olson from NYWA joins….and you don’t want to miss the conversation from Adam Bartels, Larry “the Sod Buster” Baumbardt, Jim Augustin, Cathy Koob, and Jim Bartels. State High School Tourney chatter and more.

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